OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 - The Brutal Truth.

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Full review and comparison of OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5, including camera comparison, battery test, benchmarks, gaming and more! Is the OnePlus 8T the best phone of 2020?
To see my brutally honest opinion about the iPhone 12:
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  • Do you think Google flopped with the Pixel 5? or do you think it still has merit? Slight correction, the OnePlus selfie camera is 16MP not 32! To see my brutally honest opinion about the iPhone 12:

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss个月 前
    • Yes and obviously Google flopped with the Pixel 5 because you can buy iPhone 11 before trade in at that price. A13 vs snapdragon 7xx. and look more like a larger version of the first ever iPhone. Plus you are comparing the devise with the wrong one. Try comparing with with iPhone 11 and you don't have to ask other whether pixel 5 is a disaster.

      muntaseer mashekmuntaseer mashek22 小时 前
    • Onr plus

      mcpe Hindimcpe Hindi2 天 前
    • My dude let me tell you this: You make nice and informative vids but you have no fuckn clue about cameras. Let me ask you a question if you think you have: Why would a 800 mega pixel camera (thats the same size) on the s20 be way worse than a 24 MP one ?

      Slayer of godsSlayer of gods3 天 前
    • I mean, the Pixel 5 is a very... simple phone and the OnePlus8T has stuff that non really tech entusiasts will not care or see.

      Solna Gastón UwUSolna Gastón UwU7 天 前
    • Staying profitable in the high end phone market is rough. I think they stopped competing with flagships. And come on how many do they think they are going to sell as the pandemic rolls on the through the winter with exploding case numbers.

      danwilson12danwilson1210 天 前
  • $200 cheaper for the 4a 5g? Hahaha... only if you didn't wait until Black Friday when it's $350 cheaper.

    Upd LateUpd Late2 小时 前
  • Maybe a review video of the pixel 5 😀😀

    Tapas NathTapas Nath7 小时 前
  • Pixcel phone is not competive at all in front of oneplus. The only advantage is it's camera software. Pixel is still too expensive considering it's actual medium-end hardware. I just don't understand why everyone is talking about pixel, I think it's just because it's from Google and everyone talk without thinking at all.

    Lin MaoLin Mao9 小时 前
  • Can't get Oneplus on a good deal, so I got a Pixel for half price. I'm satisfied and enjoy a smaller phone. I'm also not a power mobile user.

    Dean Wilson A.Dean Wilson A.14 小时 前
  • the pixel 5 is just boring. you can buy 2 or 3 midrangers at that price; the device doesnt offer much to justify its price.

    Boy DolomiteBoy Dolomite15 小时 前
  • dont give a dam what u say the google pixel 5 is the phone im about to buy soon because i just love it so far from hearing about it

    sebastian ballenskysebastian ballensky15 小时 前
  • The pixel in general is supposed to be a minimalist phone... As someone who is a retailer of phones, I'm told to sell it as a minimalist phone with a great camera. It's the basic stripped down version of Android and makes it easy to learn and everything is all connected to the cloud so you never lose anything. Basically everything is based on the software overall not the hardware.

    jojohaj1087jojohaj108718 小时 前
  • once oneplus started charging over 500 i stopped payong attention, xiaomi has bevomed the enthusiast brand

    azatecasazatecas18 小时 前
  • Had both, kept the Pixel 5. Its just much better to use size wise and the battery and cameras are way WAY better.

    Ger MorganGer Morgan天 前
  • To be fair google is known for much more than their phones. Oneplus is basically only known for their phones. So it makes sense that OP would spend more time talking about their phones compared to google. Oh and the thing Google has over OP is SOFTWARE. I was a OP user and Oxygen OS is pretty good. But I feel like you get the purest Android experience on a pixel.

    Chosen One 203Chosen One 203天 前
  • Everyone is just praising pixel for nothing.. is that primium, no never. Yeah it has the best camara processing But the hardware is shit and overpriced..

    Ashik AliyarAshik Aliyar天 前
  • What you get is a nice 6" form factor. Not everybody is looking for a phablet. I've had some huge OnePlus phones. But now I'm ready for something small.

  • Mr Aaron, you should only do on apple products since you use iphone and its products, not Android

    Docteur PouletDocteur Poulet天 前
  • Funny. I got an ad for the google pixel 5 just a second ago

    1Up Man1Up Man天 前
  • Quick question: oneplus 7t pro or 8T?

