Mystery Xiaomi Smartphone Unboxing.

2020年05月 9日
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Unboxing a one-of-a-kind Smartphone from Xiaomi, as well as a ton of other smartphones and smartphone gadgets from 2020 and prior!
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Product links:
Nail Clipper
Smart Jacket
Writing Tablet
Fimi Palm
Redmi 8A
Mi True Wireless Basic
Magic Cube
Outdoor Speaker
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  • You do know that you are blocking the sound of populele by your left hand right?

    Riyazz RaynRiyazz Rayn小时 前
  • "Nothing's good unless it's smart" "Looks smarter than it is" -Every teacher I've ever had

    TechPhDTechPhD18 小时 前
  • I like entry level and mid range phone reviews because those reviews are the only things i can afford

    stinky bedsheetsstinky bedsheets2 天 前
  • No matter how many times I watch any of his videos they never get boring

    Sanjeev GopalSanjeev Gopal2 天 前
  • 12:18 arun:- you cant go and buy one transparent mi 10 Jerry rig everything :- fine I'll do it myself

    Aryan GuptaAryan Gupta3 天 前
  • Can you do giveaways

    Sarah DriiSarah Drii3 天 前
  • i would actually buy that cube im not even joking

    Jeni Ruth OlarteJeni Ruth Olarte4 天 前
  • I'm still waiting for the mi 10 pro video..

    theUnknowntheUnknown5 天 前
  • This guy's such a gem. Others would've made separate video for each product but not him.

    Jordan CardoneJordan Cardone6 天 前
  • Oh my God, his target was 5 million before the end of the year, now he is heading to 6 million

    samuel abahsamuel abah6 天 前
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro has a 48 megapixel quad rear camera setup, whereas the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max has a 64 megapixel quad rear camera setup.

    Sunanda GhoshalSunanda Ghoshal6 天 前
  • Redmi note 9 pro has a 48 mp camera😊😊

    Suhaan OpSuhaan Op7 天 前

    Salman Naeem ChaudharySalman Naeem Chaudhary8 天 前
  • I'm watching this video in redmi note 9 pro

    Clarence JoelClarence Joel8 天 前

    Joana Sophia ManabatJoana Sophia Manabat9 天 前
  • I really like his intro

    Ariffin ZailanAriffin Zailan9 天 前
  • wait Xiaomi makes ukuleles?

    Agastya PratapAgastya Pratap10 天 前
  • What's special about the nail clipper?

    John SmithJohn Smith11 天 前
  • Did anybody realize he has. MacBook in the background and researches the products on it

    RobloxStudioCreatorRobloxStudioCreator11 天 前
  • So long as it can run Doom I'm okay

    Galih CandraGalih Candra12 天 前
  • woah how much is the mystery box when you bought it?

    Jacinth PilapilJacinth Pilapil13 天 前
  • 11:03 I've been getting those ads a lot lately. As soon as I hear 'Shem! Ma?' I immediately want to defenestrate myself

    Tip BrowneTip Browne13 天 前
  • D brand to xiamo mi note 10 (transperant edition): I am a joke to u

    KrismatKrismat14 天 前
  • I have seen 6 Oppo F17 ads till now !!!!

    T ZenT Zen16 天 前
  • Do you watch the SpongeBob SquarePants still?????????????????

    Aman AliAman Ali16 天 前
  • I want to see Xaomi chairs, note books, and doors.

    Aman AliAman Ali16 天 前
  • I just listening with mi xiaomi true wierles ear dods

    chiko the catchiko the cat16 天 前
  • Xiami employee: I'm hungry i should order a pizza His boss: No, we're making our own pizza, xiami pizza

    Karima BastinKarima Bastin17 天 前
  • Is that all your mine?

    Black PantherBlack Panther17 天 前
  • I wanna see entry level phones

    Kashaf NaeemKashaf Naeem18 天 前
  • Him: "this is probably the most cooolest unboxing ive ever done" Also him: *Unbox nailclippers

    Janak BrahmbhattJanak Brahmbhatt19 天 前
  • The Redmi 6A is the best thing everrrrr !!!!

    Kashaf NaeemKashaf Naeem19 天 前
  • He said he’s already reviewed the Mi 10 Pro, I searched all over and I found nothing?? What the fuck?

    Flavio LuisFlavio Luis20 天 前
  • Xiaomi literally made him clip his nails, shave his beard, play ukulele and draw a dragon Edit: Never got this many likes. Now I'm hyped

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung20 天 前
  • 0:14 second much mobiles do you have man

    information zoneinformation zone22 天 前
  • He complains about how cold it gets in the UK it gets to -50 degrees Celsius in Canada

    nku 22nku 2222 天 前
  • Looks so sick man

    Amel MesicAmel Mesic23 天 前
  • U gotten me known and obsessed with Xiaomi

    TalezTalez23 天 前
  • 4:32 it was music from a game called poo

    elcycpro7elcycpro724 天 前
  • There's so much smartphone, can you give me one of those please😂

    Adnan MadjadAdnan Madjad25 天 前
  • From you I learn about phones tablets ect. Btw I have a xiaomi Redmi 8 it's really good for 135€

    Marek and MartinMarek and Martin25 天 前
  • Great Video Mrwhosetheboss

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost26 天 前
  • Freaking Love My iPhone 7

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost26 天 前
  • I Just Bought An iPhone 7

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost26 天 前
  • Love Mrwhosetheboss’s Videos

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost26 天 前
  • I had the Xiaomi giiker m2, it's a really good cube for the price

    Raahim FareedRaahim Fareed26 天 前

    luca tranluca tran27 天 前
  • Why so cheap 🥺

    Destox BGDestox BG27 天 前
  • 2020: Smart Jackets 2021: Smart Carpets, smart brooms

