I quit my job to play with smartphones.

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For 4 million Subscribers, here's the story of why I quit my job as a consultant, to become a CNworldr. Thank you for making it possible ❤️
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  • Working for a consultancy these days isn't what it used to be. The bean-counters stifle any creativity and it's all about maximising the client billing hours. Meanwhile corporate hos climb the ladder, the same people who spend far too much time sweet-talking their way into someone's good books or trying to spot an idea and steal it from someone else and stab others in the back. Apart from the big 4 consultancies, the others are just too many chodhus who studied 'buzinezz studiez' than the world needs.

    TomTTomT小时 前
  • You have my full respect Arun, I love your videos

    I LightenStar II LightenStar I4 小时 前
  • Mrsneezeboss has arrived ;-;

    I LightenStar II LightenStar I4 小时 前
  • ok then give me 8t just kidding love you

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  • Well u um

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  • You are the boss😁😁

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  • just adding in my 1 to contribute to 6M lol!

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  • Congratulation! Next milestone 10 million!!! Tathastu Tathastu Tathastu

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  • 4:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Any one there after 6 million? Congrats arun!

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  • Cant stip watching this video. 25th time now🤣🤣🤣

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  • can you do a review of palm phone

    Joshua CampbellJoshua Campbell天 前
  • lol this is just an expose vid lol

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  • cnworld.info/free/mWOxyGyXrn2elpI/sh-p-n

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  • Who's here after 5.8 million

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  • Love the channel keep it up

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  • i like your videos

  • btw u will had 6 milion


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  • I'm gonna add 1000 subs to this channel soon

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  • I agree with caangelesPH

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  • i really liked this video.....new sub

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  • You have quickly become one of my favorite CNworld guys

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  • Closer to six million before the year is out! We'll done and great video.

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  • Arun, You targetted 5M Subscribers by the year end and you are about to reach 6M. This shows the good work that you are doing. I second that you make our time investment worth and are actually living dream that some of your subscribers have sometime dreamt off but didn't know how or where to start from. Keep going and keep doing the wonderful work. Cheers, ~ Sunny

    Sunny KhandujaSunny Khanduja2 天 前
  • Really inspiring bro Love from Delhi

    paras choudharyparas choudhary2 天 前
  • I have watched this video 5 times over 5 months of time and i always wanted to do what you do but i don't have the money to review a single new phone. I hope you read this and send me my first phone to review any phone would do i would be greatfull. I lost my business and i don't have a job because of covid. I hope you see this and get back to me. Best of luck for the future

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  • Dude You can Dance?! Awesome!

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  • 6 months later, nearly 6 million subscribers...

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  • plz i a iphone could u give me plz

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  • Your tha best

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  • November 23rd and you’re at almost 6 million thats crazy

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  • I left my job now i am beggar 🙂😐🙃

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  • It's deep and i love it

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  • I didn’t know there were some genuine you tubers - you are an inspiration and soo real

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  • Almost 6 million now. Congratulations Arun

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  • BRUH you never wasted my time your videos are amazing and good quality keep it up

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  • Brilliant video. I must say ur channel is what I go to for my tech advice.

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  • Just 6 months ago this video was uploaded n has almost reached 6M.

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  • So ✨W h o l e s o m e✨ Also congrats on 5 almost 6K Arun🥳🥳

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  • "I think we can hit five million subs by the end of the year " 6months "I think we can hit 6 million subs by the end of the year"

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  • You're biceps are going to rip the shirt

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  • You are a great phone hardware reviewer, let's dig into applications more and maybe accessories

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  • cnworld.info/free/iXufp63Dm3yd2ZI/sh-p-n

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  • You are me hero!

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  • As you wish, you're the Boss

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  • It’s 5.82 million subs now.

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  • And u are one of my fav tech CNworldr ✌️

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    • noyu

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  • Plot twist: he replaces the plant every day

    Amber Faisal Ameer / F Faisal AmeerAmber Faisal Ameer / F Faisal Ameer4 天 前
  • Arun: "Does anyone do their dream job? Me: You are doing your dream job

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  • well..I like his presentation even with what we didn't really see..

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  • Yep, almost 6 millions. And I've just subscribed.

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  • Arun you're Flagship killer 💪😎😁😂

  • Excuse me?!!??!??!?!?!?!!!

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  • This is what a CNworld artist should be. Truth and genuine only. I'm already a fan not just a subscriber. I am thinking of buying a smartphone with the help of your reviews to compare them. Unfortunately, it's kind of expensive for me to buy the best one at this point. My focus now is just to expand my knowledge about everything (I'm interested in). More reviews Aaron, I have your back.

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  • 6m by Christmas. Clearly 😁

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  • Goal set May 2020 for 5m subs by the end of the year Really: almost 6m XD

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  • Let's hit it my 6M subscribers

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  • Cool

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  • Why is this channel so adictive....

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  • mrwhosetheboss: I want to reach 5m subs Nov 2020: 5.8m subs you might actually reach 6m subs

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  • One of the lucky few that actually loves what he does for a living. Well done!

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  • I love your voice.

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  • And the years not over but you're almost hitting 6!

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  • I think you will reach to 6M by the end of this year...

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  • @Mrwhosetheboss - you wanted 5 mill by year end, you're almost at 6 mill - and i am happy to say i am one of them :D

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  • Which is ur motherland

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  • Wow that is cool. Congratulations 🎉

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  • Hello brother... Can you give me a smartphone for my education purpose... Please..

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  • Sir can you plzz give a one smart phone for me because birthday is coming

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  • 6M by the end of 2020

  • Goals- 5million COME ON LETS GET HIM 10 MILLION!

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  • Am happy I was here before 1 million sub!

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  • You speak so clearly people that don’t speak English understand

  • you reached 5.8 million, by end of the year I pray it should change to 6 million+ 👍

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  • I always watched your videos but never subscribed but after finishing this video I just hit subscribe button

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  • I'm a student and of poor background plz send me any pH 8gb/128 or more Plz help me out ,I don't have money...

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  • You want to hit 5 000 000 but you will hit 6 000 000 lets gooooooooo!!!!!!

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  • You are my inspiration ...... I am your biggest fan

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  • It useful 👌

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  • Let's do 6 million for his hard work btw love u bro

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  • Sounds fucking miserable to be honest. I rather flip burgers to be honest.

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  • Thanks a lot, your videos inspire me so much!

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  • Arun: "Does anyone do their dream job? Me: You are doing your dream job

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  • You're cat is cute ❤❤❤

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  • MI phone food challenge this challenge

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  • His goal was 5mil his near 6mil ! I'm happy for you (': ❤

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  • why dont you review tecno phones

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  • lol now its reaching 6M. GREAT!

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  • You were so brave taking this risk... actually i kind like having the same ambition like you... play with gadjet make review do content with it... i hope my dream will come true

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  • Bless you my bro 🙏

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  • you deserve it brother .. keep the good work .. thanks for make our life easy

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  • If you do quit your job I will take it over

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