iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra / Huawei / Xiaomi / OnePlus Battery Life DRAIN Test.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max full battery life test comparison vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro!
For the full camera comparison: cnworld.info/free/podurHnUtIB8ks0/sh-p-n
For the iPhone 12 Pro Max Review: cnworld.info/free/fmuJvYyb16aD3NE/sh-p-n
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  • Hope you enjoyed this new style of battery test! 👊 Couple of notes: 1. The end times here CAN’T be compared with those of other tests on the channel, as each test runs different applications. 2. No phones had SIM cards in them to keep things fair

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss15 天 前
    • Llppl

      sumiani ngsumiani ng3 天 前
    • Waiting for Iphone Mini test 🙇

      Jay SanghrajkaJay Sanghrajka6 天 前
    • @Mrwhosetheboss , if you can see this can you help pass this along to consumers, thanks! There is proof that displaymate is cheating customers and not aligning with fair play competeitive laws in doing so. Proof is they lied in the actual review for iPhone 12 Pro Max: 1) Highest absolute colour accuracy was already awarded to Note 20 Ultra (0.5 JNCD) which is better than 0.9 JNCD for iPhone 12 Pro Max (lower is better, means lower error in colours displayed). 2) Highest Full Screen Brightness for OLED smartphones was already awarded to Note 20 Ultra. iPhone 12 Pro Max got 825nits for 100% apl where Note 20 got 1037 nits for 100% apl (higher is better, means higher brightness). 3) Lowest screen reflectance, again Note 20 had 4.4% screen reflectance and iPhone 12 Pro Max has 4.8% (again lower is better as it means less screen reflectance). 4) Smallest variation for viewing angles already belongs to Oneplus 8T (22% at 30 degrees) where iPhone 12 Pro Max got (27% at 30 degrees). Here again lower is better, as it means colours shift less at an angle. 5) Highest visible screen resolution was actually awarded to Note 20 Ultra 3K (3088 *1440) which is a higher resolution than the iPhone 12 Pro Max (2788*1284, which is even less than the industry standard of 1440p). Higher is better as it means more pixels and higher resolution. 6) Highest contrast ratio is not infinite, it is 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio (stated above in this article). All OLED is given 'infinite' contrast ratio, again this was already awarded to the Note 20 Ultra so cannot be given to iPhone 12 Pro Max as they did not break any record. 7) Highest full screen contrast rating in ambient light already belongs to Note 20 Ultra (236 for 100% apl), even Oneplus 8T got 184 for 100% apl. The iPhone 12 Pro Max got the lowest 172 at 100% apl. (Higher is better, as stated on displaymate's own website). If they were going to make stuff up they should have done a better job. You can see for yourself everything I stated is true by visiting displaymate and looking at rating for these phones. I'll even help you with the links below: iPhone 12 Pro Max: www.displaymate.com/iPhone_12Pro_ShootOut_1P.htm#Display_Records Oneplus 8T: www.displaymate.com/OnePlus_8T_ShootOut_1T.htm#Display_Records Note 20 Ultra: www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note20_ShootOut_1N.htm#Display_Records

      23DarkSoulsHunterRoad23DarkSoulsHunterRoad8 天 前
    • Please do a battery drain with iphone 12 pro max 12 pro 12 12mini 11 pro 11 pro max

      Muhammad AfsalMuhammad Afsal8 天 前
    • Do you think huawei mate 40 pro is not a phone you should buy?

      Mark LiMark Li8 天 前
  • 5:31 Among Us!

    United Californian States MappingUnited Californian States Mapping31 分钟 前
  • The first side. It’s weird that last year they went up on the stage, made these huge claims of the iPhone’s battery, and this year, they completely disabandon that vision of great battery life. Doesn’t make sense to me

    erika floreserika flores9 小时 前
  • The real winner is the iPhone on the right that’s the timer lol

    Rayaan MerchantRayaan Merchant12 小时 前
  • Hold my sumsung m51

    Sourabh TVSourabh TV14 小时 前
  • How does he measure battery in realtime without seeing on screen or scrolling navigation bar?

    mayur newasemayur newase15 小时 前
  • Everyone: Samsung S20 ultra is having The best battery backup. Me: what about the phone which is using The timer. It should be having the Best battery backup.

