Dear Smartphone Makers.

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Dear Smartphone makers - Samsung, Oneplus, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and more, here are 8 things I'd love to see in 2020 Smartphones. First episode here:
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  • Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to say to smartphone companies! Also, here's the episode on Smartphone's a good one:

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss9 个月 前
    • Plz make a vid on ever increasing size of mobiles..

      sYeD FaHaDsYeD FaHaD9 天 前
    • Want to tell them to release less smartphones.... 2 in a year is enough

      Pratipan dattaPratipan datta个月 前
    • Why don't you just run a smartphone company since they are doing everything wrong?

      Smokey TwixxieSmokey Twixxie个月 前
    • you should make your own phone company because you know what works and what doesn't compare to this companies

      Hans AlvaradoHans Alvarado个月 前
    • Hey brother please give me any phone placed on that table please broo

      Ashik ChentharaAshik Chenthara个月 前
  • Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to say to smartphone companies! Also, here's the episode on Smartphone's a good one:

    Stevie PStevie P2 小时 前
  • Those phones look like audience on table!

    Hrushikesh MusalojHrushikesh Musaloj9 小时 前
  • People when they see a a really good phone that's good in every way: *Bitch does it look like I care?* People when they see a phone a crappy phone that's bad in every way but it has over 3 cameras: *give now*

    ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ17 小时 前
  • I buy a Samsung phone because it have one UI But now i am regrating because of its processor. In the same price i can get other high speed processor . I think there must be a option to change UI . Love your videos

    sulav sapkotasulav sapkota天 前
  • Imagine. You buy a 600$ phone with good,low side of great battery, hertz, camera, and system. You open the box to not see earbuds or a cable but instead a small wireless charger that has recycled products and wireless earbuds along with it. All is good

    The Box Bros.The Box Bros.天 前
  • Seeing Arun talk about smartphone back surfaces and how they must be made better makes me realise that he doesn't use cases. Whereas the only time my fingers come in contact with the back of my phone is when I've just bought it. Interesting to think that someone uses a smartphone without a case ☺️☺️☺️

    Zarrar SalahuddinZarrar Salahuddin2 天 前
  • and Samsung got lazy with naming. A21. A11. Tab A, Tab 6s. 20S, FE etc.. You need a bingo card just to pick up lol.

    TheMiguelTheMiguel2 天 前
  • .k.

    Abir RifatAbir Rifat4 天 前
  • I just counted 57 smartphones lying next to him!!

    Rahatul FaiyazRahatul Faiyaz4 天 前
  • NANI!!!

    Jesu _BachocoJesu _Bachoco4 天 前
  • Samsung note 10 is the blacksheep for signal quality.. constant weak signal compared relatively to other phones.. sigh.

    555TheBoss555TheBoss5 天 前
  • Huge battery, oled screen, Camera(ultrawide, wide, tele), android one or no blyat ware. Everything else seems to work fine on all midprice phones.

    Miika VenäläinenMiika Venäläinen5 天 前
  • Gjak

    Mr SimpleMr Simple6 天 前
    • Espanio ist

      Mr SimpleMr Simple6 天 前
  • Why companies do price cuts

    Shahroz ButtShahroz Butt7 天 前
  • 6:15 Everything you said, I can do with my apple products lol.

    Erwyn PuynenErwyn Puynen7 天 前
  • The number one thing I learned from this video is that Apple is really, really, really good at marketing

    Max27265Max272657 天 前
  • it will be great if smatrphones have bezels rather than notch, punch hole, or other motor system.

    Leo devanandLeo devanand7 天 前
  • building protection INTO the phone would be fab. I have always hated using a case as a) it adds bulk and weight and b) they are ugly af and c) what on earth is the point of buying a phone with a stunning finish if you CAN'T SEE IT?! gah! Hate that. it makes no sense and yes, they should really focus more effort on making phones that can withstand the occasional drop onto a hard surface

    Lisa RLisa R8 天 前
  • Get a job man

    Big B Big BBig B Big B8 天 前
  • 20T20T

    FlicksNAFlicksNA8 天 前
  • This video should names : learn from apple or copy everything from apple 🍎

    Såmø awēsømëSåmø awēsømë10 天 前
  • best os is oxigen os?for android

    Ștefan MititeluȘtefan Mititelu10 天 前
  • Xiaomi calling someone a copy cat, the irony...

