Huawei's Operating System of the Future?

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Are you wondering what Huawei's plan is since the US ban last year? Welcome to the full explanation and see how Huawei is building a future from HMS Android, to AppGallery, EMUI 10 to Harmony OS!
This video was made in collaboration with Huawei, however, they agreed to let me express things in the way I wanted to. Opinions remain my own.
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  • I mean, I like it!

    Jon Einar Mattias VisserJon Einar Mattias Visser2 天 前
  • “They All works in harmony”

    TSGTSG2 天 前
  • HarmonyOs from huawei is good, but they need to aware to samsung, that company make their own screen, chipset, and possibly new os also

    Bian55X RemixBian55X Remix4 天 前
  • Even tho hawaui is great and are making a lot of advancements that I love I still don’t trust them and would rather use Samsung

    AKAAKA4 天 前
  • Holy shit be my teacher ffs

  • Hope this works, cause it would be bad for consumers if huawei disapeared from western market.

    Partygod237Partygod2374 天 前
  • 3:15 explains a lot

    LindoccuhleLindoccuhle6 天 前
  • If you can’t beat it ban it

    Weinaa JoWeinaa Jo7 天 前
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Harshwardhan PatilHarshwardhan Patil8 天 前
  • I love your more documentary style videos

    Waleed Al-RabbaniWaleed Al-Rabbani15 天 前
  • Huawei and Google, Romeo and Juliet

    Dante RamacciottiDante Ramacciotti16 天 前
    • more like vietcong and Stormtroopers :))))

      kukul roukulkukul roukul12 天 前
  • Its still filled with spyware.

    C0NM4N 1132C0NM4N 113219 天 前
  • Wow! I am really excited for the future of Huawei! They really make such awesome phones

    Yelen BanzonYelen Banzon19 天 前
  • since i bought my first huawei p10 several years ago I haven't been able to understand why people still buy other phones. I've had 3 huawei phones and a huawei laptop so far and I don't think I could ever go back to apple or Samsung. it would be like calling for a cab while you own a private helicopter.

    godless 789godless 78920 天 前
    • bad habbits :(

      kukul roukulkukul roukul12 天 前
  • Os that can run anywhere, you mean java?

    Le AkahoshiLe Akahoshi20 天 前
  • ChinA os

    TasticTastic21 天 前
  • Samsung wants to be the 3rd os so bad lol.

    Chris WilsonChris Wilson23 天 前
  • Huawei's Harmony OS official confirmation, can't wait for your coverage. Thanks:

    Muslim MahmoodMuslim Mahmood23 天 前
  • Has anybody noticed the picture of LTT (Linus tech tips) at the bottom left of the phone?

    TheAwesomeV _TheAwesomeV _24 天 前
  • an OS cannot be built by idiots jealous of apple's product....if you enter to trhe huawei shop, all their product are related to apple design. There is no innovation just bunch of idiots you do not know what they are doing....that 's all.

    Fu LanXiFu LanXi25 天 前
  • eww shit harmony os

    Ajay Harry SimonAjay Harry Simon26 天 前
  • *Hello* _Hello_ -Hello-

    Оксана ТимофееваОксана Тимофеева27 天 前
    • =Hello=

      Оксана ТимофееваОксана Тимофеева27 天 前
    • *_Hello_* *-Hello-* _-Hello-_ *_-Hello-_*

      Оксана ТимофееваОксана Тимофеева27 天 前
  • Welcome to Nguyen tuan ahh

    Оксана ТимофееваОксана Тимофеева28 天 前
  • *Hello* _Hello_ -Hello-

    Оксана ТимофееваОксана Тимофеева28 天 前
    • *_Hello_* *-Hello-* _-Hello-_

      Оксана ТимофееваОксана Тимофеева28 天 前
  • Huawei is totally based on stolen technology and fraud. They are a bunch of thieves. No decent person should EVER but any if their crap. Period.

    vangen08vangen0828 天 前
  • They need to do android bc of apk's!!

