Why Samsung is about to take over.

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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the first sign of Samsung starting to win. Here's what I think is happening.
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    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss个月 前
    • Yes boss! 😁

      Vishal KureelVishal Kureel3 天 前
    • A 11

      Matt NuñezMatt Nuñez3 天 前
    • I am a samsung fanboy and this makes me happy

      d1amond0re 52d1amond0re 527 天 前
    • me

      pizzastock111pizzastock11118 天 前
    • I love samsung

      ZFSZFS19 天 前
  • Rip huawei

    serbian wolf gamingserbian wolf gaming30 分钟 前
  • That was a most excellent early sponsorship mention followed immediately by "Now back to the list" saving the details to the end of the video - more creators should dwell less on the sponsors in the middle of their videos and more on the content. Obviously it needs working in there but a short sweet mention is far superior to wasting a minute or more talking about all the sponsors features or what ever, like we can't find that out if we wanted to after the video. Makes the video flow better for sure. I've been almost exclusively using Sammy gizmos for years. I love the way they feel and operate, and the companies attitude to customisation of the devices is truly excellent.

    Human SpidaHuman Spida5 小时 前
  • And here I am rooting for team LG lol

    권우진권우진6 小时 前
  • Apple: Loses Chinese Market Huawei: Loses American Market Samsung: "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move"

    Truong Trung ChinhTruong Trung Chinh7 小时 前
  • If S.Korea wins, then we can expect a dystopia where humans will be more robotic than real robots. Our children will act and look like manufactured dolls mass produced from a factory. Dun. Dun. Dun. 🤣🤣🤣 Funny but based by how S.K. does it, makes me wonder. 😅 The death of creativity and individuality. The rollback to binary mentality.

    Rasalas BlackRasalas Black7 小时 前
  • got a Samsung ad on this video

    Cormac MorrisonCormac Morrison12 小时 前
  • Are there any more cases of samsung phones erupting into flames 🔥?

    Temasek SDQTemasek SDQ17 小时 前
  • Plot twist Samsung is the company that started covid

    boogie bananaboogie banana天 前
  • Me whose getting an IPhone: 👁👄👁

    Sean TallonSean Tallon天 前
    • Till you like it its fine i guess lol

      Yuan UiYuan Ui12 分钟 前
  • No more China, this is great news, American companies can finally grow.

    anonymousanonymous天 前
  • iPhone is expensive and useless in iphone 12 only s pin and charger wire like what the hell this 8s why iphone is falling

    Ahmed ShihabAhmed Shihab天 前
  • Imagine this happens: HUAWEI: bye bye America AAPL: bye bye China SMSNG: HEEEEELLOOOOO PEEOPLE Apple stays quiet for years. SMSUNG: where’s apple? APPL: INTRODUCING IPHONE 15 W/ 6G Tim Cook: WoWwW SMSUNG: yea but who’s building the 6G network AAPL: ........................... We BoUGHT ErRiCsOnN AND nOkIa SMSUNG: DIES

    Oliver JuraczOliver Juracz天 前
  • Please do a review of s20 fe

    Besrat ZewduBesrat Zewdu天 前
  • Don't Worry - Biden and his socialism agenda will start kissing China's ass.

    Martin de MesaMartin de Mesa天 前
  • I literally got a SAMSUNG as before this video. LOL

    Kerri McAlisterKerri McAlister天 前
  • Don't forget about LG! Yeah I know they won't win but I've been using them for years on and off and my LG phones have always been my favorites.

    Two EyeTwo Eye天 前
  • Why does Samsung have the ability to build Exynos chipset. While Huewie can't build kirlin chipsets. I mean they can use Snapdragon but that isn't fair. If they can build their own chipsets they are probably really good. And privacy is a thing. Maybe if Huewie can't be trusted on these stuff they should be banned out.

    GWC - Gaming with CHIMEGWC - Gaming with CHIME天 前
  • Are we ignoring Sony here Sony selling camera/camera sensors sets to most brands Even ROG II has the sensor of sony. Like sony is just small but the best thing about it is Ps4 play. You can play PS4 games on high end. And it's so cool. Ps5 might come soon on ps5 play and maybe run on 120 Fps so awesome right? Sony is hidden, But if we ignore Samsung. And focus on the other costly products. Sony had a big name in it.

    GWC - Gaming with CHIMEGWC - Gaming with CHIME天 前
  • If Samsung becomes this what you could call a monopole I´m getting an iPhone lmao

    IdkhowtonamemyselfIdkhowtonamemyself2 天 前
  • bruh maybe they will survive cuz trump said that but biden won so only if biden wants to ban that but idk

    carlos guillermo cruz bazavilvazocarlos guillermo cruz bazavilvazo2 天 前
  • I've been saying this. Samsung has been steadily improving and getting closer to Apple in terms of overall quality. Note 20 Ultra is a beast and blows any 2020 smartphone out ot the water. It can even compete with Apple in camera department which wasn't the case before.

