I bought every Galaxy Note ever.

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With Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Note 20 Ultra upon us, and Samsung Galaxy S21 coming next year, welcome to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note comparison, including camera, battery, performance tests.
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  • This video is brilliant !

    Shlomo MShlomo M25 分钟 前
  • The Note FE is still a gorgeous phone and I would not mind getting my hands on one. Any idea where I could look for one?

    Adam YasinAdam Yasin4 小时 前
  • 2 months ago my phone was a note 2

    comrade christiancomrade christian5 小时 前
  • i have been using galaxy note since i was 11 years old and have purchase every single note series from then and in meanwhile i also tried many other phones like htc apple and many more but still use note as my personal phone🔥

    C.I.AC.I.A10 小时 前
  • Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

    Stevie PStevie P14 小时 前
  • "Samsung didn't take this Ultra name lightly, like some other companies who just slap pro at the end" Apple wants to know your location

    monsac77 leemonsac77 lee15 小时 前
  • When i saw this in my recommended i cried because i remember gifting my grandma a galaxy note she cherished it 2 years later she died i will always miss you grandma

    Porfirio RuthPorfirio Ruth16 小时 前
  • SUPERFAST BUILD MODE HYPE Seriously, no one else noticed the GoodTimesWithScar timelapse music?

    Zach FarnsworthZach Farnsworth17 小时 前
  • The guy is wearing S Ar Ca Sm shirt

    GalaxyGamer193GalaxyGamer19319 小时 前
  • Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

    hangming zhenghangming zheng19 小时 前
  • I started note1, note3 then jump to note9 then note20

    charlton khoocharlton khoo19 小时 前
  • He Use the Super Fast Build Mode's Music

    DarrylThePandaDarrylThePanda天 前
  • Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

    Kool JiangKool Jiang天 前
  • Anyone else like me wondering what he does with all these phones after his videos?

    Riyas MajeedRiyas Majeed天 前
  • note 2 in my country was 600 euros

    Mad MikeMad Mike天 前
  • Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

    draven1502draven1502天 前
  • اللهم صلي على المصطفى

    القارئ جمال هانى Gamal hanyالقارئ جمال هانى Gamal hany天 前
  • He didnt even buy a note 10 lite And i am saying it becoz i am watching on it 😂lol

    Fausto AndradeFausto Andrade天 前
  • He didnt even buy a note 10 lite And i am saying it becoz i am watching on it 😂lol

    Fausto AndradeFausto Andrade天 前
  • you forgot note 10 lite...........bcz i have note 10 lite

    Hamad HafeezHamad Hafeez天 前
  • Are you gonna throw away that note 7

    Cody HansenCody Hansen天 前
  • 😭😭..

    Ronaldo Edayan JrRonaldo Edayan Jr天 前
  • I am watching his videos not for his presentation for his awesome speech that makes you keep listening

    Kingsly MechKingsly Mech2 天 前
  • ♥️♥️🏆🏆

    bulliesvid.bulliesvid.2 天 前
  • note 10 lite?!?!?!?

    Daniel MartinezDaniel Martinez2 天 前
  • Everybody out here praising this man for his quality reviews and I'm here wondering how the hell he got all these phones brand new in box

    OmegasysOmegasys2 天 前
  • I used almost all the notes, but I love the galaxy note FE aka Note 7. The design is simply premium and thin phone as perfectly fit in my hand compare to other brand.

    Ravi KumarRavi Kumar2 天 前
  • Samsung should pay you

    Seacrest OutlawSeacrest Outlaw2 天 前
  • Min 15:00

    khalid Elmakhalid Elma2 天 前
  • when u was unboxing the note 7 i was like IS HANDLING A BOMB!!!!

    Mattia MartinelliMattia Martinelli2 天 前
  • His logo reminds me of Motorola.

    Nahom AyalewNahom Ayalew2 天 前
  • Like for his hard work behind this videob

    Jay Kumar PalJay Kumar Pal2 天 前
  • How did you bought old samsung note pin pack

    Gumnam khanGumnam khan2 天 前
  • Pretty good video bro. I had the first Galaxy Note version and loved it

    Guilherme Marés Roveda HellwinkelGuilherme Marés Roveda Hellwinkel2 天 前
  • Good one I loved it Can u courier me note 9 or 10 I assure u i will pay for the courier charges lol 😂👍

    mhd moazzammhd moazzam2 天 前
  • Plot twist: he filmed the entire video on an iPhone 12 pro Max

    Joseph ScottJoseph Scott2 天 前
  • Fun fact: People still buy Note 4

    lukmly013lukmly0132 天 前
  • Where is my samsung galaxy note 3 NEO..??😠

    Alok KantAlok Kant2 天 前
  • 9 so good

    19 9419 942 天 前
  • Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

    Stevie PStevie P3 天 前
  • Great ppl with great job! 👍👍👍

    stan Cstan C3 天 前
  • The feeling when he says that he is thinking about it too🤣

    Mitu AktarMitu Aktar3 天 前
  • I see now, you were the rich kid who show off his toy collection when i was a kid.

