DON'T buy this USB Stick.

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The $450 5G Bioshield is not what it sounds like - Its actually one of the biggest Tech Scams ever. Don't buy it.
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  • Firefighters meet their match when a fuel tank crashes and explodes. Watch the story unfold in this full episode:

    ROHIT SROHIT S3 小时 前
  • Wow and Brits say the US Government is stupid...

    Roberto RamirezRoberto Ramirez12 小时 前
  • my step dad bought TWO of these smh

    MCwithShiftMCwithShift14 小时 前
  • Teacher: 2+2 = 4- Mrwhosetheboss: *hello*

    n3d244n3d24415 小时 前
  • The best way to spot a scam site scroll down to the comments, you will see comments that say posted 13 mins ago, but you find out you can't sign in and post anything.

    GamingDADGamingDAD天 前
  • I dont like 5G, i think it is not good for the human body and can lead to cancer, but douse this work, douse it do a shield, but what if you have a 5G tower in your shield, is it not bad, will it stay and make it badder for your body?

    Kilian TurriKilian Turri天 前

    Yip / NevilleYip / Neville天 前
  • Iphone 12 5g ❌ 5g underwear ✔

  • Now i think "nukes" are useful for us!

  • reverse aging by 18 years. everyone that's 18 years & younger: I don't feel so good..

    robert mosquerarobert mosquera天 前
  • And they say human race is smart 😂. Thanks man. Although i dont buy such crap.

    Udayan VermaUdayan Verma天 前
  • is it only me who think that he sounded like a girl 4:27

    Darkside GamerDarkside Gamer天 前
  • Instead of buying this thing, get a pc or upgrade your ram

    The Awkward OneThe Awkward One2 天 前

    toy bonnietoy bonnie2 天 前
  • hi, best CNworldr. what's the purpose of scamming us with there new ''technology''

    Mohammed SahwanMohammed Sahwan2 天 前
  • Did these scammers get arrested?? Did you report to the authorities? Oh God please let them be arrested 😂😂🙏 Mr. Who'sTheBoss = Total Legend 🙏🙏😎

    Arafat ChowdhuryArafat Chowdhury2 天 前
  • Thank u for showing up these scammers

    dif49dif492 天 前
  • do they not see there is no tech in it bruh and this is karen heven

    Potato AadenPotato Aaden2 天 前
  • Hey You stole nu microwave

    Rares RRares R2 天 前
  • If you want to protect yourself from 5G, just move to germany, it will take at least 10 years until it arrives :/

    Florian KoszinowskiFlorian Koszinowski2 天 前
  • I can’t believe humanity turned so stupid that scams like this actually exist

    이주화이주화3 天 前
  • What that fuck is this man they are deluting technology with friction 😂🤣😂

    NotsoFool Happy _to _deal _with_ youNotsoFool Happy _to _deal _with_ you3 天 前
  • Reverse aging by 18 years well i don't know where I'll be then Edit : I'm 12

    MysteryMystery3 天 前
  • This video is the best

    GamerbruhGamerbruh3 天 前
  • Who else thought that he was gonna talk about a USB killer?

    Peely BoiPeely Boi3 天 前
  • 😅😅😅😅😅

    Ebenezer BempahEbenezer Bempah3 天 前
  • fight that crap daily and it just never ends .. know what ur buying and don't buy what people sale at face .. do your homework every time trust it is always BS in a box !

    Silent Shu-ShuSilent Shu-Shu3 天 前
  • Escobar: I rule you 5G bio shield: hold my beer

    Rosario GrantRosario Grant3 天 前
  • The best part is that every1 belives that 5G is bad for u so here is the story of how that fake fact was born Two grandmas stood by a 5G tower and saw a bird die and said "tHat BaD fOr U"

    JocoGaming HDJocoGaming HD3 天 前
  • People: **Buys It** The USB Stick: **

    I Have No Name [GD]I Have No Name [GD]3 天 前
  • 7 yr old me subscribing channel for free😎

    Sambhav10th b 9604Sambhav10th b 96044 天 前
  • I am 2 yrs old 😂😂

    Sambhav10th b 9604Sambhav10th b 96044 天 前
  • Guys with 5GShield: "Reversed aging by 18 years". Me, an 18 year old: I don't feel so gooooodd.

  • If anyone was thinking of buying it, let them. Those fools don't deserve the £300 in their bank account.

