Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon.

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The Snapdragon and Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are very different smartphones...
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  • Lol I just bought the exynos version it really sucks. It even can't match my good old oneplus 6 tbh.

    Yen jiYen ji6 小时 前

    Trojan HorseTrojan Horse13 小时 前
  • this is the only reason im still on my iphone, waiting for the day for samsung to have SD chips in my region!

    TechnoFreakTechnoFreak15 小时 前
  • Can we sue samsung?

    Samir AlimSamir Alim21 小时 前
  • This unfair to us who r not in the us either exynos for all or snapdragon for all just me it equal plz samsung

    Icecold 625Icecold 62521 小时 前
  • Yet they are still talking shit about apple

    ApacsApacs22 小时 前
  • Can u also do this snapdragon and exynos on note 20 ultra plz

    Poopagedon GuyPoopagedon Guy天 前
  • So should I get the s20 fe which is more cheaper and also in snapdragon version or still get note 20 ultra but with exynos version?

    Isabella LumbuIsabella Lumbu天 前
    • @Isabella Lumbu Iphone or samsung as long as it has snapdragon and its fine, your choice, but it will take some time to get used to apple

      Sneepy peakSneepy peak10 小时 前
    • peak Samsung galaxy s8+

      Isabella LumbuIsabella Lumbu10 小时 前
    • @Isabella Lumbu Well, if you have the money, go for it, what was your prevous phone? if it was iphone, then the 12 pro max will rock

      Sneepy peakSneepy peak22 小时 前
    • @Sneepy peak should I consider to try for Iphone 12 pro max myb?

      Isabella LumbuIsabella Lumbu22 小时 前
    • Well, the s20 fe has the snapdragon 865 which is way better at battery optivmization, lower temperature and much better performance

      Sneepy peakSneepy peak天 前
  • i didn't even know that there are different chips so i decided to check my electronics online store and it turns out Germany does not sell the snapdragon version.

    LyncitiaLyncitia2 天 前
  • There is a Change Org petition to this topic

    Nikki PenguinNikki Penguin2 天 前
  • Exynos s20 plus owner here 🙋‍♂️ I can confirm after downloading the one ui 3.0 beta everything has dramatically improved, including battery life. So if you're looking to buy this phone and live in an exynos region, I'd say it's now worth it. With the stable release things might be even better, but I'll wait and see.

    Sam MSam M2 天 前
  • Are you gay?

    אלעד ינאיאלעד ינאי3 天 前
  • I remember how I pushed my Exynos 9825 to 73 degrees by playing codm at max settings for 2 hours

    Vëňøm_なにVëňøm_なに3 天 前
  • Southeast Asian version is Exynos while United States and Korean version is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon.

    TheUnthinkableTheUnthinkable3 天 前
  • Why do Indians get hot shit? Why, we live in a tropical country already, let the colder countries have exynos processor to provide the warmth they need. The only reason i am gonna take an iphone instead. Efficiency.

    Ayush SahayAyush Sahay4 天 前
  • GREAT video but my day worse

    Sulaiman AtayaSulaiman Ataya5 天 前
  • Snapdragon or exynos ?

    Aman rAman r5 天 前
  • That's why i chose Huawei P30 Pro instead of SCAMSUNG.

    MKM_Marcel.MKM_Marcel.5 天 前
  • 2:23 game name please

    Liya ShijuLiya Shiju6 天 前
  • Its mean I have to buy 5g one to get snapdragon? I play game a lot . Thanks

    YoboiTony kYoboiTony k6 天 前
  • Reason why i hate Samsung is because they directly impose buyers to use Exynos even if the buyer is ready with its money where it could buy a Snapdragon version and that too of a wide region of more population

    Sushil GhonseSushil Ghonse7 天 前
  • Im going back to iphone cause of this shit

    M.K RM.K R7 天 前
  • Samsung is scamming customers?!

    nghiep huynhnghiep huynh7 天 前
  • if you are interested in getting the samsung galaxy s 20 through amazon click here. I personally have it and i highly recommend it

    yebebbrhr 10yebebbrhr 107 天 前
  • Exynos will pass Snapdragon soon At 2022 maybe

    Bilim?Bilim?8 天 前
  • The annoying thing is that with some phones you have to get thee 5g version to get the snapdragon but that means changing plans and having to have a 5g node near you

    Crazy PineapplesCrazy Pineapples8 天 前
    • @Kok Fong Chow oh thank you

      Crazy PineapplesCrazy Pineapples6 天 前
    • Whats wrong with 5g Version? It still works for 4g/3g/2g

