The Truth about Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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My Full Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, including camera tests, battery tests, specs and more! Subscribe for more content (It's free)!
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  • If you're willing to import, then you do need to also consider the Mi 10 Ultra - Full review here:

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss3 个月 前
    • I just got a note 20 ultra, largely on account of this review. I'm utterly delighted with it. I've had it 3 days and its barely been out of my hands.

      Dorian AnreiterDorian Anreiter8 天 前
    • Man your videos are the best dude. I’ve been hmming and hawing for months over what phone to upgrade to I have an IPhone 7 Plus and have always wanted the newest iPhone but can never afford to upgrade when there new and I’ve always been two or three generations behind lol but I’m between the iPhone 11pro Mac or the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra depending on if there’s a better deal for one or the other when I pull the trigger

      Murder BøNęRMurder BøNęR10 天 前
    • p

      Norma asni RambeNorma asni Rambe11 天 前
    • I live in America

      SmartWebbSmartWebb11 天 前
    • I do prefer the Samsung applications rather than thoes of Google, its kinda easier for me to use

      Phoenix PrincePhoenix Prince13 天 前

    khairul faizkhairul faiz21 小时 前
  • The best phone of 2020.. phone of the year🔥🔥

    darshan malhandarshan malhan天 前
  • My biggest gripe is that they made the Mystic Bronze, I mean Rose Gold backing in that suede like backing but left the black in a fingerprint sensitive "ebony-chrome" mirror like finish. A similar coating for the other colors would have been legit. But they had to only offer it in the ugliest/mediocre half measure of colors. If you are going to ignore most/all of the sleek professional color palette, at least offer the better coating in something exciting like neon green, hot pink, or blazing orange!

    asymsolutionsasymsolutions天 前
  • I have the US version thats unlocked from Samsung. It's the snapdragon. And 12 gig ram. 512 gig storage. It's so nice. And the speed is good. And when I turn on the performance mode on its smoking FAST ! It doesn't come with all the bloatware because its unlocked and not carrier specific. The camera is amazing once you figure out all the high tech settings. Well worth the money

    Under Pressure Power Washing LLCUnder Pressure Power Washing LLC天 前
  • Me whats the best mid range phone

    Nice boi BtwNice boi Btw天 前
  • Lol my mom has 36,000 pictures

    Thomas PaplawskyThomas Paplawsky天 前
  • Simply amazing phone.. king Sammy !!!!!!!

    петър йордановпетър йорданов2 天 前
  • Samsung is the best Android phone brand

    Paul RibagnacPaul Ribagnac2 天 前
  • Where to get the snapdragon one in note 20 ultra in Australia?

    punjabi mandeerpunjabi mandeer2 天 前
  • Noticeably points are the processors are different nd regions.

    punjabi mandeerpunjabi mandeer2 天 前
  • I lobe just wallpeper wher evan we get it

    Health & Beauty tipsHealth & Beauty tips2 天 前
  • might i add, when he was talking about the display, blackpink was displayed on the screen 😌

    Toga HimikoToga Himiko2 天 前

    XTreem 123 GoXTreem 123 Go3 天 前
  • I’m switching to this phone from a iPhone XR. Go big or go home right lol. I work for a cell carrier so I get a huge discount on my plan.

    tjtj3 天 前
  • Love From Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️

  • Omg.. I just saw blackpink how u like that

    Annesen PayaniandyAnnesen Payaniandy3 天 前
  • mind:note 20 ultra heart:note 20 ultra

    תומר ברוידהתומר ברוידה3 天 前
  • I must agree, having the S20 Note ultra, it is a great phone. I do not use it to its full capacity, but i think it is the elite.

    Rhys GilbertRhys Gilbert3 天 前
  • Rip Galaxy note 2011-2020😑😑

    Foysal bariFoysal bari4 天 前
  • Qu’est-ce qu’il est moche !

