Top Smartphones of 2020? ft. MKBHD

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Talking about the best current 2020 and future smartphones with MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)!
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  • Iphone 8 plus the best! Still rocking in 2020

    Romit PoladiyaRomit Poladiya4 天 前
  • You forgot the best of the best phone of 2020 “iPhoney 24 max pro plus 5g fold

    Jasman SinghJasman Singh5 天 前
  • he forgot to tell by the way if you liked the video, a sub would be " (something positive) "

    Neerav KapugantiNeerav Kapuganti5 天 前
  • MrWhoseTheBoss in his bedroom--- MKBHD in his giant studio

    Nathan MalekNathan Malek5 天 前
  • I think foldable phones will be replaced by rollalbe phones but not flip phones like the z flip or the razr

    Cooper LevinsonCooper Levinson6 天 前
  • This is sad. Watching two people have a conversation.

    Mbulelo NdlangamandlaMbulelo Ndlangamandla6 天 前
  • what is with hauwei

    simisimi7 天 前
  • Only wierd thing I found unintentionally... Both of you were blushing during the vidcon... Why..? I don't know... But it was wierd... Anyways... Really nice idea making such a video...

  • I like how they used Skype


    Chase 5gChase 5g13 天 前
  • I have doubt i am still using samsung android 6.0.1 version but today my instagram is not working due to new update can i update my android version to 10 is it safe to phone can you tell me

    Krupal SaiKrupal Sai15 天 前
  • Pause video and go on 0:00

    Accidental Goat SodomyAccidental Goat Sodomy16 天 前
  • I like BIG screens because of Gaming ,not because I think I am getting higher value

    Mr. Spells out penaltiesMr. Spells out penalties16 天 前
  • What phone should I get for 1000 Dollars at most?????

    Mr. Spells out penaltiesMr. Spells out penalties16 天 前
  • Bruh the mini is Good

    Mr. Spells out penaltiesMr. Spells out penalties16 天 前
  • I’m still using the 6plus like this is sad

    iamTeslon WardiamTeslon Ward16 天 前
  • Foldable phones are the future

    Habtom TekleHabtom Tekle18 天 前
  • lg has dual screen which should have been mentioned in the video

    Knight WolfKnight Wolf18 天 前
  • 7:00 that is the problem that the iPhone 12 mini solves lol

    TNT SavageTNT Savage20 天 前
  • You have more $1000 smartphones than I have dollars

    HarveyHarvey20 天 前
  • You really put Escobar Fold on here

    BoredSonicFanBoredSonicFan21 天 前
  • That roll out screen nice

    Peter vdPeter vd21 天 前
  • It's not marqus it's Mark Ass

    Imran YeasirImran Yeasir21 天 前
  • "Top Smartphones of 2020?" 8:17

    Gabe ThomasGabe Thomas21 天 前
  • Ok

    Amir SohelAmir Sohel23 天 前
  • 360 phones

    Atiya KhanAtiya Khan23 天 前
  • Good jobs mate

  • Lol when 6.2 inches considered a "small phone"

    Dylan pDylan p25 天 前
  • Would love to have a small phone for my small hands like the samsung galaxy s6

    Brittany McKinnonBrittany McKinnon27 天 前
  • *Talking about Escobar* MKBHD: "I dont think I ever had any genuine security concerns other than them having my address" Also MKBHD: Shifts office completely

    Shyam VasudevShyam Vasudev个月 前
  • Yes I'm one of the women who can't use flagship phones because of my tiny hand 😭

    HananHanan个月 前
  • MKBHD: Smaller flagships would be cool Apple: quick write that down, write that down

    DeadTake 26DeadTake 26个月 前
  • 'A lot of women, a lot of kids' Racist maybe???

    AmaanAmaan个月 前
  • why did you say "women"? nooooooooooooo

    dudu tsheladudu tshela个月 前
  • Should green screen yourself so you can be next to each other like your actually there

    FrogeFroge个月 前
  • btw this is ma sisters account . When you find out at some point Marques was lying about some stuff: 0.0 next day: unsubscribed from MKBHD

    Leina elgabouLeina elgabou个月 前
  • Hi,love from Malaysia.

