Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - The Big Problem.

2020年08月 6日
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, looks....Great! It's Specs, Display, Cameras, battery and features all seem to be on the right track, but honestly, I do think there'a a more fundamental problem..
Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra:
Google Pixel 4a Unboxing:
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  • After watching the video, let me know YOUR opinion on this? Has Samsung picked the perfect Foldable Form-Factor, or should they have re-designed? 🤔 Note 20 Ultra vs S20 Ultra:

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss3 个月 前
    • Guess what get ready for a new Escobar phone

      Swasthik SureshSwasthik Suresh天 前
    • I liberally saw the video of samsung saying samsung galaxy fold 2 expert review but they didnt add your name.. Dirty tricks I can say you know

      Enigma UsEnigma Us23 天 前
    • My phone is glitching, had to comment lol

      MalaFox- Roblox And More!MalaFox- Roblox And More!个月 前
    • I don't agree -- I feel that keeping display on the inside saves it from scuffing and damage, while keeping it on the outside would mean more scuffing and damage. Anytime you dropped the phone your screen would automatically take a hit, guaranteed. I'd rather go with this slightly thicker way, than have more damage to the screen, and more quickly ruin the product.

      manofsanmanofsan个月 前
    • Don't hate the Player hate the game.... There is nothing wrong with this phone.... You're arguing about things that are irrelevant to normal consumers.....🤔 I'm all in on Foldable phones....

  • nah.. your point is so weak... This "Z fold 2" is the best innovation smart phone in 2020.. your just too trying hard to look the bad side of this amazing "Z fold 2"

    Hirigata 37Hirigata 3722 小时 前
  • Notice anything new , do u mean the shirt

    vanaparthy abhinayvanaparthy abhinay2 天 前
  • You doing too much nitpicking of the phone It's a really good phone.

    stephen rogersstephen rogers2 天 前
  • I dont like the Samsung fold cuz the "phone" mode is so godamned skinny. Make it about the size of s regular flagship dammit

    Shonen HeavenShonen Heaven2 天 前
  • Who like the fold 2 but needs thier kidney

    Henry obakaHenry obaka2 天 前
  • Arun is a big fan of Hugo boss T-shirts. Good choice

    roop sharmaroop sharma2 天 前
  • Yeah this didn't age well

    Yago SalaverryYago Salaverry3 天 前
  • Are u serius? Because u can only use 1 camara thats for you BIG Problem? Man u have other Problems..

    shqipez #1shqipez #15 天 前
  • Good video.. I get it. But every thing in life could been better .. and there always be another and another.. if was that easy to develop a phone we all be doing it. But hey that doesn’t mean we all can’t have our say.. but hey still a lot better than most that we blew money on not just phones ! Have a great safe year all 🎄

    Fantastic CoderFantastic Coder6 天 前
  • they probably could make it better but they have it saved for like (marketing, if someone wants competition, or maybe they are doing there phones little by little

    AntiGucciAntiGucci9 天 前
  • "Notice anything new?"

    SuperIntenseGamer v1SuperIntenseGamer v110 天 前
  • Not haveing Google tied into your phone settings is a good thing not a bad thing. People don't want to spend $2000 on a phone that has Google Firefox Chrome and apps tied into your system that you can't remove. I want to choose Brighton or other providers on the internet, the ones I want. Yes I agree it's stupid. It's the dumbest idea I have ever heard or seen to have a flip phone with a breakable screen on the outside of it. Why? Isn't it gonna crack so why have it. You have a flip phone to protect your screen. It's thee only reason I want a flip phone. To me the bigger screen is just icing on the cake. Let's be blunt the low quality out side phone with the unprotected breakable screen, is just silly. I think you are right to say it's an unessasarry cost to the phone. One day when phones are unbreakable like black boxes on a passager plane, then we can revisit This design.

    David McBrideDavid McBride10 天 前
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 > Mate X

    Internal_DayInternal_Day10 天 前
  • Samsung shame on you, a CNworldr is teaching you basic and intellectual design language! (No offense to CNworldrs)!

