The 2020 Voice Assistant Battle.

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Full comparison of Google Assistant vs Siri vs Bixby vs Amazon Alexa - Voice Assistants in 2020 - Do they suck?
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  • Dear brother. you really make nice videos. i just like it. Keep it up.

    Arman AhmedArman Ahmed2 小时 前
  • Do u all thing that this is 30 FPS

    Ayush RavikiranAyush Ravikiran5 小时 前
  • google: i won! siri: this is good enough. bixby: i am newly born alexa: i thought i was great... cortana: so everyone forgot about me?

    Isabella Unna EjercitoIsabella Unna Ejercito8 小时 前
  • Siri is dumb

    Jennifer KoconJennifer Kocon8 小时 前
  • I didnt know google assistant is the best but i use it

    blue_ iceblue_ ice9 小时 前
  • If only Google Assistant finally did a reskin. The only downside is that it looks really ugly. It works better than the others... but the presentation matters.

    SirVampyrSirVampyr12 小时 前
  • GO Siri !! :D

  • *Google beats the crap out of the competition*

    RothschildRothschild19 小时 前
  • 0:27 I would hardly count Bixby as « popular » 😂😂😂

    Alexandre LacroixAlexandre Lacroix20 小时 前
  • the reason why i think Siri and google did better us because google is also a search engine so it has the quickest access to it while siri can use safari, Bixby don't have the access google and siri have to their respective search engines while alexa is not made for phones

    K亗NightK亗Night21 小时 前
  • What about celia

    Konstantinos GKonstantinos G22 小时 前
  • I see you being a BTS stan. Subscribed ✌😌😌

    Avantika SinghAvantika Singh天 前
  • laggy video

    ArtzArtz天 前
  • YOU should voice an assistant. 👍

    J SJ S天 前
  • U played DNA by BTS. u got a new sub.

    Nick LopesNick Lopes天 前
  • I have google assistant and bibxy lol

    HeavenPlayzHeavenPlayz天 前
  • 0:20 ouch!!

    Sammy xSammy x天 前
  • Bixby is the best period

  • Me (Samsung user) watching Bixby lose ;-;

    Aryan RanaAryan Rana天 前
  • me: opens siri "what is my name" siri: "i'm sorry you do not have a name"

    Alexander HuntAlexander Hunt天 前
  • BTS 😭

    Janet GaoJanet Gao2 天 前
  • Google assistant menang😂

    Rochmad MuqtianRochmad Muqtian2 天 前
  • Cortana has left the chat

    Anais ForoughiAnais Foroughi2 天 前
  • What the hell is bixby? 💀

    Jenny LaraJenny Lara2 天 前
  • draw my LIFE

    Konstantin GeorgieskiKonstantin Georgieski2 天 前
  • ok

    Konstantin GeorgieskiKonstantin Georgieski2 天 前
  • I have the Google assistant app

    glemur the tigerglemur the tiger2 天 前
  • You should have tested how far away they can detect your voice

    Seth JoyalSeth Joyal2 天 前
  • It lacks intelligence,you mean it is dumb?

  • LOl this video has 3333 dislike don’t break it pls

    Tony405Tony4052 天 前
  • Very good comparison

    Mohammed Zaid MakandarMohammed Zaid Makandar2 天 前
  • Cortana: ?

    Paramesh ReddyParamesh Reddy3 天 前
  • Cortona is actually pretty good too for me it's just an better version of Bixby

  • Siri just dont like BTS i love Siri

  • The intro is just sad

    akshobhya Varmaakshobhya Varma3 天 前
  • I use a samsung phone and had to set uo my Echo Dot 3 so I have every assistant here except for siri

    King Dee, Gaming and MemesKing Dee, Gaming and Memes3 天 前
  • you must pronounce your words prperly

    hellohello3 天 前
  • The assistants r going crazy

    Red is susRed is sus3 天 前
  • Cortana: so there just gonna leave me out?!