    Marius MocanuMarius Mocanu天 前
  • Wach this video on oneplus 6.

    Ethan JEthan J2 天 前
  • One Plus phones break very easily with the glass back, I have been through multiple. I went the Pixel 5 recently purely because it is plastic backed

    Mr AMr A2 天 前
  • Brother i need a phone .. please.. I have no money I love you

    Sourav SahaSourav Saha2 天 前
  • Happy with my pixel 4a 5g

    MBMB2 天 前
  • The camera in the 8T is really bad. I have the 8T now, I compared it to my old oneplus 3 and my old phone taking way more detailed photos with better colors (same results with gcam).

    RegularEverydayNormalGuyRegularEverydayNormalGuy2 天 前
  • Google pixel 5 is a flagship phone?????!!!!! Google sucks

    Mohammad RehanMohammad Rehan2 天 前
  • LMAO my dad bought a google pixel 5 but he doesnt play games as much.

    GTS AlphaGTS Alpha2 天 前
  • Why do people still care about curved edges? Phones are thin enough that they don't need the illusion of thinness anymore and flat glass plays much more nicely with screen protectors. Far as I know, edge gestures have been figured out so you don't actually have to go right from the edge either like you used to.

    Ardis HobartArdis Hobart2 天 前
  • Pixel 5 is 650$ now

    Ak1ra FAk1ra F2 天 前
  • Why is your skin so shiny? Cmon man. Video quality is on point, care for your skin.

    Aaron SherrillAaron Sherrill3 天 前
  • Halah dua2 nya ga masuk indo

    Maitri KarunaMaitri Karuna3 天 前
  • This review is a little to negative towards the pixel 5. The chipset is the last thing you should be worrying about as pixel has optimised it very well.

    Ak1ra FAk1ra F3 天 前
  • What I feel is Google paid well for u... hope next time oneplus will.

    Tamil News WorldTamil News World3 天 前
  • Nice Comparison as always. I have both at the moment but will be getting rid of the Pixel 5 as OnePlus is better all round. By the way the OnePlus 8T is £100 off at the moment on John Lewis website just incase anyone is thinking of getting it. Save yourself £100 and get it from John Lewis instead of OnePlus website £449 is a sweet price for a phone like this 😀

    iMadAboutTechiMadAboutTech4 天 前
  • Pixel 5 looks cheap

    A RasolA Rasol4 天 前
    • It's supposed to be simplistic. It may look cheap but there's also a black color that looks better. It feels pretty nice in the hand ngl

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F3 天 前
  • But.... My hands are so small I would prefer a 6" phone 😅

    dontmindmedontmindme4 天 前
    • Mine's too ,5.5 - 6.2 is maximum , you can still use it with one hand

      IgnasIgnas3 天 前
  • 2.6k unlikes from iOS users 😂

    Abuzada 훃Abuzada 훃4 天 前
  • Only thing i hate about OP nowadays is the fact they're "settling down". All their recent launches suggest exactly that. And the useless extra camera ? Smh

    AnmolAnmol4 天 前
  • @Mrwhosetheboss A store in my area is running a promo where I can trade my Pixel XL to get half off the Pixel 4a 5G, bringing the price down to $250. I'm still debating between the Pixel 4a and the OnePlus 8T Pro for $750. It's a big price difference, but the OnePlus 8T Pro seems like a significantly better phone. If I can afford it, is it worth the extra money for the OnePlus?

    Sean BennettSean Bennett4 天 前
    • Pixel 4a is equal to OnePlus Nord Pixel 4a 5g is equal to the OnePlus 8 Pixel 5 is equal to the OnePlus 8t Hope this helps If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F3 天 前
  • Google looks more premium and more good looking in general. They're pretty much the same. I just prefer the hand feel and looks of Google.

    daymandayman4 天 前
    • I agree. Pixel has optimised the 765g very well so it's fast. I'm so tired of this bigger is better trend. Even as someone who is 5'11 this is getting out of hand

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F3 天 前
  • Whenever I try to get out of the apple wormhole, like i am right now, I end up bumping into things like... promisse of 3 years of updates... like it was a good thing... come on man. I want at least four, which apple grants me.

    Billy The ButcherBilly The Butcher4 天 前
    • @Billy The Butcher if I'm being honest comparing to an iphone battery would be like playground bullying ngl bcz they have the worst batteries by far. But I can understand selling a phone after your done

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F3 天 前
    • @Ak1ra F plus, I wanna be able to sell my 3-year-old phone, and because it still receives updates and the battery is still fine, the Iphone is pretty much the only phone that has a preowned market after 3 years.