    Mohammad HaribMohammad Harib27 天 前
  • 4:36 Arun: That’s talent Subtitles: Ah Stalin

    De BillingtonDe Billington28 天 前
  • Am I the only who notices the rubix cube

    Sajid SyedSajid Syed29 天 前
  • Hi mrwhosethe boos

    Nabi CpNabi Cp29 天 前
  • smart nail clippers

  • i'll catch you in the next one gets me everytime

    spoilt gamerspoilt gamer个月 前
  • Nice

    Umar CheemaUmar Cheema个月 前
  • McShem Comedian cameo in this video 😂😂

    Knight Fury 7Knight Fury 7个月 前
  • Just watching the phone that i can't have 😂

    Joseph BuanJoseph Buan个月 前
  • Xiaomi releasing non-overpriced phones since 2010

    Larry ChenLarry Chen个月 前
  • Haha my phone is 13 mega pixel

    Larnelle RamiahLarnelle Ramiah个月 前
  • I really love the music at the end!!! ↓

    furgan manafovfurgan manafov个月 前
  • could you review the redmi note 9s?

    DavidDavid个月 前
  • the jacket reminds me of Back to the Future II

    Jack FarrellJack Farrell个月 前
  • Absolutely love your every video. But this is the first time I just have to address some criticism. To try the nail clipper on camera was revolting to me and ultra disgusting. I hope you don't have to try and test things like that. OK, here is an example: Should they send you MI toilet paper, would you test it out and show the results? Thank you!

    Haris LelicHaris Lelic个月 前
  • Arun bhai suno?

  • I like the guy on the right at 0:47 The camera man

    Adrian KarneyAdrian Karney个月 前
  • Basically if you can think of a product, Xiaomi probably makes it

    Noah BowieNoah Bowie个月 前
  • Milwaukee tools makes multiple different heated jackets and have been making them since 2010. They were the first company to make a heated jacket as far as I know and they also make heated hoodies. Their heated jackets run on their 12volt tool batteries. Milwaukee is a huge brand in the US, do you guys not get Milwaukee tools over there?

    Chevy513Chevy513个月 前
  • who else is iritated by samsung ads poping up 2-3 times in one video

    pratik desaipratik desai个月 前
  • Watching on my note 9 pro with airdots basic

    Green FlameGreen Flame个月 前
  • Nice

    Az softAz soft个月 前
  • Arun a have a question. Are Huawei phones good?

    Esti1010 2Esti1010 2个月 前
  • 11:10 can someone plz tell me these songs name

    khezer walikhezer wali个月 前
  • no 1 talking about that song

    Moe LesterMoe Lester个月 前
  • Can you review "redmi mi 9t"

    mr.clashmr.clash个月 前
  • Do cheaper phones dude

    Amshul ShresthaAmshul Shrestha个月 前
  • I can’t feel the cold

    Reece GunneryReece Gunnery个月 前
  • Review Xiaomi cocaine

    science matters bro!science matters bro!个月 前
  • Mi shaver max pro 5G

    GalaxyNightOwlGalaxyNightOwl个月 前
  • Super Darwing

    Srishanth SomireddySrishanth Somireddy个月 前
  • 3:28 oh yeah my little sister got a toy like that

    I am not has smart L e M o wI am not has smart L e M o w个月 前
  • I've got the true wireless earbuds. Watching this video with them on on a redmi note 5. For me it works great. It doesn't cover that wide of an area though. The sound quality is superb. They were given to me by my dad and I love them.

    au_ O1au_ O1个月 前
  • I got the speaker for my bday

    Bloons MasterBloons Master个月 前
  • he'll find reasons to make Chinese brands look better than Samsung :) hahaha

    Eli MtunjiEli Mtunji个月 前
  • A wierd question, can you use the xiaomi buds on any phone brand?

    Joshua FischerJoshua Fischer个月 前
  • Arun: This is a Xiaomi Cube Me:Son of a B*******

    Priyanshu ChatterjeePriyanshu Chatterjee个月 前
  • need that song at 11:15 asap

    BenZXMWBenZXMW个月 前
  • n a i l c l i p p e r s

    Swati SSwati S个月 前
  • I watching this video cause there are redmi note 9 on the thumbnail

    Sasuke UchihaSasuke Uchiha个月 前
  • Never knew he could draw

    Rayza GamingRayza Gaming个月 前
  • Please one phone give me

    College BoyCollege Boy个月 前
  • 4:25 Jesus Christ the feels, that was the game I used to play when I was like 3😂

    ImPharesツImPharesツ个月 前
  • Challenge can you unbox vivo v1 max ✨

    Vaibhav singhVaibhav singh个月 前
  • i guessed the price of the headphones in the 1st try!

    goofsgoofs个月 前
  • Love his creativity Love his generosity Love his honestly Love his voice Love his editing Love his end-screen templates Love his videos Love his Channel Love Mrwhosetheboss...

    Amazing StuffAmazing Stuff个月 前
  • Some of these are like items from Wish but actually good

    BreadBoi0BreadBoi0个月 前
  • redmi i love it

    Chiranjeevi ShresthaChiranjeevi Shrestha个月 前
  • Do u have a xiaomi 9s or 9 pro review?

    Kurt JungcoKurt Jungco个月 前
  • You are awesome

    Tajinder singhTajinder singh个月 前
  • Shout out to the editor who always puts that's what she said

    Slawomir DrapinskiSlawomir Drapinski个月 前
  • I have redmi 8a my mom bought it for me

    Jhaanav LokeshJhaanav Lokesh2 个月 前