vivo X50 Pro Unboxing - World's first Rotating Camera.

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Vivo X50 Pro Unboxing and Gimbal Camera Test + Camera comparison vs iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Huawei P40 Pro!
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  • So here's the big question: Does the camera module look stunning or terrible?

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss4 个月 前
    • Its stuning and i love its GIMABAL camra omg if i could have that phone it make me so happy and omg omg omg ilove vivos

      pusok channelpusok channel天 前
    • Am your biggest fan, u have so many mobile.. why not give me one of them as a gift to your subsciber.. Thnks 🙂

      Pravesh sadasingPravesh sadasing个月 前
    • It looks different.

      Arunima Sahu GhoshalArunima Sahu Ghoshal个月 前
    • Stunning

      Justin JacobJustin Jacob个月 前
    • Stunning.

      HarryHarry个月 前
  • Good video

    Sohail Anwer RanjhaSohail Anwer Ranjha7 小时 前
  • DAMN why the camwra give me s20 vibes tho

    Eugene Dum dumEugene Dum dum3 天 前
  • People who hate Vivo,Let me tell you . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Iri Bilang bos

    Vincentius marcelinoVincentius marcelino4 天 前

  • This an innovative company

    Tommy VercettiTommy Vercetti6 天 前
  • In general, is this worth to buy or the samsung s20 fe??

    Mervin JosephMervin Joseph6 天 前
  • I'm still using my vivo nex.. The 1st phone with in Display finger print, the 1st pop up camera, the first full display phone and the 1at phone e with no ear speaker.. It's still going strong. I just tested some other phones for camera and till the nex kickass

    Joy FritzJoy Fritz8 天 前
  • Vivo wow I give you 4.5 stars

    Brent PaulBrent Paul8 天 前
  • Vivo phones are fantastic value for money

    Frosty PhoenixFrosty Phoenix8 天 前
  • 8000

  • Cameras are so advance now, they even have smartphone features.

    Benjamin YueBenjamin Yue9 天 前
  • Iphone 12 Pro Max actually copying the vivo rotating camera

    Ellister JutyEllister Juty9 天 前
  • The only thing that bothers me to get this phone is it doesn't have an IP rating and also the UI which is very important to me.

    Aaron FiderAaron Fider10 天 前
  • Can u compare it with x50 pro plus? I hear they cut gimbal on x50 plus. But i want to know about the quality on low light

    moltrezzz 03moltrezzz 0311 天 前
  • 2020: Vivo gimbal camera 2025: Vivo X-ray / CT scan / MRI scanner Imagine Arun wandering around taking medical reports of all people LOL

    Corbin JiangCorbin Jiang11 天 前
    • You better delete this copied comment.

      Thirumalesh AmbatiThirumalesh Ambati10 天 前
  • How good is vivo y91c

    Arpita BaruaArpita Barua11 天 前
  • I wonder if there are a lot of phone companies that also produce their own IPad???? Well not IPad but let’s say bigger phone

    Darkz FNMDarkz FNM11 天 前
  • Rainbow portrait on Vivo makes me addicted on taking selfies too 😂

    Paul Angelo De LeonPaul Angelo De Leon12 天 前
  • awsome straight review!!by the way is that a live wallpaper?

    raj sankarraj sankar13 天 前
  • What is your origin.

    Navlesh LotooNavlesh Lotoo14 天 前
  • Vivo : create new things Apple: remove old things

  • The camera of samsung and iphone is better

    Areesa QasehAreesa Qaseh16 天 前
  • Give me this phone please😂😂😂😚

    let knowlet know17 天 前
  • I want one! I have a Cat S60

    Cameron HeslopCameron Heslop17 天 前
  • Ah the streets of Nottingham. I grew up there

    Pete CoventryPete Coventry18 天 前
  • You could live in there. LMAO🤣

    Pratik DhakalPratik Dhakal18 天 前
  • Lmao I am watching this video on my Vivo Y11 lol

    FawbeeziaFawbeezia19 天 前
  • Sir please review on vivo v20 series phones. Specially vivo v20pro please sir

    B GhoshB Ghosh19 天 前
  • 8:14 ah yes blackpink really normal to watch

    Mystery GuyMystery Guy20 天 前
  • Thumbs up for Vivo.

    brian sinbrian sin20 天 前
  • Ok

    Amir SohelAmir Sohel21 天 前
  • this for Christmas please huhuhu

    Tyrone GasatayaTyrone Gasataya21 天 前
  • Mine pls......

