iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra / Huawei Mate 40 Pro Camera Test Comparison.

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Full camera comparison of iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Huawei Mate 40 Pro, including 4K video, photo, night mode, stabilisation, microphone and more!
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  • nightmode with tele is not real tele. its a 2,5x digital zoom from the wide angle lens i dont know why apple didnt allow to use the tele cam natively with nightmode i hope they release an update soon

    Er kanEr kan32 分钟 前
  • So what is the best phone among the 3?

    Giecynth CarianGiecynth Carian小时 前
  • Samsung 💥💯

    DC13 Shreyas SharmaDC13 Shreyas Sharma3 小时 前
  • I think you should put Mi 10 Ultra in comparison, too

    Dũng BùiDũng Bùi3 小时 前
  • Just look starting at 9:10 He is so washed out. His skin isn’t that pale. That alone makes iPhone better

    J.D MeJ.D Me4 小时 前
  • In Huawei's defense, the Mate 40 Pro is maybe the newest, but doesn't have the best camera, thats the P30 Pro

    ss4 小时 前
  • Android companies need to follow iphone's footsteps & make a compact version of their flagship phones. Not everyone is ok with a 7 inch device in palm of their hands.

    Siti RaidahSiti Raidah5 小时 前
  • Lovely

    Samuell LemuellSamuell Lemuell5 小时 前
  • iPhone camera, all day any day

    Amartya SharmaAmartya Sharma6 小时 前
  • I am in love with the conclusion music. Also it's the best comparison between these camera phones I have seen so far. Thank you for being so much genuine, detailed and informative in every video.

  • Slowmo in my Note 9 software better compared to Note 20 ultra. Which is in my Note 9 i can choose which part to make slowmo. Or they use different software for slowmo? 🤔🤔

    Goku Ultra InstinctGoku Ultra Instinct8 小时 前
  • Should've used the Mate 40 Pro Plus, that would've given a better review comparison, as the 12 Pro Max and Note 20 Ultra are the top line models for those brands...the Mate 40 Pro is one step down from 40 Pro Plus. Had the Pro Plus been used, it would've swept this video review. IMHO anyways...good video tho for new comers.

    J ManJ Man9 小时 前
  • This is the most unbiased comparison that I had watch so far.

    erika floreserika flores9 小时 前
  • Please add caption in the video

    Tech talkTech talk11 小时 前
  • Where is the Sony Xperia 1 ii? Worried it would beat the iPhone? xD

    scorpionrufscorpionruf12 小时 前
  • It is crazy how good smartphone cameras have become. All three are great but I think Samsung nailed it this year.

    Kotsos Chess TVKotsos Chess TV13 小时 前
  • Why the hell does Samsung place filters on selfies?! 😡

    FromThe3PointLineFromThe3PointLine16 小时 前
  • With Huawei, the P series is more for photography and video. The Mate series is more for everything else.

    Techkey1Techkey119 小时 前
  • Are you Sure that's iPhone 12 Pro Max to me that's 11 pro max and your video published at Nov 10, 2020, that time that phone was not released yet, The iPhone 12 Pro Max released on November 13? I am Phone Seller working at a Big Canada Retail, you can't fool me bro ;-)

    Max BMax B21 小时 前
  • Awesome!

    Marilin PuigMarilin Puig22 小时 前
  • I'm sticking with my iPhone 5. I now look cool and up to date again.

    Mosie RomanoMosie Romano22 小时 前
  • great job!

    Henrique dos Santos CoelhoHenrique dos Santos Coelho天 前
  • note 20 ultra it is the better

    Davi AaaaDavi Aaaa天 前
  • Apple and Huawei is best.

    aArteZZaArteZZ天 前
  • Mate 40 pro superb

  • Note 20 ultra king of camera💗

    Raja Muhammad AhmadRaja Muhammad Ahmad天 前
  • iPhone = Videography Huawei = Low light Samsung = Overall

    Muhammad FakhriMuhammad Fakhri天 前
  • I'm willing to put my neck on the line nobody can tell which picture was taken by which phone. Yes they are all very good cameras but so is my Note 8.

    The OneThe One天 前
  • cnworld.info/auto/HgxffXQZF-uBUVUZDHtDBg رابط قناتي برامج مدفوعة بتحصل عليها مجانا دعموني بالاشتراك واللايك وجرس التنبيهات ليوصلكم كل شي جديد Get pro apps for free

    AAMER ABD ALRAZAK تعلم بأسهل طريقةAAMER ABD ALRAZAK تعلم بأسهل طريقة天 前
  • sooo... iPhone it is.