    Sébastien ArmengaudSébastien Armengaud4 天 前
  • Yay Arun is a blackpink fan he is a blink

    swati sinhaswati sinha4 天 前
  • Who else just likes to watch phone reviews

    Deathbatman 6615Deathbatman 66154 天 前
  • I dont know why i watch this although, I can't afford to by it.

    Evx OlalacsEvx Olalacs4 天 前
  • HELLO the S8 have a snap sharp display. This here, you get tiered eyes. As wether you have an printed balloon and with too much air, the print will be lighter. The new futures, no questions, ways better as the old S8, but not all really. Too heavy and uncomfortable in the hand also.

    Kermit FroschKermit Frosch5 天 前
  • Regular iPhone 12 128 GB at 980 Euros or Note 20 Ultra 256 GB Exynos at 950 Euros? Which is better

    Ajinkya DAjinkya D5 天 前
  • Regular iPhone 12 128 GB at 980 Euros or Note 20 Ultra 256 GB Exynos at 950 Euros? Which is better

    Ajinkya DAjinkya D5 天 前
  • ദി guy ഈസ്‌ ഓൾ എബൌട്ട്‌ ക്യാമറ

    Aiden & AdelynAiden & Adelyn5 天 前
  • i want them to make a note that is a fold maybe like galaxy z fold note

    Hassan ElshalakanyHassan Elshalakany5 天 前
  • I should really let my iPhone 8 Plus live its full course until it breaks but I've only been taking good care of my stuff and I feel bad if I abuse my stuff.. But this Note 20 Ultra is so enticing in a way that it most likely caters to my life style (I am a student that specializes in drafting technical drawings and I can imagine presenting ideas on the fly with this phone) better than my current phone. Someday, I'll be able to afford a phone like this! *wailing in the distance*

    Lily ArmasLily Armas5 天 前
  • thesse youtubers say the battery isnt good but have it on max resolution probably max brightness too wifi data location and all the stuff on all day long makes no sense to have all that on constantly.

    andrew cairnsandrew cairns6 天 前
  • My homie watching black pink props

    finallyanimefinallyanime6 天 前
  • Not if you're living outside of America. 30% or more performance drop between exynos and Snapdragon processors

    R DR D6 天 前

    R DR D6 天 前
  • I heard that the reason why the Note 20 Ultra has a different chipset is because of the 5G mmwave that is currently available in the US.

    SunkissedguySunkissedguy6 天 前
  • Please help. I currently have s20 plus exynos. SoT is barely 6 hours while 5g off,brightness is low, no game. Supercharging time went up to 1 hour and 30 mins.. I sold my phone and i don't know what to buy.. I can buy note 20 ultra from Samsung website at %35 off because of my work deal Or Xiaomi mi 10 pro from Xiaomi website as same price as note 20 ultra. Please share your thoughts

    jadorerablejadorerable6 天 前
  • I actually really like the sharp corners. It's _much_ better for gaming.

    TheAbsolTheAbsol6 天 前
  • So sorry Mrwhosetheboss. I have watched tons of your videos but never subscribed to your channel. Now it's done. Great content as always.

    M1710M17106 天 前
  • Who else saw the Kirby with a knife?

    Daniel BDaniel B6 天 前
  • 6:33 why you dropped the Xiaomi? you can get it through eBay with Google Play installed

    EfiEfi7 天 前
  • I know I'm late on this but I think the Note 20 should be a little bit wider to complement the curved edges. Giving it more writing Real estate. They could've added a slightly bigger battery, or even another speaker. But honestly the slightly wider screen would be what makes this a truly perfect phone. Allowing it be easier to write on. Because let's be honest when you write on this phone your always closer to the middle do to the lack of width.

    Quinton CrockettQuinton Crockett7 天 前
  • Let's gooo Mrwhosetheboss playing DBL

    Alteo AgoAlteo Ago7 天 前
  • i’ve had an iphone 7 plus since launch and i am doing everything i can to save up for this phone, it looks and sounds so amazing and this phone is at its breaking point so now is better than later

    David GhareebDavid Ghareeb7 天 前
  • If Richard Dawkins reviewed would be something like this.

