Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year).

2020年05月 2日
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You've heard about the iPhone SE (2020), Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra, LG Velvet, Huawei P40 Pro, OnePlus 8 / OnePlus 8 Pro, but which 2020 smartphones are the BEST so far? Here are my Top 13 smartphones for 2020!
Few phones that I am yet to test: Redmi K30 Pro / Poco F2 / LG velvet / Motorola Edge+ / Sony Xperia 1 2.
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  • you said you have finished 3 month on oppo 2 month on a samsung 3 month on iphone and 4 month on other phone may be you are in 2021 nigga

    divash subedidivash subedi21 小时 前
  • lol oneplus always win

    Dinu Pietruschevici BalanDinu Pietruschevici Balan2 天 前

    HariharamaniHariharamani2 天 前
  • Appreciate you list out phone names by ranking 1 to 13 could help.if background music is zero vould hrlp for better understanding

    praveen kumarpraveen kumar2 天 前
  • Buy redmi 9

    Sebastian DsouzaSebastian Dsouza2 天 前
  • Do you have any other suggestions for phones without google preloaded?

    Seira-sanSeira-san2 天 前
  • why they all so goddamn expensive

    NarutoNaruto2 天 前
  • Realme is the best smartphone

    Kembali bersama Saya jess no limitKembali bersama Saya jess no limit3 天 前
  • why have you not included realme x50 pro and vivo iqoo 3, which were better than many of these?

    Deepak MDeepak M3 天 前
  • Using realme 6 and it's rocking one problem though while playing games for long time it gets very hot

    MZX ThingsMZX Things3 天 前
  • Today I donated a laptop, a smartphone and $500 to a poor guy. Can't express the happiness I got when I saw him putting the knife back in his pocket...

    Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue3 天 前
  • Please I just really need one of your apple phones,I love your videos, am in Ghana (Africa)

    Thomas BensonThomas Benson3 天 前
  • If you Gus are On A budget but want to have A fast gameIng in finix note 7 Or S5

    Blade RancesBlade Rances5 天 前
  • He made compressor that phone I can't buy US 300 dollars my country higher than demons

    7790 jjjopp7790 jjjopp5 天 前
  • Top 5 mobile

    NT StudioNT Studio6 天 前
  • Long live to One Plus ! :D

    Sr. Manwell DosSr. Manwell Dos6 天 前
  • M51

    Destroyer dragon474Destroyer dragon4747 天 前
  • Hi Mr boss would u go for Samsung s20fe or xiaomi mii 10

    Kelly WonnacottKelly Wonnacott7 天 前
  • There's a rumour by Ice Universe Samsung could end the Note flagship line...dunno yet, but I'm keeping my options opened to another Android phone out there when am done using my Note 10+ 5G.

    Dyllen-MaineDyllen-Maine7 天 前
  • < qoo10 having a promotion of only 279 sgd for poco x3 now!

    limh Bong bonglimh Bong bong8 天 前
  • Watching this video on my iPhone 6s Plus 😂

    Ashwin ChalakaAshwin Chalaka8 天 前
  • note20 ultra come on its the best in the world im samsung collabrator please edit your video your results are incorrect

    Héni ZLITNIHéni ZLITNI8 天 前
  • Samsung: *copies apple* People: *oh my God they copies apple!* Xiaomi: *copies samsungs 108mp camera* People: *meh*

    gachaオリバーgachaオリバー9 天 前
  • Can't believe that Sony can do better than Google with a limiting battery size.

  • damn damn .!!!!..i always regret why i buy acertain phone wen theres a new version cuming soonn......Lol!!!..

    Catherine ShontelleCatherine Shontelle9 天 前
  • I still don’t know what phone to get 😂😂

    Isaac JonesIsaac Jones9 天 前
  • Where is Mi note 10 ultra?

    Entertainment ChannelEntertainment Channel10 天 前
  • Sponsor me plss

    Junhar MuhattabJunhar Muhattab10 天 前
  • I want phone give me one

    Junhar MuhattabJunhar Muhattab10 天 前
  • still best compact phone in 2020 is pixel 4a followed by S10

    Prajith MathewsPrajith Mathews10 天 前
  • great review Arun

    Prajith MathewsPrajith Mathews10 天 前
  • Lg V60?

