Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review - 108 Megapixel Madness.

2019年11月 6日
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My Full Unboxing and Review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / Mi Note 10 Pro Smartphone, including Camera Test, Battery Test, specs, features and more.
Available to buy here: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009781495194.html?wid=1349303&lkid=70556277
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  • Did you not use HDR for dynamic range??

    Sean BurnsSean Burns天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/iHhuw6K41HJ6r80/sh-p-n

    Bruh BuddyBruh Buddy天 前
  • 4:36 that looks suspiciously like AI upscaling. take note of the wavy grass and the also-wavy texture on the ball. regardless it does a great job from the look of that excellent quality, but I wonder if it is using AI upscaling to fake the details.

    Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue4 天 前
  • I literally just bought the p40 pro last week 😅 Used though 👌 for 420€

    Lars ArneLars Arne6 天 前
  • So the 5G version is recommended? Priced at 800USD for 6/128GB

    DarknoorXDarknoorX6 天 前
  • Please review note 10 lite

    DarknoorXDarknoorX6 天 前
  • Canon has left the chat.

    SachaSacha7 天 前
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan Patil8 天 前
  • Can you Do A Review of the lite Version of the mi note 10?

    TrisTris9 天 前
  • i simply these biased reviews, if apple makes a phone who s looking like this at this price every youtuber would kiss their ass, but being xiaomi is more like, yeah but... i mean compare this to iphone SE. just how they look, and still the se gets better reviews, this xiaomi phone is a beast, lovely camera, i love the blur, the screen and that big battery

    Alexandru BadicAlexandru Badic9 天 前
  • *My phone specs for 1,000$ flagships*: Cameras: 108 MP 5 MP macro 8 MP telephoto 32 MP front camera Battery: 5,430 MAH 90W charging Display:6.9 inch(nice) 120 Hz 4K AMOLED display Hole punch Snapdragon 865+ Storage: 12GB RAM 512 GB storage UFS 3.1

    Zoriak everythingZoriak everything9 天 前
  • Feeling like am gonna upgrade to the mi 10 had the mi 8 a while now.

    Rajeek RichardsRajeek Richards11 天 前
  • One year ago????

    Asphalt 9 Mr FerrariAsphalt 9 Mr Ferrari13 天 前
  • Dong gone, still in search od decent phone. Purchased and had to send back a pristine Op 7pro because wouldn't set up with my ST TMobe. Madness... Looking to spend outright 700. Or less on a pristine phone that has my comps. Let me say,I absolutely "adore you". Your mom is a happy woman!

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin16 天 前
  • basically its a camera which can do phone

    Adarsh BeraAdarsh Bera20 天 前
  • Can you pls review mi 10 lite and mi 10 note lite

    Belinda LeeBelinda Lee20 天 前
  • that was a german fast charger btw

    J. K.BJ. K.B23 天 前
  • Nice

    Amir SohelAmir Sohel23 天 前
  • Me watching this on a mi note 10

    AliAli23 天 前
  • Am using note 10+, awesome camera, other phone fake pixel

    Siberia SiberiaSiberia Siberia26 天 前
  • nice work 💪

    antony githinjiantony githinji26 天 前
  • Please review vivo v20

    Pintu Mintu. ComPintu Mintu. Com个月 前
  • Use snapseed to make your photos amazing i have a j7 crown and my photos look perfect

    Time Lapse WolfTime Lapse Wolf个月 前
  • What is your favourite smartphone

    Parmar OmdevsinhParmar Omdevsinh个月 前
  • I got an ad right at the end of the video

    CooglydudeCooglydude个月 前
  • Super

    pro buddy umpro buddy um个月 前
  • Apple: "We are creating the super 12mp camera for iPhone 12 series" Xiaomi: "We're already on 108mp cameras" Apple:"😲😲😱😱"

    Sonia KumarSonia Kumar个月 前
  • You said insane table wobble. Now look back and see the note 20 ultra

    Poopagedon GuyPoopagedon Guy个月 前
  • I bought the Xiaomi Mi note 10 and it has very good front camera, however, the back camera always blurry and you need to tap tap tap many times just to get it to normal look :( , especially in the low lighting it’s completely blur and there is no way to make it normal unless you search for bright lighting, and it’s so damn SLOW, I regret that I bought it 😞

    Maery DianaMaery Diana个月 前
  • Beautiful Gent!!!

    Κωνσταντίνος ΙωσηφίδηςΚωνσταντίνος Ιωσηφίδης个月 前
  • Hey, Mrwhoestheboss can you do a vid on the oppo a72 plz. I'd love that vid and I'm sure lots of others would too!

    fortnite chicken123fortnite chicken123个月 前
  • How Prize mobile phone ?

    vikram navalevikram navale个月 前
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 reviwe ?

    clarence sovisclarence sovis个月 前
  • Damnnnn!!!

