6G - Explained!

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We're just starting to see 5G rollout in 2020, but 6G is already in the works - here's what you need to know!
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  • After watching, are you excited or terrified by 6G? 🤔 For some of the worst Smartphone fails ever: cnworld.info/free/eoBwzYi5mH6iuJo/sh-p-n And for the War between Samsung and Google: cnworld.info/free/YICGzYi132ecyZY/sh-p-n

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss2 个月 前
    • I'm terrified of change.

      Brad GrantBrad Grant6 天 前
    • @Mrwhosetheboss I’m cool with 6g but I also fear that it’ll increase the human ignorance in terms of socializing. But we’ll see

      The Game EnthusiastThe Game Enthusiast7 天 前
    • 5G 👎🏻☠️

      Κατερίνα ΧριστίδουΚατερίνα Χριστίδου9 天 前
    • both

      Alec GamingAlec Gaming16 天 前
    • both

      Alec GamingAlec Gaming16 天 前
  • 5G Conspiracy Theorists Watching This: 👁👄👁

    Dreary CollectiveDreary Collective6 小时 前
  • 5g aur 4g both connect with one phone

    ahedur rahmanahedur rahman6 小时 前
  • This is actually sad and the reason we're going extinct... more, more, more... seems like more is the only way humans know how to "evolve" nowadays 💩

    Sven Cáceres AlgeSven Cáceres Alge7 小时 前
  • 6g is exist in norway and 7g

    Kierzen Isle DiezKierzen Isle Diez7 小时 前
  • I wish I could upload, search or delete memory from my brain via the embedded 7G chipset in my body/ brain 😂🤔

    Wasurat SuwattanadejaWasurat Suwattanadeja8 小时 前
  • love 6g

    Robbie SheppardRobbie Sheppard10 小时 前
  • Waiting for I like your cut g internet speed

  • I remember growing up with 3G.

    Z9RZ9R11 小时 前
  • Fun fact: wifi is microwave frequency which is the natural resonance frequency of water. So yes, wifi is actually pretty dangerous for you as the resonance of water is also technically the resonance of human. Of course you probably never will be in a situation where there’s a huge enough amplitude of wifi for it to burn you but death by wifi if absolutely a thing.

    Représente La nationReprésente La nation12 小时 前
  • For actual and future innovation, come to China. Strange you did not mention. Paid by Samsung, Huawei did already all that.... in China.

    Renaat CeulenaereRenaat Ceulenaere12 小时 前
  • Definitely an app worth checking out, it’s like Pokémon Go but with crypto currency an it auto mines while you drive. Each square is random rewards. The more you hold on the app the more you earn in holding (hodl) rewards. Come join the digital pump!!! coin.onelink.me/ePJg/cf5c36e5

    Kaleb SmithKaleb Smith12 小时 前
  • Will future humans become more stupid or retarded because future transmission waves will be more powerful n insidious, n humans' brains will be constantly fried by these waves every seconds of the day.........

    sunnychew905sunnychew90515 小时 前
  • So what your saying with 6G is: your boss, stalker, burglar will know whether your home or not

    Space cowboySpace cowboy17 小时 前
  • I love all this technology talk but in reality my 5g is slow and nothing remotely faster.

    Alex CardosaAlex Cardosa20 小时 前
  • bruh didnt 5G just came out?

    ItamarItamar21 小时 前
  • I’m waiting for my landline

    Leonardo SummersLeonardo Summers21 小时 前
  • Here is the truth, no testing has been done. Check out this Senate Commerce Meeting and Senator Blumenthal asks if any tindependent research on the effects and tests were done for 5G for the human populations. NONE cnworld.info/free/mKah0Ga6tnVssJY/sh-p-n

    Lainer MartinLainer Martin23 小时 前
  • That was an outstanding explanation! Thanks!

