I used a $2,500 SuperPhone - This is what happened.

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With the Huawei P40 Pro coming in 2020, Today I'm using a Limited Edition Smartphone from Huawei for a full day, to see what it's really like! For more Smartphone Adventures: cnworld.info/free/c2yBtKy0p3SRtrc/sh-p-n
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  • A prayer for my sister's phone 🙏 For more Smartphone Adventures: cnworld.info/free/c2yBtKy0p3SRtrc/sh-p-n

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss11 个月 前

      Zuhair YaseenZuhair Yaseen3 天 前
    • Love Your Videos

      Mr. GhostMr. Ghost12 天 前
    • Why not review the mate 40 rs

      Prasanta HazraPrasanta Hazra16 天 前
    • Hey you have already unboxed $7000 phone then how is this most expensive?!

      desi bhaidesi bhai21 天 前
    • Received box with new phone broke out papadums Punjabi music & started beating off furiously

      Shadi GifShadi Gif个月 前
  • "3:30" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    wall plug vdlwall plug vdl3 小时 前
  • Wait all of that footage was taken in Nottingham neat

    kinfeng12kinfeng128 小时 前
  • *yeets phone*... ...the most valuable phone...

    Grego CzubaszekGrego Czubaszek天 前
  • Losing a phone as a sister to someone who has five hundred phones in his House... Edit: Thanks for the likes and correction more likes Till 5k 😂😂😂😂

    robert mosquerarobert mosquera天 前
  • Bro u sell that phone? How much?

    NEo 13`NEo 13`天 前
  • Even Porsche realized that this discussion about a notch is just stupid.

    Peter ReberPeter Reber天 前
  • Imagine paying 2500$ for a phone, and you cant use the play store 😂😂

    Brady LoughnerBrady Loughner天 前
  • When 2500 was crazy

    elarsiaelarsia2 天 前
  • I just can't justify spending that much money for a phone, when a mid range phone would work just as well. Can't get my head around the price tag. Edit: A lot of the comments below are a bit nasty. It's just a phone review done by an individual.

    Georgina ShantiGeorgina Shanti2 天 前
  • I love these type of videos

    Tysen MckayTysen Mckay2 天 前
  • Whole video: not worth for that money

    김현승김현승3 天 前
  • Mate 40 RS this year? 😃

    Ovidiu BaracOvidiu Barac3 天 前
  • bruh buy a redmi and you don't need to sell your organs

    The MythThe Myth4 天 前
  • A prayer for my sister's phone 🙏 For more Smartphone Adventures: cnworld.info/free/c2yBtKy0p3SRtrc/sh-p-n

    GhostSOTWGhostSOTW4 天 前
  • Lol

    qryqry4 天 前
  • 05:40 I am sure this is not what you expected from this video

    Andy RoidAndy Roid5 天 前
  • Love from Bangladesh

    Md siamMd siam6 天 前
  • i got it 1 month ago.... 400 euros full box😁

    Mad MikeMad Mike6 天 前
  • I love your voice.

    Shela AmayetaShela Amayeta6 天 前
  • how much did ccp pay for this review 🤔🤔

    Pokololo TanginaserPokololo Tanginaser7 天 前
  • How did he get the Google Play Store at 7:00

    Dragon EmperorDragon Emperor7 天 前
  • I usual ask my self how u dispose off such cost worthy phones and do you dispose all or some of them.....smh

    Lawi AbekahLawi Abekah8 天 前
  • Hope you hooked your sister up with a worthy new phone.

    tricktaylor1983tricktaylor19838 天 前
  • that rotating with your head thing is 🤝

    TuxxTuxx8 天 前
  • Still looks gimmicky in comparison to a normal Windows Phone 🙈

    ReinoldFZReinoldFZ9 天 前
  • Feels mad seeing my home city on CNworld

    AGuyInAHatAGuyInAHat10 天 前
  • He.. throws the box Me.#$*@^#○●□NOOOOOOOOOO

    LegendeX GamingLegendeX Gaming11 天 前
  • Nottingham lol my home town

    Bob OsborneBob Osborne12 天 前
  • I have an iPhone 7

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost12 天 前
  • Awesome Video Mrwhosetheboss

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost12 天 前
  • This is a complete waste of money tho, like buy a damn computer if you want such a strong device!

    Valerie SoulValerie Soul13 天 前
    • u cant take that everywhere u want to lmaoo

      Moxy GamingMoxy Gaming10 天 前
  • Thanks for your two thousand five hundred dollars. Here, have some accessories worth less than a dollar.