    Tanburi NeyTanburi Ney3 天 前
  • I started with a S5 then went to a note 3 then went to a s7 edge then went to note 10 then just upgrade to note 20

    Skyler HotchkissSkyler Hotchkiss3 天 前
  • plot twist : Samsung note 7 was a collab with north Korea

    K亗NightK亗Night3 天 前
  • "NoTE 5 WaSNT a BaD PHoNE" My experience with it in Qatar would say otherwise. It was the only phone (Iphone 4S, Galaxy nexus, Note 4, LG V20, S10+...all of which had been brought to that country) that actually melted it's own screen enough to create color distortion, and fried a battery pack. All phones were subjected to the same season (jun-aug each year) and only the Note 5 ran hot enough that when said trailer room AC died out (which was normal) it overheated enough to damage itself.

    asymsolutionsasymsolutions3 天 前
  • When i saw this in my recommended i cried because i remember gifting my grandma a galaxy note she cherished it 2 years later she died i will always miss you grandma

    Chungwei WangChungwei Wang3 天 前
    • Imagine copying a comment couldn't be me

      Srinivas KarthikSrinivas Karthik2 天 前
  • i only have a samsung galaxy s7 edge but the batery won’t charge or power on:)by the way its a plus and its a duos so byz

    tarmizi ahmadtarmizi ahmad3 天 前
  • 14:59 bro whyyy :")

    Kopiko TeaKopiko Tea3 天 前
  • Lol @ 14:59

  • 👉👉👉♥️♥️♥️❤️💕💖🌹👉👉

    بابا واربع بناتبابا واربع بنات3 天 前
  • Nice bro

    Rm RonobeRm Ronobe3 天 前
  • What do you do with all the unused phones ? Ever thought about sending me one of them ? Lol 😂 love you videos btw 💞

    ForcE_ WhiteForcE_ White3 天 前
  • It's nice to watch a video like this on a note😂

    Ra2Ra23 天 前
  • Sorry about the lack of M1 coverage. I’ve been a little busy. 😉 Don’t worry. I’ve got some crazy hardware videos planned as usual. Nobody has even thought to do what I have planned yet!

    Tuhin MiaTuhin Mia3 天 前
  • Hey can you give me a phone plz I'm big fan bro

    Touhidul IslamTouhidul Islam4 天 前
  • I use a note 8

    christopher brookschristopher brooks4 天 前
  • My brother hates you search on yt his name is velocity

    John NinanJohn Ninan4 天 前
  • Please sir give me one phone 😊

    Ram LalwaniRam Lalwani4 天 前
  • Recuerdo que mi primer smartphone fue el Note 2 lo cual quede fascinado ya que era premium y le entraba de todo cuando tenia 12 años, lo cuide hasta que se arruino la pantalla por caídas. Pase por IPhone hasta que saliera el Note 7 pero por las fallas que tenían me terminaron comprando el S7 Edge, paso tiempo de lo que pase por Huawei, Sony, Apple y Lg, pero cuando iba a adquirir el IPhone 11 Pro Max vi el Note 10+ y me hizo recuerdo al primer celular que me regalaron y decidí comprarlo sin pensarlo, creo que lo compre por la nostalgia ya que fue el primer celular que mis padres me dieron fue un Note 2 y ahora ya que yo me podía costear un celular decidí por el Note 10+ dejando de lado el IPhone. Cuando llegue a mi casa vi mi Note 2 y lo compare con el Note 10+ y creo que fue mas por los recuerdos pero me pareció mucho mejor mi Note 2, no tendrá la mejor cámara, procesador, pantalla o otras partes, pero para mi persona mi Note 2 fue el mejor celular que tube o tendré en la vida se podría decir que en el 2016 compre otro Note 2 nuevo solamente para cambiarle la pantalla y refaccionar el antiguo, me costo mas pero como dijo "La Nostalgia no Tiene Precio"

    Jose Luis Pari OrtizJose Luis Pari Ortiz4 天 前
  • Imagine if he did it for the A series. He would have to talk about a bunch of phones

    ericksan barbozaericksan barboza4 天 前
  • 1 l have

    BEST broBEST bro4 天 前
  • have samsung note 4 edge and its still awesome!

    Shafiqa Az-ZahraShafiqa Az-Zahra4 天 前
  • News 2021 no samsung note more ...