    Zero Point TwitterZero Point Twitter个月 前
  • Well i guess Huawei OS its gonna be better in the future thats why the company start independing it self creat they own flatform. But for now just take one step at a time. Google and ios its better than yours! May be in the future you should be better than that!.

    haste jr dela cruzhaste jr dela cruz个月 前
  • As always, you give the best best videos when it comes to information 🙆🏽‍♂️🥺❤️

    Ronin RossRonin Ross个月 前
  • HarmonyOS best system in the world 💕💕💕

    Ben DikeZBen DikeZ个月 前
  • Harmony almost seems like a hyper apple, at least in terms of connectivity

    yo manyo man个月 前
  • I wanna switch to android now lol

    WarryWarry个月 前
  • Ah yes, Her Majesty's Ship Android

    Pierce TreyPierce Trey个月 前
  • I wonder what its going to be called tho bc like we got Apple and Android but whats the third name??

    Hayden DesindHayden Desind个月 前
    • Apples is called IOS and Huawaiis HarmonyOS

      Protego KapultoProtego Kapulto29 天 前
  • If you are in the west, do not buy chinese tech.

    Jeffrey BobJeffrey Bob个月 前
  • what about pixel phones

    shoaib mahmudshoaib mahmud个月 前
  • USA: Ban's China of using its google services. Huawei: We will take over the world.

    Project X GamingProject X Gaming个月 前
    • Next thing you know china bans us from doing business with themm and samsung are going to android😂

      Ice cream gamingIce cream gaming个月 前
  • That's not what a micro kernel is, running on many types of device has nothing to do with it, linux is a monolithic kernel and it runs on: desktop; laptop; phone; watch; embedded; car; etc. micro kernel is about the amount of system software running in kernel (privelage) mode. While linux, windows and mac os all have software services (network, filesystem, etc.) running in kernel mode a micro kernel os runs most, if not all, of these services in user (non-privelage) mode, the main purpouse of this is to increase reliability, 1: because a fault in these services is less likly to crash the system. 2 because theres less code in kernel space it's esier to verify that the kernel has been written correctly

    thezufomecthezufomec个月 前
  • I love my Hauwai mate 10 pro it's the best phone I have ever had in my life no bull shit

    Kris HoughtonKris Houghton个月 前
  • Is it me or did Arun write my little pony on de wish list

    Saif6speedSaif6speed个月 前
  • I believe , they will share theire OS with other chiniese companies and than it is over! WORLD DOMINATION USA did not get yet with who they are messing with. They will screw them very hard.

    Daniel SondererDaniel Sonderer个月 前
  • you could say they *harmonise*

    Potato GodPotato God个月 前
  • This guy speaks beautifully and explains well.

    richierichie个月 前
  • I’ll never buy a Chinese spy phone. It’s disgusting that you’re promoting this bullshit company for just some sponsor money you got paid from them.

    Sunny SinghSunny Singh个月 前
  • Trump is soon history. They should’ve just waited til January when this guy is gone (or lives a parasite life in the wait house lol)

    Willi BaldWilli Bald个月 前
  • How hard would it be for Huawei to install both Android and Harmony OS into their phones so as to ween people off Android onto HOS when they find how good it is? After all, you can install two operating systems into any computer, even laptops.

    Route 66 FlyerRoute 66 Flyer个月 前
  • It's 2020 and I'm still stuck with the Huawei Y6 ll that came on 2016 Tbh maybe it can't run pubgm or any modern games that I want to play but I still love my phone a true beast in budget

    Redxaeon 17DRedxaeon 17D个月 前
  • 6:43 What a true legend. Hawaii is 100% Gonna add "my little pony" as an app because you are a huge celebrity on youtube and they just won't resist. You broke the system my man.

    KassKass个月 前
    • LOL

      Yann OuveyYann Ouvey个月 前
  • Ever since Symbian / BB OS10 died the world is crying out for a 3rd viable OS. A proper OS that does more with less. Android is a PIG of an OS that's getting more and more bloated.

    nauxsinauxsi个月 前
  • Samsung should have start with what Huawei is doing the HMS android. They should have created an SMS (Samsung Mobile Service) then Bada should have taken off.