    Travis SisonTravis Sison21 天 前
  • another b28 dudnutincludut. when you travel the world you so need the 700mhz band. so about to buy the phone when...yep forgot b28. too bad really.

    winosetiwinoseti21 天 前
  • One of the best phone reviewers on CNworld, unbiased, straightforward and informative

    Dan PriestDan Priest21 天 前
  • Chinese phones are so underrated. I want to try out Vivo or Huawei, but I live in the US. They are not available here

    takaa etakaa e22 天 前
  • Can you send me vivo x50pro is good karma.i like to use it.but i have not this my email.i hope you good reply!! Good luck your Future !!!!

    DharmaDharma22 天 前
  • Thanks ☺️😍 fully review videos

    Pradip ChowdhuryPradip Chowdhury22 天 前
  • I like u 😍 😻 vivo v20 phone

    Pradip ChowdhuryPradip Chowdhury22 天 前
  • Actually, that system was used on sony action cams 4years ago✌🏼

    lamazverlamazver23 天 前
  • let me tell you 2 other cases where this thing will be very useful. 1.macro shots using extra lens.which i do a lot,and it's very hard to keep tracking the bug and keeping the phone shake free at the same time.1 in a 10 shot i get will be sharp. 2.moving vehicles.specially in a road that is not that you are in a car and you saw an interesting scenary and you want to record.this will help a lot.

    Galib MahdiGalib Mahdi23 天 前
  • And iPhone 12 pro has the same camera type

    RobertRobert24 天 前
  • Wrong I used LG v10 hs also rotating camera Lance

    Ameer MuhammadAmeer Muhammad24 天 前
  • Everything was fine until you use Instagram or Snapchat. These apps did Android users dirty

    ryaenryaen25 天 前
  • Please give me one mobile phone please ( please

  • This phone is has only SD 765 prcessor..

    Riyas786 PmRiyas786 Pm26 天 前
  • You are the best mobile explorer

  • Baa???

    nasir uddinnasir uddin27 天 前
  • Tnkss😘

    Anzil azlAnzil azl28 天 前
  • "you can LiVe iN tHerE"

    Samarth MWSamarth MW28 天 前
  • I need a phone like this now but dah I can't afford it

    Sarthak LodhaSarthak Lodha28 天 前
  • Your vocabulary is perfect and polished. Sound so educated ....

    ose iriogbeose iriogbe29 天 前
  • Great camera ..for those ppl who love that in a phone it's great

    Mobile Gamers UniteMobile Gamers Unite29 天 前
  • I’d buy this phone if the sound quality is equally better

    Blood OrangeBlood Orange个月 前
  • With a gimbal systems it's very attractive however is the sound quality as good for complementing each other

    james kohjames koh个月 前
  • Such a beautiful phone only drawback is its chipset

    M AliM Ali个月 前
  • I am very thankful to you. Though unintentionally, but you and some other guys in the comments came about to be destined to make me a blink of BLΛƆKPIИK .... Edit: 8:16 It’s the moment I come here for

    BeActive BehappyBeActive Behappy个月 前
    • Arun’s bias is rosé confirmed

      Blood OrangeBlood Orange个月 前
  • This phone truly shines in the night

    Pyro LordPyro Lord个月 前
  • I thought the a80 had a rotating camera?

    xvツxvツ个月 前
    • Yes, but served as both front and rear camera

      Marv DondokambeyMarv Dondokambey28 天 前
  • Searched for this everywhere and I can't seem to find it. Also this background song is so catchy...

    Adam FarrierAdam Farrier个月 前
  • Now can we see how good it is if it's mounted on a ghimble? Thumbs up wants to see this!

    I hate googleI hate google个月 前

    Ory FoxOry Fox个月 前
  • Plz unboxing vivo iqoo 5 pro And compared with mi 10 ultra

    bdiri imedbdiri imed个月 前
  • Can you please sir give me a phone whatever the model is 😔😔 I will always pray for you 🙂

    Bangla MotorsBangla Motors个月 前
  • Nobody: Not even a single soul: Samsung galaxy s10/s10+ in 2019 have gimbal camera Some china random guy in CEO: imma copy it Narrator:vivo x50 pro have gimbal camera Arun: Wow, im gonna buy it When Arun buy a chinese phone later.. Arun: uploads " Vivo x50 pro: the worlds first gimbal camera" Samsung: *grunts* Samsung: they copied our gimbal camera!