  • How should I know

    robert zane corobert zane co4 天 前
  • I would l like to think he bought the one off AliExpress and claimed it was the 5G protection to save 400 dollars

    MuzakaMuzaka4 天 前
  • that's literally the same mentality as actually thinking a 4 leaf clover will make you lucky

    devdev4 天 前
  • 2:49 me when I recieve my Christmas present😂😂

    GhostSOTWGhostSOTW4 天 前
  • And US is developed nation, I didn't expect people to be this stupid 😅😂

    AkshayAkshay4 天 前
  • “Proprietary holographic nano-later catalyst technology” “I’m sorry, what?” Had me dying 😂

    Max27265Max272654 天 前
  • When I was watching the video, a commercial appeared for a phone that uses 5g

    emiliano hdz89emiliano hdz894 天 前
  • Add subtitle Indonesia pleaseee

    Wahyudi SaputraWahyudi Saputra4 天 前
  • Lol I love the star wars meme

    Starboy PlayzStarboy Playz4 天 前
  • "5GBioShield" was created and stupid people liked that

    Ming ma mingMing ma ming4 天 前
  • 0:47 That face tho xD

    7eveN Pubg7eveN Pubg5 天 前
  • reverse ageing of up to 18 years people who are 17 years old and younger: "i dont feel good mr stark"

    modx hrfchmodx hrfch5 天 前
  • My 17 year old nice plugged on of these things in . She hasn't been heard from since . Should have read the instructions.

    Randy FurnessRandy Furness5 天 前
  • Moment you realise that science and technology is creating more superstition than any religion

    Talented WriterTalented Writer5 天 前
  • I can’t believe humanity turned so stupid that scams like this actually exist

    UniversalAndroid 24UniversalAndroid 245 天 前
    • Wow, you...literally just copied and pasted the top comment on the video.

      SewingNoodleSewingNoodle2 天 前
  • you should buy a iPhone 12 and activate 5g, then plug in the USB LOL

    HAT Industries.HAT Industries.5 天 前
  • So your saying I could make bank just by telling people that I am selling a 2 dollar usb that blocks 5G and sell for 500$$$... dayum.

    joshua zjoshua z5 天 前
  • Your channel is in a risk

    Aron DominicAron Dominic5 天 前
  • 1:31 When he falls asleep

    Milo Mack.x27Milo Mack.x275 天 前
  • 0:54 Me when i pooped my pants

    Milo Mack.x27Milo Mack.x275 天 前
  • lol

    Min ZMin Z5 天 前
  • OMG I have to sell something like this and I could buy a new car

    Channel CsatornaChannel Csatorna5 天 前
  • Plot twist: The 2 guys are actually Karens in disguise

    Juan Felipe RamirezJuan Felipe Ramirez5 天 前
  • I now know your age is 25

    Dylan PearceDylan Pearce6 天 前
  • Ha! In the middle of the video an add appeared for an “Anti-5G Hi-Speed Radiation-Proof Hat.” I almost died from laughing so hard!

    Ethan CamposEthan Campos6 天 前
  • "And, you wanna know the best part? That one has more storage!!"

    Annette HoltAnnette Holt6 天 前
  • 1:40 how the hell did you read my mind

    Nathancraft 2010Nathancraft 20106 天 前
  • Hello! We sell touchtennis kits for £139.99 and if you buy one we guarantee you’ll stop ageing. We call it Secular Control Access Methodology to help you stay young. We are trying to patent the acronym for that tech! Great video as always, Rashid

    touchtennistouchtennis6 天 前
  • Let me crack you a good one: My mom bought some stickers which "scientifically" block all waves and emf as they are so harmful,even more than standing next to a giant building

    KhaensKhaens7 天 前
  • It IS there, but only when you are not observing it.. They said it is.. quantum. Imagine trying to create the device without observing it... ofc is expensive!

    EqoualizerEqoualizer7 天 前
  • 2:50 me when I used to get ice cream

    Barkha ::Barkha ::7 天 前
  • The reason why the bio-chip USB has less storage is because it compresses the data & makes it so light that it does not need more space.😂

    Nemo PikaNemo Pika7 天 前
  • the reason it says it reveres your age by 18 is because only people that are 60 would fall for this

    Danny FannyDanny Fanny7 天 前
  • I laugh so loud

    heart blheart bl7 天 前
  • i would be -8

    Pilot LufthansaPilot Lufthansa7 天 前
  • Ilija Lakićević (by his own CV on his page, and you should check it out it's hilarious) finished studies in Belgrade but . "At the end of 2000 I chose to leave the Institute of Physics and went on my own way to discover and learn the God’s principles and laws of creation." and "Applying the WFC I’ve developed the TESLA RADIATION BALANCER - the genuine product in form of a self-adhesive sticker certified by the Hado Life Institute of Dr. Masaru Emoto which 100% balances radiation from any device," so that sticker you peeled of...... :)

    Penzija MirovinićPenzija Mirovinić7 天 前
  • I'll see if it can protect those phony physicists. them from 30 kilowat laser.