    Porfirio RuthPorfirio Ruth12 天 前
  • There should be Samsung s20 and 20+ and Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. S20 Ultra is useless. Then no a41 and cancel the whole m line up

    LucklessLuckless14 天 前
  • OMG 😯 00:01 Soo many smartphones 😱😍🥺😕🤨🤨😶😶😐😐😑😑

    Sitar U.CSitar U.C15 天 前
  • Samsung: Releases 40 phones a year *Apple has left the chat

    Gaurav JawlaGaurav Jawla15 天 前
  • Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like you think all smartphone manufacturers should just copy Apple and play nice. That's not how the free market works. Apple made profit because their product is over priced and overrated.

    Troy RandleTroy Randle15 天 前
  • Hey, recently LG G8X ThinQ was in sale for about 70% its price. Guess they haven't learnt from their mistakes

    Athul KrishnaAthul Krishna17 天 前
  • Finally !! with the last one i was "say it dude! " no one cares anymore about the call quality 256GB of Ram ✔Hell Yeah!! Call Quality same since 2000😒

    BlownAwayGamerBlownAwayGamer18 天 前
  • Xiaomi's website: oh so you think you made a smart choice by spending all that money on the latest and the best phones? Me: but I'm using your product

    Hannah MatosHannah Matos18 天 前
  • Too many unskippable ads, man.......

    Srisanth P. ASrisanth P. A18 天 前
  • Call quality is where Nokia basic phones from 2000 will easily beat today's all flagships

    praveen bhatipraveen bhati18 天 前
  • My first iPhone was the 5s

    陳鵬陳鵬19 天 前
  • Jimmy writes some election-related Thank You Notes!

    Karima BastinKarima Bastin19 天 前
  • U just saved a lot of companies on doing market research 😂

    Esra esbesEsra esbes19 天 前
  • Why is there always a oppo f17 pro ad

    Kents crown castKents crown cast20 天 前
  • i dont think that i have ever made a phone call even one time in the last two or three years its all text messages until you need the formality of a face to face meeting phone calls are antiquated

    Dustin ProvostDustin Provost20 天 前
  • god 40 models in only one year does that not included regional chipset variants????

    Dustin ProvostDustin Provost20 天 前
  • Po Vaname

    Nuke BalanNuke Balan21 天 前
  • I mean Samsung phone line off makes no sense it’s so confusing if you don’t keep in the loop really is

    LukeTheRandomLukeTheRandom22 天 前
  • I really confused to choice the phone

    Musarrat KhatoonMusarrat Khatoon22 天 前
  • “The future is matte” Apple:Hmmmmm🧐

    SyrupSyrusSyrupSyrus23 天 前
  • I think this guy has a big drawer full of phones

    Jhaanav LokeshJhaanav Lokesh23 天 前
  • KITTY CAN'T believe we just passed 600,000 SUBSCRIBERS! 🥳🎉 You are all sooo amazing! Thank you for subscribing! I can't wait to keep making funny and interesting Top 10 videos for you all!

    Raquel57 Allison76Raquel57 Allison7623 天 前
  • decades ago it was the better operating system, next the better laptop, phone are next. I'm already having a hard time caring about the differences

    Z BakerZ Baker23 天 前
  • Smart phone companies must watch your channel

    Janindu RajapakshaJanindu Rajapaksha25 天 前
  • Still so much drama about AI in smart phone is dumb and science talks about matrix film technology, still we have dumbest Artificial intelligence as our OS

    Hyder HimmathiHyder Himmathi25 天 前
  • Wow he has dragon ball z dokkan battle game my fav game

    The world of dragon ballThe world of dragon ball25 天 前
  • WiFi calling option is good for clear voice.

