How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

2020年06月 4日
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The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!
Original image by Gaurav Agrawal:
Huge thanks to Mishaal:
and Davide:
and Ice Universe:
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  • use google pix

    AyanCraftAyanCraft小时 前
  • 0o0

    Wolves!!!! DRAGONS!!!!Wolves!!!! DRAGONS!!!!小时 前
  • Hold up why do the screens of samsungs have more pixels than my HD monitor, I think my monitor is old, help.

    Kazuki RDKazuki RD小时 前
  • You displayed it on our screen so why did it not destroy our phones?!

    Deacon MuniahDeacon Muniah2 小时 前
  • Why does smartphone needs physic and math? Me: Confused My phone: Im way smarter than Albert Einstein

    Ziyadjer _#Ziyadjer _#3 小时 前
  • why samsung phones???

    Vasu DevVasu Dev3 小时 前
  • I like AirPods, I’m going to try the noise canceling ones... I can’t lie they are the new earrings... everyone wears them all day.

    ROHIT SROHIT S4 小时 前
  • People who shared this video😁😁😎😎😜😜😘😘😆👀

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  • Damn, in just 1 digit number

    Edward TrongcoEdward Trongco8 小时 前
  • ridiculous useless youtubers

    lo2740lo27408 小时 前
  • This is why iPhone is better.

    Joshua XiongJoshua Xiong10 小时 前
  • I see.

    Joshua XiongJoshua Xiong10 小时 前
  • I made new merch :) hope you enjoy

    erika floreserika flores11 小时 前
  • I couldn't understand a damn word he said XD

    iiPeachuiiiiPeachuii12 小时 前
  • the cat never lies

    arah chiaraarah chiara12 小时 前
  • 3:43 who else instantly subbed out of sympathy

    WheeziWheezi14 小时 前
  • But can the image work on the DS?

    BlazicGDBlazicGD14 小时 前
  • So it’s googles fault. Nothing new there

    BlazicGDBlazicGD14 小时 前
  • I lost my deeta

    BlazicGDBlazicGD14 小时 前
  • The cat is @Aaronsanimals

    among us playeramong us player15 小时 前
  • I just learned something new and now it's stuck to my mind I think you just taught me something school will never teach me. Be a teacher bro.

    n3d244n3d24416 小时 前
  • The poeple that gets curiosity the best of theme: like whats that gonna do destroy my phone that will never hap💨....

    John Michael JulvaJohn Michael Julva18 小时 前
  • i put it on my phone and nothing happened

    Baccon ShakkinBaccon Shakkin20 小时 前
  • what is this clickbait video

    Baccon ShakkinBaccon Shakkin20 小时 前
  • It’s the scp foundation

    Bryson EcholsBryson Echols20 小时 前
  • I really enjoyed the video so thx for making it!

    just a girljust a girl21 小时 前
  • Oh buddy I lost my phone alooooooong time go

    Sam braishSam braish21 小时 前
  • Yes

    DiamondGamerDiamondGamer21 小时 前
  • “People listen to the cat.The cat never lies people.”

    Toasted roastedToasted roasted23 小时 前
  • CNworld app crashed right when you showed the picture at 5:50.

    rezyptzrezyptz23 小时 前
  • "Don't apply this wallpaper, it kills your phone!" People: apply the wallpaper Their phones: die Them: Surprised Pikachu Face

    robert mosquerarobert mosquera天 前
  • "Don't apply this wallpaper, it kills your phone!" People: apply the wallpaper Their phones: die Them: Surprised Pikachu Face

    robert mosquerarobert mosquera天 前
  • That cat is Prince micheal from arons animals 😂

    gg._. gggg._. gg天 前
  • It’ll be in Android 11... yay so I’ll need to get a new phone to get android 11😁

    simon ericsimon eric天 前
  • I just tried it and I was on period 💢

    emirhan atamemirhan atam天 前
  • Can't imagine how long it took to find that 1 dodgy pixel.

    GamingDADGamingDAD天 前
  • The Video: Don't Try This At Home ⚠️⚠️ People:

    Teekzie PlayzTeekzie Playz天 前
  • Bro mere bhi videos ek baar dekh lo🙏🤗 Aur pasand aaye toh hi SUB krna ❤️🤗🔥

    PixTechnophilePixTechnophile天 前
  • The level of devotion you have and commitment you have to your viewers to bring us this level of attention to detail is unreal. Thank you so much! Subbed!!

