The 2 Fastest Phones on the Planet.

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Unboxing and Speed Testing the RedMagic 5G and the Xiaomi BlackShark 3 Pro Complete Set - Quite Possibly the Two Fastest Android Smartphones ever!
More about the RedMagic here:
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  • ASUS ROG PHONE!!! (3)

    Jerry XuJerry Xu10 小时 前
  • You are forget Redmagic 5s

    Official GamingOfficial Gaming14 小时 前
  • The vlackshark pro is made for pubg cause it says tencent😂😂😂😂😂

    UmerGamingUmerGaming16 小时 前
  • redmagic:16 gb ram my computer:64 gb ram lololololol

    alex bahnaalex bahna天 前
  • Meanwhile am using a Samsung A10s

    QuanQuan天 前
  • Plese make a video for the poor that they can buy a gaming fone the cheapest pricein this video all people cant buy this two fone so pleae tell us the cheapest fone that the poor can buy to play a game

    Sailo ZodinaSailo Zodina天 前
  • 😭😭

    Ronaldo Edayan JrRonaldo Edayan Jr天 前
  • What's the name of this phone

    Le Denex XerdLe Denex Xerd天 前
  • Me crying on corner because buying one plus 8 Pro for 1200€

    Rye GamingRye Gaming2 天 前
  • This phone is literally faster than my game laptop.

    Porfirio RuthPorfirio Ruth3 天 前
  • Meanwhile I’m watching this on an iPhone 7...

    BrunkkiProBrunkkiPro3 天 前
  • Slower than my Nokia 3310

    XoraniumXoranium3 天 前
  • Phone: Has a fan that sounds like a hair dryer. MrWhosetheboss: It’s missing IP68

    NGB GamingNGB Gaming3 天 前
  • I would choose the redshark

    Musy gaming gamerMusy gaming gamer3 天 前
  • Start playing PUBG.It is the most *HOT* GAMES

    IM Levinho FanIM Levinho Fan3 天 前
  • Red please

    Tactical ScopeTactical Scope3 天 前
  • When u realise he is not wearing pants

    Elyas NazreeElyas Nazree4 天 前
  • I would say red magic is beter than the black shark bcze it has 144 hz

    EA GLEEA GLE4 天 前
  • What a nice accent 😍

    Yahya SafouryYahya Safoury4 天 前
  • Can I get your trow away phone or recycle ones

    Saif AhmedSaif Ahmed4 天 前
  • Moms be like: buys this to play candy crush

    BlownAwayGamerBlownAwayGamer5 天 前
  • Thats not true....russia is developing a nuclear phone thats you wont have to charge it at all ...thus info is top secret

    O N E S H O TO N E S H O T5 天 前
  • Imagine having a expensive phone and just plays roblox

    mikaelo corpusmikaelo corpus6 天 前
  • Both. Really both

    Rixen KingsRixen Kings6 天 前
  • My mind: black shark 3 My heart: black shark 3 My hand: black shark 3 pro!

    Rusty RiversRusty Rivers6 天 前
  • Both look great

    White Croatian PunisherWhite Croatian Punisher7 天 前
  • all made in China please

    Erde CEOErde CEO7 天 前
  • yo love ur vids but stop. like everytime a good phone comes around for gaming or something ur like hmm the camera is ugly i dont like.If u fukin want good photos buy a fokin camera holyyyyyy

    FocusicFocusic7 天 前
  • Hmm is a gaming phone a phone that sucks with cameras only(I don't have wireless chargers) if that's the case then I would by this phone if I had the money(redmagic 1) butt I live in in Lebanon

    laure laurelaure laure7 天 前
  • its made in CHINA,

  • I am using a Black Shark 3 Pro... but. its not very fast because of my Dad's games (My dad gave me this phone and then bought another one...)

    ChrisPlayz - GachaChrisPlayz - Gacha7 天 前
  • I bet the battery life must be awful! 🤔

    The OutcastThe Outcast8 天 前
  • 🤣 anyone else find it hilarious that back in 2014 we was rocking a 7inch tablet thinking it was ginormous now we have a phone 😍

  • Blackshark

  • Yoooo get in to it

    my second channelmy second channel9 天 前
  • Not me watching this knowing my parents would never buy it for me🏃💨

    ShayShay9 天 前
  • Which one is better though. still confused.

