I bought the cheapest smartphones on the planet.

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Buying the cheapest smartphones in 2020 from Wish...don't try this at home...
Check out part 2: cnworld.info/free/qq2JvWrMz5mC2bc/sh-p-n
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  • Part 2 is now live!! cnworld.info/free/qq2JvWrMz5mC2bc/sh-p-n

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss3 个月 前
    • Make a 3rd👍

      AanandAanand8 小时 前
    • VPN -Why are you deceiving your viewers? VPN's are not anonymous you are still logged into your personal emails etc... VPN's could easily be tracked back to you, tracking cookies etc... You havent thought about what you are saying at all. I like your channel but this shows how litlte you seem to know about shit like shit. VPN's DO NOT give you an anonymous browsing session, it gives you a new ip thats it. There are many other ways to track someones usage patterns.

      Jamie PowellJamie Powell8 天 前
    • One day, my mom bought me a tablet on wish, and the picture literally shows a tablet, when it came it was actually a tablet case. It was 30$. I also ordered another tablet on wish and it's been 4 years and I'm still waiting for it to arrive at my door.

      Claude DexterClaude Dexter9 天 前
    • Its hard to know when your getting a good, rebadged product that comes of the assembly line along with the genuine as chinese factorys will get in a bulk order and the staff, just stay on for overtime in off the books manufacuring! Depending on whats available, often you can get a run with identical parts but not always. Obviously the most common scam is lessor battery and fake cameras. Rarley you get board differences and casing. This is so common, Im amazed how apple keep their secret sauce and not have a hacked iOS on afterhours production and the profits would be amazing!

      Steve, TheDailyShaverSteve, TheDailyShaver16 天 前
    • 8:28 dog

      Dodge gamer !Dodge gamer !17 天 前
  • I got a wish ad at the beginning

    Ahmad Abou BakrAhmad Abou Bakr9 小时 前
  • “orders 20,000,000 mAh powerbank” “gets a literal star at his door”

    burial bikeburial bike11 小时 前
  • Bro, if you buy a phone for 50£ and it turns on you’re already winning

    Miesha LindsleyMiesha Lindsley11 小时 前
  • Your classmate: hEY fRIeNd Is ThAhT aN iPhOnE 11? You: No, It's Ephone 97 Pro

    Miesha LindsleyMiesha Lindsley12 小时 前
  • I use to hear about people getting clowned for having fake phones and I never believed they were real ...oh how I was wrong

    BOD RtayyBOD Rtayy12 小时 前
  • 0:04 I love that goose walking on the tv

    Push back, Taxiing, TakeoffPush back, Taxiing, Takeoff13 小时 前
  • At first glance, i though i was watching Mohinder Suresh. In any case, im a fan now. good, straight to the point reviews

    NilzNilz20 小时 前
  • 10:16???

    りん3865りん386523 小时 前
  • 10.16???

    りん3865りん386523 小时 前
  • Some cheap wireless earphones aren't actually half bad. I've got a pair from qcy from Ali and they sound really good for the price (and no I'm not advertising 😅)

    ycrep1993ycrep199323 小时 前
  • Did you know? When he was shopping, the song he was playing is One of GoodTimesWithScar (minecraft CNworldr and hermitcrafter ) 's time-lapse music!

    Pranav SubramaniyanPranav Subramaniyan天 前
  • "3:46" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    Παναγιωτης ΜαρκακηςΠαναγιωτης Μαρκακης天 前
  • 10:16 - the rhino

  • 10: 15 😂

    sʀᴇᴇʜᴀʀɪsʀᴇᴇʜᴀʀɪ天 前
  • 8:28 😂

    sʀᴇᴇʜᴀʀɪsʀᴇᴇʜᴀʀɪ天 前
  • What song was played in that fake JBL speaker?

    Pradipta MajumdarPradipta Majumdar天 前
  • Beats By Dre Dre by Beats

    KingDoPerksKingDoPerks天 前
  • You incredibly beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍🥰

    Lov!ingL!feLov!ingL!fe天 前
  • Lol that was actually a fun watch. Not recommended to buy any of this at all haha!

    Kajuan ArcherKajuan Archer天 前
  • Imagine turning off your phone and it says" good bye" 🤣🤣 I'll die laughing 🤣🤣

    robert mosquerarobert mosquera2 天 前
  • Can i reach any thing like that in egypt

  • bro do you read comments

    Dhairya Vir DeshwalDhairya Vir Deshwal2 天 前
  • 8:27 anybody noticed the dog on right??

    Ques lordesQues lordes2 天 前
  • The dog in the background though?