    Даниил ФирсовДаниил Фирсов3 天 前
  • How to make it right or worng or tell something God how?

    coloristcolorist3 天 前
  • Nice I will buy Samsung A31

    mrangry playsmrangry plays3 天 前
  • Me to google Why am i single Google: open front camera Me: okay sorry

    Krystal CarpenterKrystal Carpenter3 天 前
  • Do ist with iOS 14 Siri please

    Matthias S.Matthias S.3 天 前
  • I have a samsung and I only use google assistant. The only time I hit the Bixby button is when I do it on accident.

    Diesels_Girl96Diesels_Girl964 天 前
  • yeaah boi android for the win

    Berwyn FilbertBerwyn Filbert4 天 前
  • Bixby and Google sitting in a tree- nvm

    Angela X5Angela X54 天 前
  • "What do you call a apology written is dots and dashes? Re-Morse code." -Siri 2020

    Lois FoxLois Fox4 天 前
  • Why no one talking about Yandex Alisa?

    Ян КотлеткаЯн Котлетка4 天 前
  • funny

    Adeeb SayedAdeeb Sayed4 天 前

    Fatima MohiuddinFatima Mohiuddin4 天 前
  • At the beginning is funny 🤣

    Winston LodgeWinston Lodge4 天 前
  • Why you talk always like computer, be natural and enjoy.

    Tahir Hameed -MTHTahir Hameed -MTH4 天 前
  • Google assistant: 1st Siri: Crying in apple money

    Krista LesiKrista Lesi5 天 前
  • i'm really sad when i updated my ios ipad, I can't even talk to siri when i press the button because it doesn't cover my whole screen. this is actual SHIT

    l3sbianl3sbian5 天 前
  • "Cortana not included" Cortana: cries in a nutshell

    Akachi AnimatesAkachi Animates5 天 前
  • Careful about jacki chan movies . cause he was in a couple of adult movies

    richard kleginrichard klegin5 天 前
  • gosh how can u not love aron stupid bixby🙄

    Kookie With long hairKookie With long hair5 天 前
  • On android I use alexa. On ios I use Google assistant or siri

    CluelesssCluelesss5 天 前
  • Wow!!!!!!!!! I like it

    Pasha RasulzadePasha Rasulzade5 天 前
  • Thx for mentioning rugby 🏉

    Alex AschenbrennerAlex Aschenbrenner6 天 前
  • 1 to 2. 2 to 4. 4 to 8? 8 to 69???! 69 to 1000000?!?!?!??!!!?!!?!?!!!!?????!??!?!?!

    Tec PhinTec Phin6 天 前
  • Google assistant is better than siri

    NightMareFox ProductionsNightMareFox Productions6 天 前
  • This is the best tech channel...plz plz more vids like these.

    light zlight z6 天 前
  • "Ours is just as freinds" 🤣🤣🤣

    light zlight z6 天 前
  • Me: Having a samsung with bixby and google assistant. Mrwhosetheboss: Thats not allowed

    Th3 K1ngTh3 K1ng6 天 前
    • I got the same thing, mostly/majorly I am using The Google Assistant. And I wish if I could change the bixby button or just remove it

      Adam MakiAdam Maki22 小时 前
  • Every voice assistants am I joke to you.?😉😂🤔

    Thavajogarajah KabilanThavajogarajah Kabilan6 天 前
  • Ihope🙏 someone give me iphone to help me take my daily vlog😞

    Jame- SXJame- SX6 天 前
  • Maybe you should have asked "open the Play Store" instead of App Store.

    Nikki PenguinNikki Penguin6 天 前
  • Cortana?