    Craig PrattCraig Pratt14 天 前
  • 👍👍👍👍👍

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan Patil14 天 前
  • UI and buttons looks like a 7 yo designed.

    RC teamRC team14 天 前
  • Damn is this before Corona and before Huawei was banned?

    RomaRoma14 天 前
  • Honey where s my super phone

    random DOMrandom DOM14 天 前
  • Buying Expensive Items doesn't make you Cool

    Kev TVKev TV14 天 前
    • True

      RomaRoma14 天 前
  • Late to viewing this video, but I hope your sister's smartphone was resolved, it was either returned or she was able to get a replacement.

    Ashley CharmanAshley Charman15 天 前
  • i thought this was a normal price for a galaxy note or something until i realized he doesnt live in saudi arabia and plz dont comment arabic things im not saudi i was just born there and still live there btw in saudi Arabia the iphone 11 is 3000 and 12 is 5000

    afnan shahadatafnan shahadat15 天 前
  • This box carry lots of accessories. If apple CEO watch this video the feel shame.

    md.shariar kabirmd.shariar kabir15 天 前
  • 4 seconds in the video the most valuable phone that has been in this room enters flying on the table and getting stopped by a wall...

    lacrymogene1lacrymogene116 天 前

    Tyrone GasatayaTyrone Gasataya17 天 前
  • what

    Hunter VogtHunter Vogt18 天 前
  • cool

    Hunter VogtHunter Vogt18 天 前
  • "I used a $2500 phone & this is what happened to my kidneys."

    Karima BastinKarima Bastin19 天 前
  • oh dear.. it's not nice to lose your phone at all. :( :( all your details and personal information...

    Kasvini MuniandyKasvini Muniandy19 天 前
  • CrApple fanboys hate it coz their's no Apple logo on it!

    jason Allenjason Allen20 天 前
  • Mrwhosetheboss likes fakes and he always lies. In fact he's a liar. He is only loving with viewers. Not his fans.

    Pyae Phyo ThwinPyae Phyo Thwin20 天 前
  • If this video was videoed in England, Nottingham I LITTERALLY know where it is I’ve been there

    Harrybo GamesHarrybo Games21 天 前
  • chinas coronavirus tracker is going to be confused someone actually bought this phone

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford21 天 前
  • Well it is better than the upcoming screenless edition iPhone 13 pro max plus ultra 5g++ starting at 3999$

    Hassan razaHassan raza21 天 前
  • His voice is really different in the video that is inside the video and it is different to what it is when he talks in the video really like it

    super Gangsters FMsuper Gangsters FM21 天 前
  • wow! they copied Oneplus's car charger from 2016..

    Pete CoventryPete Coventry21 天 前
  • I know that place is Nottingham, uk

    HyperTrickx FNHyperTrickx FN21 天 前
  • I've found the hauwei are to heavy

    Aly JAly J21 天 前
  • maybe everyone was looking at it because you were filming them.

    RedRed21 天 前
  • moral of the story, nowadays with 200 bucks you have a superb computer in your pocket

    FrankValchiriaFrankValchiria22 天 前
    • @Ansh Sharma but still, good phone right?

      Ahmad QouqasAhmad Qouqas天 前
    • @Ahmad Qouqas I mean, there are better phones for that price range

      Ansh SharmaAnsh Sharma天 前
    • @Akshay Pillai no like actually, infinix made a phone called the '' Note 8'' which is only $180 and looks like a $700 phone from 2 years ago but with way smaller bezels, good chip, and A huge 6.9 inch screen

      Ahmad QouqasAhmad Qouqas2 天 前
    • FrankValchiria 2000

      Akshay PillaiAkshay Pillai6 天 前
  • Miss the time when you could walk freely without a mask

    MrMukeMrMuke22 天 前
  • Haha thought where u visited looked very familiar my home city nice to see someone else showing off nottingham

    Andrew robinsonAndrew robinson22 天 前
  • Omg You live in notts, bro I wana meet you!

    xx xxxx xx22 天 前
  • 12GB of ram for a phone is unbelievable but kinda wasteful. A mid range laptop uses 8GB

    ItsMeNjpPlayzItsMeNjpPlayz22 天 前
  • 2500 isn't a slot hear me out, the black very porsche phone was over a grand it was a piece of shit. You're paying for the porsche name and their customers do not mind at all. Heck you can match your luggage to your new car for only 4 digits

    Landan OConnorLandan OConnor23 天 前
  • No one cares about this phone mate. Hahah they’re probably just freaked out why your filming everything

    Tim BTim B23 天 前
  • S10+: 12 ram + 1tb

    SS23 天 前
  • People: How many expensive phones do you need? Mrwhosetheboss: Yes

    John HooterJohn Hooter24 天 前
  • Whats the benchmark app called?

    vikevike24 天 前
  • that cameras video is super crisp. eye candy.

