iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?

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Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs. and cameras, vs Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei. Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: cnworld.info/free/YXuu1qCo3YN9080/sh-p-n
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  • Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: cnworld.info/free/YXuu1qCo3YN9080/sh-p-n

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss个月 前
    • Well here samsung note 20 have a advantage cause they already have a type-c to type-c charging cable

      Bikerider GamingBikerider Gaming9 天 前
    • Plz give me a 12 pro

      Shadab HussainShadab Hussain26 天 前
    • Plz give me a 12 pro

      Shadab HussainShadab Hussain26 天 前
    • Can i get phone? I needed it for online class cause my phone cant keep up with low ram and processor thank you im you number 1 fan i did watched every video you uploaded😁

      Alojado, Jon Mark D.Alojado, Jon Mark D.个月 前
    • Yes really good

      suma prakashsuma prakash个月 前
  • same shit different year. no wait back to iPhone 5

    st.clair mac aulayst.clair mac aulay小时 前
  • “Innovation” instead they copied the iPhone 5

    Cheryl WhiteCheryl White4 小时 前
  • It's a more stylish shape. That's it

    Doug SteelDoug Steel5 小时 前
  • I don’t know about you but I don’t have any usbc power brick laying around so to not damage the environment I won’t be buying and iPhone 12 until they put a charger back in the box

    Javier SolisJavier Solis天 前
  • Also 00:30 if you pause YOU can see the ;) secret!

    LisaWas TakenLisaWas Taken天 前
  • Ive seen AMONG us on the thumbnail who else did?

    LisaWas TakenLisaWas Taken天 前
  • Welcome to 5g Apple. Better late than never. I need you to start coming up with more innovative phones like a fold. Recently I've been very bored and switched to the fold 2 and most likely wont be coming back.

    The OneThe One天 前
  • Hey, Is he reading somewhere on the left??

    RiddhiRiddhi天 前
  • Theory: apple transferred to half usb-c as an opportunity to say they improved. They didn't include the charging brick for the environment. All sounds good but they really only did these things is to force buyers to purchase more apple branded products. It was a well played play to people that don't think past the message. They get to put a good message behind a money opportunity. That's why I dislike apple. They focus more on making electronics about brand recognition and strictly appeal to those who don't think past flashy colors and the words "new" or "better than the last".

    GamePaladin5123 GamingGamePaladin5123 Gaming天 前
  • when someone goes all out with better cores and a die shrink like apple did they run the risk of having a minor upgrade going from bionic 14 to 15 if still on 5nm fab node and because the jump from bionic 13 to 14 is so big and the human eye and hand cant tell the difference of bionic 14 to 15 a faster screen will literally be needed to make sure apple and its customers are not wasting money. we are entering a time when arm based soc designs in 5w to 8w are beating low power x86 cpus of both intel and amd in the 15w to 25w and the 10w apple m1 soc is beating x86 cpus in the 35w to 45w low power designs only a few 45w 8 core amd zen 3 cpus compete and even some 65w x86 intel cpus are loosing to the apple m1 soc mainly because the supper low internal latency nature of a soc and intel still being stuck on 14nm not even making much 10nm chips that have had a paper launch over a year ago.

    the one you dont seethe one you dont see天 前
  • There probably isnt going to be an iPhone 13, because of religious stuff. Theyll probably skip to the iPhone 14...

    OnionOnion天 前
  • Kill the Hitler notch on the iPhone plz , apple should be the company making beautiful products but that notch is grotesque. When the notch dies I will buy apple

    zero daizero dai2 天 前
  • Smart way of Apple to advertise their product and should be illegal.

    Omar AlmalolOmar Almalol2 天 前
  • Apple: Wireless charging! But you have to use a wire! :):

    Ice BlastIce Blast3 天 前
  • Am I the only one that likes the way Aron said "I like it"

    X҉ʟᴇᴏɴX҉X҉ʟᴇᴏɴX҉3 天 前
  • I cant understand why they are still selling the XR

    omarashry007omarashry0073 天 前
  • What were they thinking? You have to ask? They were thinking....how can we charge more and deliver less? These mindless you tubers will gush all over us anyway.

    WoodariveWoodarive4 天 前
  • mine was also 4 and 5 the best design ever...

    Frodo HFrodo H4 天 前
  • If Apple really wanted to contribute to environment, they would have made their parts replaceable and upgradable.

