What you didn't know about Samsung.

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You've probably heard of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, and the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus, but Samsung is a very unusual company - this is what you didn't know...
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  • I have a Samsung tv in my bedroom

    Parker The tomboyParker The tomboy36 分钟 前
  • Samsung is always best

    Kalpana ParidaKalpana Parida5 小时 前
    • Ok cool

      Gabriel DavidsonGabriel Davidson38 分钟 前
  • Apple: We built a Skyscraper! Samsung: Adorable.

    CallMe BatmanCallMe Batman6 小时 前
    • Lol

      Gabriel DavidsonGabriel Davidson37 分钟 前
  • That thumbnail tho.

    Ice CreamedIce Creamed11 小时 前
  • Samsung butt?

    えAłɨëñ 27えAłɨëñ 2712 小时 前
    • Clickbait thumbnail

      Gabriel DavidsonGabriel Davidson37 分钟 前
  • If I had a million pounds, I would spend some of it on the dream doghouse😊

    Daniel EorsiDaniel Eorsi20 小时 前
  • That dog has a better room than mine

    DD gamerDD gamer天 前
    • lol

      Gabriel DavidsonGabriel Davidson37 分钟 前
  • 3 CEO's enough to keep 3 Karens busy for 3 years 🤣🤣😂

    Ermal TahiriErmal Tahiri天 前
  • 9:05 I’m gonna try this so I can get a free Note 20 Ultra

    A1cJ_YTA1cJ_YT天 前
  • Thetekkitrealm: Random facts guy Jacksucksatlife: Playbutton guy

    GamingFINEGamingFINE2 天 前
  • So samsung is a 3 star phone and I wonder how many stars apple gets because apple taste good so it maybe will get 4 star

    Spicy ChickenSpicy Chicken2 天 前
  • I need to work at Apple Apple - no you need to have the have I need to... Samsung - you are hired At the repairs Of A washing machine

    PainPain2 天 前
  • amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • So basically if you want to destroy South Korean economy, just ban Samsung 😂😂😂

    VinilVinil2 天 前
  • Just imagine if Samsung bought Android. Everything would be so different.

    Nina GarciaNina Garcia2 天 前
  • I came here for the “Galaxy Butt”

    Clark LoefflerClark Loeffler3 天 前
  • Cool video. I still like iPhone though 🙏

    A PA P3 天 前
  • Galaxy butt at 10:56

    Cassandra DavisCassandra Davis3 天 前
  • Bruhhhh they make $6,666.666 every second...

    HelloHello3 天 前
  • How to job Samsung mobali company Can anyone plz tell me

    Md sayed jamanMd sayed jaman4 天 前
  • sad that we can get alll samsung products in every country. like toilet seats or cars

    lalal lalalalalal lalala4 天 前
  • the only Samsung device at my home is a wassing machine and it sucks, so I'm worried how bad other samsung things are (im an  user)

    Daan BosDaan Bos5 天 前
  • clickbait

    Riley CreightonRiley Creighton5 天 前
  • So, basically Samsung can just made Mars like Earth without anyone's help!!!

    Rahatul FaiyazRahatul Faiyaz5 天 前
  • "Let me speak to your CEO" "Which one?"

    Tuhin MiaTuhin Mia6 天 前
  • What you didn't know about Samsung? It's like Apple but better

    Samiur RahmanSamiur Rahman6 天 前
  • I litteraly gasped myself inside out

    Vehan DhanithuVehan Dhanithu7 天 前
  • *G A L A X Y B U T T*

    HithaloHithalo7 天 前
  • Yes, Samsung would make the Samsung butt

    Benjamin ZhongBenjamin Zhong7 天 前
  • Cool, watching this vid on my Galaxy s10+ with my Galaxy Buds and Galaxy watch.