      Billy The ButcherBilly The Butcher3 天 前
    • @Ak1ra F well, not my iphone's battery at least. I'm currently rocking an Iphone 7 and the battery is as shitty as it was when brand new LMAO jokes aside, the battery shouldn't deteriorate to the point where it's unusable after 2 years. I had a galaxy note 8 and it did, but it was the exynos version. The Iphone 7 is even older and it's still usable -- and with IOS 14. I usually replace my phone every 3 years, but I'm confident that an Iphone 12, for example, would last me at least 4.

      Billy The ButcherBilly The Butcher3 天 前
    • @Billy The Butcher if we're being honest though you should replace your phone every 2 years anyways as the batter deteriorates by then. Imo 3 years is generous and 2 years is fine.

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F3 天 前
    • @Ak1ra F Yes, but I don't wanna count with demand. I don't want to deal with that minimum. It can get even worse. Samsung's usual is 2 years.

      Billy The ButcherBilly The Butcher3 天 前
  • While the OP phone might look better in terms of specs, you kind of have to see what Google is doing. They realized that phones are so good now, that even the cheap ones are much much more than anyone would actually need. So they shifted their focus from "high end" phones to low-mid range ones, so they could sell more. Because lets be honest, if you spend more than like $500 on a phone, youre kind of a dumbass. And big companies are praying on those kinds of people. Noone needs phones that powerful. Most of the reviewers show things that dont actually matter for a normal user. Its just a mess. The worst thing is the american mentality "$1000 phone that i will replace next year? Sure, sounds like a good deal! A console costs more than $500 and i will keep it for many years? No thanks, too expensive". Its not that hard to see why phones cost so much, especially when the loudest part of the world keeps spending insane amounts of money on things they dont need

    silverissssilverisss4 天 前
  • One plus bloat no thanks

    Gregg SmithGregg Smith4 天 前
    • You can delete it easily though

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F4 天 前
  • Why do people still care about curved edges? Phones are thin enough that they don't need the illusion of thinness anymore and flat glass plays much more nicely with screen protectors. Far as I know, edge gestures have been figured out so you don't actually have to go right from the edge either like you used to.

    David GrayDavid Gray5 天 前
  • Clearly, a one plus promotion video. I was one of the first to buy a one plus one, and that left a terrible taste in my mouth especially how they handled the software updates, continued glitches, etc. I swear never again to buy a phone with terrible software/ bloat ware in their OS. After i swapped that for the pixel 2 XL, life is simple, enjoying the free updates, security, and great experience.

    Justin20006Justin200065 天 前
    • @Justin20006 I definitely feel like this "review" was not very positive towards the pixel 5 and felt structured as if it was trying to make the phone look bad. He bashes on the packaging despite saying in a prior video that pixel is all about simplicity. He also says this is a bad chipset but I'm pretty sure pixel chose the 765g over the 865 because the chip is less heating overall. I understand pixel 5 is overpriced but honestly it's better then walking around with a whole ass tablet in your pocket like oneplus

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F4 天 前
    • @Ak1ra F that's not comparing the hardware, that's comparing the experience. It's still flawless user experience on the pixel to this day.

      Justin20006Justin200064 天 前
    • You shouldnt be comparing the one plus one to the one plus 8t. They're two different phones from 2 different generations That's like saying androids still have bad cameras They don't Your stick in the past if you think that

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F4 天 前
  • i bet he was sponsered by one plus

    If You Are reading This You May Be AliveIf You Are reading This You May Be Alive5 天 前
    • ohh.. thx bud 😁

      If You Are reading This You May Be AliveIf You Are reading This You May Be Alive4 天 前
    • He wasn't. He explained it in another video

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F4 天 前
  • The packaging means so much more then companys might think the box can be the last selling point as I bought the pixel 4a

    Austin DevinAustin Devin5 天 前
  • If you are comparing the oneplus 8t with the pixel 5 and then suddenly you start comparing the oneplus 8t with the pixel 4a 5G what you really should be doing is comparing the pixel 4a5G with the oneplus nord

    Berre VerhaegenBerre Verhaegen5 天 前
  • One plus chineese

    vijayan knvijayan kn5 天 前
  • Sir can you give me one testing phn? Iam using samsung galaxy grand prime 8 gb internal storage phone. Please give me one. Please sir

    MR_23 GAMINGMR_23 GAMING5 天 前
  • Oneplus better battery life gaming,fnatic mode,65watt and 120hz

    LegendaryStarsYTLegendaryStarsYT5 天 前
  • But, the Chinese market is not open to Pixel, so in China, 1+ 8T is much cheaper than Pixel 5, even cheaper than Pixel 4a 5G.🤣

    Chi-Giet YuChi-Giet Yu5 天 前
  • I'm watching this video on my 8t

    ashwin sondkarashwin sondkar5 天 前
  • P5 or s20fe??

