I'm switching to iPhone.

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I'm switching to an iPhone after 10 years on Android - Here's why.
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  • Btw you can jailbreak your iphone to make it so you can customize it more :)

    Black panther epicBlack panther epic28 分钟 前
  • "I'm switching for Iphone" me wanting to switch to iPhone since ever but was never able to afford it: 🤡🤡🤡

    sono spiacentesono spiacente小时 前
  • on iphones face id worked perfect! and then 2020 came along........ and now everyone misses touch id.

    IWillMakeJustinYSayByeByeIWillMakeJustinYSayByeBye2 小时 前
  • This guy is pretty solid. Brown MkBHD

    Pramyth AbeysekeraPramyth Abeysekera3 小时 前
  • Why does everybody hate iPhone Androids and iPhones are just smartphones quoting Aaron even though they run on the completely different software platform

    ThatOneOddKid ThatPlaysMobileGamesThatOneOddKid ThatPlaysMobileGames5 小时 前
  • Android or iOS Remember we’re better than Microsoft users

  • This guys videos are awesome, his voice is so relaxing and he speaks so nicely!👌🏼

    Samantha WilliamsSamantha Williams17 小时 前
  • Wow, I didn't know that there were 1000 new android phones last year! LAST year. Due to covid-19, I guess there is less

    Daniel EorsiDaniel Eorsi20 小时 前
  • On an iPhone, one still has the double gallery image issue if one desires to use Google photos. And that goes for every Google product and service. Depending on how invested one is in the Google ecosystem, deciding to switch to an iPhone from an Android can be a very harrowing experience. I am so egregiously underwhelmed by the Pixel 5, that I bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max and am now examining whether or not I should entirely change ecosystems. I am leaning back towards Google now, but it's only been one day of examination. My point is, it's really about the applications and the ecosystem. Depending on how much you know about their corporate strategies and principles, it also may be about what the future holds for each of these companies, and whether or not you want to continue to support them to the extent that you have. Right now, I am absolutely not sure which I am going to choose.

    Steven James BurksSteven James Burks21 小时 前
  • Fact: Apple making their own jobs and android is making a lot of types but working alone is harder to work on new iPhones then everyone makes a new iPhone together so great job to Apple (Sounds not making any sense)

    Spicy ChickenSpicy Chicken22 小时 前
  • I used both Apple & Android flagship phones. Not much difference however ip still on crap 60hz display despite increasing price and decreasing neccessary components in a box. Isheep people wont understand that cause thats how Apple kept its wealth go capitalism 🥰

    Joestar JotaroJoestar Jotaro22 小时 前
  • I was an IOS user for many years and always using the entry level iPhones. I had given android a try here and there and absolutely hated it- up until recently. When I was looking to upgrade because my iPhone could barely hold a charge, the only option was the iPhone XR. Intrigued by Samsungs newly released budget tier Galaxys( a series), I thought well let's see what it's like. Was I surprised how far these budget phones by Samsung have come in the last 5 years. It was very easy to make the transition to Android with Samsung 2.0. Cons- Bixby Samsung bloat (samsung internet is very annoying) Pros- customization Notifications

    begley09begley0923 小时 前
  • Im in the exact same position. Just broke my Samsung galaxy s10 5g and was researching the next best phone to buy. Always been a die hard android user but ive started getting sick of the inferior xynos chips, having to make 2 bloatwear folders one for samsung bloatwear and one for google. I love the split screen and app draw and all the features of android but apps like snapchat and instagram destroy the quality of photos and audio as theyre just not optimised. So my next phone will sadly be the iphone 12 pro max. Very sad but it feels like the only option as i live in Australia and the note 20 ultra here has the xynos chipset. :((( good bye android and so long....

    Daniel ShiuDaniel Shiu天 前
  • The only Android apps I enjoy have the word “torrent” in it.

    Stevie PStevie P天 前
  • Literally anyone who ever has to do things outside of tech does not care about this guy’s background customization

    Not OPNot OP天 前
  • I must agree. iPhone software is highly polished compared to android. However, that lack of freedom and the way apple handles the post sale support is a total deal breaker for me. Which is why I switched back to android.

