Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships.

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Why Mid range smartphones have become the dominant smartphone sector over the years, and where they're going in 2020 and beyond. Go to Surfshark.deals/boss - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 extra months for free!
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  • Slight correction: The figures used at the beginning should be Millions...not Billions, not sure what happened there 😂 To see the video I made about my favourite Smartphone Gadgets: cnworld.info/free/fX6v1JWnlpJ5xNE/sh-p-n

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss11 个月 前
    • Imagine if Apple sold 12 billion iPhones or something lol 😂

      Sruti BasaSruti Basa15 天 前
    • love your video and content

      richard johnsrichard johns19 天 前
    • I have Realme xt variant 8/128. Could you tell me your opinion on my phone. It has been 1year now 2 running.

      Born on 15 meBorn on 15 me个月 前
    • @Varun razrgaming got a moto g power

      vision_Smgvision_Smg2 个月 前
    • Ok

  • So nobody's gonna talk about the fact that there's grass on the table? okay...

    Anzhela GrechikhinaAnzhela Grechikhina天 前
  • You explain well

    hasnain abbashasnain abbas天 前
  • watching on a50🤚

    Śilent KillerŚilent Killer天 前
  • My current phone (Huawei Nova 7 5g is a midranger without a headphone jack 😂😂😂 Bluetooth headphones, hello!!! XD

    Denice VillamayorDenice Villamayor2 天 前
  • Flagships are value for money, they provide features. It's just that those features aren't value for money.

    TricksMateTricksMate4 天 前
  • Honestly, I kind of hope that phones will have a stagnation in the near future. I feel compelled to buy a new phone every 2 years because of the changes in hardware and software. But with my previous phone, a galaxy a30s, I was pretty close to not wanting a new phone for a long while. Until that phone I always felt like there's room for improvement even in the midrange category. Before that, i had a 5 something inch lg. Kinda small, the screen-to-body ratio not that great, cameras were very rudimentary. Oh, and an ips screen, and not a good one at that. The a30s had an amoled display, bigger battery, bigger screen, nicer screen to body ratio and 3 decent cameras on the back. It was the first time I felt like if I am to upgrade to a new phone in 2 years it won't be to cover any profound shortcomings, it will be simply to keep up with the newest features and designs. Now I did end up changing that phone in less than an year, because I gave the "old" one to my mother. And now, I have an awesome Xiaomi whose only shortcoming I can find is it has, once again, ips display. Other than that... It's made of glass, 4 cameras on the back, main is 64mp. 6gig ram, 128 storage. 700 series Snapdragon. All for little below 300€. At this point, honestly, only foldable phones seem to be enough of a game changer to make me wish for another phone soon. I mean comparing this phone to 2018 flagships, those are only better in specific details. Overall, I feel like the industry hadn't changed much in the past 2 years save for, as I said, foldable phones, which are way too early in their development and way too expensive to present any interest. Maybe 5-6 years down the line.

    Vlad AvramVlad Avram5 天 前
  • primarily inattentive adhd makes my brain sooooo much more lazy

    John BrownJohn Brown5 天 前
  • thanks.

    Linda McNeelyLinda McNeely9 天 前
  • Hehe i have a headphone jack 128 gb and 6 gb ram 6.5 inch display for 250$

    SenxSenx9 天 前
  • I remember going from iPhone 7 to X. It was a huge step up. I just went from X to 12 and don’t see any difference aside from battery life. Side by side the 12 is slightly faster but not really noticeably. This is my personal account.

    Russ YoRuss Yo10 天 前
  • That’s why is ma happy with iPhone 6s

    Jazil UsmanJazil Usman11 天 前
  • At the time, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8... The company put such hype on the phone I payed more than 1000 $ but now that I have a midrange phone... Yeah, the note was cool and everything but if a Xiaomi can do the work for less than half the price, I'm choosing it. I only miss the Galaxy camera, the battery life was very short and the headphone and charger jack just didn't worked past a year. I regret paying that much for that phone

    Frida MelodyFrida Melody12 天 前
  • Slight correction: The figures used at the beginning should be Millions...not Billions, not sure what happened there 😂 To see the video I made about my favourite Smartphone Gadgets: cnworld.info/free/fX6v1JWnlpJ5xNE/sh-p-n

    Chaz HagenesChaz Hagenes12 天 前
  • Not to mentions flagships have shitty battery life compared to midrange phones with 5000,6000 and even 7,000 mah batteries.