    Dave LDave L23 小时 前
  • Please talk about the health issues caused by cellular waves, I heard cellular data waves often cause birds to fall out of the sky and die, I would like to know alot about the health issues/effects of cellular data etc. I'm not implying shit accusations like "5G CAUSES AUTISM, 5G CAUSES COVID" etc but I just wanna know. (Like if you want him to talk about this topic)

    Ishaan DaveIshaan Dave天 前
  • Imagine...humans evolving capabilities over the next 10000 years to sense n react to the entire ElectroMagnetic spectrum. We could control the devices just by a thought. We could speak with each other or see each other without using any device. By using our neural connections, we could sense the world and beyond. It's akin to how presently some of the organisms can sense UV radiation, some have IR vision, some interact through high frequency sound waves.

    Nanha BalakNanha Balak天 前
  • In my great country I still only use 3G and the speed ranges between 100kbps - 20kbps :)

    أوہہہۧريو ہۧہأوہہہۧريو ہۧہ天 前
  • 10G: We will finally find out wtf women want and are trying to say.

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde天 前
  • Watching this on 2G internet.

    Neel AdarshNeel Adarsh天 前
    • 6G=666

  • Meanwhile in germany: In some regions there isn't even 2G.

    Rosario GrantRosario Grant天 前
  • 7g ? Then can the admin send wave tru our Brain? And let us just obey the command ? Ww3

    Shaun InfernoShaun Inferno天 前
  • No landlines and I can play my PlayStation without broadband just get a cheap hotspot

    Tony BTony B天 前
  • I'm excited to see/feel 69G wink*wink*

    Minimalist SGMinimalist SG天 前
  • i watch 4K video resolution on youtube with 3g network full bar, im not lying

    BEBE天 前
  • It means the government doesn't like you, your car can kill you.

    Lewis TLewis T天 前
  • Whatever G, someone else is spying on your communication 😜

    Peter W DPeter W D天 前
  • In year 3069. Introducing the Samsung galaxy note 690 ultra 700g. 700g can load things that don’t exist.

    emerald glowemerald glow天 前
  • My iPhone 12 supports 5g but it’s not that strong

    Kid AnimationKid Animation天 前
  • 6g kinda seems like torrenting with the p2p protocol with maybe a cell tower as the first seed, whoa, I just blew my own mind.

    Backup2008Backup2008天 前
  • Samsung is innovative

    The OneThe One天 前
  • we are waiting for 6g

    YadierelleYadierelle天 前
  • Meanwhile in germany: In some regions there isn't even 2G.

    Beverly DoxtatorBeverly Doxtator天 前
  • But if the 6G devices continue to give the signal, the latency increases considerably and the throughput decreases

    Da MichlDa Michl天 前
  • I challenge you to put the fastest generation of mobile data there was when you were born. I start: 2007,it was 3G meanwhile 4G was starting to get ready to launch.

    Alex IbmAlex Ibm天 前
  • Me watching this on 3G signal: ._.

    Alex IbmAlex Ibm天 前
  • I see those dumbasses again what think its cooking us slowly to perfection.

  • 6G is actually Skynet... THE END IS NEAR!

    Szczawik324Szczawik324天 前
  • Why are they making phones heavier? First we had 2 grams, 3 grams etc. Now we have 6 grams.

    Teddy TerdberglurTeddy Terdberglur天 前
  • Meamwhile in the long future: .

    SirFaceSirFace天 前
  • cnworld.info/free/dmRolIzblpNv38U/sh-p-n

    IT'S ABIT'S AB2 天 前
    • @iiWinterFlxrries ok

      IT'S ABIT'S AB天 前

      iiWinterFlxrriesiiWinterFlxrries天 前
    • @iiWinterFlxrries ??

      IT'S ABIT'S AB天 前

      iiWinterFlxrriesiiWinterFlxrries天 前
  • Less power consumption? I think that is a clear utopia. Humanity always failed if it was about consuming less.

    András SzabóAndrás Szabó2 天 前

      iiWinterFlxrriesiiWinterFlxrries天 前
  • The smaller you make the waves the more energy theyd take right? Also cant really high energy just pass straight through things?

