What you didn't know about Mrwhosetheboss.

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What you didn't know about Arun Maini / Me / Mrwhosetheboss. Thank you SO Much for 3 Million subscribers ❤️
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  • Thank you for 3 Million - Still in awe ❤️

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss年 前
    • hey im from the future you have 5.8Mil

      Bobby the BananaBobby the Banana6 天 前
    • Well then handle the 5.8 million too

      Poking My NosePoking My Nose15 天 前
    • A year later- Almost 6 million!

      Bro ProsBro Pros16 天 前
    • Now for 5.something million

      Fan BaseFan Base个月 前
    • You are so humble, you are amazing! The best

      Ernestisses Ernesto FerreiraErnestisses Ernesto Ferreira2 个月 前
  • Wow that video made me cry

    Yashith GalahitiyawaYashith Galahitiyawa5 小时 前
  • Thank you for providing amazing content and being genuine, for being you. Top quality videos, informative and no bs directly to the point. Yes that's why we're here

    ChrisChris13 小时 前
  • It's not cheesy at all bruh. Waking up every morning GRATEFUL is the best feeling to start the day! It just wows me heard you say it. More subscribers on the way!

    Nina GarciaNina Garcia14 小时 前
  • So cool watching this video now when you are just shy of hitting 6 million subs. Congratulations. You’re awesome

    Mike PowersMike Powers15 小时 前
  • 8 years 8 months for 3 million subs(2k11-19) 1 year 1 month 3 million subs(2k19-20)

    Adhi AnoopAdhi Anoop天 前
  • Thank you for 3 Million - Still in awe ❤️

    Porfirio RuthPorfirio Ruth天 前
  • Request for Mrwhosetheboss to be the next Google Assistant voice.

  • 1 year later *5,90mio* subscribers

    Mac69Mac692 天 前
  • It's not cheesy at all bruh. Waking up every morning GRATEFUL is the best feeling to start the day! It just wows me heard you say it. More subscribers on the way!

    sci Tevessci Teves2 天 前
  • *Congratulations* ❤️

    AlphaMission ShortsAlphaMission Shorts2 天 前
  • We should be thanking you for keeping us informed 👍🏾

    Ethan BiribonwaEthan Biribonwa2 天 前
  • Ι came for the cat😍😍😍

    Labis RagousisLabis Ragousis2 天 前
  • U always make my day. Thanks.

    Nani 1Nani 13 天 前
  • Windows PCs are more powerful M1: allow me to introduce myself

    Francis Gabriel L AbordoFrancis Gabriel L Abordo3 天 前
  • my cat's name is also Simba xD

    VladVlad3 天 前
  • And a year later his subscribers have doubled...

    SmartTechSmartTech3 天 前
  • Arun without beard looks so strange.

    Noobmaster GameplayNoobmaster Gameplay4 天 前
  • Well you look better with a beard

    Afaan ShaikhAfaan Shaikh4 天 前
  • We all support you to 🥰 😘 😇

    Rion EthanRion Ethan4 天 前
  • He ist simply the best and smoothest man

    Demos LagoudakisDemos Lagoudakis6 天 前
  • What’s potty mode?

    Sahil BawaSahil Bawa7 天 前
  • Boy it's not easy to be a youtuber

    Snake MasterSnake Master7 天 前
  • 1:51 Hey!! Thats my laptop (same)

    Lexicon MangoLexicon Mango7 天 前
  • you do a good job, I'm glad to follow you. keep your objectivity even further.

    Van RazVan Raz8 天 前
  • I'm your number 1 fan from Africa

    afro excobazzafro excobazz9 天 前
  • Your logo deceived me several times on thumbnail,,, It's seems that your gonna review Motorola mobile

    #topten4U#topten4U9 天 前
  • A think I still don't know... Who's the boss?

    Jan VJan V9 天 前
  • Hi, Arun, I have some underwear which my mom says smell. Can you please review them and tell me if they smell or not.