    Russak 95Russak 955 天 前
  • All good but from where you bought that vig asss gimbal ! ! !

    Srajan JainSrajan Jain5 天 前
  • What an amazing video!

    Sebastian LombardoSebastian Lombardo5 天 前
  • Please give me one of those as a Graduation gift 😔 Shout out from Philippines 🇵🇭

    King Harold WorldKing Harold World5 天 前
  • Next: i bought Redmi A series ever. 😎😎😎

    Brainwen AlekantaBrainwen Alekanta5 天 前
  • All these phones are shit stop promoting old technology Any phone with a punch whole or cut out is old technology Get with the program Mi even went backgrounds on some dumb shit I don't wanna see nothing on the front of my phone, simple ALL THE PHONES WITH PUNCH WHOLES AND CUT OUTS ARE SERIOUSLY SHIT, WAKE UP FYI Mi Mix 3 still my favorite phone for practical reason wireless charging nothing on the screen storage ridiculously excellent battery👌🏾 my phone never dies flashlight on selfie camera 4k OLED 💯🔥

    Spider DandaleroSpider Dandalero5 天 前
  • Note fan edition god man body...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 i like it

    Egok DayeEgok Daye5 天 前
  • I always had a soft spot for the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 because those line of phones were my first phones

    Maxy 124Maxy 1245 天 前
  • Watching on my note 20 ultra🥰🥰

    suraj msuraj m5 天 前
  • Note 20 is like looking the original with our own eys. When compared

    lohith chowdarylohith chowdary5 天 前
  • "it was to exsoensive" him:goes to by a iphone 11

    -Marrìì-ツ-Marrìì-ツ5 天 前
  • cnworld.info/auto/Gq1ivsZIPq6g1d3yziwi_g live stream

  • You forgot about note 10 lite:(

    ZygardeCruiserZygardeCruiser6 天 前
  • I still have my note 7... f your recall Samsung. Not a fan edition...for sale if any fans of the product out there want it. Its rooted and set up to never be messed with remotely w/o your permission and manual install if installed...has all samsung cases as well.. I chose the s4 over the note 2 as my first Samsung phone. I had just bought the note 8.0 and fell in love w the s pen but didnt think i needed 2 devices i could write on... next i got the note 4, then the aforementioned note 7 was my daily driver until the note 8 came out. Then also came my Tab s3 w spen and then my current note 10+. A few weeks ago i got the galaxy book flex because im in love with the spen and my dying surface pro 4 had always annoyed me that it didnt use wacom emr cuz i really wanted it on all my devices. Ive invested alot of money in emr stylus'. I have all the pens included in the devices mentioned above plus: the bluetooth S-pen (Samsung hm5100 given away at some electronics convention and never retailed) the s-pen holder kit (included note 3 spen 4 it to hold), the original S-pen w/ eraser & 2nd generation Spen w eraser, the Mount Blanc Pix S-Pen, Mont Blanc Starwalker S-pen(both MBs were crazy expensive $199&$349 respectively, & designed for the note 4, both come with normal ballpoint pen insert/refills to use them as a normal pen so your not stuck with a $300 stylus that's technologically obsolete), the Wacom Bamboo Feel 4 Galaxy Note, Wacom Bamboo Smart 4 Galaxy Note, the Staedtler Norris Digital Pencil, Staedtler Norris Digital Jumbo Pencil, the Lamy Al-Star EMR Digital Pen. Id like to have: the Cross Executive Wacom stylus w/ or w/o cap. Its really old and out of stock but for my collection itd be nice, maybe even both models... The Lamy Safari Spen is attractive to my internal ocd collector but its really only a plastic version of the Al-Star & though the same ink pen models are the converse, the Safari is $20 more than the Al-Star on Amazon (or was when the Al-Star was still in stock. Just the overpriced Safari now, which makes ocd me want it even more...) Id also like the Tab S7 spen.( I thought my tab S3 pen was nearly identical to the s4, s5 and so on... S-pens. But further research suggests differently, there subtle but appreciable differences to all of them. As far as looks go, you cant beat the Mont Blanc Starwalker. To those in the know its a Mont Blanc & the Cadillac or Rolex of premium priced pens & to those not, its sill a cool looking pen with a screw cap & seethrough cap end. (FYI You can buy a genuine "Mont Blanc Starwalker E-Refill" for $25 [msrp=$129] on various overstock type sites and then also buy an imitation Mont Blanc Skywalker on ebay for $15. My e refill currently sits housed in a knockoff MB Starwalker while the real deal MB equipped with its traditional ballpoint ink/refill sits in my home office. Id be devistated if i lost my real mb starwalker. For comfort in the hand the very outdated S-Pen holder kit with a fitted slot for the note 3 spen is my choice. im here trying to find out if a note 4 pen is the same size cuz the note 3 pen sucks at tilt. The holder kit looks a lot like a pilot g2 gel pen w/ its rubber grip but it looks much fancier than the g2 w a glossy black shine and chrome clip and tip. Id say it almost looks better than the Mont Blanc Starwalker, but just almost. The Mont Blanc Pix is a strong first runner up 4 best feel in hand. The MB Starwalker is very top heavy if you post the screw cap & its button is easy to accidentally click while somehow also being hard to find when you need it. The MB Pix is not heavy at all (all plastic) & has an e-refill that put the button out of the way. Functionality wise its the Lamy-Al Star all day. While the Staedtler pencils, especially the jumbo with its eraser are legit contenders, they ultimately fall short because they lack the spen button. They responded to complaints about its lack of functionality while designing the jumbo by adding the eraser, erasing is the most common action for the button. I miss the button for Screen Off Memo. If you touch the powered off black screen and click the button then screen off memo opens. You dont need to pull out the phones included pen to open screen off if you have a emr stylus with a button but w the Staedtler you do. They say a lot of people like the no button better cuz they accidentally click it too much when its there... ok, i guess. The Noris Jumbo might have been my overall pick if it did. But it like many others on this list lack a component i consider crucial---a cap. If im going to walk around with expensive pen in my pocket or throw it in my bag then I'd like to have something protecting the most crucial and fragile piece of hardware---the nib. The original Staedtler pencil came with a clear plast cap. The jumbo does not. I guess the note 4 is the same shape and size. Gave mine to my nephew. Guess ill order one on ebay. Peace. Id love feedback