  • as an Apple fanboy i would day samsung did really good . i wont count huawei cause it doesnt support full android apps. samsung is the winner

    lalal lalalalalal lalala17 小时 前
  • If Iphone also have 4500 mah battery then it would beat other phone. Thats the benefit (efficiency) of having own hardware and os.(optimised)

    Sumanta AdhikariSumanta Adhikari17 小时 前
  • I'm convinced Samsung cheated by dropping the frame rate instead of keeping it at the same rate. All phones have their battery saver option turned off. Samsung should have lost. Sneaky Samsung. What a big cheater! Xiaomi Won the test

    Rudy MadrigalRudy Madrigal天 前
    • @김현승 I'm not Chinese, Idiot

      Rudy MadrigalRudy Madrigal5 小时 前
    • Typical Chinese in the comments xD

      김현승김현승16 小时 前
  • Ok, you made a really good extensive test for the battery, but what we should be looking at is performance, duration vs battery capacity. In your time test, the rank is: Note > Xiaomi > One > Mate > 11 > 12 . But, when you evaluate the relation between time test and the battery capacity, the game changes. In a min/mAh relation, the test rank is: 12 > 11 > Note > Mate > Xiaomi > One, with the 12 pro max having a better perfomance ranging from +1,59% to +4,98%, been +3,65% against the Note 20 Ultra. I think this is a important evaluation to be made at the end. Still, nicely done!!

    Fernando Luiz Ruschel MonteraFernando Luiz Ruschel Montera天 前
  • I don't know if that was taken into consideration but I think for this to be a fair test all phones should be brand new out of the box. If you used the 11 Pro Max that you've been using for over a year now it's not gonna have the same performance as a brand new 12 Pro Max or other phones you only used for a few months. However, great video. Thank you for the effort!

    Ibrahim AwadallahIbrahim Awadallah天 前
    • And other phones were at 120hz display as well which sucks more battery

      김현승김현승16 小时 前
  • As a huawei user the battery is literally so damn good. Like I could watch a movie on 20% and it would still be on 1% after the movie finishes

    Tariq JaradatTariq Jaradat天 前
  • I used Samsung S20 FE from last week and it's so amazing

    Bishnu DhungelBishnu Dhungel天 前
  • Very impressive by the Samsung on 120hz and biggest display

  • 4 android phones vs 2 apple phones. Mate 40 Pro has the least battery capacity than other android phones but drained slower. how is that possible?

    Under Zero ProductionUnder Zero Production天 前
  • Wow my phone died in 15 min 😀 (Edit):its full

    Ken MausisaKen Mausisa天 前
  • Aint samsung cheating as it changes the refresh rates in the near end..

    Javeik AlexanderJaveik Alexander天 前
  • Aron

    Javeik AlexanderJaveik Alexander天 前
  • Diffirent 11promax ios13 and 14 is baterry...

    Vi Công ĐịnhVi Công Định天 前
  • Love the bgm

    Prathamesh AgashePrathamesh Agashe天 前
  • iphone 12 pro max is the impostor xD

    StamatisGRStamatisGR天 前
  • 69:69 😳

    Sushant Mishra XI BSushant Mishra XI B天 前
  • The best phone with the best battery is Arun's phone😂😂

    godxethergodxether天 前
  • So so far the iphone 12 line... (Everey phone slamming display first into table)

    veljko Stojicveljko Stojic天 前
  • The Thumbnail says 69:69.... Lol

    FlyX YTKFlyX YTK2 天 前
  • 7:54 and the winner of this night is...... samsung. Congrats. Samsung is the best 😎

    stefan pascalstefan pascal2 天 前
  • Brother i need a phone .. please.. I have no money I love you

    Sourav SahaSourav Saha2 天 前
  • Is there any way to have samsung galaxy note 20 ultra snapdragon version here in finland?

    Isabella LumbuIsabella Lumbu2 天 前
  • He's so rich.....

    AROHA hereAROHA here2 天 前
  • I keep replaying the first 3 seconds of this video. So satisfying.

    Karl Simon MatiasKarl Simon Matias2 天 前
  • How about a comparison between Xperia 5 II and OnePlus 8T

    Melvile de MeloMelvile de Melo2 天 前
  • Actually ur my fav CNworldr, it feels like a friend giving an review! And ur slang and voice!! Wow!! I never thought i would admire the voice and slang of an CNworldr who gives phone reviews haha!! My best wishes to your channel!

    deepi deepideepi deepi2 天 前
  • Is noone gonna mention the fact that the video photo the phone on the left had69 mins and 69 secs?

    K GamerK Gamer3 天 前
  • E

    Guy that is faster than his notificationsGuy that is faster than his notifications3 天 前
  • Note the king again, great phone

    KamiKaZe MMOKamiKaZe MMO3 天 前
  • After all that iv been hearing about the 12 pro max battery, I think it still did really good !

    Ramsha AnisRamsha Anis3 天 前
  • From another battery test I’ve seen the 11 Pro Max beat the Note 20 Ultra.

    Sakhawat RahmanSakhawat Rahman3 天 前
  • Everyone looking at the phone line up when I’m amazed at the phone that has the timer 😂

    Tstoclean YTTstoclean YT3 天 前
  • Is nobody gonna talk about the thumbnail timer 😂😂

    Yeshwant RadevYeshwant Radev3 天 前
  • What was that smoke thing ?