    Chester_FChester_F天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/lqqFuZus2Hyj0c0/sh-p-n ( huawei mate 40 pro unboxing and review and test )

  • Huawei is in its own world...

    Raghav KhuranaRaghav Khurana天 前
  • Самсунг рулит!)

    Денис КоржаковДенис Коржаков天 前
  • Can you please check this thread ,test on 12 pro max camera issues and revert to us subscribers? discussions.apple.com/thread/252063233?page=2

    sarthak patnaiksarthak patnaik天 前
  • If you know hindi then speak it in your video it will be fun to watch

    Dragon GamingDragon Gaming天 前
  • I only watched 1 vid and subscribed

    Radish LolRadish Lol天 前
  • Why are you Avoiding Samsung S20 Fe brother ? This phone deserves some attention.

  • Good review. It's well organized and straight to the point.

    BPBP天 前
  • will get mine next week ip12promax

    Revo NiagaRevo Niaga天 前
  • Note 20 Ultra for me.

    Rahul TanejaRahul Taneja天 前
  • Mrwhosethemonkey? 3:50

    Wolf 77Wolf 77天 前
  • Is there any difference between cameras of exynos and snapdragon note 20 ultra???

    Alladu YashovardhanAlladu Yashovardhan天 前
  • This is definitely the most informative video I have ever watch on CNworld. Great Great job Aron

    Gisele Alix DAOGisele Alix DAO天 前
  • legitvendor uslegitvendor us天 前
  • Broker of Samsung

    Nurullah nurNurullah nur天 前
  • I'm still not gonna buy a phone with a circular camera placing

    Just a guy with no idea for namesJust a guy with no idea for names天 前
  • Samsung wins. Sharp image and the color seems better.

    mingtsuwmingtsuw天 前
  • I know it's subjective but I can't really decide for myself. Looks like I'm selling my family to buy all three phones!

    sicboisicboi天 前
  • what about the s20 ultra i'am really confused on which one i should really get, please help me

    Skef KefSkef Kef天 前
  • I was looking for a second DSLR camera to my Canon D80, ummm after purchasing S20 Note, and having the Note 10 as a backup...umm camera set up has just been completed.

    Hubert FloydHubert Floyd天 前
  • Thank you so much for your videos!!

    Ingrid ZaibelIngrid Zaibel2 天 前
  • Huawei and Samsung kill Iphone

    Adis SarajkicAdis Sarajkic2 天 前
  • huawei looks disgusting.

    Yahya ÖzdenYahya Özden2 天 前
  • Only legend buys note20 ultra

  • Huawei and iphone always capture original quality, no effects , no filters!!

    Niken DeulaNiken Deula2 天 前
  • 69th like Nice

    AndersonJackies RandallFernandoAndersonJackies RandallFernando2 天 前
  • this Huawei phone looks like full Shit...awful design.

    ivan kaloferovivan kaloferov2 天 前
  • Iphone 12 pro is the best camera phone of 2020.

    Saket PandeySaket Pandey2 天 前
  • Who was waiting for this camera test...?

    rat147fuk ;cag'pigrat147fuk ;cag'pig2 天 前
  • Samsung rules 😇😇😇

    Vak KarapetianVak Karapetian2 天 前
  • Huawei Mate 40 pro the best ❤️🔥

    Piumika MadushanPiumika Madushan2 天 前
  • IPhone very niceeeee..of course 2phone goog

  • Try the front cameras and tell me samsung is good..

    Summer RaynerSummer Rayner2 天 前
  • Meanwhile pixal is like "what ? Am I joke to you?

    nimish hardikarnimish hardikar2 天 前
    • But the pixel hardware is absolute bs

      R3 Get RektR3 Get Rekt天 前
  • Sorry to say but you must have included Google pixel 5.

    sisam singhsisam singh2 天 前
  • Huawei is best

    tk tamimtk tamim2 天 前
  • And then there's me out here watching with my camon android phone 📱😂😂

    benja Philipbenja Philip2 天 前
  • ..... The Iphone kills the Huawai in night shots..... But the GOOGLE PIXEL 5 kills BOTH ^^😆

    Tom TomateTom Tomate2 天 前
  • Galaxy note 20 ultra is so amazing! mate 40 pro + is unfortunately the worst of all, even though it has advantages in certain things. huawei needs to fix this color balance, everything is very yellow or orange.

    Tulio RodriguesTulio Rodrigues2 天 前
  • The first iPhone 7 plus camera now all in to P40 pro. Nowadays iPhone is stupid camera.