    Stories That MatterStories That Matter12 天 前
  • I have had 4 different "budget" prices phones from 4 different years since I got my first phone, and although all of them were around the same price when I got them, the newest one is still leagues better than the old ones, despite being the cheapest one so far at $99. Even though my phone isn't even a midrange, it has all the features that I use on a regular basis and a decent camera for just taking selfies or pictures of my art and runs everything pretty quickly (although I've never had a more expensive phone to compare so maybe its actually slow, definitely faster than my older phones). Sometimes it has a few hiccups, but hey, it's $99. A midrange phone would literally be a flagship to me so I can't even imagine getting an actual flagship phone haha. Seeing how fast technology is improving and how accesible and cheap perfectly decent smartphones can be is super inspiring.

    Morning StarMorning Star13 天 前
  • Or just wait for a flagship to drop in price and go with that to get the best of the best.

    Mr JokerMr Joker14 天 前
    • When they drop in price it means they get old so new flagships are released so that's stupid

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • My samsung a10 has a great camera but the battery life lagged after a year. the water resistant has been great tho, I just wish the oneplus 8t had it as well cause that would have been my next upgrade.

    BearsheepsBearsheeps14 天 前
  • Its just insane how much Phone you get for your money in 2020

    Black AuroraBlack Aurora14 天 前
    • Not where I live

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • Nobody iphone fans Lmao i phones are so good the screen and camra is amazing Samsung oh cheap good phones dont need to sale my kindney what a deal

    talha shahtalha shah15 天 前
    • They're the same price at the mid range, Samsung is even more expensive with the flagships, the screen and camera is good, iPhone is just a good counterpart to buying android

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • new midrange and old flagship is awesome

    KiryuKiryu15 天 前
  • Samsung: We would like to present the new affordable A90 Apple: What does affordable mean?

    MorefunplayzMorefunplayz16 天 前
  • so what should i buy

    Rachixy 123Rachixy 12316 天 前
    • Depends on what you want

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • You can tell this was made by an economist

    MatthewMatthew16 天 前
  • "not a single one was a flag ship and this might be a bit of a surprise" yeah, what a surprise that almost no one in the planet buys a phone over 1000 dollars when most people arround the globe don´t even earn that amount in a month

    ghale steelghale steel17 天 前
    • Its just too expensive when in just a couple of years it's gonna be outdone by budget phones so its better to buy mid range

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Hunter VogtHunter Vogt18 天 前
  • yeah learned a lot of newterms and a lot about mobile phones

    richard johnsrichard johns19 天 前
  • One thing I always worried about was finding accessories for my phone. I have an older flag ship, the note 8. And since it was not super popular I cant find a screen protector that works with my phone. The high end ones dont made note 8 protectors anymore and they cheap amazon ones reduce my touch sensitivity and dont adhere well.

    Diesels_Girl96Diesels_Girl9620 天 前
    • @Diesels_Girl96 happy to help

      This animatorThis animator6 天 前
    • @This animator wow I cant believe I never thought of that. You know I'm just purposely smashing my phone on the ground all the time. It never occurred to me to just never drop it!

      Diesels_Girl96Diesels_Girl966 天 前
    • Just don't scratch and drop it

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • can you tell me why samsung sells the a 71 for 324.00 and my carrier us cellular charges 599.00? no one can explain this too me. I would leave us cellular but they are the only good service I can get in my area.