    T DROIDT DROID10 天 前
  • I currently own an iPhone se 2016 edition its getting replaced with a motorola g 5g + for Christmas thats the best phone I could afford I hope im not disappointed i strongly disliked my iPhone Horrifically bad battery life even from absolutely new I owned a motorola razer r in 2009 or something like that it was my favourite thing ever it saved me from many panic attacks I cried my eyes out when it got pickpocketed

    Matthew SnowdonMatthew Snowdon10 天 前
  • com.preplycom.preplycom.preplycom.preplycom.preply

    Aeolus RyderAeolus Ryder10 天 前
  • How does he afford al of these he is super rich I thought Jeff besos can't afford all these lol

    Rofik MiahRofik Miah11 天 前
  • Good analysis

    Srinivasulu VSrinivasulu V11 天 前
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan Patil11 天 前
  • i would like to see others reviewer doing these kind of video as well . to see different perspetive in each market

    Mit MitMit Mit11 天 前
  • We need the headphone jack back

    GwoGwo11 天 前
  • I want android

    Ibrahim IkramIbrahim Ikram11 天 前
  • Sorry, but that Xiaomi Black shark 3 pro is really ugly to me though. probably the ugliest phone i've ever seen. lol

    W. TonyW. Tony12 天 前
  • I just checked this phone on the website and there’s so two choices which one is the one this video is talking about?

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki12 天 前
  • Got galaxy S20 a month ago, definitely happy. Yes I got the exynos one, but hey the internet in my country is crappy anyway. The fastest download speed I had in the morning and midday is around 100 kbps. Wanna watch yt videos without buffering? You have to get used to a 240p videos 😁

    snowyconfessionsnowyconfession12 天 前
  • Phones: Laying down on the table Me: 👁👄👁

    Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue12 天 前
  • Can I have 1? My phone is outdated😢

    Ljay RoseteLjay Rosete12 天 前
  • I want that red Ferrari phone

    Robert FerrerRobert Ferrer12 天 前
  • Hello, I have a somewhat specific request and I need advice. I need a phone with an excellent camera (main) and above all with the fastest possible picture. That is, with minimal post-processing. I will be using a company application to take pictures, so I need the camera not to depend on the application itself for image quality. The price does not matter, but ideally it should be an android phone. This is not a technical limitation, but rather a personal preference. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.

    Jan MatejkaJan Matejka12 天 前
  • Honorable mentions: > iPhone SE > Google Pixel 3a > Google Pixel 4 > Oppo Fond X2 Pro > Oppo RENO 3 Pro Top 13: "Compact:" > Galaxy S20 5g > iPhone 11 Pro > Galaxy S10e Gaming Phones: > Nubia Red Magic 5g > Black Shark 3 Pro Photography: > Huawei P4 Pro Battery Life: > iPhone 11 Pro Max > Galaxy S20 Ultra Affordable iPhone: > iPhone 11 Budget Phone > Realme 6 > Poco X2 --------------- > Galaxy S20+ > XIAOMi Mi 10 Pro > OnePlus 8 Pro ----------------- Not Yet Tested but caught interest: > Sony Xperia 1 II > LG Velvet > Motorola Edge Plus Top Pick: Value Champion > OnePlus 8 DISCLAIMER: The value of these phone vary between location. (14:12) I believe this is a UK based video :)

    Its FiitzIts Fiitz12 天 前
    • I think this guys do some homework for this comment 😂😂

      R Dhanush RajR Dhanush Raj4 天 前
    • Thks for the summary bro. Need more ppl like you commenting

      Ibbie TasIbbie Tas4 天 前
  • I cant watch this - It sounds like he's tryna hit on me

    Ea' GerreEa' Gerre13 天 前
  • "You dont want a mediocre phone with a power bank stuck to its back" Why do I feel that was targeted to a particular company

    just a person who cant think of a good namejust a person who cant think of a good name13 天 前
    • 3:57 "and the battery is great" so we just gonna act like this man dont have 2% right there ? XD its just a bit funny in the context

      Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue12 天 前
  • മലയാളീസ്

    Amal Das MAmal Das M13 天 前
  • The coat of phones is becoming absurd considering they only last a few years.

    Robert FrancisRobert Francis13 天 前
  • I have a 1000$ budget, any suggestions? Keep it within reason I also want like a case and screen protector.

    The Mason PlayZThe Mason PlayZ14 天 前
    • S20 FE

      GrozaGroza14 天 前
  • just saying, the a51 is soooo much better than the iPhone SE, and its cheaper... although the a71 is way way better too, but around the same price

    dillthevidillthevi15 天 前
  • I will probably never have one of these

    Nesddy XNesddy X15 天 前
  • **NEVER BUY FROM **WISH.COM** !!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

    Ab ZedAb Zed15 天 前
  • Really huwai P40 is your recommendation at $995 if I knew that you were going to recommend that piece of trash I wouldn't have bothered watching. You have gone right down in my estimations for even thinking of that phone as anything other than junk

    Marie AntoinetteMarie Antoinette15 天 前
  • A51?

    Hassan KhanHassan Khan15 天 前
  • I absolutely loved the notes of when the next category will start. What a great video

    KatieKatie15 天 前
  • I love watching your videos Arun 💪👏👌 and the phones I can't afford 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • why you dont talk about realme

    Rachixy 123Rachixy 12316 天 前
  • Hi, what about 8T? Thanks

    dan georgescudan georgescu16 天 前
  • 2000: Flip phones aren't a thing anymore. 2020: Flip phones are back! 2040: We're bringing back home buttons.