    Karthik Krishna KumarKarthik Krishna Kumar4 天 前
  • **iPhone makes a new phone** Americans: GO TO STORE BUY

    Markus LadaMarkus Lada4 天 前
  • almost all (long term) apple users wanted a boxy phone because they really liked it on the iPhone 4 and 5

    Daan BosDaan Bos4 天 前
  • What WERE???

    Matt MazeMatt Maze4 天 前
  • What I find funny is that is that this video was uploaded on the 14th of October but the real iPhone 12 came out on the 23rd of October. So really he is trying to shame apple for a product that hadn’t even been released at the time.

    CDBCDB4 天 前
  • They were thinking suicide and drugs

    Jesus Is my best friendJesus Is my best friend4 天 前
  • Owh u want a free charger? In the box? U think we are a charity for you? - mrwhosetheboss

    Vivo V9Vivo V94 天 前
  • here is what they were thinking😂 🤣 cnworld.info/free/iJWnm562tpmAss0/sh-p-n

    All for laughterAll for laughter5 天 前
  • Was considering on buying an iphone 12, but realised I'm better off with my android that I bought last year and more cost efficient.

    Shadow LightShadow Light5 天 前
  • Not going say anything else other than 6:41

    FortNite KIDFortNite KID5 天 前
  • 12 minutes of you kissing Apple's ass. No ma'am.

    Vinícius Alves Fontenele de CarvalhoVinícius Alves Fontenele de Carvalho5 天 前
  • Stop advertising for Samsung

    هیول فضاییهیول فضایی5 天 前
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Sooraj KumarSooraj Kumar5 天 前
  • Here they buy iPhones just to look famous 😕

    tuwa ihsituwa ihsi5 天 前
  • So here's the irony of saying that you're trying to save the environment with no charging brick and then immediately promoting mag safe wireless charger. Wireless charging is less efficient and loses power as it charges. You're using more power to charge wirelessly than you are using to charge with a wire. Which means you are using more electricity being produced by diesel generators, coal, nuclear power, solar power, wind turbines, all of which require a substantial amount of effort to make and maintain. On top of that ordering a separate brick through something like apple or Amazon prime will require separate packaging or a separate vehicle to ship that to you. By doing this apple has actually caused more harm to the environment.

  • “Innovation” instead they copied the iPhone 5

    Yulei HuangYulei Huang6 天 前
    • if i look at your reaction you are probably still emotional about that US banned huawei.

      The grooverThe groover9 小时 前
  • Iphone is the best of the best Same bully iphone but Iphone don't because iphone know that iphone the best

    Thoibi DeviThoibi Devi6 天 前
  • I really dont like these expensive phones. They look pretty and are fast and good for everything, sure. But they are so expensive that even if i gave my kidney, i still wont be able to purchase it (i know that i would be able, but my point is that they are too expensive) I would also have to protect it so damn good, i probably wouldnt even be able to take it out of my house because paranoia would give me a heart attack. I just prefer these 150€ phones, they are enough for me. Not saying that you shouldn't buy one, if you have money and you are in these kind of phones, sure. I just dont like the feeling of having something so expensive in my pocket knowing that if i damage it even a little that i would have to pay 3 times its original price to fix it.

    TankyMordekaiserTankyMordekaiser6 天 前
  • I have never been interested in anything "apple" at all. Ever. 🤷‍♂️

    J SJ S6 天 前
  • Congratulations. The thumbnail has among us on the home screen

    TheSiameseCatTheSiameseCat6 天 前
  • does it matter what apple thinks? even if they come up with an idea that would be the last nail in the coffin for other brands, apple will not lose any customer.

    firefox30570firefox305706 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/Z2eZsoa40aWrxtk/sh-p-n

    Dalibor AnticDalibor Antic7 天 前
  • Im comming of a samsung galaxy s10+ thinking of getting a iphone 12 pro max. Still not sure to buy a new android or get a iphone what do you guys think?

    Joep VanzwolJoep Vanzwol7 天 前
  • Epic

    Dazr MorrisonDazr Morrison7 天 前
  • if they were able to shrink the notch for the mini? Why couldn’t they give the bigger phones the same notch the iPhone 12 mini has.....

    ChanceChance7 天 前
  • Camera also matters, max is best

    sabyasachi paulsabyasachi paul7 天 前
  • I'd never support Apple as a business because all they are is money hungry. They'll do anything just to squeeze more money out of people. Shame on apple!