    David YDavid Y5 天 前
  • Oneplus 8t is clear winner

    ReHaN 13ReHaN 135 天 前
  • Arun's videos are always full of knowledge, intellectual youtuber

    Joe KamJoe Kam6 天 前
  • Brutal truth! Click bait -_-

    Harsha .NHarsha .N6 天 前
    • It's not tho

      Ak1ra FAk1ra F4 天 前
  • 3:45 🤣🤣🤣😆

    lohith chowdarylohith chowdary6 天 前
  • I had to agree with this guy that actually Chinese phone really putting the effort for the customer satisfaction

    SOR23SOR236 天 前
    • @Yosaf Mehmet tdlr, manufacturers are typically not rewarded by producing better products and thus most do not (in the context of Chinese companies 1900~2000s). Now some do since now, economically, it may benefit them...

      bian丁丁bian丁丁4 天 前
    • @bian丁丁 your long paragraph actually didn’t say anything.

      Yosaf MehmetYosaf Mehmet4 天 前
    • Here is the thing... There are many reputable Chinese companies in china it is just the economic growth of china has caused many companies to mass produce. There are many good and there are many bad. Researching what is good and what is bad is very beneficial

      bian丁丁bian丁丁6 天 前
  • To be honest the pixel 4a 5g is the sweet spot, It has a better chipset and battery then the 4a but its far better value then the 5. it's basically the pixel 5a that never existed.

  • Why did one plus had such good audio

    Hamlet GoluckyHamlet Golucky7 天 前
  • Pixel 5 looks like a bathroom tile. 😂☠️

    ayabeihereayabeihere7 天 前
  • 1 plus 8t is better than google pixel 5

    Abhyuday JoseAbhyuday Jose7 天 前
  • OnePlus steals customers information and sells them to Chinese hackers !! I had OnePlus 7 pro and I received an email about a data leak from one plus since then I keep receiving spam emails and weird calls !! Don't be fooled OnePlus is sponsoring all of these videos !

    AJNovaAJNova7 天 前
  • i dont get why most people whinge about phone sizes.. want a big screen? get an Ipad!!! personally I like the size of my pixels as its easier for one handed use when taking calls or searching up information at work. just my two cents

    Eddie HardingEddie Harding7 天 前
  • You forgot pure android!!!! Pure!!! I can't stand any other phone

    JohnJohn8 天 前
  • I've been using OnePlus since its first phone. I'd One, 3T, 5T, 6T and 7T. Anyway over the years, I love and hate it. With its motto, "Never Settle". Let me do the complaints! 1) It's getting heavier and heavier, and longer and longer. This leads to the increase of difficulty in putting it in pocket. 2) From my rough statistics, I only charge my phone at WARP charge of 10-15% of my charging counts. I only charge it at WARP charge while I'm on the road. The reason why I don't use WARP charge is it's doing harm to the battery. Is it? 3) In low light, the photos taken from OnePlus weren't up to standard, IMHO. 4) Yes, it promised to have upgrades over 3 years, but it's slow and gets slower and slower than there're more and more newer models pop up into the market. 5) Over the years, there're often unwanted apps installed in the phone.

    ClumZyFinGerXClumZyFinGerX8 天 前
  • should i get the 8t or a samsung s20 fe

    Luke S.Luke S.8 天 前
    • @Luke S. Trust me I had OnePlus 8 pro and s20. Pixel all the way the pixel experience is such a big different. You will not care about the case very smooth phone battery is amazing, light weight,camera is amazing. I mean this phone higher than my expectation.more than this you will not wait for upgrade.

      azoz alawadazoz alawad7 天 前
    • @azoz alawad I don't want google

      Luke S.Luke S.8 天 前
    • Get pixel 5 you will not regret.

      azoz alawadazoz alawad8 天 前
  • There is more to a phone than just "price of specs." In my opinion, Google's software far exceeds anything any other Android manufacturer can achieve, since Google actually codes Android. Google's optimization of Android to hardware is the reason Google can get the Pixels to perform as well or better than other Android manufacturers with lesser hardware. Also, Pixels receive updates more often and faster than other Android devices, and this software optimization and update frequency is also what you are paying for when you purchase a Pixel device, and is why I purchased the Pixel 5.

