Can a Cheap 2020 Smartphone beat a 2018 Flagship?

2020年07月 1日
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Before the wave of upcoming Flagship Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 12 Pro, Pixel 5, ASUS ROG Phone 3, etc), let's try to answer the age old question - Does a modern midrange phone, beat an older flagship phone? Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) :
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  • camera go brrr :)

    Everything To Know!Everything To Know!2 分钟 前
  • 3:58 You did it

  • The pop-out camera thing was only ever "legendary" to fucking morons. It's a funny gimick that makes you laugh while making your phone suck pretty bad, nothing more.

    Operator 801Operator 8017 小时 前
  • I bought a Galaxy S10 5G for only $385 tho lol

    Taa VinTaa Vin8 小时 前
  • Finally I can afford an iPhone 6 128GB

    SOR23SOR239 小时 前
  • Well I have a a51 5g and I think the glossy plastic is beautiful and the camera is amazing

    Jay LeganJay Legan10 小时 前
  • Keep it up..

    Colin PhotographyColin Photography13 小时 前
  • 2 years in technology now is more like 10 years... so no way I'm buying old flagship. Have you seen Realme 7 Pro? 2 years ago it'd be the best phone ever created.

    Jimmy VegasJimmy Vegas16 小时 前
  • Pofo f1 or poco x3??

  • well my purchase of A71 doesn't feel bad

  • This guy could talk about toilet paper for 2 hours and still maintain the high quality pure class

    Asil MehaboobAsil Mehaboob20 小时 前
  • Its so weird looking at those bezels.

    GastlyGamer05GastlyGamer0520 小时 前
  • Where I live those flagships are still being sold for 800 dollars so I would rather buy a mid range. Thank you.

    Filip SumicFilip Sumic20 小时 前
  • Now its 6 Million in the End of 2020

    devin wellbrockdevin wellbrock21 小时 前
  • I will go wheir i will get better prosser

    AdityaAditya22 小时 前
  • Do it againnnn😸

    Alifasy _58Alifasy _58天 前
  • I respect this video. I bought a OnePlus 8 after having a Note 8 hoping to upgrade to a Note 10+ once the Note 20 dropped. The selling point was specs and price, I'm am 50% unsatisfied with this phone. Def going back to Samsung's Notes if they still exist next year.

    Josh GrantJosh Grant天 前
  • The photos and videos on the 2018 phones were worlds better hands can you give it a draw when it clearly wasn't????

    Tony's WorldTony's World天 前
  • I miss removable batteries. Though we all know why they got rid of them because then you can easily use your phone for more than 2 years.

    Skyler BSkyler B天 前
    • They got rid of them because apple started doing it...

      Emilio JavierEmilio Javier19 小时 前
  • I am selling my mi mix 3 for 200 anyone?

    BroskiPlays!BroskiPlays!天 前
  • Him at 2:50: the oppo find x geeks sturdy Jeryrigeverything: you süre about that

  • Camera go brr

    Vernon HumanVernon Human天 前
  • 10:07 nice slippers, good colour matching with your sweatpants :) Keep up the good review work, like your videos and authenticity.

    hofertyphofertyp天 前
  • You actually hit 5M in 2020! Cheers!

    Rohit Prasad ShresthaRohit Prasad Shrestha2 天 前
  • “camera go brr” -Arun, 2020

    KOKAS !KOKAS !2 天 前
  • When ur phone has more ram than ur pc

    UniversalAndroid 24UniversalAndroid 242 天 前
  • 10:08 I`m sorry, you were saying... 😳

    Ladida386Ladida3862 天 前
  • Note 9 all day

    Amier AsyrafAmier Asyraf2 天 前
  • i just got used s10 for 334$ and its perfect coming from s8 that died

    gs10rgs10r2 天 前
  • A new samsung comes out!!! Yay now many other previous samsung phones will get cheaper Well more pub g and hentai it iz $$

    Tyron MendoncaTyron Mendonca2 天 前
  • There's a phone called Xiaomi mi mix 3 5G it was the first 5g phone of the Xiaomi. and it is very cheap and no one doesn't know about it

    Berat CeyhanyaranBerat Ceyhanyaran2 天 前
  • When ur phone has more ram than ur pc