    Orlando Centeno JrOrlando Centeno Jr天 前
  • I don’t understand

    Abhijit MallikAbhijit Mallik天 前
  • So it destroys mobile phones, but what about PC

    Fun Little CoderFun Little Coder天 前
  • What about iphone can iPhone use it

    muhammad moosanimuhammad moosani天 前
  • i got an ad for a new lg phone in this vid maybe i fu aplly the wallpaper to that phone itll be okay? its lg velvet lol

    SoooperHEROSoooperHERO天 前
  • Glad i think that wallpaper and any like it are stupid looking

    D r I p pD r I p p天 前
  • me: applied photo on other phone my other phone: you idiot I thought we were friends

    Julian MontanoJulian Montano天 前
  • The cat never lie😂😂😂

    Vikas .VVikas .V天 前
  • Yo, every time he cuts the color scheme changes

    Jacob Rayburn GristlyCupid74Jacob Rayburn GristlyCupid74天 前
  • Where i can download that wallpaper Wanna try this😅

    GamerDrugGamerDrug天 前
    • @aferran69 yes so now where can I find it

      GamerDrugGamerDrug20 小时 前
    • oh wait its been deleted

      aferran69aferran69天 前
    • check the description

      aferran69aferran69天 前
  • Him: Don't apply this wallpaper to your phone. Me: I won't, I love my current wallpaper thank you.

    EJ ScionEJ Scion天 前
  • Me after watching this video without my phone even DIEING: ok time to get android 11

    Justin Y is undefeatableJustin Y is undefeatable天 前
  • Shocking! ⚡@Mrwhostheboos

    AMIT SinghAMIT Singh天 前
  • 31.05.2020 - 04.06.2020 before android 10 and not for chinesee phones

    Sanjay KasymovSanjay Kasymov天 前
  • ok if I cant see the colors outside the srgb triangle how come I can see them

    karla hourihankarla hourihan天 前
  • I don’t understand how does a wallpaper kill your phone the wallpaper is not bad or magical or something that’s strange will somebody tell me

    Candyplays ThisCandyplays This天 前
  • Fascinating!

    Andrea VAndrea V天 前
  • One over... wow...

    Justin MitchellJustin Mitchell天 前
  • noone gonna comment on the fact that the rgb colour 255 255 243 is practically white. The colour of that faulty pixel is more like 159 91 86

    Remus LupinRemus Lupin天 前
  • Who would win: A highly advanced smartphone or one pixel boi

    Demetrius TripletDemetrius Triplet天 前
  • It's actually really interesting!

    Blue MageBlue Mage天 前
  • Why doesn’t a white pixel break it? If 255 255 230 goes over then 255 255 255 definitely goes over?

    BiffBishBiffBish2 天 前
  • I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top

    Box TerosBox Teros2 天 前
    • couldn't*

      Pookie S.Pookie S.12 小时 前
    • A bot I’m pretty sure idk

      Software CoreSoftware Core16 小时 前
    • wtf

      Kian CabarleKian Cabarle天 前
  • Atleast u should've given the link of that that we can scare our phones.😆

    Heart FulnessHeart Fulness2 天 前
  • What if we try that on a keypad phone? Is it still going to break it?..

    Vile HumanVile Human2 天 前
    • depends on what kind of keypad phone. if it uses android, like the newer blackberry phones then yes it would most probably break the phone

      aferran69aferran69天 前
  • I really appreciate your efforts

    Wajahat Ali LuckyWajahat Ali Lucky2 天 前
  • Ironic that Google Pixel can't handle a Pixel

    It's Vimal BoiiiIt's Vimal Boiii2 天 前
  • You have literally so many phones, why choose one of the most expensive phone??

    Gerald LuGerald Lu2 天 前
  • ho it is good

    Lacie MarcelinoLacie Marcelino2 天 前
    • oh god me 2

      Lacie MarcelinoLacie Marcelino2 天 前
    • ho god !