    Darshit PatelDarshit Patel3 天 前
  • Hey there will be much more tough competition if we do compare m series of samsung for battery test !!

    Digambar TandaleDigambar Tandale3 天 前
  • Lebae.eting .nge

    IrulkeeIrulkee3 天 前
  • Watch in 2x mode. Arun’s hands Go Brrr

    THABREEZ 456THABREEZ 4563 天 前
  • Like I said USA is most important country in the world we get snapdragon & all u peasant countries get the crappy version ...hahahahaha🤪🤪

    larry zanlarry zan3 天 前
  • i have a i phone 8 with a horrible battery it would not make it 3 hours lol

    King PotatoKing Potato3 天 前
  • That's draining time how about the charge time ?

    AsrigAsrig3 天 前
  • Id like to see battery degredation test.. How much life does a handset lose from new after 1 2 3 years of use.

    Charl MoorCharl Moor3 天 前
  • Mate 40 Pro is a beast in everything, nothing else can even come close overall, Huawei is the king. iPhones are jokes lol. Also phones like Samsungs have huge standby drain whereas Huaweis have almost none so in real life it won't even be close.

    JZ VRJZ VR3 天 前
  • i would prefer a Samsung bc i feel like it has more. but the camera is a really big deal breaker for me, bc i use my camera a LOT. i LOVE photography and i love taking random pics and seeing how they turn out. i believe you can make random object beautiful. whenever im bored ill actually go around my house and take pics of random things at different angles and sometimes even edit them and see if i can get a good pic of a everyday object. i also love how Apple has their home screens set up. im not always a very organized person, but i HAVE to have my phone very organized.

    Basic BaileyBasic Bailey3 天 前
  • i never will understand apple.... when i got my new iPhone 12 pro max, it asked me to give my thoughts in an email. so I did. I complained about the battery because like really? you make a bigger iPhone screen with a smaller chassis and how do you expect the a14 chip to do good with no big battery? it blows my mind. it needs a 4500 mah battery. it would definitely make it a better selling phone. more consumers would be happy.

    KILLERSPY 30019KILLERSPY 300193 天 前
  • Am I the only one who doesn't know what is happening at 2:18? Looks cool tho

    Femi FowosireFemi Fowosire4 天 前
  • 4.00

  • Yea Samsung is the better phone for only year or something then it gets shit

    Ahmed dubaivlogsAhmed dubaivlogs4 天 前
  • american is poor in math, asian still rock the math world

    Farrel HengFarrel Heng4 天 前
  • SO THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT -> THE SAINSBURYS SPICES! Now, based on the jars in my own spice cupboard... From L-R: 1) Mixed Peppercorns 2) Cajun Seasoning 3) Too big for cardamom pods - whole nutmeg?? 4) Chilli Powder 5) and 6) Two lots of garam masala? How did I do??

    Jyoti MishraJyoti Mishra4 天 前
  • If any of you have watched the flash then doesn’t he look like bloodwork

  • Your videos are awesome... Lov'em...

    Onédio ChissanoOnédio Chissano4 天 前
  • Your videos are awesome... Lov'em...

    Onédio ChissanoOnédio Chissano4 天 前
  • If Apple has a 120hz display the video would end in half the time

    Nicholas ChanNicholas Chan4 天 前
  • Bruh the timer phone won not the Samsung

    Doppio PhoneDoppio Phone4 天 前


  • which app did he use in 2:30? pls reply

    Puskar DhunganaPuskar Dhungana4 天 前
  • what is that app with the black screen where you touch to make colors appear? that’s sweet

    Steven BakenhesterSteven Bakenhester4 天 前
  • super

    Sumisha SenSumisha Sen4 天 前
  • Please do the iPhone 13 mini

    Caden McleodCaden Mcleod4 天 前
    • 12*

      Caden McleodCaden Mcleod4 天 前
  • Lol its totally fake or used iphone that dropped the health level prior making video! Almost everywhere THE Iphone 11 pro max has been beating any other phone by the incredible 9hour 20min something+ On the other hand 12pro max does 8hour 30min up! The How the hell this shit video is?

    Miami Boyz & GirlZzMiami Boyz & GirlZz4 天 前
  • Samsung got it right

    RothschildRothschild4 天 前
  • Note 20 ultra is the winner , but I like IPHONE 12 Pro Max

    Shubham JhaShubham Jha4 天 前
  • Screw iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi and another phone I'm gonna buy a samsung

    John VuJohn Vu4 天 前
  • Sorry there is no best iPhone, they charge the most and offer nothing but old teck... DINOS have died coz of evolution same will happen to iPhone, they will die coz of no evolution and innovation... Are iPhone stil using LCDs... Or did the move to the space age oleds....