    Jason blodgettJason blodgett7 天 前
  • He is my favorite phone reviewer on CNworld

    Iron-BranIron-Bran7 天 前
  • He is a blink👍

    Noxious SymbolNoxious Symbol8 天 前
  • Love that you played Dragon Ball Legends

    Eduardo A. ÁlvarezEduardo A. Álvarez8 天 前
  • 0:53 Thanos would be proud

    HughesyHughesy8 天 前
    • Cant stop laughing

      The NoobsterThe Noobster6 天 前
    • Came to the comment section looking for this haha

      André HilAndré Hil7 天 前
  • iPhones r superior 🤷‍♂️😁

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson8 天 前
  • E

    Xd KabXd Kab8 天 前
  • Perfect phone is Wawei Mate 20x 1. Huge LED screen 2. High score Stereo Speaker 3. Huge battery life 4. No nonsense curve screen 5. Flagship camera (at the time) 6. Cheap

    KeLun TanKeLun Tan8 天 前
  • I would love to buy note 20 but exynos processor changed my mind to iphone 11

    Anish TripathiAnish Tripathi8 天 前
  • I love this man's voice . It is like silk . He could recite the phone book and I would be happy.

    John LimJohn Lim9 天 前
  • I live in Pakistan and it don't have 5g,snapdragon 865+,256gb base model, and its $1800 for us

    RangerRanger9 天 前
  • I saw Crunchyroll on his phone-

    Chiyā ChannelChiyā Channel9 天 前
  • Blackpink alert😏

    nasarudin mohdnasarudin mohd9 天 前
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Milan XasrawMilan Xasraw9 天 前
  • Just ordered one after watching your videos. Thank man

    Simeon PallattSimeon Pallatt9 天 前
  • Should i get this phone or the iphone 12 pro mac?

    migsmigs9 天 前
  • I got it!!!! I finally guessed the word Phenomenal 😅

    Cryptic DephalteCryptic Dephalte10 天 前
  • My Wallet: Samsung note 20 Fan Edition

    Profecías BiblicasProfecías Biblicas10 天 前
  • I am 11 years old but I think I might get the note 20 ultra and iPad pro andmy sister who is 6 years old might get an iPad mini or iphone 12 pro max

    Muzan BushraMuzan Bushra10 天 前
  • Would u do a Sony reviews?

    Ehab HenidihEhab Henidih10 天 前
  • He mentioned Pakistan...Lots of Love from the preceding country

    Ghulam mustafaGhulam mustafa10 天 前
  • Watching from my note 20 ultra :)

    amir barjakliamir barjakli10 天 前
    • @amir barjakli thanks mate for your fast response! I'm from Europe too, I'm waiting for a nice black friday deal 😄

      Mr. Frank VisserMr. Frank Visser6 天 前
    • @Mr. Frank Visser i have europe verison, its gd yes. After the update in october battery become better. I recommend this phone its very gd

      amir barjakliamir barjakli6 天 前
    • Do you have Exynos? How is the battery?

      Mr. Frank VisserMr. Frank Visser6 天 前
  • What did u do with all those phn u get ... Can u pls give me a iphone 12 as a gift pls 🙏🙏🙏

    Tech WorldTech World11 天 前
  • Just wait till sg21ultra comes up

    Joie18 blueJoie18 blue11 天 前
  • Never in my life would I get a Samsung again.

    Lisa MarieLisa Marie11 天 前
  • if only Samsung stopped putting unnecessary junk softwares on theie devices... and they just changes too much shit from region to region

    dedsouldedsoul11 天 前
  • They are going to foldable !!!