    Mark BinderMark Binder8 天 前
  • Get instant 500 off on Oneplus products 🎉🎊😁

    Siddiqui AnasSiddiqui Anas8 天 前
  • Should I buy OnePlus8t or wait for upcoming phones?

    S P I D E RS P I D E R8 天 前
  • Okay, not what I was expecting at all! Awesome video btw! Please make a full fledged camera comparison between these too, it would be awesome! 💜🙏🙏

    Ygor CortesYgor Cortes8 天 前
  • Personally I think the 8 pro is better than the 8t.

    Patrick WhitePatrick White8 天 前
  • The pixel phone dose not feel cheap

    Shane HorneShane Horne9 天 前
  • MrWhoseTheBoss what is your phone recommendation for content creators @ $300ish?

    Yeti VoiceYeti Voice9 天 前
  • 8t and pixel 5 are overpriced

    Jounrey- PlazJounrey- Plaz9 天 前
    • 8t is overpriced?

      PhantraxaPhantraxa5 天 前
  • Can u use the one plus with your TV like Samsung with Dex.

    KevinKevin9 天 前
  • If OnePlus and Google combined they will demolish Samsung for sure

    NOiCeNOiCe9 天 前
  • Pixel magic Only perform kids birthday party 😂😂

    Aryan ChoudharyAryan Choudhary9 天 前
  • Google pixels line up are becoming more or less like iphone☹️

    Critical PerformanceCritical Performance9 天 前
  • I love how neither of these phones are available in Mexico. ;(

    Rafael FloresRafael Flores9 天 前
  • OnePlus Gang j

    Finn McKeeFinn McKee9 天 前
  • The one plus is so ugly and dated

    meme9 天 前
  • I have a Pixel 1, I'm probably going to upgrade to the Pixel 5. Everytime I decided on the Pixel 5 over the 4a 5G, I watch a video like this that makes me question my decision...

    TheauramasternulTheauramasternul10 天 前
    • The internal specs are basically identical, you get some more nice features on the 5 like an aluminium back vs plastic, wireless and reverse wireless charging, 90Hz vs 60Hz and an official IP rating. Depends on you if you think those features justify an extra $200.

      RedDragonGamingHDRedDragonGamingHD6 天 前
  • Oneplus 8t cameras are just BAD! S20 FE is the best upper mid range phone of 2020.

    PiyathPiyath10 天 前
  • I do agree but I really enjoy the size, I've always had the biggest phone since note 1, but very small phone with 6 inch screen is nice, so light as well, this is also the first phone I haven't had a case on. Still plays high end games so how much CPU and GPU do you need. Google software updates are more reliable, lived and loved my OnePlus but so many times the updates broke things like Bluetooth quality etc

    Jody PorterJody Porter10 天 前
  • Whatever bro google is father of OnePlus 😎....I will definitely go with Google if it cost more than onlpus

    Sourav PaulSourav Paul10 天 前
  • yes I love being recommended this right after I get a pixel 5

    SHADOWRedzSHADOWRedz10 天 前
    • @Phantraxa so it's not bad. This is the 4xl so it does have a bigger battery. Now tho. The charging is very quick. In sleep mode it charges in like less than an hour I wanna say 50 min. Actually turned off a bit quicker I haven't times that one tho

      Axew PewAxew Pew5 天 前
    • @Phantraxa it's not bad at all actually. I mean not the best but better than my old phone. Some old little oh fr like 08 or something. The battery and I use insta and snap a lot without closing which drain battery life lasts me a good 8 hours. But without me heavily using it and just moderately it lasts a good day and some hours

      Axew PewAxew Pew5 天 前
    • @Axew Pew The bad battery life?