    Share AllShare All2 天 前
  • Best youtuber

    Jossy ousoJossy ouso2 天 前
  • While the iPhone is the best on videography so there is no regrets I already got my 12 pro max , I am really interested in shooting good videos that’s the main thing supports my choice. But what do you think about apple raw pro, is it a feature will make sense ?!

    #اهل_الجيوب sa_4wd#اهل_الجيوب sa_4wd2 天 前
  • I honestly don't like "beautification" it's makes the selfie look terrible. But that's personal taste I think :)

    Daniel SchDaniel Sch2 天 前
  • Fake fan Apple

    jon firejon fire2 天 前
  • Great video. I'm using the p30 pro and upgrading soon, so I'm intrigued in the note 20 ultra after watching this. Keep the vids coming thanks

    Adam PhilpottAdam Philpott2 天 前
  • Huawei for me looks best in photos.Video for Samsung

    Frank luxobzorFrank luxobzor2 天 前
  • Huawei need a better stabilization video and slowmo at 1080p min quality not more 720 p

  • Nice ,such a great comparison...

    siby josephsiby joseph3 天 前
  • ايفون ١٢ برو ماكس افضل ❤️

    Mohammad AlwwaniMohammad Alwwani3 天 前
  • Mate 40pro win everything

    Hidden camera TVHidden camera TV3 天 前
  • There is one point that has to be noticed about your great skills of photography 🔥

    Tejas DalviTejas Dalvi3 天 前
  • Gap Issue in iPhone 12 PRO MAX. Have a look before you buy cnworld.info/free/k6l8pXW5tqGu1tU/sh-p-n

    MRGGMRGG3 天 前
  • Did the Google Pixel phones die?!

    The Lost TechieThe Lost Techie3 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/Z3ywppa9xKlql8U/sh-p-n

    tamil gamingtamil gaming3 天 前
  • Great Video! I did an unboxing and camera testwhen I received mine, so excited 😆

    Kira B TVKira B TV3 天 前
  • how about 5G? fast?

    ពូ កេសីពូ កេសី3 天 前
  • iphone 12 Pro Max

    AS TechAS Tech3 天 前
  • Have you tried underwater thing about those three phone Aron?

    I'm AlhiahI'm Alhiah3 天 前
  • Best way to compared the best phone

    Naobi khumanNaobi khuman3 天 前
  • So... Huawei Mate 40 Pro works in a way designed to make photos look beautiful. So - if you are an Instagram influencer or something - that'd be spectacular. The Note20 Ultra, evident from it's film- influenced first advert, is made for professional work. Morally and aesthetically pleasing. I mean - if you just pay $1200 and shoot a feature film on this (in 8k) for that film alone - it is better than a movie camera economically. The iPhone 12 A (yes - I mark Pro Max as just 'A' for the sake of clarity) is made for "the ecosystem" - made for its user base who likes the Apple way of camera. I'd buy Samsung Galaxy S20 A for my film related work I do, and The iPhone 12 A for my personal use - however, I'm not willing to get into the ecosystem to be brutally honest.

    The Walt-Lassetter ShowThe Walt-Lassetter Show3 天 前
  • Bro Please Give me one from those phone

    MT NessMT Ness3 天 前
  • Try the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious It means superb or very good

    Beverly BrandesBeverly Brandes3 天 前
  • Did he go hiking just to make this video ?

    Aisha HaqueAisha Haque3 天 前
  • kindly provide download link for each phone for side by side comparison.

    Allen LimAllen Lim3 天 前
  • me looking at prices Note 20 ultra 256gb 950€ iPhone 12 pro max 256gb 1370€ Hard to decide indeed 😂

    Viliam BeňaViliam Beňa3 天 前
    • @Goutam Boppana thanks , gonna wait

      Viliam BeňaViliam Beňa7 小时 前
    • @Goutam Boppana thanks , gonna wait

      Viliam BeňaViliam Beňa7 小时 前
    • i would create a phone that has 1.3x10^24 mWAh battery 7.7x10^4734 GB 3.1x10^27 MP 12847592x zoom 7-camera phone and sell it to you for one dollar

      Goutam BoppanaGoutam Boppana11 小时 前
  • Hi! What do you call that thing that holds the 3 cameras at once?

    dorothysharesdorothyshares3 天 前
  • Samsung baby

    splefessplefes3 天 前
  • Iphone is for stupid people They want to get less for extra money 😅

  • As usual the SAMSUNG is still the BEST

  • great video, thanks

    Flávia OliveiraFlávia Oliveira3 天 前