    BaddieUniverseBaddieUniverse2 天 前
  • You speak as if . . . Are you a fortune teller?

    Ren GalafuzeRen Galafuze2 天 前
  • Nobody: Not even economists: Time traveler: "Ya'll still talking samsung, apple, huawei? This must be before Windows phone v2 takes over smh"

    Bobby NicklesBobby Nickles2 天 前
  • 6:40 Wth!! you say IPhone will cost more ? Such a greedy company even if i have enough money i would still prefer samsung

  • I had a note 10 and it got a bug where it thought there was water in the charging port and it just never went away. It's been like three months and its still there. It's just some weird malfunction that would never happen with an Iphone. I couldn't take my phone back because I bought it in CEX. I always hated Iphone's monopoly but at least you can trust their software to not simply lock your phone and prevent you from using a wired charger. Samsung seem to ship stuff before it's finished and it makes you feel like their hardware is tacky and underdeveloped which is disappointing when you regard their prices.

    Wayne HuttelWayne Huttel2 天 前
    • @BaddieUniverse it wasnt wet i tried everything and samsung is shit

      Wayne HuttelWayne Huttel天 前
    • Had a note 8 and never had an issue like that and now I have a note 10+ running qmazingly. Yours was probably wet and you didn't know it. Plus, iPhone DOES have bugs and issues. Just like Samsung, it's just a defective unit so judging an entire line for a defect YOU had is so dumb and pointless.

      BaddieUniverseBaddieUniverse2 天 前
  • still gonna use apple products lmao

    Christian FuneChristian Fune2 天 前
    • I mean if you like apple product its fine

      Yuan UiYuan Ui11 分钟 前
  • Arun, love your videos! I don't know if you're going to see this, but could you do a video on Samsung and their new updates causing ads to be posted in local apps and widgets that can't be Uninstalled? Or push notifications for new Samsung products that can't be turned off? I love(d) Samsung and use an s20 plus.. and I'm nearly at my wits end here with ads :/

    marsovamarsova3 天 前
  • Yea they’re good, but their service is so shit that you go back to apple anyways.

    J LeJ Le3 天 前
  • Huawei lost my business FOREVER in 2018 when they stopped giving out bootloader unlock codes AND only did security updates for their honor 5x for ONE year (early 2016 to early 2017). If you aren't going to support your phones at least don't screw over the modding community. Also CCP spying and the being untrustworthy in general. In 2020 there are just as good (dollar for dollar) competition that are more reliable and more trustworthy.

    Jason RipleyJason Ripley3 天 前
  • Where is oneplus?

    Soumik KarSoumik Kar3 天 前
  • Why you sponsor sharpie vip

    Wessy or mochisWessy or mochis3 天 前
  • Im not a samsung and I don’t like ittttttt! Sorry ok

    Pons WongPons Wong3 天 前
  • Apple is already king tho. They’ll always be king.

    Something_to_appease_GoogleSomething_to_appease_Google3 天 前
    • @BaddieUniverse Compare sales of flagships. No one cares if Samsung sells more units of a $100 model than Apple’s $1000 model.

      Something_to_appease_GoogleSomething_to_appease_Google天 前
    • The sales say otherwise. Samsung is king period.

      BaddieUniverseBaddieUniverse2 天 前
  • 3:00 amazing music i want the name please.

    zhyaR. abubakRzhyaR. abubakR3 天 前
  • I hope that Apple losing ground means they start to reevaluate some of their anti-consumer practices

    Rosario GrantRosario Grant3 天 前
  • Communism is evil.

    David LoganDavid Logan3 天 前
  • Chinese people are nationalistic as fuck, a lot of them don’t like Koreans too. There was a black slash/boycott of Korean products by consumers without government interventions. I don’t see Samsung taking up china market but definitely can replace huawei market in the west.

    Peter JiangPeter Jiang4 天 前
  • Kim jong un: NOO YOU CAN'T TAKEOVER THE WORLD Samsung: haha south Korean

    Markus LadaMarkus Lada4 天 前
  • Taking others position means loosing innovation.

    Mohim RahmanMohim Rahman4 天 前
  • If XIAOMI reaches Apple or Samsung or just beats Apple US is gonna f XIAOMI I don't want that as XIAOMI is gr8 budget phone

    person 1person 14 天 前
  • Me Watching this on my SAMSUNG Smart Fridge: hMmmMmmM

    Mr CheeseMr Cheese4 天 前
  • Probably because there is more poor people in the world who can’t afford and iPhone and go for android

    Morgan HarleMorgan Harle4 天 前
  • Samsung has become so popular, 4/5 people in my house have one. My mum just switched from Huawei and the only person that doesn't have one has an iphone.