    Jimmy BigsJimmy Bigs7 天 前
  • I don't even care about phones but I've watched all your videos, can't figure out why I find them so interesting. Good job on making them, keep it up

    Boris KorovljevBoris Korovljev7 天 前
    • me too, I know so much about phones now xD what do I do with this information?

      Parttimeemo 836Parttimeemo 8365 天 前
  • The corrupt b-tards

    [RPM] HyDrop0w3r[RPM] HyDrop0w3r7 天 前
  • Idk, I just want an iPhone, I don't even have a phone rn. And androids arent really my style.

    israaisraa8 天 前
  • "tthis is the most advanced iphone we ever built - Tiiiimmmm cooook" old apple user: isn't that same old shit without single new innovation? "we are so much eco friendly - Apple" "Apple marketing team - we made another trillion by selling charger. this strategy really work Tim 😅😅😅"

    Nur JamanNur Jaman8 天 前
  • So revlotuniary apple changes back to the iPhone 5 design but still has a giant forehead which most other companies have managed to get rid of and if you drop the phone from a inch it breaks

    Not AverageNot Average8 天 前
  • Imagine if they removed the lightning port

    Jared1900Jared19008 天 前
  • Thanks for the video. The missing power supply of the iPhone 12 is what you so kindly only mentioned indirectly... An extra penny grab from customers' pockets. Also, the iPhone 12 is the first iPhone totally non-serviceable by third parties. Go Android.

    Antonio MaglioneAntonio Maglione8 天 前
  • In pathfinder, this whole video is reduced to the 5-foot step action and maybe the lunge feat.

    alex medel martinezalex medel martinez9 天 前
  • Rayan Cool is the best on CNworld

    Rayan CoolRayan Cool9 天 前
  • i kinda wanna see apple make a gaming phone. Just to see what they would come up with

    John BrownJohn Brown9 天 前
  • Lmao enjoy every single thing you do being logged and sent via unencrypted connection

    BratanBratan9 天 前
  • modern companies: our phones are drop resistent nokia 3310 users: mine is truck resistent

    GuardrailHitterGuardrailHitter9 天 前
  • Hmm i have a 7 and still works fine, i rather invest my money in something else till this stops working

    steve zabkosteve zabko9 天 前
  • Today, we honor and thank veterans from all branches of the military who have served. #VeteransDay #HonorAVet Here are some videos that honor our veterans: histv.co/2GRIfCB

    Hannah WalkerHannah Walker9 天 前
  • Soo judging by your t-shirt the boss is Hugo?

    Camilo MartinezCamilo Martinez9 天 前
  • Razer makes a boxy phone Reviewers: this phone is so dated it sucks Apple makes a boxy phone Reviewers: ZOMG Apple is sooooo smart

    hengineerhengineer9 天 前
  • You just lost one follower by justifying their eco friendly gimmick.

    Vikas ThapliyalVikas Thapliyal9 天 前
  • at the end of the video: do not get the iPhone xr bc its more worth it to get iPhone 11 pro etc etc me: literally just got my dad's two year old iPhone xr two weeks ago ;-;

    anne gohanne goh10 天 前
  • Except apple became super cheap scumbags and won’t even include power bricks or plugs

    Just TimJust Tim10 天 前
  • Very informative my friend

    Luke ValleLuke Valle10 天 前
  • I don’t have any problem with iphones notch

    ShauryaShaurya11 天 前
  • Iphone 13 innovation "durability so no screen" or they maybe innovate the box and make a box pro max only for 999$

    ŤH3 J0K3rŤH3 J0K3r11 天 前
  • When will you make a video about the Passionfruit I-Phoney 24 Max Pro Plus 5G Fold?

    Aivaras SungailaAivaras Sungaila11 天 前
  • 0:29 *Left Screen* ;)

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious11 天 前
  • What is with the ancient *gigantic notch* in 2020 nearly 2021? Are horses and wagons back in trend?

    Timothy ChungTimothy Chung11 天 前
  • See the not having a charger in the box was it for me

    Issac CaballeroIssac Caballero11 天 前
  • I have a question. Why did you name your channel Mrwhosetheboss?

    faha ali bukharifaha ali bukhari11 天 前
  • No way in hell I’m paying more for 5g when 4g is just fine. I might pay 5 dollars more at max

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson12 天 前
    • @Tyler Johnson to do what lol? Only use case I can think of would be streaming game and I’m not that interested so... I’m talking as an average consumer, not a company or something like that

      FrenchBaguetteFrenchBaguette9 天 前
    • @FrenchBaguette well here’s the thing. We don’t need it right now , but wait till the country and world becomes more reliant and dependent on it . You’ll b forced to almost

      Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson9 天 前
    • 0 for me. Literally don’t need it, I can’t think of a single use case where I’d need a better speed than 4g/4g+

      FrenchBaguetteFrenchBaguette9 天 前
  • Noted.