    Linda McNeelyLinda McNeely20 天 前
    • @Linda McNeely you should be able to but idrk how the US stuff works but your number and stuff you could just take the SIM card and put it in the new one, account stuff you could probably set up yourself and apps you could download and login

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
    • @This animator If I purchase one from samsung can I still get us cellular to transfer all info from my old phone? I still have service with them as they are the only ones that work where I live

      Linda McNeelyLinda McNeely10 天 前
    • They increase the price to get a profit...That's how carriers and shops work

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • The part where you say when there is a big change flagships are alot better, well Samsung avoided that by making a 1080 which beats 865 plus and 2100 which beats 875

    SUPA SiblingsSUPA Siblings22 天 前
  • I bought a Samsung a70 on release and i don't recommend buying mid range. Buy last years flagship instead!! My a70 has slowed down already and has had lots of issues with the fingerprint sensor. Notifications also don't work very well. I've decided to spend more and move over to IOS. You get what you pay for!

    Olly CrossOlly Cross22 天 前
    • How long have you been using it

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • Slight correction: The figures used at the beginning should be Millions...not Billions, not sure what happened there 😂 To see the video I made about my favourite Smartphone Gadgets: cnworld.info/free/fX6v1JWnlpJ5xNE/sh-p-n

    Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue22 天 前
  • Who is here with old or new flagships

    Tharul ChenithaTharul Chenitha22 天 前
  • How the hell is the phone im using to watch this and type this comment just a budget phone? Lol i have the moto g stylus and this thing is packed with a shit ton juice, the sound is amazing, i get to hear the soothness of Aarons voice lol and 128gb storage with 4GB rom :D Nevermind the flashlight and camera gestures 😍🤤 P.s. i love your videos, MrWhosetheboss !!

    Yanky RussYanky Russ24 天 前
    • @This animator youre hilarious, its stated in my post that youre replying on 🤣😂👍 moto g stylus

      Yanky RussYanky Russ10 天 前
    • @Yanky Russ what phone is it

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
    • @This animator absolutely, I'm saying for 4gb, this seems to run and multitask really smoothly for me

      Yanky RussYanky Russ10 天 前
    • 4gb ram isn't that much these days, phones from 2016 can do that

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • Older flagship > New flagships and midranges Seriously, flagships now has soo many new useless features, you better off just get an old one. It also crushes midranges in terms of performance, build quality, camera, waterproofing, and so much more, and sometimes it's cheaper than current midranges.. Except the software support won't last longer.. I really wish Samsung would support their flagships for years like Apple did...

    Safir AkselSafir Aksel25 天 前
    • They trade blows If you get an older flagship you can't get tech support or insurance, but thats about all the cons, if you're careful it should be better

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • Is samsung m31s good to buy

    pugalenthi pugpugalenthi pug26 天 前
    • Depends on what you want

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • It's over mrwhosetheboss I have the high ground 😈but I have a mid range phone😂

    brianadhdbrianadhd26 天 前
    • This is just pure cringe

      This animatorThis animator10 天 前
  • This is completely correct, I've noticed personally rather than getting the flagship, (Galaxy s5,7, OP5/T) I went for the OnePlus 7T less than 3 months ago - Not a bad phone by any means but lower market than say the pro model, Or the 8 series but is an amazing phone - Even 2 years ago I wouldn't consider getting anything midrange due to the feature sacrifice but it constantly suprises me how good the new midranges from China are.

    Jack NicholsonJack Nicholson26 天 前
  • Yup.. this video is literally how my process of buying a new phone was. Hehehehh... I really like my mid-tier and I feel safe cause I didn't splurge too much hehehe.

    Kasvini MuniandyKasvini Muniandy27 天 前
  • I didn't buy a flagship phone and possibly never will because of how easily phones break and how easily they can be lost. I don't want to have a nervous breakdown every time my phone falls or whenever I touch my pocket and don't feel my phone there. Flagships are awesome but paying $1000 for something that will only hurt me is just being dumb (unless of course that kind of money is not much of a problem for you)

    Dércio BeneDércio Bene27 天 前
  • I can say that the 300 dollar phone I have I used more then the 1300 phone I have. It battery was way better so I could use it more

    DamonsMistrisVampireDamonsMistrisVampire27 天 前
    • its battery is typical... the rest of the hardware however is much weaker, screen isn't as good. therefore consuming less power...