    Stevie PStevie P3 天 前
  • Ah, you see, this has always been my problem. A flagship from 2 years ago still won't be as cheap as a midrange from now, especially if by midrange you understand the lower side of it. I have a Xiaomi note9 pro and I absolutely love it. An s9 is still twice as expensive in store and with the second hand buys... I'm not risking it. Plus I'm just not the type. I want my phone to be mine. And where in the past I'd have to suffer considerably lower quality for that... Now this Xiaomi has 4 cameras, main sensor is 64mp but by default the photo gets compressed into a more sharp 16mp. Still good. Plus you can disable that and go for 64, though the quality of the photos might drop, ironically. The video recording is 4k. Sure, it's not that stabilized. The battery is a wooping 5020mAh. The screen... Is just an ips. No oled here. The chipset is a Snapdragon 732G(I think,) so again not the top tier. 6 gigs of ram tho, and 128 storage. So you tell me, is the flagship from 2018 worth it? To me it's like this: if you care about the camera in the slightest details, the flashy 4 camera set might not cut it. 2 cameras with better stabilization are better in this case. Much more so for video. The chipset? Well unless you're playing battle royale or working from your phone (Which I find ridiculous, however potent your phone might be) the 730s are enough. One thing I do wish I had is the wireless charging and AOD (which would imply an oled screen). So bottom line: the current mid rangers are killers. Especially if you search for those phones that make a target out of offering more for less money. In the past this bargain used to mean you'd have to compromise a lot of quality. Nowadays I think flagships are dedicated to tech the tech savvy who just wants the newest and greatest, and those who really root for the top tier specs in one area: best chipset, best camera, best screen. A flagship has them. A flagship from 2 years ago... Not so much. A flagship from 2018 is just a midranger with a little extra. And a few minuses.

    Vlad AvramVlad Avram3 天 前
  • This man is a fraud... listen to his accent... and he says dollars stick to £ jolly old mate

    Sajid RahmanSajid Rahman3 天 前
  • 3:58 You've already done it child... You've already done it!!

    Arnav MishraArnav Mishra3 天 前
  • What about 2018 flagship phones getting updates to slow the phone and drain the battery what phone to choose

    shinigami mukundshinigami mukund3 天 前
  • I'll buy flagship.

    Megatopia TechMegatopia Tech3 天 前
  • the note 9 looks sooo clean

    Brawl Stars ProBrawl Stars Pro3 天 前
  • in samsung, ill go for the note 9 cuz it has more stabilization in the camera than on a71

    VocoderVocoder3 天 前
  • Watching on my samsung galaxy s7

    Carlos A.Carlos A.3 天 前
  • Android less complaints in flagship segment, for mid range id utter junk especially weak GPU processing power and terrible camera quality selling at premium price tag. Software supports on android is hopeless.

    Harold YeohHarold Yeoh3 天 前
  • Buy Xiaomi mi mix 2s recently for $105, happy with it

    Volodymyr KuksaVolodymyr Kuksa3 天 前
  • The samsung s9 plus is probably the best looking and all, you don't got a cut out camera in your way.

    EXT3RM1NAT0R 97EXT3RM1NAT0R 973 天 前
  • After watching this, im probably gonna buy 2019-2020 flagship in 2-3 years to come because 2020 has good battery consumption and so far i had no problem with a 2020 mid range phone so i don't need to worry about the warrant in 2-3 years later

    Anrico DanielAnrico Daniel3 天 前
  • U r hitting 6m under 2020

    Eshan TGEshan TG3 天 前
  • me watching this video with a samsung a30s that I just bought bc it's all I can afford: 👁️👄👁️

    sono spiacentesono spiacente3 天 前
  • 🙄 But old flagship phone doesn't have latest android 😥 This is where old flagship sucks 😥😥😕😞

    Ayush GargAyush Garg3 天 前
  • Me watching this on an Alcatel phone I never heard of before because ✨I can't afford either✨

    Susan Post.Susan Post.4 天 前
  • Argos does some thing with old refurbished samsung phones. They get a new screen, 1 year warranty and other stuff. I think its good

    BadGamer 101564BadGamer 1015644 天 前
  • Wow you beat your goal of 5m subscribers!! You're almost at 6m!

    Karliefe MolinaKarliefe Molina4 天 前
  • Here im watching thru 5 days old of Note 9. I quite agree with last part, some of us tend to see the spec more and don't really care about warranty/customer service. Spec per dollar seems to make the decision making.

    amirul syazwanamirul syazwan4 天 前
  • Arun: im trying to hit 5 million before the end of 2020 Everyone else: nope, its 6 million

    Wu TianWu Tian4 天 前
    • chill.. his mouth just lagged coz he has a keyboard in his mouth lmao.. he meant to say 6😂

      Brawl Stars ProBrawl Stars Pro3 天 前
  • You don't need to buy 1 or 2 yr old flagship. Join a couple bucks more and buy a Oneplus 8T for less than 500 man. Best deal ever. Or if your're really tight on a budget, get a Poco F2 Pro for 380, it has a snap 865 top notch SoC, amoled, big battery, etc yeah the cameras are just decent but install a custom rom with Google Cam and you are set!!!!! No need to spend a fortune to get a flagship worthy phone today... Advice: never skip on the SoC, always demand a snap865 because that it's what make the device life longer...3 years from now, it'll still be snappy and run everything smooth. But if you get a midrange SoC, 3 years from now it'll run like crap, lagging etc

    Carlos MiguelCarlos Miguel4 天 前
  • SD845 is better than SD730. Antutu score for 845 is 320,000 and 730 is 250,000

    Faiz GTFaiz GT4 天 前
  • Well I think I'd rather have the 1970 hemi cuda of which 2 exist.