    Joel WilsonJoel Wilson9 天 前
  • lovely vid man. wanna say thanks for all you do

    Michael LibertoMichael Liberto10 天 前
  • 8 months for 2 to 3 million, now 11 months gained 2.76

    Adhiraj BhatkarAdhiraj Bhatkar11 天 前
  • COD Mobile ,bruh cool what rank are you?? Me , Legendary I

    Bruh BuddyBruh Buddy12 天 前
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin12 天 前
  • Thank you for being "greatful". 💖

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin12 天 前
  • 4:53 I agree

    RedlollypopRedlollypop12 天 前
  • I just love your videos and I learn a lot about softwares and every details carried out in different phones from your videos 😊

    Nasir KhanNasir Khan12 天 前
  • in 1 year got more 2 million.. omg

    Th& RøsaTh& Røsa12 天 前
  • Very inspiring and thank you 🙏

    Shubham BansalShubham Bansal12 天 前
  • Watching it on HTC One M8

    Anand PadmanabhanAnand Padmanabhan12 天 前
  • Soothing voice !❤️

    CryticahadCryticahad13 天 前
  • What a nice guy!

    Eddy DoustEddy Doust13 天 前
  • Realised only now tat its 11 months ago and u have around double the subscribers now...🔥

    Bhala KarthikBhala Karthik13 天 前
  • I can’t like this enough!

    ricekava84ricekava8414 天 前
  • I love this Channel for Free

    Brian kimothoBrian kimotho14 天 前
  • Don't forget that your the best 🙆‍♂️

    Musica SpaceMusica Space14 天 前
  • Thank you all for taking part in my vote your remix contest again 🙏 Congrats to DARKEON, JJ, Nash, Gizem Akk and myself, your submissions are in the final voting 🙌 And to everyone who didn't make it to the final vote, don't be sad, there will always be a next time! 😃 Voting will be closed on Saturday and the final remix will be out on the 20th of September!

    bansam loiembansam loiem14 天 前
  • Thank you for your experience it really motivates...

    Pavan MaddelaPavan Maddela14 天 前
  • I hope you will cross 10 million subscribers one day ❤️✨💜👍✌️. You really worked very hard till now 👏👌🤟.

    Savitha B CSavitha B C15 天 前
  • This is so inspiring!

    Onel LazaroOnel Lazaro15 天 前
  • 3:12 I've always been really good at maths and really bad at languages You're not alone my good friend

    Ekow BentilEkow Bentil15 天 前
  • What a great video! ☺️ Congratulations and keep doing what you love. ✌️

    Alex ConnerAlex Conner15 天 前
  • Thank you for 3 Million - Still in awe ❤️

    yeezmanual bot timeyeezmanual bot time15 天 前
  • I'm not that into a lot of the topics you cover but I find you and what you have achieved very interesting. Always enjoy the videos where you talk a bit about how you got to where you are. Sending best wishes from East London

    Tuhin MiaTuhin Mia15 天 前
  • 2019: 3M Subs After 6 months 2020:4M Subs

    Tuhin MiaTuhin Mia15 天 前
  • Mrwhosetheboss: This is not cheesy (Plays cheesy music)

    Bro ProsBro Pros16 天 前
  • This is my first time to comment on your channel but i have been watching you for a long time. Thank you for inspiring me to do what makes me happy. btw, you're so cute. :) Love for ph

    Jaztin TamboongJaztin Tamboong16 天 前
  • Why did I see the cat and IMMEDIATELY catch feelings for you 👁️👄👁️

    Baaba QBaaba Q16 天 前
  • Whose here after 5 million

    Joseph OJoseph O16 天 前
  • wooow your voice was much deeper when you started .. lol

    Akosua TuntumAkosua Tuntum16 天 前
  • im crying a g a i n

    Beril GökalpBeril Gökalp16 天 前

  • Awwwwwwwwww

    Viking Studios ZViking Studios Z17 天 前
  • I like your dialogue....." A subs to the channel would be great" and " i will catch you on the next one"...... 😀

    Akshay GuptaAkshay Gupta17 天 前
  • yo that was my first phone to

    No NameNo Name17 天 前
  • One year later 5,7 million subscriber. He is getting bigger and bigger so fast.

    Lawrence RydbergLawrence Rydberg17 天 前
  • What is your face routine

    Meh BarbaricMeh Barbaric18 天 前
  • Bro where u from?