      chad kingchad king25 天 前
  • can i just say, whenever i click onto your videos from another creator, the audio is the first thing i notice, and its clarity and depth. well done. I'm in the market for a used phone, if you have any available? budget of £200/£300 - preferably an iPhone, but open to a reliable android. big screen , trusted camera, fingerprint unlock/face unlock and good speakers. big love

    D. AveD. Ave27 天 前
  • Competition is always good for customers.

    Onur CelikcanOnur Celikcan27 天 前
  • i feel mid range phones are selling better now is because people don’t feel like selling their livers just to own a phone full of gimmicks they will rarely use

    Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt28 天 前
  • one plus nord is one of the various examples that we haver to reinforce the fact that mid-range phones are really near to flagships than ever

    wetzin alvaradowetzin alvarado28 天 前
  • It seems Google were watching this video, pixel 5 - the perfect phone

    KB EightysevenKB Eightyseven29 天 前
  • All the companies gotta do to sell their top of the range phone is just add “limited addition” to the name and boom everyone would buy it

    CrazeyPCrazeyP29 天 前
  • 13 billion a10s🤣🤣

    Oscar WheatleyOscar Wheatley个月 前
  • 4:40 Professionals have standards!

    Leo AssarssonLeo Assarsson个月 前
  • Hello, an advice please, what is your top 3 to buy for camera foto video în low strong light etc: samsung a71, Samsung s10 lite, xiaomi mi10t/pro, xiaomi note 10, or if is other phone better(in this price area) , can you tell me ? I want to buy in black Friday. Thanks

    Crearesiteweb IonutCrearesiteweb Ionut个月 前
  • Why buy a Flagship when you can get the same features from a Midrange after a year (or sometimes shorter) with a half the price? 🤔

    Mark Edison AlvizMark Edison Alviz个月 前
  • im after the samsung a71 is it worth it

    riffknotriffknot个月 前
  • I still have my iPhone 6 lol

  • I mean I also "downgraded" from the Samsung flagships to the A51. It does what I needed it to do and is dual sim (which I will need in the next two years). I didn't see a reason for me to buy the flagship instead

    MissDatherinePierceMissDatherinePierce个月 前
  • Is it me or did he say 50000 dollar mac pro

    Yuanben ZhangYuanben Zhang个月 前
  • most us also like to upgrade sooner than we can while using flagships

    Kartikay tiwariKartikay tiwari个月 前
  • Mid-Range is the future… Pocophone F1 Poco X3 …nuff said

    ZaoriZaori个月 前
  • i would never buy samsung from A class...

    BeataBeata个月 前
  • made by google saw this video

    Daksh MunyalDaksh Munyal个月 前
  • Yep I'm Efficient not lazy. i told you Mom 😅

    BBiBbi IUBBiBbi IU个月 前
  • what you have just said makes no sense

    VyondVyond个月 前
  • I... I saw the Alcatel pixi 4... Horrible memories, it didn't do anything. I could only download WhatsApp and youtube didn't even worl

    Amy-Bo ten DamAmy-Bo ten Dam个月 前
  • The A50 surprised me by house good it was. It felt like the sort of flagship I would have a few years ago. It looks and handles so well it really did feel like a flagship and the real flagship phones went above the clouds

    gigglebob69gigglebob69个月 前
  • No one: Arun: Uses a grass desk.

    KapaKapa个月 前
  • ok

    Chrome_ FoxChrome_ Fox个月 前
  • 6:38 I'm not lazy, I'm efficient.😁

    Sruti BasaSruti Basa个月 前
  • I am watching this on Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro

    Ilia StephnadzeIlia Stephnadze个月 前
  • you always want a sub hehe

    H.B.T.OH.B.T.O个月 前
  • Me: reads the Title Me: Because they are expensive, the best selling phone this year was the galaxy A51 Video:

    Rage QuitRage Quit个月 前
  • $400-600 midrange... that used to be the flagship price...

    TheDeathmailTheDeathmail个月 前
  • People are buying the cheaper phones because of Covid 19. Alot of people are still out of work.