    Loky FokyLoky Foky7 天 前
  • Samsung: I'm the biggest advertiser Raid Shadow Legends: HAHAHAHAHAH

    Liam BossLiam Boss8 天 前
  • I have waited more than 10 minutes just to see the artificial butt😑

    Kim Jong UnKim Jong Un8 天 前
  • Hey there check out this video Credits:Rick boi m.cnworld.info/free/lISvmKqdvJePyLM/sh-p-n

  • Anyone seeing this in a samsung phone

    Aloan AlexAloan Alex8 天 前
  • 4:17 makes sense since everytime theres an ad before a video it's 99% of the time the note 20 ultra ad

    Gomatheeshwar MGomatheeshwar M8 天 前
  • I would like to see the place they decided to put a highly flammable battery in their Note 7

    Carter pksaCarter pksa8 天 前
  • 10:15 then Y their phones exploded?

  • Children in 1938 be like : "Mom can we go to Samsung store to buy an Apple please?"

    SannySanny9 天 前
  • That robot had more ass then most white girls

    Roberto SandovalRoberto Sandoval9 天 前
  • Next Samsung will make a tv show and movie theater by Samsung idk

    Nathan Roblox and moreNathan Roblox and more10 天 前
  • I love Samsung

    Nathan Roblox and moreNathan Roblox and more10 天 前
  • Samsung: look who's the boss TATA enters the chat Samsung left....

    RONINRONIN10 天 前
  • We still have our old Samsung TV with those big butt at the back...

  • I want the 3 stars back on the Samsung logo

    Tolkien MayesTolkien Mayes11 天 前
  • I thought they only made phones I am so so wrong

    Cotten candy GirlCotten candy Girl11 天 前
  • So i can litteraly living only by samsung buying samsung phone pc fridge toilet tv clim washing machine dishes machine car smartphone insurance make my house building buy samsung 🤌🏻

    kryst punchkryst punch11 天 前
  • So samsung product buildings cars smartphones and toilet sits🥲🤌🏻

    kryst punchkryst punch11 天 前
  • Customs from samsung city: What phone do you have? Me: iPhone Customs: Sorry we need to keep your phone to enter here

    Adrian AdiAdrian Adi12 天 前
  • So Samsung is actually MUCH bigger of a company than we thought..

    SkyGameZSkyGameZ12 天 前
  • Imagine working at the Samsung digital city and bringing an iphone 12 pro

  • The thunb nail of this video LOL

    Dope DudeDope Dude12 天 前
  • That RAWR drawing is the best drawing i have ever seen.

    PolaroidPolaroid12 天 前
  • I want to know about huawei plzz...

    Nandita RoyNandita Roy13 天 前
  • Samsung hasn't done everything yet... they need to make a movie of themselves

    Rez CityRez City13 天 前
  • Excellent video: I enjoyed it!

    Joe BlackJoe Black13 天 前
  • I respected Samsung more than Apple, and after I watched this, I respect them even more God bless that company Hope they can make tanks for everyone, including civilians

    MilkMilk14 天 前
  • This is my first time hearing Samsung creating military weapons *_And I'm honestly getting hyped_*

    MilkMilk14 天 前

    OmgItsARainOmgItsARain14 天 前
  • I feel something different holding my Galaxy phone after I saw this 😂

    Mohammed Alssamra'eyMohammed Alssamra'ey14 天 前
  • *Apple Sauce was shot by Samsung Smart Bullet*

    Apple SauceApple Sauce14 天 前
  • 4:29 it's PATENT not PAYTENT LMAO

    Youtube CriticYoutube Critic14 天 前
  • Absolutely "flawed".

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin14 天 前
  • 5:38 wow am i crazy or the sound ?

    yarou26Thewise _YTyarou26Thewise _YT14 天 前
  • "The CEO forced the staff to watch samsung products burn" Note 7 designer: I've learned my lesson so I'm gonna make sure note 7 is the way the boss likes

    AthamasAthamas14 天 前
  • Fun thing is Sony could easily be in Samsung's position but unlike the korean company, they had terrible policy and besides playstation, movies and camera, Sony is doing terribly in anything

    AthamasAthamas14 天 前
  • Thank

    Fahim Shahriar ShuvroFahim Shahriar Shuvro15 天 前
  • If a war broke out it would be fascinating seeing Samsung making military divisions. Just like how the SS in Nazi Germany had their own divisions.