  • 1:50 yes I noticed u change clothes

    BrineSam4598BrineSam459814 天 前
  • z fold 2 is out and you haven't reviewed it yet ;-;

    Anti epicall SOM NINJAAnti epicall SOM NINJA15 天 前
  • Interesting and unexpected issue; Some apps will not run because they detect the device is a tablet (not a phone). Applies to both screens. Watching my wife actualy use this phone, it looks like the front screen is practically redundant. She's using it like a tablet that has the benefit of folding up to carry in a pocket. Even opens it take pictures. It only takes a second, so why not?

    John BattyJohn Batty15 天 前
  • Just subscribed Aaron... Excellent informative videos....! Love it & you don't miss a " Beat"....!!! Outstanding job. Regards, ELLIOT

    Elliotoe1Elliotoe116 天 前
  • love ur sustainability approach 😎👍

    impe83impe8317 天 前
  • It's the Escobar fold 3 (Obviously copied from other comments)

    AniqPlayzAniqPlayz18 天 前
  • Questions the foldable screen durability. Prefers the screen on the outside. I want the mate xs design, but only if the screen is durable enough. Mass production isn't there yet, so the fold 2 makes more sense right now.

    2010ngojo2010ngojo20 天 前
  • Honestly, the thickness of the phone isn't an issue .... its better in your pocket than a large sized phone ,it fits into more places . The price is expensive BUT the phone feels like its made of unbelievably quality materials . More so than any phone I've ever had (I've had most main phones and BOTH galaxy folds) My first fold took an absolute beating aswell , I worked on a building site and it was used as my music source , I dropped it many times and it took a hammering for a good 7 months before i finally dropped it off a scaffold and smashed it 😅 I went to an s20 ultra , great phone ... but I've gone back to the fold cause I loved mine and because I no longer work on a building site 🤣 If you can afford a fold then genuinely.... buy one ,they're great

    Kris BrownbillKris Brownbill20 天 前
  • I don't know how you actually can say that huawei have a better screen design than samsung. Agree with you with the wrong camera's placement on samsung. But, for the screens, you arr far away from the truth. Mate X from Huawei looks like a reversed fold book, looks beautiful, but stupid. Imagine, you are walking on the street with your new mate X, and someone hurt you, your Mate fall from your hand, and crash on the floor. At this moment, fold or unfold, your entire screen is broke, and your heart too. Same situation with z fold 2 from samsung. If your phone crashed on the main screen, you're a little bit fcked, but, you actually have another 6.2 inch screen, fold. 2nd situation : same phone, but this time, crash when he is fold. You are a little bit fcked, but you have your big foldable screen usable. Think about it.

    SonaLaPorteSonaLaPorte20 天 前
  • Does anyone else feel a lot of the negatives are B.S.!!!

    xPxP21 天 前
    • Not at all, they are spot on. All the top tier tech reviewers are claiming the same issues with this device and after spending plenty of time with one I agree with them. Seems to be the majority census

      Javier SantanaJavier Santana21 天 前
  • Well I'd buy Samsung fold if my money was right.

    Toy CrippsToy Cripps21 天 前
  • In Germany your can get it for about 1k or less.

    Rocko BauerRocko Bauer22 天 前
  • This guys is biased. Apple released the same phone with no charging brick and he says its brilliant? Look at futuristic design of the phone and he is asking for what? For real bro?

    Albertino De Brito BarrosAlbertino De Brito Barros22 天 前
  • If it wasn't 2k I'd have one

    Mr.bossmanMr.bossman23 天 前
  • since phones got rid of headphone jacks, they should totally get rid of cameras too

    Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt23 天 前
    • $3000

      Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt23 天 前
    • and after that, the screen

      Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt23 天 前
    • and after that the speaker

      Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt23 天 前
    • and after that, the microphone

      Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt23 天 前
  • There is nothing wrong i own it and I can use the cameras to take a selfie when open so they addressed all that no problem

  • With Samsung's multi-app experience it actually makes sense to have the 2 screens. You could have two apps running between left and right on the fold screen. (Let's say you're doing an expense report for work) Well you've got your documented information inside the phone and as you're calculating expenses you could just close the phone to the front screen where the calculator is, calculate your number, open the phone and right that down.