    Tathagat SinghTathagat Singh2 天 前
  • Wish is a platform for selling all the counterfeit (and not counterfeit) garbage from China. As if Amazon wasn't bad enough

    aldofernaldofern2 天 前
  • Lmao

    Smeet PatilSmeet Patil2 天 前
  • Part 2 is now live!! cnworld.info/free/qq2JvWrMz5mC2bc/sh-p-n

    Cyril FenderCyril Fender2 天 前
  • bro i go to my dollar store and i go and by 1 dollar headphones

    Grayson SavriGrayson Savri3 天 前
  • 1:24 there’s just a gin in the smartphone section

    The Emerald SavageThe Emerald Savage3 天 前
  • "It doesn't look as good without the wrapper on" That's what she said ☹

  • 8:29 the dog in the background lol

    Eleni KoumpliEleni Koumpli3 天 前
  • Is the ram is really 8gb

  • Is it trustable

    jemspoterjemspoter3 天 前
  • 5:18 Abroad in Japan, Journey Across Japan Soundtrack lol

    Daniel Paolo TulangDaniel Paolo Tulang3 天 前
  • My friend a couple of years ago he was pretending he got airpods but it was clear he was lieing and I am pretty sure that they were the same kind you can buy on wish.

    Cedar CoombsCedar Coombs3 天 前
  • I got a wish ad watching a video about how wish lies... XD

    Cedar CoombsCedar Coombs3 天 前
  • I was laughing when you said "its 20 million milliahpower." Or something even though i dont know what it is.

    FaithFaith4 天 前
  • I got a wish ad on this vidio

    1_k1_k4 天 前
  • anyone know that songs the guy tested the blue speakers with?

    Lingesh LavanLingesh Lavan4 天 前
  • 13:47 ring 1 14:10 ring 2 14:26 ring 3 14:38 ring 4

    Sam SummersSam Summers4 天 前
  • Whats the music at 8:15

    Deepesh VermaDeepesh Verma4 天 前
  • what does he do with all the phones after?

    Ismayel EldohiriIsmayel Eldohiri4 天 前
  • Fun fact: He's wearing a oneplus shirt He's using a samsung phone

    Ismael Mendes MartinsIsmael Mendes Martins4 天 前
  • I hate wish

    Nour KhaledNour Khaled5 天 前
  • Make some short videos

    Topaz LukramTopaz Lukram5 天 前
  • Pineng and other powerbank companies : Am I JOKE to you

    Jamuna RajaramJamuna Rajaram5 天 前
  • 9:38

    PainPain5 天 前
  • Almost ordered 1 pff thanks

    copper color Nagacopper color Naga5 天 前
  • Samsung decided to skip directly to S20 because of this.

    Riz SyraRiz Syra5 天 前
  • Wow! For tech/gadget expert, you spend a lot on these fake phones, power banks etc... I'm impressed!

    Jake R. BlasoJake R. Blaso5 天 前
  • Now I'm worried about the story of those phones and the people who manufactured them

    Fharid ValenciaFharid Valencia5 天 前
  • 8:28 Anyone see the dog 10:15 You saw the rhino right

    Renoshan TerrenceRenoshan Terrence5 天 前
  • In all honesty I could buy a better speaker than the one you did for like 5 dollars

    yas 14yas 145 天 前
  • I have a around 15 dollar i12 airpods and they are so goooodddd

    sabir saitoskisabir saitoski6 天 前
  • 17:30 almost a diamond in the rough. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Wideband AtlantaWideband Atlanta6 天 前
  • I can't believe that he didn't recognize the speaker as the JBL Charge 3 , i didn't watch the rest , let me watch it

    Udayan AlikkalUdayan Alikkal6 天 前
  • its says 3g on 15:36

    王忠华王忠华6 天 前
  • hahahhahaha

    Ali RazaAli Raza6 天 前
  • Wait, Bluetooth speaker? (Vagina shape?) 3:18

    Huy Hoàng Hà TrầnHuy Hoàng Hà Trần6 天 前
  • please gift me a ROG phone please!! 🙃😔

    Rafiul LikhonRafiul Likhon6 天 前
  • 20 million mah 😂😂😂😂 the size of an airplane.4:18

    ****-_-****-_-6 天 前
  • 10:58 he said what a HONOR for a HWAWEI phone. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Aroonie Boi YTAroonie Boi YT6 天 前
  • Me: *Gets a Wish ad* Also me: _Ironic_

    Prix0280 DOSPrix0280 DOS6 天 前
  • Part 2 is now live!! cnworld.info/free/qq2JvWrMz5mC2bc/sh-p-n

    Gerard BenoitGerard Benoit6 天 前
  • Who is watching the duck walking not the phones