      Lacie MarcelinoLacie Marcelino2 天 前
  • Like si vienes de UPDT C:

    SarugafeSarugafe2 天 前
  • Did this wallpaper affect Apple Devices?

    Ola KeyleighOla Keyleigh2 天 前
  • My mate 10 lite survived this shit

    serbian wolf gamingserbian wolf gaming2 天 前
  • The cat is always right beacase curiosoty killed the phone not the cat

    Seth KayneSeth Kayne2 天 前
  • This is what you call one in a trillion chance....the photographer had to be in that exact location in that exact micro second to make that exact create so much chaos...😂😂🤣🤣

    Anand ArokianathanAnand Arokianathan2 天 前
  • I did this

    GAMER GUY 7426GAMER GUY 74262 天 前
  • Just bcs of a pixel. Whoah.

    rosénimrosénim2 天 前
  • Me who has an iPhone *HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WIN*

    lemxtartlemxtart2 天 前
  • I’m safe because I don’t download wallpapers I’m insane and screen shot them for some reason :/

    T a f f y - L a s s i eT a f f y - L a s s i e2 天 前
  • "Don't use it" Dumbasses: 😏

    Duck / DogDuck / Dog2 天 前
  • I'm thinking to apply that image on Windows 10 laptop as wallpaper, if is safe to use it

    Marco zapata-ArriagaMarco zapata-Arriaga2 天 前
  • What Wallpaper destroys your Ipad? Cat: dont put this on ur iphone Me: i have a ipad noob

    Beautiful DasiyBeautiful Dasiy2 天 前
  • iPhone Users: 👁👄👁

    Brandon GBrandon G2 天 前
  • The video died

    Turtle BossTurtle Boss2 天 前
  • this is so damn fascinating

    rey mcfassyrey mcfassy2 天 前
  • The problem is that it is a Samsung phone and Samsung is garbage.

    Adrian IorgaAdrian Iorga3 天 前
    • yep overpriced garbage like iphones

      aferran69aferran69天 前
  • So interesting 👍🏼

    Murrie CurlMurrie Curl3 天 前
  • Seems safe for my tablet cause its just for phones lol

    Ethan 47 HDEthan 47 HD3 天 前
  • I want it... Wait... I have a iPad... AH HA I SKIPPED THE RULES

    xX DugTheDog XxxX DugTheDog Xx3 天 前
  • broken phase phone...

    Liam LladaLiam Llada3 天 前
  • Hey everyone i tried this img as wallpaper and nothing happened..... My Mobile is fully able to afford this IMG

    DC DotDC Dot3 天 前
  • I did it and nothing happend😂

    Kristan MidelKristan Midel3 天 前
  • Very interesting thank you.

    Robert WilsonRobert Wilson3 天 前
  • Wait whaaaaaaaaaat? On a discord server a while ago, someone posted this and I put it as my wallpaper aaaaaaaaaand nothing happened. I didn’t know it did this lmao

    Gabe ItchesGabe Itches3 天 前
  • So Android crashes because it should process an image with a specific color space and one pixel could not be converted? This is ridiculous!

    Petra MünsterPetra Münster3 天 前
  • I put it but not work

    ink pictureink picture3 天 前
  • Guys I’m gonna take a risk and try it on my phone. Wish me luck I will tell you when I’m done. If you didn’t get a notification in the next 24 hours then you know what it means

    Tutu noobTutu noob3 天 前
    • @AndrezPT I did not kill mine

      Tutu noobTutu noob2 天 前
    • @Tutu noob this wallpaper will kill your phone

      AndrezPTAndrezPT2 天 前
    • @AndrezPT ?

      Tutu noobTutu noob2 天 前
    • @Tutu noob 6sy

      AndrezPTAndrezPT2 天 前
    • My phone is alright

      Tutu noobTutu noob2 天 前
  • I tried this and nothing happen to my phone

    Jasmine HJasmine H3 天 前
  • This hurt my brain to even understand what he was on about

    RebReb3 天 前
  • Why the fuck people make a wallpaper and it killed your phone I would love to get a new phone shit.

    Hacket The creekHacket The creek3 天 前
  • Y'all asking about your tablets I'm wondering what will happen if i get it on my ps4 and set it like that

    JekJek3 天 前

    jefferson Tsojefferson Tso3 天 前