    YanZmeisterYanZmeister9 天 前
  • Hahha

    Vacash MasseyVacash Massey9 天 前
  • thanks dude i am going to save up to the 100,000 pesos so i can get the shark 3 pro

    neo karegineo karegi10 天 前
  • What is the name of the game you played

    Anime SanpaiAnime Sanpai10 天 前
  • The only thing that those phones need to make me buy them is a e pen

    Draost DryerDraost Dryer10 天 前
  • Play genshin impact

    robster 1002robster 100210 天 前
  • It sounded like aaaahhhhh the add

    robster 1002robster 100210 天 前
  • I got a one plus 8pro is it fast 120hz

    robster 1002robster 100210 天 前
    • And it's not a gaming mobile

      robster 1002robster 100210 天 前
  • When iPhone users find out it's an android

    justgilbsjustgilbs10 天 前
  • Mr. Aaron, could you please do a detailed video based solely on the Black Shark 3 Pro? The terminologies you use to express smartphone specifications and knacks far outweigh the rest. A distinguishing attribute you possess is your composure and calmness when you speak, putting forth a image of sobriety on the attributes of the device, titillating the viewer's mind, and also, your tutelage is enthralling. The introduction used eases us subscribers and viewers into an archipelago of content which is always appreciated and valued. Thank you, Aaron, if you consider this request and make a solemn impact on a future Black Shark 3 Pro buyer.

    Sharath NairSharath Nair10 天 前
  • What is the internet provider you can use with the phone

    Nicholas BermanNicholas Berman10 天 前
  • Hello phones that I CANT FLIPPING AFFORD *I'm broke*

    Mustafa MurtazaMustafa Murtaza10 天 前
    • (hello)

      Mustafa MurtazaMustafa Murtaza10 天 前
  • my laptop from 2009 has just 2 gb ram... and that phone got 16 ._.

    Nelu DumitruNelu Dumitru10 天 前
  • Me looking at potential phone candidate: *Interesting* When phone in question has no headphone jack: *I don't even know who you are.*

    Marcus MGMarcus MG11 天 前
  • The redmagic 5 is more of a gaming phone cause it has s built in fan

    FaZe fealFaZe feal11 天 前
  • blackshark

    Anonymous_GamerAnonymous_Gamer11 天 前
  • Lol that's MKNHD hands

    Ronald NapRonald Nap11 天 前
  • 😌🙂👹👹👹👹👹👿👿👿👿😈😈😈😈

    Ariana ReneAriana Rene11 天 前
  • What's was the name of game that you played

    Technical dostTechnical dost11 天 前
  • What game were you playing

    Sreyas SaktismitSreyas Saktismit11 天 前
  • Legends says that iPhone is crying while watching the video...

    Corbin JiangCorbin Jiang11 天 前
  • I would review mobiles if I could......

    Abhyuday TomarAbhyuday Tomar12 天 前
  • i think u have the all phone ever launched cheap to expensive .....

    Ravi GuliaRavi Gulia12 天 前
  • Why red magic 5g..?? Where oneplus 8T ? Asus rog phone 3 ?

    Safiah Abu bakarSafiah Abu bakar12 天 前
  • Dude please give me one I want it for my gaming channel don't have even minimum phone for gaming 😅 it would be helpful

  • Red magic: *16 gb ram* Black shark: *12 gb ram* My pc: *8 gb ram* Also my pc: *am i a joke to you?*

    CyrillCyrill12 天 前
  • 5:26 butt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LoL

    sʀᴇᴇʜᴀʀɪsʀᴇᴇʜᴀʀɪ13 天 前
  • Ladies: 7.1 inches ain't gud enough

    Demonized HumanDemonized Human13 天 前
  • Iphone:60fps Samsung:120fps Red magic:bye bye Samsung (144fps) Black shark:who are you saying bye to (270fps)