    PikameePikamee4 天 前
  • samsung mostly uses android, and if there is one big piece of crap I hate it is android (im an  user)

    Daan BosDaan Bos4 天 前
    • I am also an apple user and when I switched to Android I realized how easy android is to ise

      Mr CheeseMr Cheese4 天 前
    • Android has a lot more features than iOS where you need to jailbreak and root to tweak software while on android you can tweak no problem

      Mr CheeseMr Cheese4 天 前
  • Yeah, I'm one of those people who stopped trusting all Chinese phone manufacturers altogether, and I'll NEVER buy an iPhone or a Google phone. Motorola doesn't have anything that I want (including the one that I currently own), so that leaves few alternatives... There's what... Samsung, and... Sony? I can't remember the last time I saw a Nokia phone. Are they even available in the US? Yep... Samsung is gonna get too big.

    MosstoneMosstone5 天 前
  • I phone User hate incoming:

    Gigi A.Gigi A.5 天 前
  • I used a p40 pro in a store and now on every birthday I get a magazine filled with Huewei phone ads and a man with a gun who tells me to pay 2000dollars for the new phones

    Bruh BuddyBruh Buddy5 天 前
  • Yea but now that trump has lost what's up

    Tega OgbechieTega Ogbechie5 天 前
    • I mean i hate his ass but srsly

      Tega OgbechieTega Ogbechie5 天 前
  • Bruh, this is gonna lead to a big war, like in fallout.

    Shard FloofFoxShard FloofFox5 天 前
  • Can a smartphone used bionic chips? From iphone?

    Keneth LadionKeneth Ladion6 天 前
  • I love Nokia phones so this is just drama for me lol

    Vladimir KozlovskyVladimir Kozlovsky6 天 前
  • Apple, made in the US Apple: _hey America are you gonna block your own company!?_

    Frost GodFrost God6 天 前
  • Samsung? not in EU tho cause they ship with Exynos chip in the EU wich sucks in comparison to a Snapdragon 865

    LuxalyLuxaly6 天 前
  • Apple: losing chinese users Huawei: losing American users Samsung: Epic gamer moment

    Philo HannaPhilo Hanna6 天 前
  • samsung is like the little brother with the disconnected controller who thinks he's winning but isn't actually playing at all

    Marco UlmanellaMarco Ulmanella6 天 前
  • Biggest problem with Samsung is lousy quality control. I had a Samsung Galaxy, a Samsung camera and a Samsung microwave oven. ALL of them failed prematurely. The Galaxy was even defective right out of the box. They gotta do better than that to take over the tech world!

    Emory SchleyEmory Schley6 天 前
  • I think Xiaomi is the best company because they combine Samsungs Overlay and Hardware and Apples Sneak design in one Product

    OneSoulOneSoul6 天 前
  • cause they dont slow the phones like apple.

    call me garycall me gary7 天 前
  • Who is hereafter note 21 canceled, I think this is a mistake

    The AgamerThe Agamer7 天 前
  • The real number one phone is the Passionfruit iPhoney Max 5G Plus Fold

    deepestfrieddeepestfried7 天 前
  • Samsung:exynos

    JiNgoJiNgo7 天 前
  • Im sorry dear but Samsung wons years ago now they are only getting even stronger because stupid decisions companies like apple :) it is like when you are watching F1 and you still believe someone beats mercedes (samsung) but year after year nothing happens :) I believe xiaomi can be very good competition for samsung in few years, huawei not because of ban.

    Roman NémethRoman Németh7 天 前
  • i changed from iphone 8 to Samsung S10. totally worth it. Batterylife and android software are so fresh, and this phone is so much better for me to do work stuff and handle everyday businesess

    aksuuh _aksuuh _7 天 前
    • and yeah ip8 is old model, but i got kinda bored to IOS and after looking new apple phones from year to another, i dont see any updates and fixes to problems that i had using iphone. battery is such a joke and battery lasts like 6months in normal use then it starts overheat and lose multiple percents per time. Also screens are so much low-rated than samsung and huawei has. IMO, android took a step forward when iphone ran 5steps back.

      aksuuh _aksuuh _7 天 前
  • China is soon going to face a big rip away from the world . As it happened in the 16th century. History repeats itself.🧐

    Aditya PrabhakarAditya Prabhakar7 天 前
  • Okay, ill invest shares in Samsung, np.