    Ash N.Ash N.个月 前
  • Interesting

    Blurry MurdaBlurry Murda个月 前
  • Anyone else watches his videos because of his calm voice?

    Pesky BirdPesky Bird个月 前
  • Very useful

    Jacob JafiyaJacob Jafiya个月 前
  • getup

    Michael Jake Reynolds ClarkMichael Jake Reynolds Clark个月 前
  • I've been using huawei since 2016 from the tablet I bought to a phone and then the new phone I bought a 1 month ago And even after the ban I still consider huawei as the best phone/tablet I bought from a company.

    GoldGold个月 前
  • My little pony , a man of culture i see.

    Abdullah NurhusseinAbdullah Nurhussein个月 前
  • i want it now!!! i hate windows 10, if they manage a way to install their shit in mi x86 pcs they have my fucking money, i'm tired to fight with linux distros, In a perfect world I would stay with windows 7 forever, but the sons of bitches don't want us to continue using it. So I think it's great that there is another option on the table, even if it is only a project in development at the moment.

    Leonardo GonzálezLeonardo González个月 前
  • Even if a company brings 10x google software 70% people :nah I don't want to have further troubles I'm Google I'm good.

    Prasanta HazraPrasanta Hazra个月 前
  • honestly my problem with this OS is mainly a matter of trust in the company. they have a history of privacy violation. the ban on huawei didn't happen overnight and for no reason. the obama admin was already looking into them, they didn't have any proof yet. so i'm going to hold off on that and let the internet take that OS's code apart and see if any shady functions are hidden in it, which some people will as soon as they can. huawei is heavily backed by the chinese government, which also has a habit of doing shady stuff and keeping quiet about it. you can say the government is very invested in huawei. would you trust an OS made by north korea? or if mobile phones existed back then, by soviet russia?

    António Corte-RealAntónio Corte-Real个月 前
  • The problem is that most important and heavily used Apps are American; owned by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft etc. Which can as well be blocked by people like Trump. So unless non American developers come up with apps that can match American apps like CNworld, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, MSOffice & Instagram, HarmonyOS has a mountain to climb!

    King SouleymanKing Souleyman个月 前
  • Huawei and Google is still a better love story than twilight

    NikNik个月 前
  • Make your own phone

    Sa0yed 123Sa0yed 123个月 前
  • Harmony OS : I can run in cars, toothbrushes and refrigerators. Linux : hold my kernel

    Jyotiraditya DekaJyotiraditya Deka个月 前
  • in huawei app gallery there are some games we cannot play like pubg we hope it will come to app gallery soon.

    Rishad RahmanRishad Rahman个月 前
  • Huawei is the underdog Which can beat anyone with a little bit of training

    dumb entertainment bitcdumb entertainment bitc个月 前
  • My huawei from 2019 it has all Google services ajajahhahahahahahahahah

    dumb entertainment bitcdumb entertainment bitc个月 前
  • When Arun explained the difference between iOS and GMS Android it made me want to switch to iOS then I remembered I can't afford it lol.

    Kenan RamosKenan Ramos个月 前
  • Will this SpywareOS automatically change my name to Wong and sign me up to the Chinese military?

    NashInTheHatNashInTheHat个月 前
  • I go gms on mu huawei p30 pro i bought it in Canada

    Anthony-Jocelyn Galaura-Al-HaddadAnthony-Jocelyn Galaura-Al-Haddad个月 前
  • What a little pony 😂

    Wajid SultanWajid Sultan个月 前
  • will p40 have harmony os or is it emui

    ong ye xunong ye xun个月 前
  • ozuna

    Chris CorriganChris Corrigan个月 前
  • So no Google, no Facebook, no Instagram..... wouldn't this make this phone ironically the most safest phone for your privacy...........

    Diooo##Diooo##个月 前
  • We don't need google apps and play store, real problem is companies rely on playstore they must change their format.

    Nasir AminNasir Amin个月 前
  • All the way from East Africa Tanzania I like this guy his channel and his explanation about all in term of technology, smart guy keep it up. I thank u, I never regret to subuscribe in your channel.