    Florence GuanFlorence Guan个月 前
  • IMO Xiaomi was the company that pushed full screen phones with its Mi Mix 1

    Clement Tong - The Everyday BoyClement Tong - The Everyday Boy个月 前
  • Lg wing gimbel mode is awesome

    Preet BainsPreet Bains个月 前
  • this is my first time at your channel and im lovin it.

    2phix Gaming2phix Gaming个月 前
  • Apple be like: wait i will catch you LIDAR

    SHADOW 360SHADOW 360个月 前
    • Lidar won't do anything to stabilisation my buddy.

      Mohak Sehgal 73Mohak Sehgal 73个月 前
  • crispyyyyy plastic coverrr ughhhhhhh

    Joyce HabitanJoyce Habitan个月 前
  • watching on my Oppo A3S right now 😂

    BobbyBobby个月 前
  • Missing the standard 64 mp camera these days and the four camera setup found in mid range devices.

    xplode1818xplode1818个月 前
  • I am that one comment pointing out Rosé

    Jason YauJason Yau个月 前
  • @0:01

    Rosabella Kit ShaquireRosabella Kit Shaquire个月 前
  • @ Mrwhosetheboss

    Rosabella Kit ShaquireRosabella Kit Shaquire个月 前
  • @Mrwhosetheboss its for us kpop fans because or especially in airport their is like thousands of people pushing each other just to get a photo or video of our idols or artist.

    Rosabella Kit ShaquireRosabella Kit Shaquire个月 前
  • Awesome review, thank you.

    AngelAngel个月 前
  • This phone..Wow ♥️

    Ramish AliRamish Ali个月 前
  • "Comes with a camera that is different?" Guess this phone would suit the c00chie man from tiktok very nicely 😏😂

    Kid tvKid tv个月 前
  • Can you get a international/US model.

    Julian PayneJulian Payne个月 前
  • Sir, what are those cameras u using to shoot video? very high quality


  • where are the blinks HA how you like that lmao

    Smart attackSmart attack个月 前
  • So much fun watching You. I think I would pay money, and have dinner while watching you up on a stage. 🤳

    Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin个月 前
    • It is still a bit scarey. I keep thinking it might get shaken camera and break. I would like to see a 6 month down the road after regular use, review.

      Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin个月 前
    • Lord, you just gave the perfect explaination of the knit and purl stitch when talking about the shifting of that camera. 🤣🤣

      Patricia CoughlinPatricia Coughlin个月 前
  • I just saw your tiktok on this

    your fellow Romanianyour fellow Romanian个月 前
  • Imagine people watching him running with two smartphones in a stick

    Mr. WhiteMr. White个月 前
  • Good Job Aron

    Samarendra Kumar SinghSamarendra Kumar Singh个月 前
  • Hope to have that

    hervzz dacerahervzz dacera个月 前
  • I always love to listen to your voice I really love to hear your voice

    Zaki DamsZaki Dams个月 前
  • Vivo is so innovative ! Now they even want to invent a detachable camera for phones :0

    p4ul.fp4ul.f个月 前
  • 0:05 nice Mr bean reference

    bannedfahim thugrapperbannedfahim thugrapper个月 前
  • Which country you take the night city view? Looks hella good

    Natso ProgamerNatso Progamer个月 前
  • I am waiting for IP rating to VIVO.

    #MR ChefAmour#MR ChefAmour个月 前
  • හෝර්සා කියන හැම දෙයක්ම අපි බලමු

    Clementine MccoyClementine Mccoy个月 前
  • Can someone gift me thissss. 🥳

    Crezel MartinCrezel Martin个月 前
  • Imo all phone cameras need IBIS now~

    William SuWilliam Su个月 前
  • when he says "hi" i know my wallet is going to be groaning

    John CookJohn Cook个月 前
  • How much?

    Roberto EndabRoberto Endab个月 前
  • Please do a review on the pro+

    Onah EmmanuelOnah Emmanuel个月 前