      PhantraxaPhantraxa5 天 前
    • @Axew Pew for sur, when I have to take photos I often use the normal camera but sometimes I like share the content in story directly you know so it's also important to know 😉

      BanditRGBanditRG6 天 前
    • @ABM Studio idk if you're replying to me or them. But the 4a is just too small on my hands. The 4a 5g I really wasn't interested. Looking at the raw specs the 4xl still outdid every phone. Now actual performance I can't tell you. I've only owned the 4xl. For around like 2 months now. And I love it. But I can't compare it to the other pixel. It was just the actual camera that seemed better it processed smoother when I tested both in store bigger and fit my hand nicely the glass back was super attractive and well I only really knew about the 4 and 4xl when I was looking for a phone. The 4a and other models where kinda new territory as I never really informed myself much on them

      Axew PewAxew Pew6 天 前
  • I don't know why I'm the getting kind of feeling that you're making a hype about oneplus 8t which every one knows that it's a flop in 2020

    Kiran VenkatKiran Venkat10 天 前
  • its only my opinion but flat displays are just better than curved ones.

    bailey bridgebailey bridge10 天 前
  • These comparisons always leave out what makes the Google Pixel such a great phone in every day use. As someone who forwards my business line to my cell phone Google beats out EVERY other phone I've ever used if for no other reason because of superior caller ID, spam filtering, call screening, and hold for me. I use these features on a daily basis and when I'm on iPhone or another Android phone its vastly more distracting how many times a day I get robocalls and spam ringing through to my phone.

    Dan HornDan Horn10 天 前
  • A couple of very important features for all phones is signal strength and call quality. I've read about issues with the One plus 8T. I would really like to see these compared as well.

    striker262striker26211 天 前
  • Aww, I just ordered a Pixel 4A 5G, kinda regretting it now. I didn't know the OnePlus 8T was that cheap :(

    Darkskull5800Darkskull580011 天 前
  • Mrwhosetheboss : talks how bad pixel 5 is. CNworld: hmm, let's recommend this to everyone

    John LimJohn Lim11 天 前
  • Which one should I buy between Note 20 Ultra 🆚 8 Pro 🆚 8 T. In pure 🌈 display comparison ⁉️ which one shall I go in Note 20 Ultra 🆚 OnePlus 8 PRO 🆚 OnePlus 8T and Overall which one should I go with 👀 Does than Quad HD (WQHD) nearly 2k resolution display 🆚 Full HD 120Hz Display in 8T and HDR 10 capability of 8 pro 🌈 make any differences in content watching?! 👀 Which one is the top best display phone 📱please 🙄 anyone reply for this ☝🏻 question, I really want to know the best display smartphone out there in the market.

    GoTech AKASHGoTech AKASH11 天 前
  • one plus might have 1000 configuration better than pixel in written.... but how good it is in practical ??????????????? i know ! even though pixel has got lesser configs than 8 t or any other phones it is all true configs in practical as well and u ll feel that when u use the phone..... ppl dont just see... 4 camera or 6 camera or 8 camera or this and that feature... u take both the phones hand held and use it for 10 mins...u ll know which one is better !! damn !! trust me ..... 8t wont even stand near pixel 5

    Venktesh ArumugamVenktesh Arumugam11 天 前
  • Perfect comparison

    Rahul ChavanRahul Chavan11 天 前
  • If you think something is durable, send it to Linus and get proven wrong

    InsertUsernameHere0589InsertUsernameHere058911 天 前
  • I have the pixel 2..I love that Google pixels don't come with all the bloatwere that other phones have ..also this has the best call quality I have ever experienced

    Daniel FrasieDaniel Frasie11 天 前
  • Why is Oneplus like the only company that is actually trying to destroy everything

    UltraUltra11 天 前
    • Power

      Arshal KArshal K5 天 前
  • Pixel 5 es mas camara que celular

    Uriel GarzaUriel Garza11 天 前
    • Yo lo sé, siento que Google no trató con este celular. Google sólo trató con su camara. (Mis apologías si mi español es malo, todavía estoy aprendiendo. Este es mi práctica)

      Max27265Max2726511 天 前
  • i bought the pixel over the 8T because it is just too big... i hate that about my p30 pro

    Mythix2Mythix211 天 前
  • Oneplus 8t: Having everything the best except the average level camera algorithm. Pixel 5: Having everything in average level except the outstanding camera algorithm. User:, easy choice

    Jean HenryJean Henry12 天 前
  • Google :Quality, bill quality Oneplus :speed, monster Mrwhosethebose: Unleash the beast😅

    陳鵬陳鵬12 天 前
    • idiot you like copy paste?

      RinkeRinke11 天 前