    tricktaylor1983tricktaylor19836 天 前
  • Cool Good 👍

    Аквааудитория. Житие моеАквааудитория. Житие мое6 天 前
  • Where is note 3 neo??

    Khush GhelaniKhush Ghelani6 天 前
  • Just bought S10 pro 128 GB ee for £35 getting it set up later on plus my first Samsung and it new never been opened

    John WishartJohn Wishart6 天 前
  • Requesting for Arun to be the next virtual assistant voice: Day 10

    Isaac SiaoIsaac Siao6 天 前
  • and I am still using the only smartphone i have "note4" given by my ex bf and now with broken glass but still very much usable😁 ... i should try to buy a new one though...😒

    tiger lielytiger liely6 天 前
  • New 2020 Christmas song here cnworld.info/free/ZHmrlWWt0n5wv9k/sh-p-n

    Santa ClausSanta Claus6 天 前
  • I remember when the note 7 was used for the arms forces.

    Euzoh JzEuzoh Jz6 天 前
  • Samsung Note on downloader

    Pinky pinkyvnPinky pinkyvn6 天 前
  • Well, ive done the brilliant thing and subbd

    Randy NeufeldRandy Neufeld6 天 前
  • 13:32 That curve needs to be flattened!!!

    YanantinYanantin7 天 前
  • Give me one idol I'm from cambodia 🇰🇭

    Mrr YannMrr Yann7 天 前
    • Note 9 so love 😘

      Mrr YannMrr Yann7 天 前
  • I thought iPhones were expensive Samsung’s phone are so expensive except like the newest phones like now but they were literally selling a 2011 phone for $700😑😑😑.

    Jeovanny SolisJeovanny Solis7 天 前
  • great review !

    taurus gangtaurus gang7 天 前
  • "Samsung didn't take this Ultra name lightly, like some other companies who just slap pro at the end" Apple wants to know your location

    Krystal CarpenterKrystal Carpenter7 天 前
  • 17:37 Is that Monster Hunter World?

    KvotheKvothe7 天 前
  • Remember when we thought that technology in the future would make everything smaller and more compact and portable? Yeah...

    macaron3141592653macaron31415926537 天 前
  • Arun, you are very crazy!

    [MLP]Trainbrony23CH[MLP]Trainbrony23CH7 天 前
  • U spend all the money u earn on buying smartphones ??

    Jennifer RodriguesJennifer Rodrigues7 天 前
  • Ur very good but u talk a bit too fast. Also ..just as an analogy ..even if a 35 year old woman says she is a Virgin nobody will believe her ...even if she actually .So it is when u say ur not getting paid for the reviews ...nobody will believe u ...even if it telling the truth

    Jennifer RodriguesJennifer Rodrigues7 天 前
  • Note 7 is so rare

    durex romaniadurex romania7 天 前
  • Ur the boss 😍

    Ride With TarunRide With Tarun7 天 前
  • the note 4 is better than the phone I am using right now. wow I suck.

  • I love SS NOTE

    Huong GiangHuong Giang7 天 前