    Hyder HimmathiHyder Himmathi25 天 前
  • Dear smartphone companies please give chargers in box

    Angelo NelsonAngelo Nelson26 天 前
  • 2:30 EcoATM wants to know your location

    Kayena ArellanoKayena Arellano26 天 前
  • Finally !! with the last one i was "say it dude! " no one cares anymore about the call quality 256GB of Ram ✔Hell Yeah!! Call Quality same since 2000😒

    Anzhela GrechikhinaAnzhela Grechikhina27 天 前
  • 6:15 it's not that easy, that just means devaluing some other drawing tablet markets

    kokodaiohkokodaioh27 天 前
  • Super cell Sells emotes for 30 dollars in the beginning but just 2 days later, it is just 3 dollars. They know ppl can't wait a damn minute and they always need the latest emotes first. So super cell took advantage of that

    Persimmon Juice - Gaming, Cubing and AnimationPersimmon Juice - Gaming, Cubing and Animation28 天 前
  • Mrwhosetheboss: let me get my phone Me: which one Mrwhosetheboss: yes.

    Dude manDude man个月 前
  • Apple is like an old man too stupid too change but too smart not to argue with others.

    B 48 Jay PazareB 48 Jay Pazare个月 前
  • To summarize, Dear Smartphone Makers, be more like Apple :P

    SkinnerSkinner个月 前
  • Stop adding more cameras smartphone companies

    thecopyninjathecopyninja个月 前
  • What do you use to edit your videos?

    De barnlige bjørneDe barnlige bjørne个月 前
  • I guess, it is time that you also add telephony function in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 performs better, in terms of telephony, than my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8...with my old Note 4, I can call anywhere inside my house, but with the Note 8, I need to find an open area to make a call...I do not why this happens, I even went to an expert seller but even he cannot know...I hope, you as a reviewer, would consider investigating why this is happening to a Samsung smartphone...thanks, Mrwhosetheboss...

    Jerome CubeloJerome Cubelo个月 前
  • What phone is that at 12:16 ?

    cube482acube482a个月 前
  • 2010 : this is a phone has a camera😱 2030 : ohh this camera has a phone🙀😱😱😱😱

    Random stormRandom storm个月 前
  • hi

    Ata Kemal TurAta Kemal Tur个月 前
  • sjsjsjsjsjjssjs

    Ata Kemal TurAta Kemal Tur个月 前
  • Do not be a ad bro its 15000 ruppes

    Nihal Skandan KuruvemulaNihal Skandan Kuruvemula个月 前
    • ?

      Danny ManDanny Man26 天 前
  • Dear Mrwhosetheboss The Reason For Smartphonemakers to not put protection on the back is to make it feel premium and they want money when someone braked their phone they will buy new one

    RumpkinRumpkin个月 前
  • At least i found a person talking about basic requirements of smart phones...well played arun....

    ferhan hashmatferhan hashmat个月 前
  • Apple is doing everything you are saying This is why they are better in sales even though they are so expensive

    abdullah abdulazizabdullah abdulaziz个月 前
  • Just forget everything and look at the phones beside him

    Baibhav DhitalBaibhav Dhital个月 前
  • For call quality, Apple has Facetime Audio which is far better than regular calling.

    Akash MajithiaAkash Majithia个月 前
  • I purposely wanted to get rosted for have a iPhone 5 but I didn’t :(

    Ne4n LinXNe4n LinX个月 前
  • xiaomi has some sort of ecosystem. they even make nail clippers...

    Logan MacGyverLogan MacGyver个月 前
  • the 2018 j6 is supposedly getting android 11 this year... (and it already has offical android 10)

    Logan MacGyverLogan MacGyver个月 前
  • See, I don't care about #5, at all, its not important to me.