    Raúl JiménezRaúl Jiménez天 前
  • “...honestly they are both just smartphones...” how true. It’s pretty depressing how some people become so invested in being a fanboy / fangirl of a particular brand, that they will actively insult others who don’t follow their line of thinking, when at the end of the day, they are both just guaranteed customers for that particular brand and making others rich ;) I am looking for a phone right now, I’ve used Samsung before and want a change, I have an iPad and like using it (on the whole). From my perception and experience, I agree that it seems that Apple products are easy to use and just work without thinking about them, whereas the Samsungs maybe frustrating at times but I can do a lot more with it. I used to like the removable battery in my Samsung vs the iPad but now a lot of companies make the battery integrated. I like to tinker, which also explains why I have Linux on my laptop rather than Windoze or iOS.

    Steve SSteve S天 前
  • I think your missing the part that you can use only Face ID with iPhone to open the phone, we’re with N20 you have 3 deferents options. Further most apps on iPhone aren’t free yet I don’t think you would worry about. How about give it a try changing or downloading a ring tone and let us know how convenient is that. I have been using iPhone since 1st generation and now I feel it’s time to let go.

    Mazen JarjousMazen Jarjous天 前
  • Does anyone know where he got the green lava wallpaper from?

    M DrozM Droz天 前
  • The people getting mad at you for switching are the ones who can’t get a iPhone. I have a iPhone but I kinda like Android phones. It’s just a phone.

    Ninja KingNinja King天 前
  • Simple. Just use pixel

    Michael BerryMichael Berry天 前
  • 👈Ex android user here

    invaso dallo spirito oscuroinvaso dallo spirito oscuro天 前
  • I used Android my whole life then I switched to iPhone. There is something about iPhone that’s just dope.

    KingDoPerksKingDoPerks2 天 前
  • 4:58 Ahhhh, it’s that wallpaper!

    Kerri McAlisterKerri McAlister2 天 前
  • You are following (ijustine)

    Tary BendileTary Bendile2 天 前
  • I just switched from ios to android 😳

    Yash VeerYash Veer2 天 前
  • Im hardcore Samsung user but now i want to switch to iPhone

    Vasilije DoljanicaVasilije Doljanica2 天 前
  • Smart choice. IOS is more secure, better and have 6-7 years update

    Enrikas ButaviciusEnrikas Butavicius2 天 前

    Gryphowl Da bobGryphowl Da bob2 天 前
  • Ew

    Strange KittieStrange Kittie2 天 前
  • He's trying hard to make apple look better

    Im LegitIm Legit2 天 前
  • 1:11 love this momment

    Karim AliKarim Ali2 天 前
  • :(

    drifzydrifzy2 天 前
  • iOS is to simple and boring for me. Changing wallpaper and ringtone is an annoyance. Everything that should be simple have more steps.

    Milan ZarkovMilan Zarkov2 天 前
  • I don't know why people complain about customization with iOS. You can customize iOS any way that Apple lets you.

    MosstoneMosstone2 天 前
  • I am using a phone without Google and yet i still can watch CNworld 😁

    Marcus ChewMarcus Chew3 天 前
  • 4:57 why is nobody talking about the wallpaper?

    Taha AlotwalaTaha Alotwala3 天 前
  • We've lost another one,Boys.

    Charles KingCharles King3 天 前
  • i subscribed would i regret it?

    Bryce LadinesBryce Ladines3 天 前
  • It is fun to express yourself. But, I want the computer in my pocket to work as closely to perfect in the 30 seconds of downtime I have at work or whatever. I don't particularly care as long as it's polished takes good photos and the sound quality through my headphones is good

    mamamia88mamamia883 天 前
  • I love my iPhone XR. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is tempting. I’m just afraid I will regret getting it. I haven’t owned an Android phone since the Note 5.

    ScarfaceScarface3 天 前
  • Was the sound effects for this super weird for anyone else

    avidplanes1009avidplanes10093 天 前
  • Boooo ios

    Theresa BoatengTheresa Boateng3 天 前
  • Bo ios

    Theresa BoatengTheresa Boateng3 天 前
  • I would love to see an update!

    Just meJust me3 天 前
  • 0:26 when he flex’s on our money 🖐🏾🥴

    Mill PlayzMill Playz3 天 前
  • I D O N ' T C A R E !