    Tanvir360logTanvir360log个月 前
  • Wouldn't a wraparound display mean the possibility of higher quality selfies and video chatting utilizing the rear camera?

    Jon JurgensJon Jurgens个月 前
  • Also tech nick

    Caleb MammenCaleb Mammen个月 前
  • Sound of silence. Lol

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker个月 前
  • 1:11 love this momment

    Alison ScannellAlison Scannell个月 前
  • Two of the biggest smartphone tech reviewers on the planet and the Escobar company had the nerve to questionably obtain their addresses and ask them to review their shitty bootlegged copy phones. These guys are our heroes and take no shit.

    NativeBrownboyNativeBrownboy个月 前
  • Now I understand the question mark in your title

    Tas NeemTas Neem个月 前
  • If we start making foldable smartphones the size of tablets, people have to start making women's clothes with pockets to fit them. I have four (count: 4) items of clothing that will fit those in a pocket. They are all fall jackets.

    Cat the MegCat the Meg个月 前
  • 6:52 that’s why you have apple to solve your problems

    MM//MysteriousMasterMM//MysteriousMaster个月 前
  • For the first phone, if they made the back camera an underscreen camera, that would be so amazing.

    • Guardian of the Glitch •• Guardian of the Glitch •个月 前
  • I wanna get a phOne that's better than mid-range but not as flashy as most flagships ,what phone would u tell me to get

    Asher LemondAsher Lemond个月 前
  • The reason I buy large phones is because I don't waste my precious time being programmed and forced "to watch" what companies force choose for me. . Cable... I can decide for myself with a large phone. But...

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin个月 前
  • Really, I was just thinking that Marquez, to be the best next to You. 💕

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin个月 前
    • But, I was just thinking this today, and this video was from March! 😮

      Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin个月 前
  • I been bashing battery tech for a long time. Takes the same battery from Galaxy Note 3 battery to S10 battery and we recently got phones that can last longer? Definitely getting ripped off. Didn't help that everyone from general consumers to tech reviewers kept wanting skinnier phones. I never recommended big phones until recently to people because they weren't worth the price jump until recently.

    NChyncNChync个月 前
  • I'm more into the rolling screen. LG's tv and TCL's phone would be nice to have

    NChyncNChync个月 前
  • Honestly since i saw the black shark pro 3 review, i feel like its a amazing value, since i have an Iphone 10xs, cause my pc sucks and my ps4 is getting old

    Big NutBig Nut个月 前
  • Phones need to be cheaper with enough power built in for a decade or more. Also manufactures should know the hardships and opportunities that each country has individually if they wanna sell lots of more phones.

    joker666joker666个月 前
  • ض

    نسمه الصاوياشتبزساتانسمه الصاوياشتبزساتا个月 前
  • 6:45 iPhone 12 mini

    Zach TorrenceZach Torrence个月 前
  • 7:22 iJustine be like...

    Elio HasaElio Hasa个月 前
  • I would like to know who has easy access like fingerprint or eye iris the best.

    Ferdinand CarsonFerdinand Carson个月 前
  • If MKBHD ever goes to Colombia... "So, I've been kidnapped for about a week now..."

    Franco BarreraFranco Barrera个月 前
  • did he compare women to children or is it just me

    Libin AhmedLibin Ahmed个月 前
  • I love how they’re talking about a small flagship phone and tomorrow is the releasing of the iPhone 12 Mini

    Hayden BHayden B个月 前
    • @Akib Hussain I know, its like they predicted the future.

      Hayden BHayden B个月 前
    • This video is 7 months ago

      Akib HussainAkib Hussain个月 前
    • Wut

      FaridFarid个月 前
  • I thought MKBHD’s camera was trash but I had the quality on 480p ;-;

    FabianFabian个月 前
  • which one shoul i buy ? 1 note 9 2 one plus 7 3 one plus nord 4 mi 10 5 or any other mid budget you would suggest

    Jamil AhmedJamil Ahmed个月 前
  • 0:34 lol😂😂

    Nithin SanthoshNithin Santhosh个月 前
  • Nobody going to talk about how mrwhooseboss finger is bending in a weird way on the cover of this vid

    Zaine GarciaZaine Garcia个月 前
  • you cut off Jerry 😔

    TechnoCraft ITATechnoCraft ITA个月 前
  • Which one of you has the gocube app and are you a cyber, 4:42

  • Honestly, I feel that the best phone is my Pixel 4a... it has the most useful feature... a headphone jack...