    BlizzardBlizzard个月 前
  • i use a samsung phone, and a linux laptop, so don't need windows tie-in features because i don't use windows, i use linux

    Rowan BirdRowan Bird个月 前
  • And iPhone 12 has 4 types

    IF NYIF NY个月 前
  • Are you working in the smartphone market shops. I think you are expert. Now can see now you are a worker in the shop

    Adittya DashAdittya Dash个月 前
  • Now here come the galaxy note 20 fan edititon and iphone 12 mini, pro, max and normal >:(

    ColorGlass OfficialColorGlass Official个月 前
  • finally someone mentioned haptics!! that actually matters soooooo much. xiaomi has horrible haptics tho lol

    Jigyasa Dayal AroraJigyasa Dayal Arora个月 前
  • This whole video is just him flexing his hundreds of smart phones

    Sarah’s Little brotherSarah’s Little brother个月 前
  • People from 2020 : Man how many camera's the phone in the thumbnails are ? People from 2200 : Where are the other camera's ?? Hit the like button if you believe this

    Extreme GamingExtreme Gaming个月 前
  • Dont think phone quality is a issue rooting from phones we use. VoiP solution at home or companys suck as well ass! A majer step back !!! And a topic you should get on the ground of it ;-)

    Daniel SondererDaniel Sonderer个月 前
  • The poco one #smoothAF 😂😂

    Itamar AdlerItamar Adler个月 前
  • Arun: I'm sure that we'll see a lot more phones' back like the iPhone 11 Apple: Introducing new ceramic back Arun: Well ok

    Michele MusestiMichele Musesti个月 前
    • The cermaic glass is for the display not the back

      Anthony PlaysAnthony Plays28 天 前
  • Airdrop is really great. Apple might not make the best phones ever (really depends on what you think about a good phone), but I think they answer easely to almost all of your concerns ! For exemple, when calling, you’d rather you’ve an audio FaceTime, it uses your internet connexion, so usually, if you have high quality 3G, or simply 4G, your call quality will be exellent !

    vizendervizender个月 前
  • On call quality: I don't think this is a phone issue, but rather a carrier issue. I spent years with metro pcs, and never once had dropped calls or voice cut out, but after I became homeless my mother insisted on an iphone for the family location thing amd did it by switching to sprint for free phones. Sprint has been horrible, now dropped calls and voice cut out us common and the data connection sucks. Metro data connection was solid, even when slowed to 2g speeds, but sprint sucks even with full speed data remaining. And my metro phones were exclusively the cheap

    Hikari HitomiHikari Hitomi个月 前
  • Never understand why the haptics matter to you so much. Literally the first thing I turn off. I wish I could save money by someone making a phone without haptics

    sidewaysdannysidewaysdanny个月 前
  • Basically Apple does everything better, others just copy

    Bidipto RoyBidipto Roy个月 前
  • As for haptics, i always turn them off, i like saving battery :D

    Ray ToshlyraRay Toshlyra个月 前
  • Plz do a #QnA and plz answer this: what do you edit your videos with i like the look of your text

    How to,sHow to,s个月 前
  • Now Samsung offers 3 years of software updates.

    Gaming FingersGaming Fingers个月 前
  • Xiaomi's call quality is damn bad. I know it because my mother uses it

    stormZ kstormZ k个月 前
  • "Smartphone companies start working DIRECTLY with Qualcomm!" -Huawei has left the chat.

    14onyx14onyx个月 前
  • Arun should teach smartphone companies

    Game MountGame Mount个月 前
  • I always turn haptics off, am I weird

    kitsada 2.0kitsada 2.0个月 前
  • 10:20 i wouldn't use case but i leave So many fingerprints so i use case 😂

    Stun GamingStun Gaming个月 前
  • 12:20 Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera bump lol

    Kevin YangKevin Yang个月 前
  • dear smartphone comanies ITS NOT ABOUT HOW MANY CAMERAS

    Ghina ShunnaqGhina Shunnaq个月 前
  • do you play dragon ball dokkan battle?

    NobodyNobody个月 前