      Kok Fong ChowKok Fong Chow7 天 前
  • 0:44 thats what HE said

    BrunkkiProBrunkkiPro9 天 前
  • thanks for the vid i found an s20 note for 300 dollars online with a cracked screen and a Exynos so now i know not to waste my money.

    jesus rivasjesus rivas10 天 前
  • Wallpaper link plss 🙏

    Nikhil PatelNikhil Patel10 天 前
  • I think samsung is only going to put the snapdragon chips on the true flagships like the ultra series etc ,I'm running qualcom snapdragon 865 on my s20 ultra 5g

    spyder contrerasspyder contreras10 天 前
  • who told u guys ?...🤦🤦 s20+ is beast heating and no camera problems and no even power efficency problems

    Mr. IndianMr. Indian10 天 前
  • I'm currently searching for a phone to get, specifically a note version with SD chip. I know the general version doesn't, the China and USA has (Samsung playing favourites much). Battery life, good storage, big screen, double sim and in this specific case, a good stylus for a creative chance is what I'm looking for. Thanks for video, again informative as always, keep em up, you're always straight to the point with the right information 👍

    ChrisChris10 天 前
  • Lets not forget the snapdragon model has 4gb more than the exynos chip, maybe thats why the snapdragon one is better?

    Jeff cooperJeff cooper11 天 前
  • Exynos is probably the reason why Galaxy Note 7 exploded

    Samiur RahmanSamiur Rahman12 天 前
  • Finally someone's talking about this big issues

    Samiur RahmanSamiur Rahman12 天 前
  • I love Samsung phones so much that I'm thinking of switching to it. But I'm worried about the inferior Exynos chip because we only get this chip in my region.

    Samiur RahmanSamiur Rahman12 天 前
  • Anyone Sued Samsung now?

    RS232RS23212 天 前
  • Just bought a new S20 phone! Sadly I live in Europe so it was the Exynos variant :(

    jokamuttajokamutta13 天 前
    • Me too

      Zander MortZander Mort12 天 前
  • Just bought an s20 plus, and regretted my decision. It heats up very quickly when taking photos in live focus for 3 minutes and all the photos are terrible after it heated up. Now I always have anxiety when I use my phone taking pictures with friends. Trashy Exynos, dont buy it!

    Jose Alfonso PreciaJose Alfonso Precia13 天 前
  • 2:55 what is that game?

    neWtneWt15 天 前
    • Bright Mobile

      Abhinav SharmaAbhinav Sharma10 天 前
  • Very good video

    Marcos H. AryMarcos H. Ary16 天 前
  • Now I have to wait untill samsung use snapdragon in europe

    Kos V.Kos V.16 天 前
  • Well, my Note 20 Ultra is the US version running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ at a blistering 3.09ghz!! Needless to say, I'm happy!

    Scifidude1Scifidude116 天 前
  • 2:58 game ?

    Marko LazarMarko Lazar16 天 前
    • @Gammer _Girl thanks

      Marko LazarMarko Lazar16 天 前
    • Bright memory

      Gammer _GirlGammer _Girl16 天 前
  • I wanted note 9 with snapdragon and.... it doesnt have multilanguage...

    Janusz WoźniakJanusz Woźniak16 天 前
  • Does Verizon support snapdragon or not???

    『ABN』NaDeM『ABN』NaDeM17 天 前
  • Does Samsung have an update to fix the heating or battery issues?

    Godwin GeorgeGodwin George17 天 前
  • Только у телефоне на эксиносе слабый сигнал батарки, что высажиывает заряд не слабо. Требую пересмотра теста с авиарежимом)

    Kolia2629 Rz5704286Kolia2629 Rz570428618 天 前
  • People in Europe are being scammed big time! They pay more for the S20 and get an inferior phone lmao hahahahahhahahha that's why i don't consider buying a Samsung until the day they give us the same phone!!!

    Carlos MiguelCarlos Miguel18 天 前
  • I got my s10 lite with sd855 and guess I am happy with my samsung as its Got sd power yeah 😻

    Nitesh RaiNitesh Rai18 天 前
  • When I buy one how to I recognize snapdragons or exynos????