    Yona MwakameleYona Mwakamele个月 前
  • The end of Samsung and iPhone dominance is so near, because with this bussiness phylosophy Huawei will take a lead on the global IT market, as well as BlackBerry in bussiness IT enviroment, and both brand already working on it, it's just a matter of time of falling Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi etc.

    AmeAme个月 前
  • Who else support huawei and ccp here. Hands up.

    kent takechikent takechi个月 前
  • Hello Mr. Arun Maini I am a crazy of your youtube videos but can you please give a Iphone 11 pro Please and i see each and every video you upload and I would your one youtube video more than 10 times. So please can u give an Iphone 11 pro Please.....

    Tevin Benedict.sTevin Benedict.s个月 前
  • I just heard that one day next year in May 2021 the Huawei bans will be lifted in the United States 🇺🇸

    Grym PruruegeGrym Pruruege2 个月 前
  • am your no 1 fun.send me 1 phone in kenya

    benson kwobabenson kwoba2 个月 前
  • The US ban has wake a giant up. Huawei -might- no, *will* find solutions, get completely independent from any US things and will get very strong.

    Patrice LabordaPatrice Laborda2 个月 前
  • Malaysian friendster died because US govt backed facebook. Huawei is dying because US banned it to favor apple and samsung. Their 25% (no. 2) market share is now down to just 10% ( 3rd or 4th place). Now, US is attempting to kill TikTok if oracle cant acquire it. This is what you call the free market.

    human beinghuman being2 个月 前
  • My little pony xD

    Solna Gastón UwUSolna Gastón UwU2 个月 前
  • This ban might push the Huawei to re invent some new shit and US end up buying.

    d3yb dietd3yb diet2 个月 前
  • imagine all your electronic devices are powered by harmony os, espionage and data harvesting at its best.

    Ryan BuenviajeRyan Buenviaje2 个月 前
  • Ad skipper 0:1

    Jounrey- PlazJounrey- Plaz2 个月 前
  • looking at getting a p40 pro and was wondering.. is there no way to flash a Gapps build and get google play services? surely like that you can use drive, photos, youtube etc or sideload google play services? this is the only thing putting me off buying one thanks

    J SJ S2 个月 前
  • Of course it was useful, and as always, thank you.

    Tora FuliarTora Fuliar2 个月 前
  • I've only just bought myself a huawei P30 pro and it's the best phone I've ever seen.

    Deep ClarityDeep Clarity2 个月 前
  • I hope Samsung developes there own software that can compete with android and iOS. I think if there's more competition it will be better for the consumer

    Kodi LathamKodi Latham2 个月 前
  • Binod

    Prabhav AgrawalPrabhav Agrawal2 个月 前
  • me learning more than I have in my online class in 3 months in this 10 minutes video at 5:00AM!!!

    ola chiola chi2 个月 前
  • AOSP android is best

    AdrenoNerdYTAdrenoNerdYT2 个月 前
  • so which phone that we should buy? i use google maps on android. i use iphone on games, i use window phones on music and pdf, and i dont have huawei

    lazarus bethanylazarus bethany2 个月 前
  • *cries in Nokia 2*

    VaporreVaporre2 个月 前
  • Harmony os to Android - if you are bad, I am your dad

    Mahima Mohammed ShaikhMahima Mohammed Shaikh2 个月 前
  • All companies are moving out of China because of their unfair policies and stealing of their technologies. No one buy from China! World must ban Made in China products!

    kil kohkil koh2 个月 前
  • Please can I get a link to the moreApps App? I can't find it in the Huawei gallery

    Faisal MohammedFaisal Mohammed2 个月 前
  • If you mention Tibet in this phone the phone turns off 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    kavorkaakavorkaa2 个月 前
  • When you have a huawei but you have Google 👁️👄👁️

    Kawaiix rblxKawaiix rblx2 个月 前
  • It's hard to justify buying a new Huawei with no Android Store access, when my 3 year old Huawei can access the Android store and still runs all the apps I need.

          2 个月 前