    ImpostorImpostor16 天 前
    • see you in 20 years, and we'll see if it's there

      I'm OJI'm OJ7 天 前
    • Maybe "We're bringing back the keypads" too

      ayy dayy d12 天 前
    • I dont get it but ok

      ItsCrazyLyricsItsCrazyLyrics13 天 前
  • Hey, Arun please make an updated version of this video.

    Affnan EjazAffnan Ejaz16 天 前
  • How safe is oneplus? Could they company that produced it I next malware to hack into my phone and steal my data? When I mean data I don't mean what I am browsing etc but really important stuff like youtube passwords etc

    Riyaz HuddaRiyaz Hudda16 天 前
  • 🤔I think i uploaded with details 🤔

    SK TuberSK Tuber16 天 前
  • I Wasn't Expecting My Phone In This List Cause It's realme 6 🤣

    Pranav KadamPranav Kadam16 天 前
  • 声音真好听。。nice

    钟宇超钟宇超17 天 前
  • which phone can I get under 10000 rs.

    Harshdeep KadamHarshdeep Kadam17 天 前
    • Go For realme C15 Qualcomm Edition Or realme Narzo 20

      Pranav KadamPranav Kadam16 天 前
  • When did the video end? Also, what production quality, what a concise scripting and editing. Loving your work every day!

    Abhinavanand SinghAbhinavanand Singh17 天 前
  • Buying the s20 ultra was the best decision ever

    Blix KPBlix KP17 天 前
  • What about the rog 3

    Toxic BlastToxic Blast17 天 前
  • I haven't seen u reviewing 100$ phones

    Haruki UchihaHaruki Uchiha17 天 前
  • Sir am using the se

    Obed YonasObed Yonas17 天 前
  • "gaming phones" bruh

    SiggieSiggie18 天 前
  • This guys budget is my price I can get a brand new s20for 550 quid near 600 dollars I have a a71 and a s20 I use my a71 more its cost 250 quid new

    Zain hussainZain hussain18 天 前
  • Can you please give me one just joking 😅

    Mmaseale SealeMmaseale Seale18 天 前
  • why buy Chinese or anything with Google on it?

    paul blackpaul black18 天 前
  • boss, why did you show the S20 5G at 2 percent? Like, why?

    tomnookswaffles2tomnookswaffles218 天 前
  • NO WAY

    Hunter VogtHunter Vogt18 天 前
  • cool.

    Hunter VogtHunter Vogt18 天 前
  • Thank you!!! I just found my new phone

    The Time Warpers ArcadeThe Time Warpers Arcade18 天 前
  • For me it's iPhone all day!🙌🏻 12 to be exact

    BridgetBridget18 天 前
  • He's videos are made soooooooooo well, the presentation is finomenal

    Liam GrussLiam Gruss19 天 前
  • Oppo:what caused you to fail? The oppo find x2 pro:the entire existence of the OnePlus 8 pro

    kroepoeks clankroepoeks clan19 天 前
  • You Should See Realme x50 pro It is A Better Option than OP8 (except software) but that Compensates the price difference!!😗

    Piyush SinghPiyush Singh19 天 前
  • When you can't even afford the realme 6i and he considered it "budget phone". FML I got the real budget new realme phone.

    CzarAice01 (CIGMA)CzarAice01 (CIGMA)19 天 前
  • I wish I had one of those 😭 am still using my Nokia 2.1 but I thank God am still watching my favorite show 👊

    Babu DiamondBabu Diamond20 天 前
  • My phones battery life us 3-4 hours only sad

    Mystery GuyMystery Guy20 天 前
  • im only here bc im getting a new phone

    heyeh heyehheyeh heyeh21 天 前
  • I love Samsung Phones 😍❤

    dark sidedark side21 天 前
  • Please recommend me the best mid range phone under $300 .

    GodZGodZ21 天 前
    • @Pranav Kadam Thanks .

      GodZGodZ16 天 前
    • Go For realme 7 Pro.

      Pranav KadamPranav Kadam16 天 前
  • Africa is a massive market, I hope this smartphones companies will explore this market someday.

    Ayo AlabiAyo Alabi22 天 前
  • What do you with all these phones?

    Anchal TotlaAnchal Totla22 天 前
  • How many phones do u have? I am asking seriously.

    Ehtesham ShaikhEhtesham Shaikh22 天 前
  • The Black Shark looks good!

    Em RadfordEm Radford22 天 前
  • Gotta remake this video bud...please

    Oscar CardenasOscar Cardenas22 天 前
  • Which phone should I consider buying between an Apple iPhone 7 plus, Apple iPhone 8 and a Huawei P40 lite if I want a great camera and a good battery life as well as great storage?

    Sikelelwa GumbiSikelelwa Gumbi22 天 前
  • Can't afford to buy all of these phone..😩

    Kristine YtacKristine Ytac23 天 前
  • Me “watching on my iphone 6”

    Oen UsherOen Usher23 天 前