Can a Cheap 2020 Smartphone beat a 2018 Flagship?

2020年07月 1日
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Before the wave of upcoming Flagship Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 12 Pro, Pixel 5, ASUS ROG Phone 3, etc), let's try to answer the age old question - Does a modern midrange phone, beat an older flagship phone? Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) :
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  • camera go brr, i love your editor so much hahaha

    Comely_ DekaComely_ Deka7 分钟 前
  • That's why I use my Pocophone F1 with custom ROM Evolution X and reduce the battery charge to 90% max :)

    Kristian DimitrovKristian Dimitrov小时 前
  • This video is really great! I got a modern cheap phone... It costed more than 100€...! And it's terrible!! But well... Now I no what to do when buying phones! Thank you!

    Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin RegaladoAndrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado2 小时 前
  • #ArunTo5Mil

    ehsan shakeelehsan shakeel3 小时 前
  • I'm still wanted those note 9

    DennyAVDDennyAVD4 小时 前
  • I'd rather buy a new mid-range phone than buying a used flagship phone from eBay

    kiLLjoy24CALIkiLLjoy24CALI6 小时 前
  • Of course yes

    Saúl SaavedraSaúl Saavedra6 小时 前
  • Buy the one with the best CPU , it's mostly likely to last you longer before becoming slow...

    89deags89deags6 小时 前
  • You can get a Pixel 2 for $100 at Ebay. Literally crazy.

    Wooosh If GayWooosh If Gay8 小时 前
  • Subscribe to his channel he's a good decent solid guy ☺️👍👍👍

    Brandon CarignanBrandon Carignan8 小时 前
  • Your awesome 😊

    Brandon CarignanBrandon Carignan8 小时 前
  • Now we are talking.

    Wooosh If GayWooosh If Gay8 小时 前
  • Id buy a Nintendo switch

    Static GlitchStatic Glitch8 小时 前
  • Your videos are so well done, keep up the great work

    Pasha KhoshkebariPasha Khoshkebari10 小时 前
  • Or just by a brand new Note 9 512GB for £400 that's on 2.1 and fck a midrange.

    MrGenius2302MrGenius230211 小时 前
  • this is why i bought a refurbished one plus 7 pro when the one plus 8 pro came out...

    Icebound GlaceonIcebound Glaceon11 小时 前
  • “look i’m unique, buy me”

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach11 小时 前
  • I have a note 9 and the battery is great, easily lasts 1-2 days for me. It is the original battery too. Interesting yours doesnt last as long, kinda weird. Great video btw👍

    Kaké ĐaraKaké Đara11 小时 前
  • 3:33 camera go brrrr

    The gamer 98The gamer 9812 小时 前
  • if i have a few hundred dollars i definitely will not buy China phone

    Jesse TeohJesse Teoh12 小时 前
  • or buy an iPhone and get up to 5 years of software updates, a premium looking phone, no matter which one is it, and no freeze time and decent cameras. just switched from iphone 8 to iphone 11 pro and i don't feel any differance in how fast they are moving, just when i'm playing games like pubg or world of warships i have to set on medium to high resolution on iphone 8 to get good fps. So my advice, don't waste money on android, just get an iPhone. androind phones are cheaper to buy, but have to change it every 2-3 years, apple phones are more expensive but you can change them every 4-5 years

    Ruby1994fulRuby1994ful13 小时 前
  • My choice would be on 90% percent flagship killer from 2020 lol

    Martin Ml. BaničMartin Ml. Banič14 小时 前
  • Except you're wrong, the 2018 mid range zenfone 5 has an OIS and the same censor as the pixel 3, cost me 300$ back then now is 180$ new (in indonesia), excellent camera on that one.

    JayBS INDOJayBS INDO15 小时 前
  • Note 9 all the way for me

    Sujeeth NadellaSujeeth Nadella17 小时 前
  • Btw to anyone buying from eBay I recommend not getting a gsm unlocked smartphone. You need to buy a factory unlocked phone. I learned the hard way twice when group texting bugged out on two phones I bought gsm unlocked.

    John CitrowskeJohn Citrowske18 小时 前
  • kinda funny, i had to choose between oneplus 6 or a redmi 9s i bought oneplus 6...

    hpc Ghosthpc Ghost20 小时 前
  • Love how you elaborate every aspect of tech❤️

    Arjun SinghArjun Singh22 小时 前
  • I tell y'all. I have had my note 9 since release. After two years it still perfect. Go with the note . I am telling you, you wont regret it.

    Depressed PotatoDepressed Potato23 小时 前
  • He uses a voice changer

    Clutch Nation YTClutch Nation YT天 前
  • However, at least for Samsung, the old flagships will have much better 3rd party Custom Firmware support, so they can get more security updates in the future. My old Galaxy S4, was supported 3rd party until Android 7.1, whereas Samsung ditched it back at Android 4.4.4. I got a Note 9 a few weeks back, Accubattery has ran long enough I'm pretty confident in its battery capacity estimate, and its at 3,467 of its 4,000mAh, so the 2 years hasn't been too kind to it, but it'll still get me through a day of heavy use, and I have a Punkcase 5,000mAh battery case on it too. I'd prefer the removable battery that let me put in a single 10,800mAh battery like the LG V20 I retired, but its the next best solution.

    Andrew HuntAndrew Hunt天 前
  • £400 is budget wtf

    Imran ShabirImran Shabir天 前
  • I'm possibly getting an iphone 7 soon but there was a long time I was like "should I buy a new, cheaper phone or a older one?" and this video helped! I do like a lot of things that the newer midrange have but I just dont think I could deal with a plastic feel after having an s8 for 2 years

    AmzzAmzz天 前
  • camera go brrr brrr indeed

    TweeleafTweeleaf天 前
  • me with my mid-ranged 2018 phone: pathetic

    Gaming_LandGaming_Land天 前
  • Is A71 good ?