    Bogdan Maurice IorgaBogdan Maurice Iorga3 天 前
  • so Android phones have more variety and are more fun and better quality hardware but less optimized apps.. and Apple takes away all your choice and produces better proven but less quality phones, but the apps work better. it just feels like a bit of a lose lose situation. and if I just didn't care then I might use Apple. it's almost too bad for me that I love technology and done so for at least 20+ years, or is it? 😜

    pyrokamileonpyrokamileon4 天 前
  • Do you miss Google photos? Or switched to i cloud. All Apple friends do keep motivating me to switch so have ordered an iPad Air4 to first get familiar with the OS. As phone is something so close to heart that I can't afford to make the jump so instantly. Currently living with Note20ultra. Also you can delete a few preloaded apps even on android, m sure you know that... so it doesn't bloat my experience.

    shweta babanagareshweta babanagare4 天 前
  • You are a apple fan boy...asusual!!

    girish Kumargirish Kumar4 天 前
  • If you want to watch more tech videos come to my channel

    Information about phones - SridharanInformation about phones - Sridharan4 天 前
  • Or, and hear me out here, you could stop using Instagram..... huh?? huh??!! yeah?

    Connan PolsonConnan Polson4 天 前
  • Can i use google pay in iphone

    Emmu IchuEmmu Ichu4 天 前
    • They are both pretty much universally accepted at the same places. Just plug your cc info into apple pay?

      mamamia88mamamia883 天 前
  • "...jump ship to ios, FOR NOW." 😅 yeah, i've seen enough videos to know what will happen sooner or later. But to each his own. I respect that.

    Daidoji UjiDaidoji Uji4 天 前
  • Boo! Thumbs down!

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson4 天 前
    • I hope this is a joke

      PurpellentPurpellent4 天 前
  • *Airpods totally ruined fashion*

    Trust aint RealTrust aint Real4 天 前
  • Me on my $99.99 Phone: 🤖☠️

    Trust aint RealTrust aint Real4 天 前
  • I moved from an Note 8 to the iPhone 12 mini. I like!!!

    Nico SchillingNico Schilling4 天 前
  • Everyone getting upset that other ppl are getting upset lol. Look, I don't trust an apple apologist and one who overlooks and ignores everything wrong with Apple. As long as his reviews stay fair and him switching doesn't cause a bias that pollutes what he does, he can use whatever. It's bc of the conflict btwn what Apple represents and what he represents with his online presence. They are conflicting representations and that's why some are upset. Apple is monopolize everything and his channel is about "your choice" and what's best for you. So, he can make his choice. K just hope he remains a trusted source

    GuyWireGuyWire4 天 前
  • &*#7

    Mark MisinsMark Misins5 天 前
  • One thing I don’t like about Android their fandom are so toxic,but I’m still switching to a galaxy from a iPhone

    Happy DoggoHappy Doggo5 天 前
  • Still contemplating on s20 ultra and iPhone 12 pro max

  • you really keep reviews real

  • It s just better. The end. Android always tried to catch up but the android vs ios... ios wins

    Alexandru BadicAlexandru Badic6 天 前
    • We’ll iPhones do run better for the most part because of the fact that iPhone uses their own operating system which makes iPhones run faster

      Riverdale talesRiverdale tales5 天 前
  • I am giving my editor a raise Mrwhosetheboss:actually thinking about giving his editor a raise Or Editor:Plz give me a raise Lol 😹

    Dhd BddhDhd Bddh6 天 前
  • @Mrwhostheboss, what backgroud do you have on the iPone?

    A DijkstraA Dijkstra6 天 前
  • lol i also play top eleven

    Dinu Pietruschevici BalanDinu Pietruschevici Balan6 天 前
  • Next video why iam switching to shit phone

    XKillerJayMXKillerJayM6 天 前
  • "i switched to IOS" me: so its treason then

    JBrod61CPAJBrod61CPA6 天 前
  • An i phone makes sense for someone who uses their phone as their main computer. However, if someone has several computers, including two gaming rigs , Apple is simply a non option for obvious reasons.

    Randy FurnessRandy Furness6 天 前
  • I just switched to ios and I love it. Gotta 12 Pro Max. I still have 2 active Android devices but I needed a level of OS stability that Android could no longer provide for me unfortunately.

    Skrill DillySkrill Dilly6 天 前
  • Let's say the samsung now have it is own software do you think that it will manage to dominate te smartphone industries in the future. I am not talking as a samsung or and android fan but as a person who love to see the more of a companies. Thank you

    Mr. MidouMr. Midou6 天 前
  • Who else saw the wallpaper of death that he put on the iPhone lol.