    SplewishSplewish6 天 前
  • 18:13 he looks creepy if you pause

    FireFox GamerFireFox Gamer6 天 前
  • What an "Honor" get it

    Joe KayaJoe Kaya6 天 前
  • I kinda bet that the phones are designed to steal your information. You sign in and it steals it and you never get it back. F to everyone who actually fell for it

    TheSiameseCatTheSiameseCat6 天 前
  • 11:00 I get it Huawei and Honor

    TheGoldNShadowTheGoldNShadow7 天 前
  • No headphones 😀

    Sultan RizviSultan Rizvi7 天 前
  • I started dying so much xD when you got to the power banks I was laughing soooo much

    Toxic BlastToxic Blast7 天 前
  • Where do you buy cheapest phones please?

    Mad SanaMad Sana7 天 前
  • We got cheaper ones in Botswana batswana ba bolelle

    KB 14KB 147 天 前
  • "We'll be right back." And a CNworld ad actually plays. I see what you did there.

    J LitJ Lit7 天 前
  • 10:03 it is, but with a "1" in the end =|

    Blue Clouded LeopardBlue Clouded Leopard7 天 前
  • Stop being sarcastic you are freaking me out!!!!

    jeffrey yipjeffrey yip7 天 前
  • If the 20 million mAh power bank was real, it would take like a month to fully charge it

    The cat that ate your hatThe cat that ate your hat7 天 前
  • Can i get one please

  • I really want to subscribe to surfshark but vpn is banned in the uae.

    Not Starr parkNot Starr park7 天 前
  • Wish is a predatory website. I never get anything serious off this service and use one time use credit card information on every order

    UnkownUnkown7 天 前
  • I just clicked on the surf shark link that you have here and I don't see a 199 option. I see a $2.13 option special that is supposedly originally 12.99 a month. But no 1.99 option

    Angel AuletAngel Aulet7 天 前
  • I actually gotten a aripod knockoff before from wish and ended up getting legitimate real airpods with everything as the real ones, our apple ipad we got from BestBuy even detected it as a airpod

    The Mythic TacoThe Mythic Taco7 天 前
  • So does it mean that everything on wish is fake?

    Triz BlotTriz Blot7 天 前
  • He had to do freaking nuclear science to get those “AirPods” connected

    William’s ToysWilliam’s Toys7 天 前
  • 3:18 .What???

    Levent ErdemLevent Erdem8 天 前
  • XD that wireless ear pieces that he took so long to figure out was mine last time

    Linda QuekLinda Quek8 天 前
  • Me looking at this 5 years ago and hearing him say fake phone😭

    【 FRAVIO 】【 FRAVIO 】8 天 前
  • I hope there’s a give away happens this Christmas 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    I am GroothI am Grooth8 天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/j6uupXul2KSFuc0/sh-p-n No one with a brain will use Surf Shark. Take a look at this rather honest review for a start.

    Jamie PowellJamie Powell8 天 前
  • VPN -Why are you deceiving your viewers? VPN's are not anonymous you are still logged into your personal emails etc... VPN's could easily be tracked back to you, tracking cookies etc... You havent thought about what you are saying at all. I like your channel but this shows how litlte you seem to know about shit like shit. VPN's DO NOT give you an anonymous browsing session, it gives you a new ip thats it. There are many other ways to track someones usage patterns.You also totally forget to mention that Surshark are last time checked part of the 14 eyes scheme so hey any countrty subscribed to that scheme which is most can request and see your data anyway - you as a tech channel should know better. Put me right off watching anymore of your content.

    Jamie PowellJamie Powell8 天 前
  • Portable hifi blutooth speaker copied JBL headphone paring music and last one I don't know is that and it's horrible

    Shalom samuel984Shalom samuel9848 天 前
  • That virtual duck behind you, I want to hear its quack so much.

    ZedXZedX8 天 前
  • Ddddddddddddddddd

    Meredith HaneyMeredith Haney8 天 前
  • Dude if u giving out these phones do send 1 to me 😂 Love from Nigeria

    Clinton AhonsiClinton Ahonsi8 天 前
  • 8:10 What is the title of that song any one can tell

    Coffee MixCoffee Mix9 天 前
  • SCAM 2020....!

    Nirajan RajbanshiNirajan Rajbanshi9 天 前
  • friends: is that a oppo a53 you: no its a nppo A53

    Deathdevil911Deathdevil9119 天 前
  • Got a Wish ad before this

    Vasilis HondrosVasilis Hondros9 天 前
  • Such a disjointed video - could have been much mre helpful and informative.

    Mike WilsonMike Wilson10 天 前