    Hack LikeaHack Likea18 天 前
    • @DeathInTheSnow I agree with you. I live in the US(where I get the better snapdragon version) and I am not ok with this bullshit

      Alexis Aguirre VazquezAlexis Aguirre Vazquez13 天 前
    • The easiest way is to not buy a Samsung. Xiaomi Mi 10 has the same chip. So does the Oppo Find X2. But honestly the Sony Xperia phones are better alternatives than both, especially the Xperia 5 II. Basically every time you buy a Samsung with an Exynos chip, you are telling Samsung it's okay to give you an inferior product. And Samsung don't openly tell you that it's different, so why bother with them?

      DeathInTheSnowDeathInTheSnow14 天 前
    • Cpu z or geekbench.

      Alexis Aguirre VazquezAlexis Aguirre Vazquez17 天 前
  • I bought a note 20 ultra and this video is depressing

    gap panggap pang18 天 前
  • I think its really a betrayal when it comes to flagship devices having a huge difference like this. If it was a budget I can uderstand. But samsung have gone a bit cold on itself and kind of started to be the guy that adds water to milk and increases the amount of water added day by day until we start noticing it and then he kind of say no we dont. Samsung should attempt to change this. Bring the price down to at least 30%down for exeynos

    Poulose GeorgePoulose George19 天 前

  • I think the Exynos 990 has an advantage in the battery test since it's wallpaper has more dark color than the snap 865. . . Imagine your wallpaper is black, you change the brightness, it is still black.You can see that brightness is not the case. The Exynos needs less energy to spend on the screen, which is not fair for the snap. Anyway, the 865 still win (good job) Recommendation for Mrwhosetheboss: use the same phone wallpaper in every battery test.

    Tùng Nguyễn LâmTùng Nguyễn Lâm20 天 前
  • Just sold my exynos note 20 ultra and purchased the snapdragon variant and had it shipped over from HK. And seriously the difference is crazy. Never again will I buy an exynos version. Very naughty that samsung.

    Damian WoodwardDamian Woodward20 天 前
  • Did anyone else see the troll face at 9:17?

    Chakshu M DiwakarChakshu M Diwakar20 天 前
  • Fun fact RDNS graphics will come to exynos ins 2021 or 2022

    PlayzQPlayzQ20 天 前
  • I'm the US and I own the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra w/Snapdragon processor. It's the best smartphone I've ever owned! I wasn't aware that there were two different versions with different processors. Man am I glad I watched this video.

    Scifidude1Scifidude120 天 前
  • I'm still using a mediatek phone...

    Mr TeeMr Tee21 天 前
  • Those dislikes are from exynos users😂😂

    Jeffin KachappillyJeffin Kachappilly21 天 前
  • I was just goin to buy the s20plus and then I seen this video

    loiola fernandesloiola fernandes21 天 前
  • Arun if you don't feel a chip at 66oC through the phone, you have tough skin. It SHOULD be felt!

    Pete CoventryPete Coventry21 天 前
  • Dumped an Exynos S20 Ultra for a Oneplus SD 865 and my god it's like coming out of the 90s

    Pete CoventryPete Coventry21 天 前
  • 6:12 5g barely exits -ambani laughs in background

    prathamesh BHATprathamesh BHAT21 天 前
  • I came to check the video out because Me and my brother were playing the same game and he has the A71 with SD730 and i have the s20 fe with the 990 exynos and for some fucking reason his game ran smoother and in places mine was actually lagging while he had no problem. Fuck exynos im actually angry

    SlendyDieSlendyDie22 天 前
  • No matter how much I like Note 20 Ultra I just can't accept EXYNOS and I'm done

    rim rimrim rim22 天 前
  • If you want to see fps in a game, play beta minecraft.

    Jv_ Gamed14Jv_ Gamed1422 天 前
  • hey arun, would love to know your views on samsungs budget M series phones.

    Ajmal RuzeenAjmal Ruzeen22 天 前
  • I am sure samsung have reason for that otherwise they won't do that cuz nowadays is so easy to loose customers 🙄 but they should set the price due to difference in performance like 200£ less?.now i think eu is like 2 grade customer 🤔 and that's is not fair.

    tom beztom bez23 天 前
  • B

    Abtaha ImranAbtaha Imran23 天 前
  • Samsung cant just go Exynos and CDMA because America won't accept sales of their phones in the USA if they use their rubbish Exynos shit

    Zerovalk The TechgamerZerovalk The Techgamer23 天 前
  • I'm looking to buy a Note 20 Ultra but it seems it only comes with the Exynos processor. Not sure if a Snapdragon version was ever made for the Note Ultra but should I just stay away from it because of this chip?

    Floris KlaverFloris Klaver24 天 前
  • Samsung will start losing buyers to OnePlus: Since the OnePlus will always have a top-tier Snapdragon, where Exynos is what the Samsungs here are stashed with.