    GP33GP334 天 前
  • I will go with the older flagship. The workmaship is better on those phones

    Ride On TimeRide On Time4 天 前
  • One of my favorite video

    LivingIsGamingLivingIsGaming5 天 前
  • These are the real reviews that many people would love to see , as their budgets are tight amidst the pandemic. Keep it up the Good work!

    zysukzysuk5 天 前
  • Wow. Remember just 2 years ago we thought 10nm chips was high-end. Now it feels old and huge compared to 5nm.

    EmuEmu5 天 前
  • Arun what do you think about Samsung M51. Because I'm trying to buy it after my exams.

    isula luthminaisula luthmina5 天 前
  • One of the best v u made Thanx

    سلومياتسلوميات5 天 前
  • Techno disapproves.

    Yoshi NubYoshi Nub5 天 前
  • unfortunately samsungs customer service is not real great love the s20 fe but the glass (camera) is breaking quickly and easily for many of us who purchased them without dropping .. thats kind of a big deal, and i bought it got the phone and it went on sale even lower that next day and i had to fight to get a refund and thats ridiculous. spent all day on the phone trying to resolve this issue ..finally success but there was another strange thing couldnt answer it on the home screen unless i used my watch the first active watch with no LTE capability .. contacted tech support and they couldnt figure it out either even doing reset virtually thru the phone ..they sent me to tmobile twice and to a ubreakifix it place?? they really need to get a bunch of real stores for customer support because mobile phone carriers are sales people not tech and just because you fix broken glass doesnt mean they know software and hardware.. everyone kept telling me it was a software problem and to return the phone for a replacement but they also denied that and told me have to send it in and pay for it to be fixed and i question how or if they could because the public is not allowed inside of the place that is an hour away??? this doesnt make sense to me?

    Toni FonsecaToni Fonseca5 天 前
  • A question been asked a Young 21 yr old youth Man ..after marry ..child care too much of expenses..then children s job ..then children marriage etc ..too much of burden .. Is it Wise to marry a old women with her children already settled and there's no liability anymore ... So which one you like to marry a TENDER GIRL OF 18( with all burdens and expenses) Or 60 yr Old Women with No burden bcaz her children's already settled and married so no Liabilities.. Which one comes first in mind is How long old women will live ..secondly there's no youth left in her life .. That makes hugh difference ..18yr old tender girl have capability to withstand all burden of raising kids .. This Apply for the cell phones too..

    Sunil Raj BannarySunil Raj Bannary5 天 前
  • The number of videos I watch..after the end of video I am in middle of SEA .. All Flagship phones are durable and Quality product. But at the same time lesson learned will be missing incase of old phones.. Like 2 yrs Back most of the Flagship phones getting heated incase of continuous watching movies..due to IP66 water proof sealing where as newer not ..given enough vents to exhaust.. But it will reduce the sealing from moisture and water flush ..I remember earlier years my flagship SONY water proof phones I used to wash it .. At the same time if I watch 3 hours continously Back of the phone warm up sharply and battery get almost half ..then second half of the battery drain even faster .. So what we lesson learned been upgraded in newer version even midsegment where as older even flagship same problem.. Old Flagship phones missing lesson learned ..and that is hugh set back ..heating phones and battery draining.. All in all I like ur literally convince the viewers to buy old one ..but that should not be the case..

    Sunil Raj BannarySunil Raj Bannary5 天 前
  • Mid range phone are awesome, but they lack speak quality, screen brightness, and somethings like weak vibrating motor. For a secondary phone, they are just awesome.

    RakanWDRakanWD5 天 前
  • Watching this from a71 😭😭😭 I regret

    zeki noobzeki noob5 天 前
  • The oppo find x is good I'd rather throw my money

    ItsJeremiahLiewItsJeremiahLiew6 天 前
  • Watching this on a 2018 flagship 💪🏼 Guess which 🙄 You're a hero if you get it at the first hit 😎

    Ayoub HADDIOUIAyoub HADDIOUI6 天 前
  • Your voice is amazing

    akash rathoreakash rathore6 天 前
  • Can I get this guy as my google maps or google assistant?😳 His voice it's so soothing.

    Lucas BustilloLucas Bustillo6 天 前
  • Flagship 2018 or Mid Range 2020 Me: Hmmm..... Also me: I will take a mid range 2018... nvm... 2007

    Sudarsh ManderwadSudarsh Manderwad6 天 前
  • well i cant even afford replica of any phone so i m good with nokia 106

    BASIT FixesBASIT Fixes6 天 前
  • OnePlus Nord be lyk Where do I belong now

    Shreyas YHShreyas YH6 天 前
  • I really like your videos, i can understand better english than the other explaination about the phone...