    Kaloian MitrevKaloian Mitrev5 天 前
  • I like that on the thumbnail nail it says the time as 69:69 but 69 on the seconds is 1 minuete and 9 seconds lol

    Kirsten LouisKirsten Louis5 天 前
  • Hey Aron, want to swap your note 20u sd 685+ for my crapy exynos variant?? Il throw a case of beer as well

    prouvprouv5 天 前
  • 0:02 Iphone 12 pro max: i'm bored let's sleep Another phones: me too

    Steve MikeSteve Mike5 天 前
  • This is bullshit, im samsung fanboy and note 20 ultra never could be better than iphone pro max 12 and 11for battery life. This is fake . Not possible

    ragnar lothbrokragnar lothbrok5 天 前
  • Hope you enjoyed this new style of battery test! 👊 Couple of notes: 1. The end times here CAN’T be compared with those of other tests on the channel, as each test runs different applications. 2. No phones had SIM cards in them to keep things fair

    Jean HenryJean Henry5 天 前
  • samsung m51 battery test pls

    Selim CanlıSelim Canlı5 天 前
  • Where is the Rog 3 at??😞

  • Ever thought which phone does he use as a stopwatch??

  • Thats alot of PHONE What are u goonna do with all of emm Gimme on3 plzz😷😌☻ Gd Job with the video loved ittttt!!

    Tyron MendoncaTyron Mendonca5 天 前
  • Why did you underestimate the screen resolutions for the test? iPhone 12 Pro Max - 2778 x 1284 Sumsung Notw 20 ultra - 3088x1440 Huawei Mate pro 40 - 2 772 x 1 344 OnePluse 8 pro - 3168x1440

    Sahar HunterSahar Hunter5 天 前
  • You shoild call phones last overs 7 hours wtf life

    Danish WilliamDanish William5 天 前
  • I have an iPhone 12 pro for my self

    Mustapha BouhdaidMustapha Bouhdaid5 天 前
  • I’m not even kidding the ad I got before the video the first words were “whose the boss, I’m the boss” it was an ad by sage accounting 😆

    Rubel UddinRubel Uddin5 天 前
  • I hope you can get the 8 millon. I am really a big fun. Good Luck!

    Nani 1Nani 15 天 前

    Lurking AirmanLurking Airman5 天 前
  • Why are there 3D benchmark tests ran? Just run apps this is what people are going to do most not benchmark their phones

    29kalel29kalel5 天 前
  • It was the best day and happy day today because it’s my mom and my birthday and I brought her Samsung note 20 Ultra mystic bronze and surprisingly she bought me a iPhone 12 pro max and we both are really happy 😊

    Mirza BaigMirza Baig5 天 前
  • You should start including LG in your videos my stepmother LG v60 thinQ dual screen lasts way longer than my note 20

    XzavienXzavien5 天 前
  • is there gonna be a battery test featuring the 12 mini anytime soon?

    SwitchSwitch5 天 前
  • In these tests it really depends on what apps you use , I've seen a couple other tests where the 11 pro max and even the 12 pro max beat the note 20 ultra, while in this test the 12 pro max died when the note had 20% left. Not really taking iphone's side , just saying it

    Ionita Luca StefanIonita Luca Stefan6 天 前
  • What is the app that you use in @2.17

    hsm rdxhsm rdx6 天 前
  • Why does iPhone take most battety? Thats why it always drains quickly and heat than Android

    red velvet cakered velvet cake6 天 前
  • Apple displays are also little dim or you can say colors are not bright as rest

    The Game hubThe Game hub6 天 前
  • Apple pisses me off with this battery logic. They think that since the new chipset and power consumption being more optimized, that they can lower the battery size. Why not have the more efficient chip and consumption, and keep the large battery, increasing the use!?!?!? They don’t have to lower the battery due to better chip. I’d rather have a slightly slower phone or chip, than a smaller battery. Give me more use and the speed of that use isn’t that important.

    pinky1900'spinky1900's6 天 前
  • Note 20 ultra is a beast. Too bad what we have here is the exynos version which is crap

    Serge02Serge026 天 前
    • For the s21 the exynos is going to be better than the snapdragon. This is your chance!

      Yoshi1712Yoshi17126 天 前
  • I am curious what would be the result after let's say 2 to 3 months when all the optimisation needed for iOS is complete because I'm recent ubdate (I believe it's 14.2) the battery life increased by 20% that's what a lot of people are saying.

    Gautam GargGautam Garg6 天 前
  • The 69 69 on the thumbnail

    ahmad hamzaahmad hamza6 天 前
  • Chinese brands destroying Westerns 😂

    RavinderRSRavinderRS6 天 前
  • A14 is the worst i guess not even 120hz and still lost at this price point what a disappointment even a13 and its 4g .fanboys must be going crazy and there is no sim card on them wow

    The Game hubThe Game hub6 天 前