    ChrisChris2 天 前

      iiWinterFlxrriesiiWinterFlxrries天 前
  • in Malaysia, government tends to deprecate 2G and 3G. so all new smartphones must have 4G and VoLTE otherwise it cannot accept to pass verification

    Jay FreddyJay Freddy2 天 前
  • Nokia 3660 snake, calls and texts Internet and email on 2.5g was sad:( nokia 6590i Lol Video calling on 3g was questionable. lg cu500 "Full internet" on 4g smartphones. galaxy note 2 Out speeding home internet on 5g. Moto edge I can't even imagine what I'm gonna get next. These phones represent major leaps I witnessed in mobile. Sorry blackberry, I guess you only added changes to the 3g experience and popped up again at the end of 4g.

    ossumopossumossumopossum2 天 前
  • 20g faster than light

    Hit SeriesHit Series2 天 前
  • Upgadation from 4G to 2G :nowhere in world but Kashmir

    Youtube KashmirYoutube Kashmir2 天 前
  • This is bad for humanity

    Partha IndersonPartha Inderson2 天 前
  • Dude, you're annoying at 6gs!

    Ren GalafuzeRen Galafuze2 天 前
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    Peter Nicholas pacePeter Nicholas pace2 天 前
  • 6G, here come the conspiracies

    Dude RU4 RealDude RU4 Real2 天 前
  • We are working on 5G and this guy is talking about 6G WTH ....

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh2 天 前
  • Damn, we are gonna have to cut down all the trees to receive signals for 6G David Ike must be on the case surely.

    Frederick BurkertFrederick Burkert2 天 前
  • Idiots 6g was not an impostor

    The Right Hand SSR with some educationThe Right Hand SSR with some education2 天 前
  • 4g is more than enough to make all people isolated from each other! You can't even find someone love others, only love the profiles. With 5G we get more wave pollution, it we get 6G, it means out body cells will die with no reasons and there will a cancer pandemic instead of coronavirus 😢

    Lotfullah TofanLotfullah Tofan2 天 前
  • Send the signal from satellites...

    Segs waysSegs ways2 天 前
  • This doesn’t seem entirely safe, a lot of radiation :(

    Vid QuizVid Quiz2 天 前
    • Nice channel by the way, I’m subscribed! :)

      Vid QuizVid Quiz天 前
    • Yes, non ionizing radiation can still have a lot of negative effects on the body. Constantly being exposed to it is not safe.

      Vid QuizVid Quiz天 前
    • @Vid Quiz finally someone that understands that although non-ionizong radiation doesn't modify DNA it is still harmful.

      AlexandruYTAlexandruYT天 前
    • High levels of electromagnetic radiation can still be dangerous, look it up.

      Vid QuizVid Quiz天 前
    • Radiations ?! This is electromagnetic not Alpha or Beta radiations ! I mean, come on man !

      Jed GrJed Gr天 前
  • 1g: video in 144p 2g: video in 240p 3g: video in 480p 4g: video in 720p60, 1080p60, 1440p60 5g: video in 2160p, 4320p 6g: video in 5252746t271i19286p60

    Tirth JoshiTirth Joshi2 天 前
  • 5g and 6g towers made corona tha vaccines are to make you do what they want they control you with vaccine's

    Killa TurdKilla Turd2 天 前
  • 7G will be based on Zenneck Surface waves. And then there is 8G and 9G after that. Also on the same Zenneck waves!

    Andreas AngeltveitAndreas Angeltveit2 天 前
  • Just wear a 6G leg pack or arm band. All the time. Even when you shower (how else would you play music with 6G power)

    Austin WashburnAustin Washburn2 天 前
  • Me watching at 144p : Thats impressive!

    LeofanGDLeofanGD2 天 前
  • 6g surely not 😯

    Anne-marie BarberAnne-marie Barber2 天 前
  • Hear that sound? That's the Karens sizzling in the background.

    Thorvald SpearThorvald Spear2 天 前
  • The only G that is really important is the G spot, just saying...

    Guinea PigGuinea Pig2 天 前

      Maou SamaMaou Sama天 前
  • 5G = Coronavírus.

    JoséJosé2 天 前
  • 5G still not widely available and 6G already born?

    TheGengProductionTheGengProduction2 天 前
  • Huawei was the first company to commercially launch 5G and China has already launched a 6G satellite . But obviously , we aren’t gonna talk about it .