  • Lmao when he said the shoulder buttons retract when you drop it “like this” my headphones went “low battery”

    elliot_is_smartntelliot_is_smartnt13 天 前
  • I would choose the black shark 3 pro i think it would be better for me bc I'm a gamer i hope one day i have enough money to buy it tho cuz I'm not old enough to work and my mother tries her very best to give me what i want but her income is really really low so idk

    Crazy_G GamingCrazy_G Gaming13 天 前
  • *Ad plays during gaming mode Fan: 𝙒𝙃𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀𝙀

    Luke S.Luke S.13 天 前
  • red migec

    f handerfof handerfo13 天 前
  • Very one its first Commennt untli you refresh

    PAPA gamingPAPA gaming14 天 前
  • Guess what the fastest smartphone is a android 🤣

    KaiukaitoKaiukaito14 天 前
  • Nobody: Some chinese company:

    Yulei HuangYulei Huang14 天 前
  • Can u start saying how many years they last for

    lucas coylelucas coyle14 天 前
  • Rog3 entered the chat

  • I guess huawei p 40 pro is the fastest phone now :)

    Ангел З.Ангел З.14 天 前
  • Who noticed the second phone is made by tencent company

    Sarmin GaireSarmin Gaire15 天 前
  • radmagic 5S.Give it to me Comeon

    Arithra Karmakar gamer pro2Arithra Karmakar gamer pro215 天 前
  • U should just that phone in general

    CaptainCozmoCaptainCozmo15 天 前
  • Those phones are quite cheap compared to flagships.

    ItsMeNjpPlayzItsMeNjpPlayz16 天 前
  • 5:27 Butt (wow that was so rightly placed)

    ItsMeNjpPlayzItsMeNjpPlayz16 天 前
  • 3:38 Bu deh ful

    ItsMeNjpPlayzItsMeNjpPlayz16 天 前
  • This guy has way to many damn phones

    Connor HANSONConnor HANSON16 天 前
  • Umm ok

    Gacha empireGacha empire16 天 前
  • It's not fastest it can't even move you lair

    Prebacivanje123 Prebacivanje123Prebacivanje123 Prebacivanje12316 天 前
  • Would u recommend it for daily use?

    anderson alamanderson alam16 天 前
  • I'd Like to play CODM with you ✌️😁

    IamKeviiNIamKeviiN17 天 前
  • lol his youtube chanal is mrwhostheboss but hes so safistacated

    Torran sheffieldTorran sheffield17 天 前
  • Best phone in my life

    Adeyemo MoshoodAdeyemo Moshood17 天 前
  • Mrwhosetheboss am a new subscabar my black shark

    Adeyemo MoshoodAdeyemo Moshood17 天 前
  • Damn, thats amazing performance. But i'll buy a heavily overpriced iphone instead.

    Tanmay JainTanmay Jain17 天 前
  • these phones are cheaper than the phones we use and their 10x better

    perkaholicperkaholic17 天 前
  • when those shoulder buttons popped up i almost orgasmed holy fuck thats cool

    Dustin ProvostDustin Provost18 天 前
  • the editing is top tier

    Dustin ProvostDustin Provost18 天 前
  • Listen to this 2 years ago I buyed the Xiaomi mi max 3 coz I wanted a big phone with a big battery and fast charging the Xiaomi mi max 3 is for me one of the best phones got a 5500 mah a 6.9 inch display witch I find it perfect for gaming and watching videos 6 gb ram a decent camera and 128 gb internal memory but that black shark 3 pro is next cause I can't use Google servicies on it from last update I don't know why but will go with the shark 3 awesome video I was out hunting for a phone like that thanks bro

    Cristi AngelCristi Angel18 天 前
  • terrible device.terrible construction, too much fan noise.the screen should be at least 6.9p for games.the photos are not the best, the video is the same.a disappointment, I advise anyone who wants to buy to see enough reviews.

    Paulobraveheart MPaulobraveheart M18 天 前
  • I love Samsung Phones 😍❤

    dark sidedark side19 天 前
  • What about Asus rog?

    BS infinityBS infinity19 天 前
  • Im really.jealous watching this... I cant play smoothly

    Just a Youtuber For FunJust a Youtuber For Fun19 天 前
  • lol

    Killuash LienearKilluash Lienear19 天 前
  • phone goes brr

    DumbDumb19 天 前