    Thomas PaplawskyThomas Paplawsky6 天 前
  • I had an iPhone some time ago (it was a 5s, when it had just been released) i bought it as I love apple PCs. However I hated the iPhone. The things I couldn't stand were- a rubbish quality screen, no Bluetooth, the inability to increase storage by plugging something into the bottom of the phone to swap files about, and finally the lack of a torrent client app.

    Dorian AnreiterDorian Anreiter6 天 前
  • How about the OS validity of android and apple?

    one bicycleone bicycle6 天 前
  • Thanks brother

    Ely PasEly Pas6 天 前
  • Droidtards: we got 120hz and customisation Chad: Lmao ok enjoy looking at your 120hz pixelated instag stories Lmfao Oh and also nice your home screen looks like it's a fking zoo

    zezurikenzezuriken6 天 前
  • I love android and apple, I just prefer android

    Deathbatman 6615Deathbatman 66157 天 前
  • I say to all the apple sheep who are not open minded OPEN YOUR EYES! Apple is great but there's more than apple. Apple is no longer king. There is many phones that are amazing outside of apple

    Deathbatman 6615Deathbatman 66157 天 前
  • I switched to Android to get more freedom with my phone. With iphone if I wanted a better phone I had to get a expensive phone. With android I could get a amazing budget phone for cheap and have a great time using it. I chose the remdi note 9s and I love it so much. So glad I switched

    Deathbatman 6615Deathbatman 66157 天 前

    munir begmunir beg7 天 前
  • Iphone just built different

    iylvinoiylvino7 天 前
  • I don't know man that thumbnail and your reasons just hurt me...... Bye....

    Im LegitIm Legit7 天 前
  • 10:46 Guys it might be happening! The thing we always wanted!

    Electro_Snakebite YTElectro_Snakebite YT7 天 前

    Cherry 4CCherry 4C7 天 前
    • I have more than that

      SamudraSamudra6 天 前
  • I would like an update to this video.

    Jesus SantanaJesus Santana7 天 前
  • Great explanation man 👍, keep up the good work

    Atharva KokirkarAtharva Kokirkar7 天 前
  • You are probably getting all the Apple fan Bois’ likes

    jeffrey yipjeffrey yip7 天 前
  • You can customise now with a App from AppStore

    jeffrey yipjeffrey yip7 天 前
  • very nice research

    Saeed IqbalSaeed Iqbal7 天 前
  • You can literally download hacked games on Android

    Lucas BoytimLucas Boytim7 天 前
  • If u jailbreak ur iPhone it will kill android for good 😍 I been jailbreaking my iPhone since 2009 and I never used android cuz I can design and add all kind tweaks and themes on my iPhone.

    BiyaminBiyamin7 天 前
  • 1:20 yeah about that. My OnePlus 7t pro McLaren works perfectly with snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and basically every other app that has a camera option on it to post pictures on your homepage. But it's only optimized for the back camera. Not that I am complaining, this is quiet an impressive jump in terms of quality. It's doesn't take a screenshot from the viewfinder. Boss, if you have the time, please make a video about this. I have asked OnePlus about this and the only reply I get is that there software works better than some other Android operating systems.

    Dawar KhanDawar Khan7 天 前
  • The pictures on s20 ultra are terrible compared to the iphone 11

    Daniel McdonaldDaniel Mcdonald7 天 前
  • mrwhosetheboss:its cool that you can pick the clothes you wear me Iranian woman: you choose what?????

    wolfgirl019wolfgirl0197 天 前
  • You make me almost consider the idea of switching

    Pixie DustPixie Dust7 天 前
  • 3:41 omg 41,000 emails

    a ga g8 天 前
  • Even with all your advanced tech knowledge ...it looks like ur a bit late in appreciating the quality n beauty efficiency n the subtle elegance of an I phone .

    Jennifer RodriguesJennifer Rodrigues8 天 前
  • I think you no need to skip Samsung to iPhone, they are great, just use as simple and smart phone no need perfect haha

    Fu WengFu Weng8 天 前
  • 8:41 now we know that he doesn’t read our DM’s

    Monsi ChelemuMonsi Chelemu8 天 前