    HarshHarsh11 天 前
  • my man likes blackpink (i think idk)

    Me MyselfAndIMe MyselfAndI11 天 前
  • what should I buy? iPhone 12 Pro Max or the Note 20?

    snk7snk711 天 前
  • What is blackpink doing there? XD.

    Vikaash ChahatVikaash Chahat11 天 前
  • Samsung pls get rid of the notch please

    Tymoor HyderTymoor Hyder11 天 前
  • 1:05 i see what you did there

    エースACEエースACE11 天 前
  • wow, you have tab s7 /s7 +. if you noticed it hit a like on Arun's channel

    Shreyasi PandeyShreyasi Pandey12 天 前
  • But the Battery Life!! With Exynos....

    gooldii1gooldii112 天 前
  • Was watching a video on samsung note 9 on my iphone 6 now I'm watching the video about note 20 ultra on my note 9

    CrystalfieldCrystalfield12 天 前
  • *me with a iPhone 5*

    Humberto gamingHumberto gaming12 天 前
  • Internet sucks on wifi and data, wtf is 5g? Also my battery sucks, takes 2 hours to charge. Note20 sucks...

    Colby RoddamColby Roddam12 天 前
  • Damn the display of this phone looks absolutely gorgeous

    Samiur RahmanSamiur Rahman12 天 前
  • Samsung is best of all

    Hammad RaisHammad Rais12 天 前
  • What about the Mi T10 Pro

    Mickey DangerezMickey Dangerez12 天 前
  • I would like your review of exynos vs other chipsets comparison.. Can you plzzzz.?

    Pooja DeviPooja Devi13 天 前
  • wait... Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra only in China? But most Asian people have this phone.

    Akuma SanAkuma San13 天 前
  • Who tf needs more that 4gb ram in a phone?

    itsXaveritsXaver13 天 前
  • My Mind want Mate 40 pro plus My hand writing want Note 20 ultra But I have to buy 12 pro max 😩

    Saad SaabSaad Saab13 天 前
  • Thanks 😍 for taking my country’s name Pakistan 🇵🇰

    Saad SaabSaad Saab13 天 前
  • One of the best videos I have seen breaking down Samsung. Stay safe brother 🙏.

    Paul Marsden SrPaul Marsden Sr13 天 前
  • Oof. Iphone 12 Pro Max it is then for me lol

    rvidal0001rvidal000113 天 前
  • Whos got free tv from buying this phone :D

    Ramadlan Badar MahangkosoRamadlan Badar Mahangkoso13 天 前
  • Note 10+ still king

    Douby JocelynDouby Jocelyn13 天 前
  • What if I can't get a Snapdragon version? Should I go for Iphone 12 Pro Max or Note 20 Ultra ? *I've not really tested 120hz before, but it feel so important to me. At least in gaming perspective. *My country's telco only offers these 2 brands, If not I will absolutely go for Oneplus 8 Pro without a doubt

    Leon LimLeon Lim13 天 前
  • Can I get one of your old phones 🙏🏽

    olawale lawalolawale lawal14 天 前
  • lol what a pile of crap.... dont ever compare garbage like this, to any iPhone, cos it hasn't got what it takes... internet browsers in Korean? lol what a joke , games not available in your country lol...

    Right To CensorRight To Censor14 天 前
  • Hay dude are you half indian?(I'm just asking because of your skin color)😅

    viral vibesviral vibes14 天 前
  • That's why I like iPhone more

    James A.IsmailJames A.Ismail14 天 前
  • Intelligent man. Loads of info in your reviews... I'm currently using both the Exynos and Snapdragon versions of the Note 20 Ultra. They feel like different phones. I daresay my Snapdragon Note 10 Plus can challenge the Exynos Note 20 Ultra

    Alain-Daniel TankwaAlain-Daniel Tankwa14 天 前
  • Who Is Watching After Iphone 12 launched

    Pirates VGSPirates VGS14 天 前
  • I am from Pakistan 3:18

    meiow meiowmeiow meiow14 天 前