    TurkishGAMES_YtTurkishGAMES_Yt6 天 前
  • "Play DNA by BTS" My Army mind: yEoNgWaNhI hAmKaNiKkA intense dancing

    AndersonJackies RandallFernandoAndersonJackies RandallFernando6 天 前
    • Copied

      Akachi AnimatesAkachi Animates5 天 前
  • Wheres crotana lol

    Saliman LattiSaliman Latti6 天 前
  • What makes me made is if there is no internet they can't turn on the wifi

    Saliman LattiSaliman Latti6 天 前
  • Bixby is still stupid.

    Mike SampatonMike Sampaton6 天 前
  • Did abby Hatcher use Siri?

    Nathalie ChuNathalie Chu7 天 前
  • U should try Cortana. She is a lot better than them.

    Yuri JohnsonYuri Johnson7 天 前

    DevanshKadam. YeetDevanshKadam. Yeet7 天 前
  • Arun, you framed bixby can't Open store (video time at 4th minute). Bro seems you are working for apple. Don't false statements.

    sheralli Shaiksheralli Shaik7 天 前
  • The best part? Assistant didn't friend zone me when I asked her out. Yay

    Apollo JusticeApollo Justice7 天 前
  • How to open a google assistant without google assistant app in samsung Hold home button

    eeG CateeG Cat7 天 前
  • In my opinion Siri is the best

    Nico’s GamingNico’s Gaming7 天 前
  • Literally asked: Open the app store Samsung does not have it

    SamuelQ 19SamuelQ 197 天 前
  • Proud android users here🙋‍♀️

    Haddo NjieHaddo Njie7 天 前
  • Samsung created Bixby. Huawei created Celia. Apple created Siri. Google created Google Assistant. Seems like tech companies are obsessed with AI voice assistant.

    Alexander Jamus Chua Wei JianAlexander Jamus Chua Wei Jian7 天 前
    • Because its like the only field you can use it in. And none of them want to be the only one without that function

      Luca SchulteLuca Schulte7 天 前
  • o

    3 playerz HD3 playerz HD7 天 前
  • Where is cortona?

  • "Take me to the wikipedia page of Robert Downey Jr." Bixby: M A P S

    Stevie PStevie P8 天 前
  • I have Google.

    ExplosionSound ExDeeExplosionSound ExDee8 天 前
  • siri:strait up the worst bixby:i mean its not bad... i tried it and its really not bad alexa:on phones b-r-u-h alexa on echo:pretty cool google-assistant on normal phones:it IS good google nest/home:yeah its the best one up till now

    07-Hassan Kassab07-Hassan Kassab8 天 前
  • The fact that all phones have the same wallpaper but different colors

    Actual_Hardware7Actual_Hardware78 天 前
  • For the apps store one it’s kind of an iOS thing that I’d understand if other devices didn’t get it if you said play store for Samsung or Alexa one maybe they’d work?

    Shaher MansoorShaher Mansoor8 天 前
  • Then only my assistant is stupid

    Hamed EbrahimiHamed Ebrahimi8 天 前
  • Even though I don't use a samsung device....I other assistant can control ur phone as good as bixby....

    Rudra Narayan SabatRudra Narayan Sabat8 天 前
  • Aaron Mooney

    Felix AntoFelix Anto8 天 前
  • Please make video on voice assistant enabled smart speakers such as google smart speaker, Apple smart speaker and alexa echo device. Please compare how they respond to previously asked and connected new questions. Now a days all are buying smart devices to control and ask questions.

    Sujay SSujay S8 天 前
  • 2:10 can’t believe Apple is based for once we stan Apple.

    NorthgicalNorthgical8 天 前
  • You forgot all about Cortana

    BoppyNogginsBoppyNoggins9 天 前
  • Bro don't fell bad that Bixby doesn't love u

    vanaparthy abhinayvanaparthy abhinay9 天 前
  • Every of this have google in them

    Syed mehdi ahamedSyed mehdi ahamed9 天 前
  • I love google assistant.

    Camrecorder the recorderCamrecorder the recorder9 天 前
  • R.I.P BixBy

    Sytrax.Sytrax.9 天 前