    Anime SekaiAnime Sekai12 天 前
  • Apple>Samsung IOS>Android....Any questions?

    Aaron CurryAaron Curry12 天 前
  • I am happy with Samsung note 9 don't want this crap

    ARKO GuhaARKO Guha12 天 前
  • The new charger is 20w and uses usb c. Screw the planet Apple. Wtf.

    WoodshavenPatriotWoodshavenPatriot12 天 前
  • I just noticed that u said 'The small iPhone 12 pro max'

    Juan Felipe RamirezJuan Felipe Ramirez13 天 前
  • I'm a big iphone fan

    Mohamad Al EidMohamad Al Eid13 天 前
  • Putting magnet on stronger battery makes that battery same as old battery

    R3GARDL355R3GARDL35513 天 前
  • This is one of those chanels that you can just listen to in the background, and still notice it.

    Amelie FlemingAmelie Fleming13 天 前
  • Apple is just a scam. Competitors already have ultra hd clarity & Wireless charging many years ago. Apple made this recently & claim they are innovative? F Apple.

    Bibi LakeBibi Lake13 天 前
    • You know what else is a scam? Exynos.

      Jeff 'the gamer' BoyJeff 'the gamer' Boy10 天 前
    • @Timothy Chung 🤣👍

      Bibi LakeBibi Lake10 天 前
    • Kind of like Trump...

      Timothy ChungTimothy Chung11 天 前
  • What WAS apple thinking (sorry I couldn’t help)

    Anna AnnaAnna Anna13 天 前
  • Apple: Spend, Give us money, Spend, Give us money, Spend, Give us money, Spend, Give us money, Spend, Give us money, Spend, Give us money

    Badeky {!}Badeky {!}13 天 前
  • Trash vid

    Malcolm HebbesMalcolm Hebbes14 天 前
  • Thinking that I'd rather pay rent smh

    Malcolm HebbesMalcolm Hebbes14 天 前
  • whats with ppl and this something-99 crap?! if it costs 9,99-10, 99-100, 699-700 and so on.. stop this shit please

    Dimitar GeorgievDimitar Georgiev14 天 前
  • My favorite thing about Apple is that they keep everything thing simple. Keynote's design is so good and easy, it is better than Powerpoint. I love everything about Apple.

    Mohak GujarMohak Gujar14 天 前
  • This is still not the phone to me. These phones doesn't warrant the price point demanded for them.

    fantasia243645fantasia24364514 天 前
  • Why do I feel that apple ios is outdated compared to android. Just seems limited

    Tyler RinaldiTyler Rinaldi14 天 前
  • Mmmmm i would like to get this off of my mind so i am making this comment Wtf are they thinking not including the charger like i am a very big fan of apple but not including a charger like the heck i could buy a different product with the same price but has a charger. HOPE THEY INCLUDE A CHARGER FOR THE NEXT IPHONE OR i will have to give up on apple

    Yuuto MatsukiYuuto Matsuki14 天 前
  • First apple review vid I've watched start to finish. It gives me something to think about. ... not enough to even get me thinking about trying one - bit it's a start. Great vid. Thanks

    Mark ShaMark Sha14 天 前
  • Idc no charger and headphones, f**k off am getting Samsung

    Raheem RajaRaheem Raja14 天 前
  • A moment of sence for those who wanted boss to just criticize iphone

    Demonized HumanDemonized Human15 天 前
  • Bla bla bla gotta drag this shit out to that sweet 10 minute mark...

    Nogger Fogger logger 69Nogger Fogger logger 6915 天 前
  • I got a 11 Pro max recently. Well fuck me, because the 12 just popped in. And now they're not even including chargers.

    EvanEvan15 天 前
  • I got a OnePlus 3 and yeah the charger is insane. I plugged it in from dead about 7 minutes ago and it's on 23%

    BlueCreeperGam1nBlueCreeperGam1n15 天 前
  • Your title should be “What was apple thinking” not what you have as the present title. Just FYI

    It’s Sho-e shitIt’s Sho-e shit15 天 前
  • Literally Apple = Escobar Inc. The only difference is people went with it at the beginning and now they are worth 100+ billions

    MophieMophie15 天 前