    Jyotiraditya NaikJyotiraditya Naik天 前
  • Arun, you made a few mistakes, First of all The A71 has 8gb ram and not just 6, second The A31-A71 has and under display fingerprint reader

    DragloxDraglox天 前
  • I just bought Samsung S7 from made me much happier now than having latest mid range phone in 2020...the video superb..the pictures so cool...

    zhae ariffinzhae ariffin天 前
  • What about the whole ethical reason of buying an old flagship? We do not need to consume new tech every year, just buy some that is already in circulation

    Gabriele Westh MannucciGabriele Westh Mannucci天 前
  • TBH, I feel more comfortable with Arun's reviews than any other reviewers.

    Apex PredatorApex Predator天 前
    • Then you havent seen his videos where he is payed, oops sorry sponsored😂😂😂, by Apple

      dementor2003dementor200318 小时 前
  • Thx bro.😊 U clear my mind.

    iLLuZon GaMersiLLuZon GaMers天 前
  • Instead of going two years behind consider going just one year and that changes a whole lot of scenerio.

    Shehzada SahilShehzada Sahil天 前
    • usually 1 year behind has a lot higher prices, since they haven't had that much time to come down, take the Samsung Note 10- It released at 950$, and has come down to 700$, and look at the Note 9- It released at 1000$ and is now

      Matas KartMatas Kart26 分钟 前
  • I have Mi mix3 he is monster 👹 +Google camera app ,🤩

    Alaa Al najemAlaa Al najem天 前
  • Every reviewer talks about and compare mobile phones according to camera quality but almost every reviewer make those videos by using DSLR, this fact has clarified the camera qualities of those so called flagship phones...

    vishal naiduvishal naidu天 前
  • So what's the best mid range phone right now that is better than Note 20 or better than iphone

    Willy RodriguezWilly Rodriguez天 前
  • always buy the new midrange. midrange is usually all you need and it's newer and so more future proof.

    Remy DRemy D天 前
    • Orrrr not... It's often quite weaker and border-line enough for day to day use, with the Only advantages being software updates, but once you buy an old phone, it already has all the updates and probably doesn't need any more, while with a new phone you are the bug-tester. Other than that most 2018 phones at least here are still sold by carriers with new mandatory 2-year EU warranty, and part availability isn't rare if you need to fix it, so there is basically no issue there... Maybe as he said older phones have worse battery life, but often you can just buy a replacement for 50$ if you bought it used.... So a 2018 flagship will probably last you until 2023 if you push it and replace the battery once, while a 2020 mid-ranger will probably be out-dated by 2022... Nobody supports mid-range phones for long, they often have 1/2 of the support from a company... Take Samsung, The A30,A50,A70,A80,A90- they are 5 phones, all mid-rangers from last year, and yet even now they probably have come to the end of their life, and nobody talks about them since the A51/A71 etc already exist and are getting all the support, until a newer generation comes out later this or next year....

      Matas KartMatas Kart33 分钟 前
  • Well I wanted to buy the iPhone XS... but it has a terrible Battery and the camera of the 11 is so much better. But the design, and the screen is definitely better in the XS...

    Hello WorldHello World天 前
  • You shouldn't put your graphics so close to the edges/corners of the screen now bc most people watch videos zoomed in on new phones with close to 21:9 aspect ratios, also great video just wanted to let you know

    Gabe RossGabe Ross天 前
  • Am I the only one that wants a flagship phone without a flagship camera? Or even no camera at all. Imagine a phone with no hole punch camera and all screen. Now that's the dream

    yobrandonyobrandon天 前
  • you miss the Stereo speaker and the Mono Speaker

    soonsoon天 前
  • Do a review on the trailer of the iPhone 13

    LolurbadLolurbad天 前
  • Its 2020 and I have a 2019 flagship

    Son GokuSon Goku天 前
  • Lul this has been my argument for years. Older Flagships are superior even when older because that's what they'be been built for. If battery is really an issue on those older phones I'd probably tell you to get a refurbished old flagship. That way you might actually get another year of warranty too.

    einfach nur Leoeinfach nur Leo天 前
  • I think you should review cars also! :-)

    Dr Sanj SilvaDr Sanj Silva天 前
  • haha camera go brrrrrrrrrr

    Abu Baker KahtanAbu Baker Kahtan天 前
  • 350$ for an a71, noice.

    The Doge【ツ】The Doge【ツ】天 前
  • Future Technologies in Smartphones? What will it look like?

    Beautiful PeopleBeautiful People天 前
  • I bought Galaxy S10e in feb 2020. It was a bargain. Camera is still top notch compared to 64Mp cameras.

    Vishal KambleVishal Kamble天 前
    • The S10e really isn't an old phone though, it's still a REALLY good deal, I can find some for 400$ over here, and when you compare the S10e to the Nord there is a lot going for the S10, even though the Nord is like 2 weeks old...

      Matas KartMatas Kart44 分钟 前
  • Binod😁

    Sumit KumarSumit Kumar天 前
  • bruh even budget phones as low as 200$ get 2 years of major update a saw a guy comment he j series samsung phone came withandroid 8 and now he is on android 10 already and I read it last month

    ThewindowsminerThewindowsminer天 前
  • Watching this on my Note 9 (that I've had since launch), and I can easily say that the only thing making me even consider swapping phones is the battery which is awful after two years of use. Everything else still feels damn good.

    Håkan LundinHåkan Lundin天 前
    • Future Technologies in Smartphones? What will it look like?

      Beautiful PeopleBeautiful People天 前