    Rory MRory M24 天 前
    • You could have TD Ameritrade stock ticker on the outside display and your research going on on the inside. I can think of so many reasons to have the inside and outside display working in synchronization.

      Rory MRory M24 天 前
  • All good points.

    Stable StoicStable Stoic25 天 前
  • Mate you are my go to guy for tech

    ZzZzZzooOOM AbzZzZzZzooOOM Abz25 天 前
  • Bro you ain't a Samsung person, why don't you stick to Huawei. 🤔🤨

    Mashaireo WilliamsonMashaireo Williamson25 天 前
  • I love the fold two design.

    Mashaireo WilliamsonMashaireo Williamson25 天 前
  • The big problem here is that your questioning Samsung m8

    Joe KayaJoe Kaya25 天 前
  • Im happy to see Apples foldable phone coming out in 2045

    Chryst4lChryst4l25 天 前
  • guys whats the new change? which he types at around 1:53

    Shubh SiddharthaShubh Siddhartha26 天 前
  • How many eyes do you have, two! How many directions can you look at at once, one! What I'm trying to say is that YOU'RE AN IDIOT! How can you use the front and inside screens at once, you don't because there's no reason to use or want to use all screens at once, or need to use all cameras AT ONCE! You make NO SENSE and are talking NO SENSE! HORRIBLE REVIEW!! And you have 5.67M Subscribers? Wow people have no clue!

    RainingRaining26 天 前
  • Nice shirt Mr. Huaweistheboss

    Vincent BianchiVincent Bianchi26 天 前
  • Oof i actually got this under the add for the galaxy fold

    Chris Sathish GonzagaChris Sathish Gonzaga26 天 前
  • I think they branded z fold because others companies can't say it was their idea because Z could be refer to 4 screens. Before 1- 4 cameras was the new innovations but now the competition has changed to keep the market flow of income by increasing the amount of screens they can sell on a phone.

    Haris ShahHaris Shah26 天 前
  • Seriously.........Nobody cares about the name or other petty stuff! The #1 concern should be the reliability of the folding screen/crease. PERIOD!!!!!!

    Jason YoungJason Young27 天 前
  • nope nope nope. wrong in every way except when you explain the issues with the Huawei. An example of how you are wrong is about the inside camera. The placement is specific for 2 reasons. The #1 reason is... do you know how hard it is to take a selfie with a camera on the outside left or right edge of a tablet? It sucks. Their placement is as good as it could possibly be. The samsung is a much sturdier phone in so many ways. putting the screen on the outside is idiotic. You need to spend more time looking at the positives and less time on the negatives unless you truly understand the reasons behind the decisions.

    Kurt MurokiKurt Muroki27 天 前
  • 💯

    therealcinnimo [Cinzia]therealcinnimo [Cinzia]27 天 前
  • There is no pandemic Its just in your TV

    rumtatarumtata27 天 前
  • Whiner

    Joey GarciaJoey Garcia27 天 前
  • you have convinced me to buy the hauwei mate xs

    Irve augustineIrve augustine27 天 前
  • 1:56 your shirt color changed from blue to black Thats the DIFFRENce 😂😂😂

    Robotic GamingRobotic Gaming27 天 前
  • I would never buy a phone that folds outwards. Only if it was dirty cheap.

    Lucy FeLucy Fe27 天 前
  • Basically he is insulting samsung

  • You broke my heart.