  • Lmao no one was looking because of the phone lol people will always look when your walking around recording lol

    Darrell TallmanDarrell Tallman24 天 前
  • The first 2 seconds is FedEx

    MosesMoses26 天 前
  • “Most valuable phone to enter this room” Later, he unboxes a $90,000 phone

    el kel k26 天 前
  • *lmao*

    Saarthak KothiwalSaarthak Kothiwal26 天 前
  • “The most valuable smartphone” throws box on the table

    Cristian TorchCristian Torch27 天 前
  • I'll rather buy an RTX 3090 + Ryzen 9 5950X

    EggyRepublicEggyRepublic27 天 前
  • Does anyone know how to import a Huawei phone to the US?

    Hardened NippsHardened Nipps27 天 前
  • Was he in Nottingham City centre

    Jake BakerJake Baker27 天 前
  • You went to John Lewis! Love that! Sending all the best from London!

    Manomay Lala-RaykarManomay Lala-Raykar28 天 前
  • 2:30 All the attention was probably because you're walking around recording. People tend to like to stare at people who have their cameras out due to them being self-conscious, thinking everyone is watching them.

    CSCJBCSCJB28 天 前
  • Come on, its got a notch $600 max for that thing, get real

    Nikita ZaycevNikita Zaycev29 天 前
  • That notch does NOT belong on a phone with that price

    Shaun GShaun G29 天 前
  • they wont stop looking because you are recording them :/

    Avery BordiosAvery Bordios个月 前
  • People won't stop looking at the phone! Well... you're walking in a crowd recording everyone. Think that might have something to do with it.

    S ConS Con个月 前
  • Lol when u throw the lady beside you didnt react

    Zach ReblesaZach Reblesa个月 前
  • What's the benchmark he used for the phone?? plz help

    RilakkumaRilakkuma个月 前
  • This is such a joke. Does anyone remember what you are supposed to use a phone for? Of course. Make movies, take pictures, and microwave snacks. PS-I can buy a much much much better video recorder for less than this phone. Wake up sheep!

    Why ShoesWhy Shoes个月 前
  • Seems like a 1500 dollar phone with new features. i like it but i converted it to money in poland and was shocked to see it's 10000 złotych.. Atleast it's good.

    Terapoint91Terapoint91个月 前
  • sad thing to say, they were not looking at the phone but at what you were doing. This happens to me too when i do street photography and nobody cares about an 11 y/o canon 5d mark II reflex xDDD

    Giulia BarberiGiulia Barberi个月 前
  • london is beatiful

    Hoshya George HarveyHoshya George Harvey个月 前
  • Big ups Nottingham

    DANDAN个月 前
  • Give your sister one of the millions of phone

    the Yorkshire coastliner guy 840the Yorkshire coastliner guy 840个月 前
  • I know this is your bread and butter but that company is hurting a lot of us companies by stealing intellectual properties.

    Banana HamhockBanana Hamhock个月 前
  • The only reason their looking at you is because there is a person filming you

    EntiteEntite个月 前
  • Someone with standards wouldn’t even consider promoting such a ‘controvertial’ company.

    Alex VlasnitaAlex Vlasnita个月 前
  • I hate ,,This is what happened titles'' :P

    ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]个月 前
  • bruh this is how much flagship phones cost in australia.

    Anonymous Sim StudiosAnonymous Sim Studios个月 前
  • is it still worth buying huawei ever since its been banned from working with google

    BlackFlame190BlackFlame190个月 前
  • Yeah good luck with Chinese phones

    Joshua MedinaJoshua Medina个月 前
  • heyyy your in nottingham town centre; i live there

    KING teeqKING teeq个月 前
  • They would've been staring cause youre recording which was made obvious by you holding it in landscape

    FatFrankFatFrank个月 前
  • Mrwhosetheboss: "....-the most Important smartphone to enter this room..." Also Mrwhosetheboss: *Throws across room* Edit: Once Again Mrwhosetheboss: *Throws present in the air, with people near him*

    MadiCat_OfficialMadiCat_Official个月 前