    Kevin YangKevin Yang24 天 前
  • Nice

    Amir SohelAmir Sohel24 天 前
  • Isn't exynos good enough to play at least a normal game?

    JP MalindaJP Malinda24 天 前
    • It's not bad it's just why buy it if you can get something better at the same price

      Gammer _GirlGammer _Girl16 天 前
  • Actually i could get a SD version but i would pay The Price of a 5G model without getting 5G capability...

    ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *24 天 前
  • Yeah im leaving samsung.

    Tristan CalvoTristan Calvo25 天 前
  • Man I hate that I can't get a Samsung in EU :( Exynos just not worth it, not in S10, and seems like even moreso in S20.

    Radu CodreanuRadu Codreanu25 天 前
  • Thank the lord I got the snapdragon. I even went to best buy to check.

    ChiefsRoyalsSportingChiefsRoyalsSporting26 天 前
  • This is why i don't buy samsung phones. We get Exynos here.

    Gamerguy OreoGamerguy Oreo26 天 前
  • Snapdragon s20+ available in uae??

    Sreerag KayamkulamSreerag Kayamkulam26 天 前
  • how long did you charge the s20 fe for the first time?

    Ong Yew JinOng Yew Jin26 天 前
  • Scamsung

    شوكت şevkatشوكت şevkat27 天 前
  • World: what inspired you to use your own cpu? There are no benefits Samsung: I like money

    xCa0zxCa0z27 天 前
  • The last Update in my region(Australia) finally fixed the de-focus issue in Auto-mode when taking photos of Cats/pets. Now *most* of the time it gets the focus right, but is still a bit slow, and sometimes decides to focus on the pet's bum instead of the head. Edit: it only took them 7-months to fix the software issue plaguing auto mode and pets. Something that should've been a non-issue.

    KinnArchimedesKinnArchimedes27 天 前
  • It's almost the same as Snapdragon vs Kirin.

    E KE K27 天 前
  • Which game was that

    Nithin VargheseNithin Varghese27 天 前
  • That is so not fair we only get exynos here

    ShawnShawn27 天 前
  • Aron doesn’t say anything without thinking and i know he is right. But i have S20 ultra exynos. But why I don’t have any frame drops or overheating even in heavy games?!

    Hosein JINHosein JIN27 天 前
    • @Hosein JIN he was using bright memory to

      Gammer _GirlGammer _Girl16 天 前
    • @mohamad sorya i do play pubg , critical ops , asphalt9 and even fortnite witu at least 50% brightness and 120hz mode. It won't get too hot. But you’re right. Btw my secondary is iphone 11 and honestly that phone gets hotter during games

      Hosein JINHosein JIN26 天 前
    • Because you aren't toasting your phone. Arun puts it through tough conditions like full brightness, 120 hz maybe max volumes and keeps going through games and maybe doesn't totally close them after finishing and going to another game

      mohamad soryamohamad sorya26 天 前
  • Arun: ugggh S20 Ultra is a complete ripoff with crap Exynos chipsets in the UK, I wish we got Snapdragon Me: I'm free from it all, Apple A14 Bionic above the rest!

    Manomay Lala-RaykarManomay Lala-Raykar27 天 前
  • For my money I want the best I can get. But damn Europe ...

  • In Korea they use Qualcomm.

    RickJasonRickJason28 天 前
  • Left CNworld on and fall asleep. When I woke up phone was hot like iron. Don't know why but that happend ones on s20 ultra

    HardcoreHardcore28 天 前
  • your content is amazing, keep it up

    Ahmed DabbaghAhmed Dabbagh29 天 前
  • Scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7

    Euansouthern2112Euansouthern211229 天 前
  • Just got a S20 5G (990) for the claimed picture quality... guess I'll sell it shortly then... :-(

    ThomasLaangThomasLaang29 天 前
  • Sucks so much im going to buy this phone in like 3 days end ther is no SD 865 in my country

    oliver kwinnoliver kwinn29 天 前
  • Samsung plays these tricks And meanwhile one plus snatches customers from bottom of higher end phone users with Snapdragon chip😂 Apple snatches costumers from top of higher end phone users with A chip😂 Finally Samsung left with Samsung go go fans😂😂😂

    Yaswanth VegiYaswanth Vegi个月 前
  • arun is hilarious! best joke i’ve heard to date, ”i’m sure there’ll be cases where the exynos comes up at the top”

    Saif AliSaif Ali个月 前