Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison!

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4K Camera Test - Huawei P40 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera - Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode, Slow motion video, and more.
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  • iphone win

    dağhan özdağhan öz18 小时 前
  • ( huawei mate 40 pro unboxing and review and test )

  • Huawei...sad that such a good camera comes with that brand. I hope their able to get back on track.

    BonerFideBonerFide天 前
  • Galaxy s20 ultra 🥺❤

    Lanna AnnaLanna Anna天 前
  • Hawaii or apple

    DatGamer 2008DatGamer 20082 天 前
  • 1: IPhone 2: Huawei 3: Samsung

    iamquentinoffiamquentinoff2 天 前
  • Samsung is better 😉👍

    RAMA STARS راماRAMA STARS راما2 天 前
  • That’s why the Huawei phone is getting banned... because it’s cheap and too good

    Yulei HuangYulei Huang3 天 前
  • To be honest Samsung has a great sound and I have been with Apple all my life

    Erfan MohammadiErfan Mohammadi4 天 前
  • huawei just built different

    StefanStefan4 天 前
  • Huawei One of the best company bcs The Price and producing high quality phones

    Shaho AfridiShaho Afridi7 天 前
  • P40 pro

    Kerry SonguiKerry Songui8 天 前
  • Huawei any day any time with or without Google ...Google don't rule my phone

    Kerry SonguiKerry Songui8 天 前
  • I don't know why lol but my oppo A9 2020 can do that with same quality lol..... except that good stability

    DaveDave9 天 前
  • IPhone ❤️

    Prince ErickPrince Erick9 天 前
  • The model is the best. Ur so hot

    LZALZA9 天 前
  • Can someone tell me what is the nature of that "brightness flickering and image distortion" at 0:42 in p40 ? Can it be eliminated with a gimbal? Or is there a setting that can be used? It seems like the p40 is adjusting the aperture? Did the p40 get any firmware updates? that looks like a clear dealbreaker.

    Zsolt TóthZsolt Tóth11 天 前
  • With the ability to edit photos and videos afterwards, what's the big deal really?

    Wilson OlaiyaWilson Olaiya11 天 前
  • US gov. stop killing huawei.

    Aut TarkAut Tark11 天 前
  • Samsung:-is the best

    Janti KonwarJanti Konwar12 天 前
  • This video is so useful, love it

    Andreea SuciuAndreea Suciu12 天 前
  • Is night mode work for front camera?

    eat cookieseat cookies12 天 前
  • can I have 1 of your phone please,🙏🙏🥺🥺 any of it🥺🥺

    erer egeerer ege13 天 前
  • samsung

    Cryvall CCCCryvall CCC14 天 前
  • I think you should just make a video of your camera

    MD GamerzMD Gamerz14 天 前
  • بہت محنت سے ویڈیوذ بناتی ھوں, مگر کوئ بھی سپورٹ نھیی کرتا,براہ کرم میرا ساتھ دیں ،💖💖 اللہ آپ کو اور والدین کو ہمیشہ خوش رکھے💖............

    Hasina RahimHasina Rahim16 天 前
  • Apple- Looks rich Samsung - Plastic Huawei- Beast

    Penty & AlanPenty & Alan17 天 前
  • Huawei p40 pro still the best

    jude Godwinjude Godwin17 天 前
  • iPhone: we have the best camera S20 Ultra: hold my 8k camera and 100x zoom Huawei P40 Pro: hold my night mode camera Edit: Android wins when it comes to night camera (Huawei P40) and the 8k camera and 100x zoom (S20 Ultra

    Cool Blox GamingCool Blox Gaming17 天 前
  • Samsung S20 - the best Huawei P40 Pro - Night iPhone 11 - the worst (a little bit)

    Cool Blox GamingCool Blox Gaming17 天 前
  • ну ты и смола

    Папин ПрограммистПапин Программист18 天 前
  • Tbh no social person with friends in they right mind would own a damn android 🤧 notice why its only them that have time to compare they android to another phone