  • Apple fans: *Raids Samsung* Samsung: *pulls out tank*

    Itz_PlutoItz_Pluto15 天 前
  • Please make another video with a company like this Oh and u love your videos

    Taysean OgaldezTaysean Ogaldez15 天 前
  • Apple: " I'm better!" Samsung: " Hold my tenk!"

    Holly RichardsHolly Richards15 天 前
  • hey guys he has a GO Cube (rubiks cube) i saw the app on his galaxy fold at minute 7:14😲

    OM CraftOM Craft16 天 前
  • Imagine a phone with samsung hardware Apples chipset and optimisation Huaweis camera system and software Google's software and image processing algorithm Energizer battery life

    gachaオリバーgachaオリバー16 天 前
  • Samsung has way too many god damn products and services and other stuff And Aaron has way too many god damn phones

    Connor HANSONConnor HANSON17 天 前
  • Imagine sewing somewone that makes your 1000 dolar phone displays that have made you millions of dolars

    Invisible MisteriosoInvisible Misterioso17 天 前
  • Samsung misjudging androids potential n loosing a good opportunity to google despite being a big company made it feel like googles more accepting,adapting than having a presumptions view (just because android team was just 8 ppl doesnt lower its potential because every big company or idea starts withe atleast one person if 1 person wasn't accepted just because they are alone it d mean no new or big company d b born since anything has to start somewhere n its usually small)...

    kizunaryu vermillionkizunaryu vermillion18 天 前
  • are u a cuber...??? go cube app

    yash vijayanyash vijayan18 天 前
  • This is how much he said Samsung

    Barine PeterBarine Peter18 天 前
  • wow

    Kartik. AKartik. A18 天 前
  • I remember how samsung paid apple in coins😂😂❤️ Epic 😂

    EfosaEfosa18 天 前
  • alright we all know the thumbnail is absolute shite there was no "Galaxy Butt" that's clickbait my guy

    human beinghuman being18 天 前
  • Samsung is good, also my WASHING MACHINE is a Samsung one!

    Andrew BunchAndrew Bunch18 天 前
  • why dont samsung do sample or samung + apple combined

    Aiden SinlaoAiden Sinlao18 天 前
  • All that testing that Samsung does on their phones, and somehow the note 7's combustibility slipped through the cracks

    CodyCody18 天 前

    RancoRanco18 天 前
  • Apple: we should make a new mac Samsung: we will copy You! Android: Uhhhh i will make a new watch Apple: We made It is an 40 inch-display {I like apple}

    Green lime GreyGreen lime Grey19 天 前
  • so samsung made 4 million during this video

    Hamza AtifHamza Atif19 天 前
  • This is how many times he said "sAmSuNg" ⬇️

    Kronos GamingKronos Gaming19 天 前
  • Who realised the apple sweater

    SCOTTSCOTT20 天 前
  • Three stars three C.E.Os

    rachaiah mrachaiah m20 天 前
  • me after watching this and a big underdog supporter. im moving to iphone

    Squash3kSquash3k20 天 前
  • Also the tallest skyscraper in the world (burj khalifa) is made my samsung👍

    ItsAdiHereItsAdiHere21 天 前
  • Well, Arun, you were FINNALY WRONG. (Check description) There is no s11👍

    Fishy BoiFishy Boi21 天 前
  • Apple be like👁️👄👁️

    Ryhan ValleserRyhan Valleser21 天 前
  • Galaxy butt. Thanks, Mrwhosetheboss

    XeroxiaXeroxia21 天 前
  • Is that the Fold 2 you're using that i'm just about to pop on? Tell me not to... please? Still thinking throw away 'burner' for talk & text only and then a wifi tablet.

    Mio HaiMio Hai22 天 前
  • I can't get over how easily you explained GDP...

    Abhinavanand SinghAbhinavanand Singh22 天 前
  • your logo keeps reminding me of motorola

    Agata A.Agata A.22 天 前
  • 7:27 I’m Korean and I’ve seen that phone a lot of times in person. That’s a phone for younger students who want less distractions from their studies. Some SNS, some music but nothing more.

    Brian BennettBrian Bennett22 天 前
  • Apple fans: iphone is the best. Samsung: you're welcome.

    Holly RichardsHolly Richards22 天 前
  • What the actual f**k

    SeaForSeaFor22 天 前