    TheDeathmailTheDeathmail个月 前
  • Foldable phones will forever be niche, it will never be main stream. So the foldable phones will never be affordable.

    sensaznalsensaznal个月 前
  • A good phone for 2 years lol, I dont shits money to buy one of those every two years

    Ahmet HuremovicAhmet Huremovic个月 前
  • android is samsung

    turki111turki111个月 前
  • I love both of you. When I see you two together, I just feel that you two are best friends in a different way❤️

    Biohazard EverywhereBiohazard Everywhere个月 前
  • Hey Arun,didn't marry??🥰😍

    Jathin Sreekar JakkaJathin Sreekar Jakka个月 前
  • I need a phone which i can re size to smuggle it to my school😂😂

    Yectan Gaming MainYectan Gaming Main个月 前
  • 0:53 What's wrong with it?

    kenny hickmankenny hickman个月 前
  • Would they include the pixel 4a?

  • I kind of wish these reviewers would pay less attention to "the best" and more to "phones that make sense to buy". Because you can always make a "better" phone by tacking on another thousand bucks to the price tag.

    EmissaryGW2EmissaryGW2个月 前
  • 9:57 thank me later

    PaleRiderYTPaleRiderYT个月 前
  • MKBHD next video: so I dropped the wraparound display phone...

    PaleRiderYTPaleRiderYT个月 前
  • MKBHD: so i've been out of ideas for 2 weeks now...

    PaleRiderYTPaleRiderYT个月 前
  • Women's jean pockets need to be bigger.

    Ms. BlackcatMs. Blackcat个月 前
  • I love Marques

    Ontrek9Ontrek9个月 前
  • cool

    666 subs plz666 subs plz个月 前
  • Bring Sony phones please

    Amirreza NaderimarandAmirreza Naderimarand个月 前
  • Galaxy S9 Plus and Note9 are still the best phones for the money

    KubiKubi个月 前
  • Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

    Margie DullavinMargie Dullavin个月 前
  • bruh so RIGHT before the outro there was a midroll ad but before then, none at all

    0J30J3个月 前
  • So what is mkbhds favorite phone?

    Benjamin .S.K TechBenjamin .S.K Tech个月 前
  • Unfortunately, this was more or less useless video chat, no clear information was given, just a few highlights. Top Smartphones as a topic and still talking about Samsung and Apple, then rename it into something more suitable, after all your negative score is really growing...

    A StoyanovA Stoyanov个月 前
  • Let’s get to 1001000100001010001010101010100 likes

    AirAir个月 前
  • Okkkk

    AirAir个月 前

    AirAir个月 前
  • What about airpods vs buds

    Elvis AsieduElvis Asiedu个月 前

  • MKBHD and MrWhostheBoss.. My 2 main man in tech reviews

    Jay Cimafranca TVJay Cimafranca TV个月 前
  • Well yeah, that's what we expected

    Nikkie JohnstonNikkie Johnston个月 前
  • All I want is A PHONE THAT WON’T BREAK!

    Raindogg TVRaindogg TV个月 前
  • This ranting about phone size over and over and over is starting to get ridiculous. Jesus Christ it's not hard to use both hands is it?

    Ibrahim StrikaIbrahim Strika个月 前
  • Hi Folks. I will be uploading videos about unboxing, reviews etc. Just following my passion. Inspired By MKBHD and Mrwhosetheboss. Will be uploading 2 Videos Per Week. So please

    Hammad RaziHammad Razi个月 前
  • "If for some reason you haven't heard of him...." Sure.

    Modupe SandaModupe Sanda个月 前
  • Read my name

    Muffin SpaceMuffin Space2 个月 前