    Ian BradfordIan Bradford7 天 前
  • I love plants 🌿 Plants generate oxygen, are radiation & emf-free, give us vegetables and fruits, nuts, oil, aroma and medicinal roots, leaves and seeds.. and other countless benefits.. let alone their ravishing colours and soothing beauty. Even when they die they're used as firewood, paper paste, carpenting and decoration wood and other.. and the most beautiful part is that it's all for free without asking anything for return. Plants are simply good. Thank God for this creation.. and sorry for the harm and damage we cause 🤲

    Ayoub HADDIOUIAyoub HADDIOUI8 天 前
  • If only science could explain everything... Lucky for us, we do have an explanation for this "Quantum Electrolytic USB", :- It's simply something known as the "placebo effect". That's why the people behind this have an answer for every possible question! They just need to lie to everybody's faces, so everybody **believes** the "science" behind it and somehow, achieve all the said effects as a placebo effect thingy.

    HiLoGen GamingHiLoGen Gaming8 天 前
  • You can use modicare envirochip and you can test it also by emf

    Jeewan Pal Singh RandhawaJeewan Pal Singh Randhawa8 天 前
  • There are a lot of things that are ripoffs. What was the motivation to do that? Rip offs are a dime per dozen so what did you prove by doing that oh look at this isn’t this amazing I paid for this isn’t that wonderful it was a rip off by the way oh don’t worry about it I had nothing else to do just thought I would go and get ripped off

    Brad BBrad B8 天 前
  • I don't know why but the longer i watch Arun, the more handsome he looks for me. oh my

    Jaztin TamboongJaztin Tamboong8 天 前
  • A science book: exists Karens: Fiction. Random scientific words Karens: I’ll take your entire stock

    Divid linda87 Joysing987**Divid linda87 Joysing987**8 天 前
  • this is a trap for karens.karens will buy this

    leopard auf der jagdleopard auf der jagd9 天 前
  • You have NO idea what you are talking about!!!! I am super sensitive to 5g and all EMF and this device has been helping me so much!!! I have purchased 4 so far and my family loves it too!

    Essential Hemp AwarenessEssential Hemp Awareness9 天 前
    • This has to be a joke

      The green spinning ninjaThe green spinning ninja7 天 前
  • 2:53 thats a sick gaming pc

    crazyboy_execrazyboy_exe9 天 前
  • Don’t buy this USB stick blah blah blah$)()3;’()3;99 Just get your mom’s

    ECOeditzツECOeditzツ9 天 前
  • He's 7 let's ban him off youtube

    turkeyturkey9 天 前
  • Anyone knows what's the song that starts at 3:05

    YusuffYusuff9 天 前
  • Capitalizing on Karens? Nice

    marvel gohmarvel goh9 天 前
  • 4:51 definitely not form 5g related fields .

    neela mahendraneela mahendra9 天 前
  • 5g is harmless

    Jordan :LJordan :L9 天 前
  • A 40m forcefield from a usb, to PROTECT you from radiation. If that thing did what it says you'd probably instantly develop cancer lol

    Guido HaverkortGuido Haverkort10 天 前
  • i just want to shoot all of those people in the head who think 5g is bad and try to make money

    mongo dudemongo dude10 天 前
  • 4:37 they are literally laughing at their costumers

    Polvo CorruptoPolvo Corrupto10 天 前
  • Wait until they find out that the sun is much much stronger than some 5G towers

    Xtremegamer 3DXtremegamer 3D11 天 前
  • No context 2:49

    U WawU Waw11 天 前
  • Quantum nano layer technology .... So i guess it can also charge my Tesla car in 10 minutes with that future technology🤔 It sounds so good, its access should be restricted!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Pierre WeeePierre Weee11 天 前
  • I dont get it how people spend $350 this easily

    FirdeosFirdeos11 天 前
  • The UK gov? This makes me even more angy to the right wing than ever before and I am now starting to think about being socialist

    Matt SuguiMatt Sugui11 天 前
  • Lmao

    Talus RoperTalus Roper11 天 前
  • Escobar: I am the biggest scam 5g usb: hold my proprietary holographic nano-layer catalyst

    Diego CarcamoDiego Carcamo11 天 前
  • Great Video, thanks man saved me some coin. Subbed

    HowdydoodyCJHowdydoodyCJ11 天 前
  • Don t tell me what to do

    GaydubbbzGaydubbbz12 天 前
  • thanks a lot, i’m -6 now because you turned it on in the video

    my dick is small butmy dick is small but12 天 前
  • Scam

    carl libstcarl libst12 天 前