    OP villgaxOP villgax28 天 前
    • Good

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F27 天 前
  • Samsungs better check this video to fix these problems no offence your right whose the boss I was thinking about these negative

    Basil 2009Basil 200928 天 前
  • Screens: 2 Foldable. More like fol double

    Axel KaneAxel Kane29 天 前
  • Sounds like a typical boss. Always have problem with everything.

    Vonster VonVonster Von个月 前
  • IPhone 12 Giveaway!

    Clarence AnobaClarence Anoba个月 前
  • I am a person that doesn’t take that much photo so i only need one camera

    TurtleRetwardZTurtleRetwardZ个月 前
  • Phone would be come nanotech when I can afford a second hand version of this one

    TurtleRetwardZTurtleRetwardZ个月 前
  • I hope that at one time or another, perhaps in 2045 or something, samsungg! would cut it out with this "galaxy" business. Just because of that one word, and the fact that they use it in every single phoneish thing they make .. "samsungg galaxy j1 xv 4.5g f11 t" for instance, I have steered clear of samsungg for what it's worth.

    Muzaffer TopdagiMuzaffer Topdagi个月 前
  • Ummmm not that much of a problem. I mean yeah I guess that the 5 set of cameras is a bit off but not THAT big of a problem that would completely destroy the new generation of Galaxy fold.

    Yay LOLXDYay LOLXD个月 前
  • I seriously doubt you have actually "used" the Fold2.

    HenryHenry个月 前
    • 🤦🏾‍♂️

      Jakakak KakskssnsJakakak Kakskssns个月 前
  • At 1:44 he just changed his t-shirt 😂😂

    Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz个月 前
  • Fold by samsung are future

    Anubhav soniAnubhav soni个月 前
  • i have the LG V 50Thin Q its thicker than fold 2 and heavier so Fold 2 is better and you use three screens not 2

    Dr Dean KosDr Dean Kos个月 前
  • Honestly I got rid my iPhone x because it started suck everyday so I got myself the galaxy fold 2 and I love it so much, got lots of people asking me is that the phone that fold and all the problems you talk about doesn't bother me I love what samsung done

    Garcia6248 GGarcia6248 G个月 前
  • Why tf would u use both screens and cameras at the same time??? Ur eyes can stretch behind ur phone lmaoo

    Top Ten Goat EditionTop Ten Goat Edition个月 前
  • 👍

    francis ioskfrancis iosk个月 前
  • The “issues” your talking about are your preferences and opinions witch most people don’t agree with.

    Gopher VlogsGopher Vlogs个月 前
    • Most people do agree with him

      Jakakak KakskssnsJakakak Kakskssns个月 前
  • It’s a better design to have the foldable screen closed when you’re not using it so it won’t get damaged having the screen always exposed on the outside around the entire device is just straight stupid

    Gopher VlogsGopher Vlogs个月 前
  • Samsung"here's our new phone" Escobar"I want in in the action."

    clutchplayzgamesclutchplayzgames个月 前
  • 🤔

    jakub pękackijakub pękacki个月 前
  • Anyone still watch this video?

    Gertrudes VieiraGertrudes Vieira个月 前
  • Having owned a Galaxy Fold for over a year I can say its been the best phone I've ever had. Its easy to pick fault with new tech but personally I think Samsung nailed it with the 1st Fold and folding phones are going to become mainstream because of it.

    bert badgerbert badger个月 前
  • so..... we've a LAPTOP ! .

    plutoplattersplutoplatters个月 前
  • tt

    b sb s个月 前
  • It sounds like this video is sponsored by Hauwei. I have the Z Fold 2. everything you mentioned in the Huawei phone i can do on the Z Fold 2. I can use both screens at the same time. i can use the rear camera while using the front screen unfolded for selfies. from what i gather from this video is that you are making all these assumptions without you even having it in your possession. as of 10/19/20 this is the only content you have on the Z Fold 2. Get the phone first, do a proper review on it without comparing it to anything else, learn its features then make an opinion. the Elephant in the room is the fact that Hauwei is a Chinese brand and nobody wants it.