    BanditZKEBanditZKE8 天 前
  • ya im a fan of samsung but hate that we only gets exynos -.- no snapdragon

    JnezJnez8 天 前
  • plis don't have such cheerful music over the possibility of a monopoly

    GuruGuru8 天 前
  • Maturity is when u realise that samsung is only 1% technology and 99% weapons manufacturer. 🙄

    Zuhaib NazirZuhaib Nazir8 天 前
    • it's actually the other way around

      David NgDavid Ng2 天 前
  • All it takes is apple to build a new factory somewhere else

    Dan PachunkaDan Pachunka8 天 前
  • still I like apple products cuz it's easier to understand

    TheAceCultTheAceCult8 天 前
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Anthony MatherneAnthony Matherne8 天 前
  • rly ? as european i dont know anyone who distrusts xiaomi and i think xiaomi will be the biggest smartphone creator very soon. also i dont think many people listen to americas shittalk much longer XD samsung did to much wrong decicions and is to expensive for what they offer

    HollyHolly8 天 前
  • Unfortunately Apple decided to make there own 5G antennas and the 5G sucks on my IPhone 12 pro. Kills the battery really quickly. Switching back to Samsung.

    Denny D SpeedDenny D Speed9 天 前
  • Ok time to buy samsung stocks

    Mithul BhalajiMithul Bhalaji9 天 前
  • And I am here watching the video in Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)..☺

    Khangembam HemantaKhangembam Hemanta9 天 前
  • If samsung had the camera quality of iPhone's it would be my 1st option fr

    Apostolis KrtApostolis Krt9 天 前
    • @24K Studio i know i sounded stupid and i also know how much further the quality of camera's on the samsung phones has come but when it comes to social media you know that in android it takes a screenshot of your camera and its not using the actual camera.Samsung could at least make an exception for only their flagships it would be a clever move

      Apostolis KrtApostolis Krt7 天 前
    • Still stuck at Samsung S5 era?

      24K Studio24K Studio8 天 前
  • No

    RedRed9 天 前
  • 7:04 Lenovo use surfshark to make Arun think Motorola is a non Chinese manufacturer 😂😂

    Nadine29 Clark234Nadine29 Clark2349 天 前
  • Not sure if Samsung doing well, they are firing a lot of employees these days

    Samuel SSamuel S9 天 前
  • Samsung: The Coronavirus of phone companies

    Ron DornayRon Dornay9 天 前
  • Samsung users probably prefer bing, too.

    ꧁Niykee Chanel Weston꧂꧁Niykee Chanel Weston꧂10 天 前
  • lol samsung can't take the world maybe with fridges but nor phones no one would want to buy a samsung for 1k eveyone would buy an iphone 😂😂thats why their most sold phone has sold 40M units😂 and apple 220M

    fabio cekrezifabio cekrezi10 天 前
  • Except they didn’t... *Android sucks.*

    boltomsboltoms10 天 前
  • Samsung : write that down, write that down

    Ashutosh MishraAshutosh Mishra10 天 前
  • Lol bro

    Bruno KotroBruno Kotro10 天 前
  • yeah team samsung i have the a11🤣

    Ruben RedRuben Red10 天 前
  • I got no beef with samsung taking over, their products are fairly priced, reliable, innovative and not pretentious

    libofsharakulibofsharaku10 天 前
  • Believe it or not Samsung is also building ships! This company is no joke

    DiabDiab11 天 前
  • I need an iPhone equivalent of the note 20 ultra.

    FaelFael11 天 前
  • Yes, but encourages China to build its own chips.

    BurldiscoBurldisco11 天 前
  • Watched this on a huwai mate 10 pro

    louis ian Leelouis ian Lee11 天 前
    • Apple iphone . Huwai logo is like a apple

      louis ian Leelouis ian Lee11 天 前
  • Samsung is best 🤟❤️❤️❤️

    Bikas NyaupaneBikas Nyaupane12 天 前
  • They doing my boy Huawei dirty.

    hk fitnesshk fitness12 天 前
  • Sooo...SK is becoming the Switzerland of the tech world. Looks like SK plan to take over the world with their exportation of beauty, entertainment, and technology products is working. If you think about it, the US should be way more scared of SK.

    Maria GarciaMaria Garcia12 天 前
  • So we do not thrust China, but we thrust a korean brand, weird world

    DUCzillaDUCzilla12 天 前
  • Isn't Xiomi also Chinese?

    Read my LipsRead my Lips12 天 前
  • The more I watch this kind of videos the more I'm afraid of our future🗿

    メϻαrᴄメϻαrᴄ13 天 前
  • But isn't iPhones made in china

    TC_PH4NT0MTC_PH4NT0M13 天 前
  • Make your mind up is it gonna be apple or Samsung WHO IS GONNA RULE THE WORLD

    Thicc MilkThicc Milk13 天 前
    • Samsung. Some of our phones are probably apple, but our fridges, tvs, and much more and obivously including phones are samsung. People dont really know how way bigger samsung is than apple.

      Sana OllSana Oll13 天 前