    WildforfreedomWildforfreedom3 天 前
  • Still Bsnl not launching 4g😆

    Bigg LilyBigg Lily3 天 前
  • 5G is lightspeed, so there is no 6G, ist may be faster, but that‘s it

    Ferdinand FrenchhornFerdinand Frenchhorn3 天 前
  • Tiny note: plural of antenna is "antennas", "antennae" is reserved for living organisms/zoology. :)

    Gustavo DomínguezGustavo Domínguez3 天 前
  • There is recent research being done by three companies and a major university in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada using a technique called "Spooky Action At a Distance" aka Quantum Entanglement which allows you to create a simple and inexpensive CMOS or GaAs microcircuit that has thousands of nano-wells which TRAP small groups of a noble gas such as Xenon or Argon (i.e. a gaseous molecule not easily combining with other elements!) that can be forced by a photonic beam (i.e. a micro laser) to STAY within a specific octant of a 3D-XYZ volume which forms a numerical value depending upon what octant the gas molecules on a balance of probability are mostly residing in. We can call these gas traps "Quantum Wells" For example, Xenon gas molecules that stay in the front-upper-left octant are considered to have the binary value of 001 (i.e. a three bit value). Those in the front-upper-right octant will have a binary value of 010 and so on with all other octants being assigned a specific binary value. This basically means ONE quantum well can represent 8 different binary values (i.e. 0-to-7) which can be combined with other quantum wells to create a multi-bit data stream that is very large and very fast! The photonic beam that creates the positional state of those Xenon molecules ALSO creates an effect where a LOCKED-TOGETHER SET of Xenon molecules residing in a SEPARATE quantum well chip suddenly have their positional state jump to the SAME ONE as on the original chip. If one "reads" the replicated positional state of that set of Xenon molecules trapped in their quantum wells, it means we make ourselves a bidirectional communications system of unimaginable speed in a VERY SMALL SPACE! This is called Quantum Entanglement-based communications! We don't really know WHY the entanglement happens BUT we do know that the positional state of one set of Xenon molecules is REPLICATED in the second set NO MATTER HOW FAR APART those two quantum well chips are! These quantum well chips can be one metre apart or a BILLION KM APART! They will STAY LOCKED no matetr how far apart they are moved! Recent research has indicated that quantum entanglement has the ability to propagate at 50,000x the Speed of Light which ALSO MEANS the general theoretical maximum distance apart such INSTANTANEOUS COMMUNICATIONS IS BILLIONS OF KM with less than one millisecond latency. This means you could do a proper frame-accurate video conference from Earth to the Moon and Mars with no delay issue at all! The ONE ISSUE that is currently keeping this technology in the "Research Stage" is a phenomenon called "Quantum Decoherence" which means if you EVEN TRY TO READ the positional state of the second set of entangled Xenon molecules, the entanglement breaks down and you get noise which represents a set of "Read Errors". HOWEVER! By using the NUMBER and RATE of entanglement breakdowns as a BINARY VALUE IN ITSELF, you can work-around the quantum decoherence issue by using decoherence itself AS an information carrier (i.e. using the rate per second and number of molecules being entangled and disentangled to represent a bitwise value -- basically you are using presence or absence of random noise itself as the information carrier!). If you use a set of 1000 quantum wells (i.e. 1000 sets of entangled Xenon Molecules each trapped within a separate quantum well) that is read/written at One Billion times per second (i.e. at One GHz which is about the speed of many smartphones) that is a One Terabit data rate or about 128 GIGABYTES PER SECOND! which is waaaaaaaaaaay faster than 6G! The more quantum wells you put on the chip, the more data bits you can send per second each way! Since we can easily print ONE MILLION QUANTUM WELLS in a few square millimetres, we could have PETABYES PER SECOND data rates in a smartwatch if we use Quantum Entanglement-based communications. Albert Einstein (a famous scientist!) first postulated and commented on "Spooky Action at a Distance" and his equations about General Relativity AND when combined with other scientists' work on Quantum Mechanics, it means the base-line physics work to get Quantum Communications up and running today in 2020 has now been accomplished. I should note that Quantum Communication modules for general commercial testing are probably about 10 years away! However, the fundamental research has already been completed and now the the practical parts are being worked upon! Cost-wise, Quantum Well entrapment of Xenon or Argon and the microlasers needed to read/write the positional states would be barely $20 USD per chip at manufacturing volumes over 100,000 SKUs (i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc) by the year 2030! So from 4G at 75 megabits per second download to PETABYTES PER SECOND BI-DIRECTIONAL in the Year 2030 using Q-G (i.e. Quantum Entanglement) based communications, means ALL the good stuff for our ever-connected world is coming a LOT FASTER THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE! V