    Gary DenisonGary Denison个月 前
    • What’s wrong in China? It’s not sponsored by huawei

      Jakakak KakskssnsJakakak Kakskssns个月 前
  • I agree the z fold 2 is not as efficient as the Huawei one, but the Huawei fold has a bigger problem, the screen folds outwards, I can never ever see how it is better than a inward folding phone!!! Just imagine folding your laptop outwards lol!!! You cant place the Huawei fold on a table folder as the phone will always have a screen touching the table and as folding phones have less durable screen its is more prone to scratching!!!

    Pranav rkPranav rk个月 前

    Kristopher ErtmerKristopher Ertmer个月 前
  • WHY have a foldable at all? I hate my S20 ultra cause my eyesigt.

    Saab ForeverSaab Forever个月 前
  • A natureza é maravilhosa

    amulya gamulya g个月 前
  • None of these sound like a "Big" issue to me. I ordered my Fold 2 last week, should get it tomorrow or wednesday, and I knew exactly what I was paying for. The Fold 2's design is also much better, and smarter, than Huawei's design. And that's going to be the case until somebody invents actual folding glass.

    SonJake21SonJake21个月 前
  • "120 hz inside, only 60 hz outside, so jarring!!!!!! " First world problems huh, I'm not even a Samsung fan yet I bought it cause it is so Cool.

    Morris MullinsMorris Mullins个月 前
  • Still no z fold 2 review

    micdoses1micdoses1个月 前
  • he is a cuteepiee 🥰😝

    pizzavsbullywoodpizzavsbullywood个月 前
  • Its useless. Thats it. Why would I want to have Samsung Quality Tablet? 🤨. Total fail for the longterm.

    pizzavsbullywoodpizzavsbullywood个月 前
  • How much money did huawei give you

    Shivam ShuklaShivam Shukla个月 前
  • Sounds like some Huawei fan boy stuff.

    Silent KittehsSilent Kittehs个月 前
  • U used a bright shirt in the beggining half they a dark shirt in the other

    dieing insidedieing inside个月 前
  • I wanna watch this video all day

    ster stuartster stuart个月 前
  • I have used this phone for two weeks. In that time Samsung has dropped the price due to poor sales. Even at the lower price, it is not worth it. The crease in the phone is visible almost all the time. The phone is really really heavy, like a dwarf star in your pocket and hand. And the biggest issue, NO expandable memory, AND only 220gb of usable memory. You WILL be app limited on this phone. That was very "apple" of you Mr Samsung.

    DL BDL B个月 前
  • My biggest problem with the Z Fold is the aspect ratio. 4:3 just seems useless and ugly exept when playing retro games or using maps and perhaps some utility apps. They should've made it fold twice, making it into a 16:9 tablet, a thin phablet.

  • Man, I got the note9 and the ipad pro 2018, cant tell the difference between 120hz and 60hz kkkk

    Omar KharnivallOmar Kharnivall个月 前
  • The fold is more durable i would think than that 1 plastic screen phone

    HsSW20 CHsSW20 C个月 前
    • @Sshsh HHshsh lol yeah because its a foldable phone....

      HsSW20 CHsSW20 C个月 前
  • Love from my heart

    sameria fostersameria foster个月 前
  • MY BIGGEST PROBLEM.......2000 BUCKS!!!!

    M.T. PocketsM.T. Pockets个月 前
  • They had no choice but to put the camera on that spot🤷🏻‍♂️ Where else would you put it 🤔

    Johann MercadoJohann Mercado个月 前
    • 🤦🏾‍♂️your missing the point

      Jakakak KakskssnsJakakak Kakskssns个月 前
  • Dear sir can I have your mail id

    truleytimepasstruleytimepass个月 前
  • I'm gonna disagree with you because I know alot of people who have it,all of them say they would never go back

    ivar spieringivar spiering个月 前
  • to me, I don't want make any scratch to my main monitor, how about you?

    javaxer jackjavaxer jack个月 前