    Adish SrivastavaAdish Srivastava个月 前
  • Great video! I have a quick question, as a phone as a whole would you say this(Mi Note 10), the Mi 10 or the pocophone F2 is the best? I need to the decision by next month.

    Andy TAndy T个月 前
  • im watching on Xiaomi note 7

    JustPlease 20JustPlease 20个月 前
  • youtu.be/RPoCsWIy watch this right now because this video is really important

    Ammar MadarwalaAmmar Madarwala个月 前
  • When is the nokia 9.3 pureview going to be released

    Matthew SandersMatthew Sanders个月 前
  • MI 10T, kindly do the needful.

    Sanjay SunilSanjay Sunil个月 前
  • I have the Mi Note 10 and i love it

    Gta is beschteGta is beschte个月 前
  • i really love this❤️❤️❤️

    Diwakar BhattDiwakar Bhatt个月 前
  • I thought there was a stylus pen :/

    Eduardo EstradaEduardo Estrada个月 前
  • I am using it now for 6 months mi xioma mi note 10 pro 5g. Perfect and good price.

    Wim JanssensWim Janssens个月 前
  • Is this still good to buy under 400$?

    John GeveroJohn Gevero个月 前
  • What is the cost of the mobile

    Kumbham RavindharKumbham Ravindhar个月 前
  • Cries in Verizon

    Hans TangHans Tang个月 前
  • Do you get a watermark when u shoot a photo?

    Jordy WieberdinkJordy Wieberdink个月 前
  • Why is everyone saying other things? The mi 10 with 108p camera wasnt anything good

    Jordy WieberdinkJordy Wieberdink个月 前
  • Huawei facing all the problems so the only legit company left is xiaomi

    GameplayGameplay个月 前
  • Nice one 😂 there's a MIUI 12 software update that changed the whole MIUI software to a fun party. 😂

  • Nice

    Saad ShaikhSaad Shaikh2 个月 前
  • Thats my phone!!!

    Oh my Kpop!Oh my Kpop!2 个月 前
  • Very beautiful

    Mesut AhmadiMesut Ahmadi2 个月 前
  • Price

    Varshith SalvaVarshith Salva2 个月 前
  • sold out on the link! :-(

    Barrie BrownBarrie Brown2 个月 前
  • 30w charging Arun: that’s pretty impressive The mi note 10 ultra: *evil laughing*

    Nathan FlowersNathan Flowers2 个月 前
    • Lmao the Mi 10 Ultra can charge at 4 times the 30 watts

      namciclenamcicle2 个月 前
  • Arun really said " i've been using this phone for a week "

    Shebin shamsuddeenShebin shamsuddeen2 个月 前
  • 2011: your phone has a good camera 2020: your camera has a good phone

    Bhasura VasudevanBhasura Vasudevan2 个月 前
  • I am moving away from Google because of poor costumer service and the tendency to OTA brick their phones. It happened to me with their Nexus 5x (motherboard burnt after OTA update) and with my Pixel 2 (camera bricked after OTA update). This looks like a good competitor in terms of camera and price... What would you say? Would you leave the Pixel line for this?

    Alessandro FrancesaAlessandro Francesa2 个月 前
  • I love your accent,sir!

    Jonathan TesadoJonathan Tesado2 个月 前
  • In my country this phone costs equal to 320 pounds so you know what I am gonna do know...

    Muhammad WissamMuhammad Wissam2 个月 前
  • although more megapixel doesnt mean camera performance is great, xiaomi mi note 10's camera sensor seems doing great.

    Hayashi ShirouHayashi Shirou2 个月 前
  • And what about video? Or if a phone takes good pictures, then it also takes good video?

    Ender - A játék az életemEnder - A játék az életem2 个月 前
  • can you do a review of xiaomi note 10 lite

  • I love to watching yer video I have is that year real voice?❤️

    Suraj BishwakarmaSuraj Bishwakarma2 个月 前
  • Guys you can check a sample of photo of 108mp here cnworld.info/free/gqOLvWjSz6mc0Jo/sh-p-n

    GG ChannelGG Channel2 个月 前
  • @Xiaomi really is one of the best phone companies but when it makes a beast phone -(like mi 10 ultra and k30 ultra)- it keep it to China

    1KING1191KING1192 个月 前
  • 5.1 million subscribers and 5.1 million views this video

    Crazy BoyCrazy Boy2 个月 前
  • Bro clean your selfie cam. My face scan in xiaomi redmi 8 is as fast as iphone's literally.!!!

    TreviTrevi2 个月 前
  • Your reviews is the best reviews on the planet, please do more.🙏🙏🙏

    Ashkan _133Ashkan _1332 个月 前
  • brother need phone please

    Wahid ShaikhWahid Shaikh2 个月 前

    Gensev7Gensev72 个月 前
  • My poco has both faster fingerprint and faster face unlock.