    Slap WoodsSlap Woods20 天 前
    • Apple stan

      Eran SinghEran Singh14 天 前
  • Same thing we want for iphone 12 pro max

    The Owl GameThe Owl Game20 天 前
  • East or west, Huawei is the best

    Arifuddin MohammedArifuddin Mohammed21 天 前
  • Samsung then better is the best phone in the world

    Zain UsmanZain Usman21 天 前
  • Give me any bad phone, really need one 😣

  • Huawei is king 🤙🤙💥💥💥

    abhinav kpabhinav kp22 天 前
  • Samsung or iPhone definitely

    Ghersson Geovanni Atahua HernándezGhersson Geovanni Atahua Hernández22 天 前
  • Me too ! "My main camera for photos is now the Hauwei P40 Pro "...😊 Good and timely presentation there.

    Bunmi AjibolaBunmi Ajibola23 天 前
  • This is just to show that you can't get all the good stuff in one world.

    Stradskie Gaming VLOGStradskie Gaming VLOG23 天 前
  • iPhone 11 pro max is the most consistent one, I think I will go with it.

    M RedaM Reda24 天 前
  • From Philippines new friend here .. JAMS TV

    JAMS TVJAMS TV24 天 前
  • Great video again!!

    Stephano LStephano L24 天 前
  • you forgot the king of camera...SONY XPERIA 1 II

    Eddy MilerEddy Miler24 天 前
  • Huawei has best camera i will upgrade when 8k from Huawei are available

    Atheist Reveals FictionAtheist Reveals Fiction25 天 前
  • Huawei p40 pro wins

    Francis CastilloFrancis Castillo25 天 前
  • P40 Pro 💪

    Mitar SrbinMitar Srbin25 天 前
  • Mate 40 pro camera comparison with iPhone 12 pro

    Khulesh BandheKhulesh Bandhe27 天 前
  • En iyisi ı phone, en gerçekçi renkleri veriyor. Renkleri doygun ve keskinliği çok iyi.

    Çınar AçıkgözÇınar Açıkgöz28 天 前
  • Best huawei

    Oliver HuniadvariOliver Huniadvari28 天 前
  • Galaxy s20 Ultra definitely won this one! 😃😁

    Jethro TeeceJethro Teece28 天 前

    Yann RYKLINYann RYKLIN个月 前
  • How come you used iPhone 11 max and Samsung 20s ultra and you didn't use Huawei p40 pro plus 🤔 please do another with comparison

    Ahmed HameedAhmed Hameed个月 前
  • So many publicity in the comment section but reality speaking, Iphone really has the best quality of camera among the three. Captured photos and recorded videos doesn't lie.

    Paul Nicola ParuaPaul Nicola Parua个月 前
  • I have Huawei nova their battery run fast and screen lcd hurts my eyes bad bad choice too much price for mid-range

    american runs the cover for wahhabisamerican runs the cover for wahhabis个月 前
  • Samsung s20 ultra best camera phone.

    Md Shilon RezaMd Shilon Reza个月 前
  • like=iphone comment=huawei p40 pro thumbs down=samsung plz choose

  • Samsung camera looks great!

    Anuj MhatreAnuj Mhatre个月 前
  • The king of camera is HUAWEI

    Mohamed KaydMohamed Kayd个月 前
  • in none of the photos samsung wins.

    unruly travellerunruly traveller个月 前
  • Samsung Galaxy s20 best phone

    Ravindra JaiswalRavindra Jaiswal个月 前
  • We all see, samsung is the best

    《• Nightfall Sky •》《• Nightfall Sky •》个月 前
  • P40pro ❤️

    WaHiDWaHiD个月 前
  • Note 20 ultra

    Qassim ShabbirQassim Shabbir个月 前

    HaineVIDIAHaineVIDIA个月 前
  • Huawei the best👌

    Mahi HarikumarMahi Harikumar个月 前
  • ever since the begining iphone has always been trash samsung has been really good huawei has been the best