    3ndless 1diots3ndless 1diots个月 前
  • I've never been a person who buys a mid range or a budget phone I've always had flagship

    Janiel LorenzanoJaniel Lorenzano个月 前
  • Great video year 2020

    Mr. ChristopherMr. Christopher个月 前
  • I have a Samsung a21s it was only $300 AUD and I gotta say it runs better than my friends iphone 11 pro

    MilesMiles个月 前
  • Nexus 5 started a revolution. They sold flagship specs of 2013 for $350. I remember I pre ordered mine. I loved it.

    ladawg81ladawg81个月 前
  • But then again apple is what we should all buy 🤗 Right @Mrwhosetheboss 😂😂😂

    dementor2003dementor2003个月 前
  • Waiting to 5G get more widespread, straight up buying the A71 5G.

    Savi GGSavi GG个月 前
  • One word - I'm just poor!

    ArmanArman个月 前
  • Its like i have to wait just some months to have a budget phone with the same features of the flag ship that came some months ago

    GameplayGameplay个月 前
  • I have xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro and it has the same performance as a 2018 flagship great cameras and a great screen ya it has short comings but the price i paid for it is way too low then if i buy a flagship phone even from last year or 2018

    GameplayGameplay个月 前
  • I think most people watch flagship phones videos etc cos they can't actually buy one yet i mean i do that but i am not sure about every one else but i am sure i can't b the only one

    GameplayGameplay个月 前
  • The a71 is a midranger right? Since i have it

    i am dumbi am dumb2 个月 前
  • Starting to love watching this guy

    Tim HaerewaTim Haerewa2 个月 前
  • poco x3 is the best budget phone, idc what anyone says (costs $230)

    BasketBloxBrosBasketBloxBros2 个月 前
  • Tbh the A10 is a budget phone

    lqser_ MClqser_ MC2 个月 前
  • iPhone dead

    Rafiq DanielRafiq Daniel2 个月 前
  • He is talking about 500$ phones , but himself is using an 11 pro 😂😂

    Alexandru BitlanAlexandru Bitlan2 个月 前
    • Because he likes it. Why does it matter anyways? He's making an education video, not showcasing his phone🤷‍♀️

      ClarieClarie个月 前
  • No one who makes a 2000$ a month will get a 400£ phone , cheaper than the Apple Watch .

    Alexandru BitlanAlexandru Bitlan2 个月 前
  • What makes a phone affordable is paying for a contract. In the UK it is considerably cheaper to get an iphone 11 on contract even 24 months are added up than to buy the phone outright and get a separate contract just for the simcard. I can get an iphone 11 with 20gb of data for £36 pounds a month and a free phone. I can afford £37 a month. I cannot afford £700+ outright for a smartphone.

    araL nedleSaraL nedleS2 个月 前
  • Didn't expect A10 its my previous device now at A21s

    Prayas pradhanPrayas pradhan2 个月 前
  • 2015 Flagship or 2020 Midrange...?? 2015 Galaxy Note 5 or 2020 Galaxy A71, which is better...?? Suggest please...!!

    Asim KhanAsim Khan2 个月 前
  • Me watching this with my Samsung a15

    AhRespect BaconAhRespect Bacon2 个月 前
  • hmmmmm people want afirdable phones that are less expensive than a good gaming pc? i never expected that!

    felipe bejaranofelipe bejarano2 个月 前
  • I'm watching this on mid range

    Pol CumakuPol Cumaku2 个月 前
  • Im watching this on a a10

    Keynaan HusseinKeynaan Hussein2 个月 前
  • Well buying midrange smartphone is much better investment than buying flagship phone that isnt much better

    SuinegSuineg2 个月 前
  • the a10 is the WORST device of the world

    hola soy winpesado3hola soy winpesado32 个月 前
  • Can anyone help me and tell me which phone is that? 5:06

    Fabio NúñezFabio Núñez2 个月 前
  • Got an A10s instead.

    Sid The JovianSid The Jovian2 个月 前
  • Short compact answer : Flagships is overpriced in our currency for example samsung galaxy s20 ultra is $1400 or something but 4× that and thats the price of that thing in my country and the majority of the people is not rich

    InsaneMC75InsaneMC752 个月 前