    Pranav ChoudharyPranav Choudhary2 个月 前
  • Me looking on mi note 10 hahaha

    Axel LomeliAxel Lomeli2 个月 前
    • bro give your idea about this phone

      Ahmed.HAhmed.H2 个月 前
  • if you wont buy this product and you get 10% discount click here...lite.al/9woCak

    Sahjamal IslamSahjamal Islam2 个月 前
  • *.*

    LyricVideos YTLyricVideos YT3 个月 前
  • Mrwhostheboss: 'and the camera is quite protruding' Samsung now with the note 20 ultra: 'what did you say?'

    Yeezee The GamerYeezee The Gamer3 个月 前
    • The Mi 10 Ultra lmao

      namciclenamcicle3 个月 前
  • Or as I like to call it... The Galaxy Note 10

    TheTechChannel 1TheTechChannel 13 个月 前
  • If i could get it.🙄🙄

    Dewan bin tvDewan bin tv3 个月 前
  • Nice information

    GameBoy 2020GameBoy 20203 个月 前
  • The cameras it's a complete scrap , i never will buy a phone from Xiaomi .. My pixel 3a it's 100% better then Xiaomi mi note 10 ...

    onuku 777onuku 7773 个月 前
    • @onuku 777 Imagine what it could have been

      namciclenamcicle3 个月 前
    • @namcicle most of the people think that you buy a phone with 5 cameras and 108 mp will be amazing , but look at google with one camera and software ....

      onuku 777onuku 7773 个月 前
    • Pixel 3a is better then most so does it really make sense

      namciclenamcicle3 个月 前
  • I'm using it but never have time to review it. Also my channel is not for making money so no one come to see.

    Gregorian CKMGregorian CKM3 个月 前
    • @Ahmed.H Yes, overheating when fast charging. But it can be solved by using cooling fan or charging it when device in low temp. I'm using magnetic case so never see defect on it.

      Gregorian CKMGregorian CKM2 个月 前
    • @Gregorian CKM Are there defects in the phone, is it overheating, for example, or the screen?

      Ahmed.HAhmed.H2 个月 前
    • @Ahmed.H just one, this phone is unique and rare. The last of Mi series for Note. Because they will never make Note series again for Mi brand. So this is the last. So many new incoming version for the same range of price, e.g Poco F2 Pro. But they will make another version of Poco meanwhile Mi Note will never make any version again.

      Gregorian CKMGregorian CKM2 个月 前
    • so just give me ur idea the phone bro

      Ahmed.HAhmed.H2 个月 前
  • Plus it has a headphone jack

    NicksterV UwUNicksterV UwU3 个月 前
  • it has 8 cameras on the back and will you get today the new mi 10 ultra

    The MercenaryThe Mercenary3 个月 前
  • Him: It has a headphone jack. Me: shut up and take my money…

    Renju RaveendranRenju Raveendran3 个月 前

    Mademoiselle FarahwahMademoiselle Farahwah3 个月 前
  • The phone rn goes for about 350-400 euros so basically it's a no brainer if you only have 400 euros to spend

    DamoDamo3 个月 前
  • "You pay for a Xaomi phone with YOUR data"

    Aman DesaiAman Desai3 个月 前
  • Guys what is the song of the outro

    dennis naledennis nale3 个月 前
  • should i buy the mi note 10 light (please answer)

    Emil BrdarskiEmil Brdarski3 个月 前
  • I am waiting for this phone

    Biraj MajhiBiraj Majhi3 个月 前
  • Every time Arun says, "...On top of that, ______ has a headphone jack..." he destroys the iPhone users

    TarunTarun3 个月 前
  • Great analysis bro

    Ali MirAli Mir3 个月 前
  • Review the Xiaomi Note 11

    Not_ IeafyNot_ Ieafy3 个月 前
  • The battery is amazing. I charged to full 100% yesterday and today is 18.30pm and still 40% !!!!!!!!!! I watched videos ,surf on the net, social media. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    Joseph TaylorJoseph Taylor4 个月 前
    • I'm thinking about giving up my S20 and getting this. In just done with Samsung. Worth the buy?

      Justin HallJustin Hall个月 前
  • Did you know? *_Humans have a headphone jack too!_*

    Fanica 5DFanica 5D4 个月 前
  • I bought it and to me it's soooo good hehehe

    AP 78AP 784 个月 前
    • Is the 📷 good enough for uploading to insta, I think those social media apps downgrade the quality of the pics

      SonicHedge HogSonicHedge Hog3 个月 前
  • Is there any benefit for getting the pro over the regular?

    Irena FreidinIrena Freidin4 个月 前
  • damn. thought I'll be shying away with Xiaomi

    chedoodleschedoodles4 个月 前
  • xiaomi mi note 10 review = camera review😐

    Triki OsamaTriki Osama4 个月 前