    Anmol GuptaAnmol Gupta18 天 前
  • 06:24 It looked like CG to me. 😂😂

    ArunMozhi SArunMozhi S19 天 前
  • you made me cry.................................

    BruceBruce19 天 前
  • I love this guys voice why can't he just become the new siri

    Corbin JiangCorbin Jiang19 天 前
  • What's inside on iPhone 12..? iPhone 12 Teardown...ASMR Repair cnworld.info/free/f6GXso3M0nF_2as/sh-p-n

    Slack JackSlack Jack19 天 前
  • You ditched 50 % video whoa

    SiddharthSiddharth19 天 前
  • Mop Lolz

    SiddharthSiddharth19 天 前
  • Where do you live dude?

    Virus Rex- COD MobileVirus Rex- COD Mobile19 天 前
  • 1 years passed and almost 6M subscribers 🎉 congratulations

    Waiyan BoboWaiyan Bobo19 天 前
  • Please date me ahahahhaa

    Josh Dela RamaJosh Dela Rama20 天 前
  • ☺❤

    ankit singhankit singh20 天 前
  • The last one was so emotional i almost cried Its good that you know how much of good thing u have and to be gratful

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung20 天 前
  • Thank you for the 3 million. Me: checks Subscribers: 5.7 million

    Eng Axmed MaxamedEng Axmed Maxamed20 天 前
  • I don't feel comfortable when YTer sits and tells us how he managed to reach the number of subscribers. It sounds unreal and represents people as numbers, money, and goals. Sound like we are not alive at all.

    Arty BellArty Bell20 天 前
  • Hii sir

    Anshu ChoudharyAnshu Choudhary21 天 前
  • oh god number 14!! i have that phone!!!! but its broken it have pixels in the edge super big but its working :D

    Jared CoronelJared Coronel21 天 前
  • U're cute

    Noemi Catungal-DiapolitNoemi Catungal-Diapolit21 天 前
  • Anikat KumarAnikat Kumar21 天 前
  • Congratulations Aron

    Immanuel LoganImmanuel Logan21 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/Z6SC25vStn2xtpI/sh-p-n&ab_channel=OniKhas

    Oni KhasboOni Khasbo21 天 前
  • Can i get a heart plz??

    Shivaprasad S HiremathShivaprasad S Hiremath22 天 前
  • I am using HTC One M8 now,, can you please take it from me and give me iphone 12 Pro🙄🙄

    shohidul islamshohidul islam22 天 前
  • Its 5.7...in one month it will be 6🔥🔥

    Aniket BhoiteAniket Bhoite22 天 前
  • 7

    Cheryl McDermottCheryl McDermott22 天 前
  • You are most welcome

    updates #updates #22 天 前
  • Request for Mrwhosetheboss to be the next Google Assistant voice.

    tec738caf ;dik'factec738caf ;dik'fac22 天 前
  • You have no idea how much your channel would grow

    Yuanben ZhangYuanben Zhang22 天 前
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    Фотостудия Верные ДрузьяФотостудия Верные Друзья22 天 前
  • Love u ARUN like watching ur video I wathed ur video accidently and now i am ur regular viewer

    Nitish kr. SharmaNitish kr. Sharma23 天 前
  • "Sorry, I am not interested in reviewing your hamster." Ouch, didn't need to be so harsh.

    John LeeJohn Lee23 天 前
    • What a copycat

      Trending Tamizha TechTrending Tamizha Tech20 小时 前
  • Loved this video. For me, it's these kinda videos that makes people more than what they do, it makes them human. Loved it. Keep up the good work man!!!

    Shaheryar ShahShaheryar Shah23 天 前
  • bitch nobody cares. stfu

    arcanine 917arcanine 91723 天 前
  • He said shit in the vid

    Märten VallaskMärten Vallask23 天 前
  • Dude, this might sound a little creepy, but there is just something very calming and soothing about your voice and how you speak. I put on your videos before i sleep. And I thoroughly enjoy the content you create, they are really fun and informative. Keep posting.

    Soham BasuSoham Basu23 天 前