    Gabriel ComeauGabriel Comeau个月 前
  • 9:35 Iphone: slow Samsung: slower Huaweo: *ZA WARUDO*

    Orbital HeavenOrbital Heaven个月 前
    • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      Soul ArgonautSoul Argonaut个月 前
  • Please give away a phone to me🥺

    Ali HadisAli Hadis个月 前
  • S 20 ultra best

    Usama KhanUsama Khan个月 前
  • Hi

    Jade BadianoJade Badiano个月 前
  • Huawei is the best

    maria salihmaria salih个月 前
  • The winnner is... P40 Pro

    Itsuki MiharaItsuki Mihara个月 前
  • the thumbnail made me HUAWEI fan

    Pro DeaglePro Deagle个月 前
  • Actually u r looking like parvin dabas(hollywood actor)

    S&P VLOG'SS&P VLOG'S个月 前
  • Iphone best 🥰💞

    shoung changshoung chang个月 前
  • Apple and samsug better than Huawei

    Kyler YapKyler Yap个月 前
  • i think samsung win with hardware but overall apple still the king of system, color and reality captured

    Harry WuHarry Wu个月 前
  • My John Yee Waste Mobile Surf works for 2 months, then my camera becomes useless. Just surf two mobiles, Samsung and iPhone are good.

    Hameed KhanHameed Khan个月 前
  • Samsung best

    DUCKYS28DUCKYS28个月 前
  • Really love huawei and iPhone photos, but I really think Samsung is to shiny, overexposed, even if the quality is slightly better than iPhone !

    vizendervizender个月 前
  • Samsung has the best camera and the best focus and reality

  • I'm curious 'bout these phones but I can't see the difference cuz i'm watching this from my oppo a37 with a damaged screen. 😅 The s20/middle part is what I can only clearly see lol

    Frances MaeFrances Mae个月 前
  • Huawei so far the best smartphone brand in the world. Samsung and apple are struggling with the innovations of huawei. Apple,s expensive titanic now going to be sink

    Muhammad ShahzaibMuhammad Shahzaib个月 前
  • Huawei is the best one for camera... Iam using a mid range phone ,Huawei p30 but still it rocks..🔥

    LalithLalith个月 前
  • Samsung galaxy s20 is the perfect Camera and videos 👍👍👍

    Satria AnggaraSatria Anggara个月 前
  • I got a new ipad

    Gamer Taco catGamer Taco cat个月 前
  • Huawei is actually the best our eyes prove that.

    Muhammad UsmanMuhammad Usman个月 前
  • Huawei is the best phone so far the rest are calculators

    Addo ThomasAddo Thomas个月 前
  • iphone 11 is the best

    Gina DioGina Dio个月 前
  • For me samsung 🥰 #follow_ur_hearts

    H. Laing CHHAYH. Laing CHHAY个月 前
  • Time to unsubscribe you

    Technical BlogsTechnical Blogs个月 前
  • I hate Apple but i prefer iPhone camera lol Huawei? no thx

    Daniel NgDaniel Ng个月 前
  • Wow p40 is amazing ... Now wait for mate 40, its going to kill evryone

    ilyas khan khattakilyas khan khattak个月 前
  • 7:06 - WTF😨

    césarcésar个月 前
  • I love your videos,.What's your name bro and where are you from?

    Sayem MorolSayem Morol个月 前
  • iPhone the best

    andres canonandres canon个月 前
  • Can you do a House touer

    Alexander GodfreyAlexander Godfrey个月 前
  • Apple never amaze me in their camera cause iphone has a upper hand of camera

    deathmark trinitydeathmark trinity个月 前
  • Huawei gives brighter and whiter tone because of Asian beauty standard. More white more pale skin looks good. Especially in china.

    Ochirbat OchkiOchirbat Ochki个月 前