    Reynan FernandezReynan Fernandez6 天 前
  • What about the battery ? It's important.

    Coffee TimeCoffee Time6 天 前
  • POCO X3 is waving

    John Robert DañoJohn Robert Daño7 天 前
  • I use my phone for calls and texts. LOL

    Michael PMichael P7 天 前
  • 8:13 Arun: “Pretty much no phone made for $400 will have OIS” OnePlus Nord: Are you sure about that?

    NorthgicalNorthgical7 天 前
  • Incredible video.. You discussed every possible point. Even though the flagships won on every count, I still think it's a bad idea for me, who wants peace of mind. Serviceability is important..

    whatever04whatever047 天 前
  • You should try where all phones used or new are fully functional and you get great prices. And never any junk.

    Gabriel ReisingerGabriel Reisinger7 天 前
  • My note 9 lags like shit

    Mdz NafiMdz Nafi7 天 前
  • We would surely get 6M subs

    Shaik Awez MehtabShaik Awez Mehtab7 天 前
  • its not that cheap

    et ekeet eke7 天 前
  • 3:58 well you achieved this lets hit 6 million

    Muhammad TameemMuhammad Tameem8 天 前
  • i stopped buying new iphone 5 years ago. my iphone7 still works really good after almost 5 years. now i got a budget asus zenfone max2 as my sub phone. saves me a lot of money. planning to get an iphone12 mini 3 years from now. :)

    JepanLifeJepanLife8 天 前
  • the galaxy a71 beats the galaxy s9+ on geekbench

    joshua tha reaperjoshua tha reaper8 天 前
  • Watching on a71

    Harman singhHarman singh8 天 前
  • I use a 2017 flagship right now, and I wouldn't trade it for a mid-range of the same price today.

    Name NameName Name8 天 前
  • wow I realized that it's better to buy 2018 flagship than buying mid range phone this year

    jayr122001jayr1220018 天 前
  • Using a Note 9 I got in November 2019. Still runs like a dream and it does come with a clear case in the Asian market.

    Karan BalwaniKaran Balwani8 天 前
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) and I've noticed with comparisons that if I wanted better specs (by a lot) I would probably have to pay quite a bit for one. I've been watching a lot of videos reading a lot of reviews and I still have difficulty trying to figure out what I want from a phone. I love photography and I want the phone to have a lot of options. But what I see is that just because the specs seem to be better there are still often issues even with newer phones. I don't plan to use the phone for gaming since I could technically keep my old phone for that purpose ( or exchange it for the 64€ its worth when getting a new phone(idk), So far I've had my eyes on Samsung phones. As they are something I'm more used to. And the Note series are really tempting me as an artist. I love features like writing with a pen and making a font of it on the go. I'm not one to listen to music a lot but I still want good quality since I sometimes do and don't own any stereos at the moment. I also like using the google assistant, But I must say I hate bixby.. Though it is something you can disable ( at least I can on my current phone) I don't exactly like it when the phone comes pre-loaded with a bunch of crap. I wish everything was optional but that would just be dreaming. I'm just at a loss. If I wait a year will the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra drop in price so I could at least have it below 800€ and still be worth buying....? I haven't shopped for phones before since last time my phone broke I just went to the closest store that sells phones and picked one of the phones that were discounted XD

    IceCream DragonIceCream Dragon8 天 前
  • The camera on the A71 blows away the 9+ and 10+ etc cameras by far. I have both. It's not even a comparison.

    Dean DeBrouxDean DeBroux8 天 前
  • Can you change the battery on a phone?

    Not_ IeafyNot_ Ieafy8 天 前
  • Tittle : cheap vs flagship . Video : mid-range vs flagship. Me : 😩😩😩

    TM4 GamingTM4 Gaming9 天 前
  • He wanted 5 million subscribers but I think he's going to 6 at the end of 2020....

    Audrey MeyerAudrey Meyer9 天 前
  • Samsung galaxy note 9 is beast😍

    Mir IqbalMir Iqbal9 天 前
  • P40 lite still cant beat Mate 20 Pro, so your answer is NO!!

    Barbu MariusBarbu Marius9 天 前
  • Sir, I`m a student and just wanted to know note plus or note which one is the better decission and why ??. lo Please let me know as soon as possible. Looking forward for your response .

    Ghanem AdilGhanem Adil9 天 前
  • A 2 year old new phone will have maybe 5% battery degradation. And phones that are heavily used will cost $250 not $400 making a flagship the better choice And lol giving a draw to processor when a sd855 shits all over a sd765g

    casiotechIcasiotechI9 天 前