    StarGateSG7StarGateSG73 天 前
  • well if they made phones antennas and senders that would make a security risk

    DjJewlDjJewl3 天 前
  • Nigga I barely got 3g

    ChampagneIraqiChampagneIraqi3 天 前
  • And some still look for the g spot

    O173 O173O173 O1733 天 前
    • You can find it after the F but before the H 😁.

      Guinea PigGuinea Pig2 天 前
  • How boring will be if you can't drive a car by your own

    VinIssuesVinIssues3 天 前
  • way more informative than that marques guy, his channel is basically useless.

    MonkeySpecs301MonkeySpecs3013 天 前
  • 9G : You can perfectly sync your brain to the network with your neuralink chip. You can share thoughts, share a mental simulation or even join a colective mind

    Joel Coll LopezJoel Coll Lopez3 天 前
    • You are talking about sex, don't ya?

      Guinea PigGuinea Pig2 天 前
  • Skynet...?? Skynet.

    BirdflewBirdflew3 天 前
  • 7G: -holographic stuff you see in Movies - No such thing as loading screen -

    BLUEvia FZBLUEvia FZ3 天 前
  • *To those ranting about how 9G-2000G will be this and that, let’s not forget that it’s all still relative to the speed of light.* There’s a limit to how fast things can go.

    SommyBliss NriamaSommyBliss Nriama3 天 前
    • @Mason Parker you should have seen weird comments about communicating from Neptune and Mars and stuff in no time at all.

      SommyBliss NriamaSommyBliss Nriama3 天 前
    • All the effects is latency not internet speed

      Mason ParkerMason Parker3 天 前
  • And here we are getting 3G under the name of 4G 😑

    CarsAreAwesomeCarsAreAwesome3 天 前
  • 10G: it's so powerful our heads will explode.

    Jadon S. Windows Expert / Windows Sonic 2007.Jadon S. Windows Expert / Windows Sonic 2007.3 天 前
    • @F SL ha ha (⓿_⓿)

      Jadon S. Windows Expert / Windows Sonic 2007.Jadon S. Windows Expert / Windows Sonic 2007.2 天 前
    • We have mutated into creatures that are thickheaded. Especially in Florida. 🤦🏼‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️😁

      F SLF SL2 天 前
  • If you like that video watch this one - cnworld.info/free/mWaAsJqn3ZR4z9E/sh-p-n

    Ayush VupalanchiAyush Vupalanchi4 天 前
  • Well with the super fast internet ...No one will need to go to office places,all buildings are Obsolete ...Meaning no one needs to live in ANY CITY ANYMORE...Because WE ALL CAN WORK FROM HOME...Which is Awesome...No more cities ....Just good old country living ....

    E L •E L •4 天 前
  • Finally, someone who understands. I'll only need 4G but the future will need 5G.

    j gj g4 天 前
  • Wait what? Lemme watch this first...

    IsaqiuIsaqiu4 天 前
  • What about 6g paint

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker4 天 前
  • countries: discussing about 6g karens: *SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH*

    micky animationsmicky animations4 天 前
  • the best G is i like ya cut g

    dennis pungdennis pung4 天 前
  • Hey 6g my phone doesn't even have 5g😶

    Lee DianLee Dian4 天 前
  • 20g a gaming setup comes out of your phone

    Mohammad RehanMohammad Rehan4 天 前
  • that is very cool..!! Your video is very inspiring, really your video is very useful

  • 10G: We can finally figure out the wifi password on the bottom of the router

    WintorialsLiftWintorialsLift4 天 前
  • 20G

  • Arun watch this to protect yourself from 5G :cnworld.info/free/iHhuw6K41HJ6r80/sh-p-n

    Bruh BuddyBruh Buddy4 天 前